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Necessary info: Supernatural is post-purgatory season 8 and NCIS is post Kate and still with Ziva. Tony: 44 Dean: 35 Sam: 31

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He stood there, tense as he looked out into the darkness around him. He held his gun and flashlight, ready to shoot at the slightest movement. He started to feel uneasy as he started to hear the faintest sound of sirens heading toward the cemetery they're in. Shit.

"Dean! You almost done? We gotta get out of here." Sam called down to his brother as he hears the obvious sound of a shovel hitting a coffin. He turned around and quickly helped his brother climb out of the grave. The sirens continued to get louder as Dean threw salt and lighter fluid on the bones of the body they just dug up. Dean's about to light the bones when Sam was suddenly thrown and slammed into a gravestone. Dean flicked the lighter and threw the flame onto the bones just as the ghost grabbed his throat. The ghost erupted into flames and Dean gasped as the flames burned his throat.

He ignored the pain like it was nothing and grabbed their stuff. He shoved Sam to his feet, who stumbled because of the bleeding head wound he now had. "Damn it Sammy, we don't have time for this!" He helped Sam to his baby, his 1967 black Chevy Impala, and they quickly sped out the back way when the cops entered through the main entrance.

"I told you this was a dumb idea! We do not need this right now."

"Dean, that ghost was killing people. Did you really want to just ignore the case and let them die?" Sam asked as he pulled off his plaid over shirt and help it to the back of his head.

"Don't get any blood on Baby, Sam." His little brother shot him a bitchface as the cops started to tail them. Dean stepped on the gas and Sam used his phone to tell his brother where to turn. They're almost out of the city when they made one last right turn and came face to face with a cop car barricade. "Damn it!" Dean swiftly put Baby into reverse and pulled on to a different street. They were quickly met with another barricade. "Son of a bitch!"

The Impala was soon surrounded and Dean shot Sam a cold glare. "If they hurt Baby, I will personally kill you." Sam rolled his eyes in response.

"Put your hands where we can see 'em!" Cops quickly surrounded the car. The brothers put their hands up and were soon pulled out of the car. Sam was slammed against the car and his hands were pulled behind his back.

"Hey! Watch the car! I just got her waxed!" Dean yelled as he too was bent over the hood and handcuffed. "Hey, you kinky son of a bitch, I don't swing that way!"