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26 Years Ago:

Sam Winchester was quiet, always observing his family and their strange life. He didn't start questioning everything until a couple years later, when things didn't add up. There was distance between T and Dad, and Sam knew it wasn't fair for Dean to hold the family together by himself.

T never fought with Dad, but if he didn't agree, he just shut off from the rest. T would make time for Dean and him, and Sam loved that, but he wished his Dad would make time to play with him like he saw other Dads do. T said it was because he was busy, Dean said it was because Dad was busy being a hero. Dean was happy with that, T was not.

Little Sam made it his mission to distract and make his older brothers smile during these tense times. He didn't like the anger and sadness. It made his chest hurt. He told T once, and T looked sad, but told him not to worry. Soon it would all get better. When he told Dean, he got a huge hug, ice cream, and a promise to try and stop the fighting.

It did get better, and the fighting did stop. It just took T leaving and Dean crying for that to happen… Then, years later, Sam started it up again.

Dean hated that he needed Tony's help to get out of this situation, but it was his only chance of not getting sent to death row or killed by a damn vengeful shifter. Once the guard calmed down and had his trigger finger under control, Dean stood and walked to the bars. He casually leaned against them. His hand blocked the lock from view while he quietly used one of the keys to unlock it.

Tim watched him. "Who's Bobby?" He saw the Winchester's shoulder's tense. "Why do you think a shifter shot your brother?" Silence. "How do you know Tony?" Tim knew there was more to this whole situation, and it was obvious Dean gave up more details when angry than when calm.

The lock clicked and Dean kept it closed since he couldn't reach the guard before getting shot at the moment.

"Why did a "shifter" pretend to be me, and how do you know Tony, Dean-o?"

Dean turned towards McGee. The smile on his face chilled the agent to his core. "Hm, how the fuck should I kill you, McDead? I might as well start to live up to that killer reputation you all gave me since you insist on sticking your nose where it doesn't belong." He slammed his hand against a bar. The key still within his grasp caused a startling clang. It did exactly what Dean wanted. The guard rushed over. The pathetic jump from McGee was merely a bonus.

"Winchester! Quit causing issues and back away from the bars!"

Dean went back to leaning against the bars, holding it just so to ensure it wouldn't open before he's ready. "I ain't causing issues, I'm just relaxing as I wait to hear more about my brother."

"Get away from the bars! I'm not going to tell you again." The guard stood across from the Winchester, with enough space that Dean couldn't grab him. His hand rested on his gun once again.

"Buddy, get your hand off that gun before you hurt yourself."

The guard unholstered his gun and pointed it at Dean. "Wanna say that again?"

Dean rolled his eyes and put his hands up. The key was safely tucked into his sleeve. He took a couple steps back. "No need to get trigger happy. I get it, you're in charge. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about you getting your ass kicked."

The guard tensed, knowing exactly how dangerous the eldest Winchester could be. He clicked off the safety on his gun. Dean winked at him.

Dean moved with the speed of someone who was used to fighting for their life against faster and stronger things; in other words, the speed of a Purgatory Survivor. He kicked the cell door open. It swung into the guard. His gun was knocked away, but not before a stray shot went off. Dean tackled the guard to the floor. Two well aimed punches had him knocked out in seconds.

Dean grabbed the gun, flicked on the safety and waved mockingly to McGee before silently slipping out the door.

Gibbs headed towards the holding cells. He knew his agent well, and there was a connection between Tony and the Winchesters. However, the connection with Dean was highly strained, enough that even a child could see it. If Tony hadn't headed to Dean after Abby, Gibbs hoped to at least get a few answers.

Gibbs answered a call from Fornell just as he got off the elevator down the hall from his destination. "Yeah, Tobias?"

"Want to tell me why Dinotzo just left to collect some new evidence with a fresh new bruise forming on his head? What new-"

"DiNozzo left?" Gibbs stopped walking.

"That's what I just said. What new evidence did he go off to get?"

"I didn't send him anywhere. Send some agents to make sure he doesn't leave D.C. I don't think he'd run, but I don't think I know him as well as I thought. Where did he get a new bruise?"

A gunshot was heard from the holding cells. "Tobias send some agents down now! That came from the holding cells." Gibbs hung up and pulled his gun. He quietly, yet swiftly, headed towards the cells. He aimed his weapon as Dean Winchester slipped through the door to the cells. "Winchester, freeze!"

Dean shot twice, once that was sent into the wall in surprise, and the next grazed Gibbs' ear with perfect accuracy. The shot was meant to distract and threaten but cause no harm. Gibbs dropped and let off a couple shots, but Dean was already running down the adjoining hall. Gibbs climbed to his feet and ran after him.

Dean bolted through the stairs door and headed down. He slipped over the rails to take the few sets of stairs in a fourth of the time. He moved in complete silence so when agents ran down from the upper floors they didn't hear him. Instead, the agents ran into Gibbs as they ran towards the cells.

"Where the hell are you going? He ran into the stairwell! Go!" Gibbs ordered the agents after the serial killer now loose in his building. Once they were all off, he went to check on his agent. "McGee!"

McGee pushed himself to his feet. He dropped when the gun went off and had to watch as Dean Winchester escaped while he was stuck behind bars. Just minutes later he watched Gibbs enter the room. "Boss! Dean Winchester-"

"I know, McGee." Gibbs looked his agent over for injuries before attending to the guard. "What happened?"

"Winchester somehow unlocked the cell, and took out the guard without even trying. I'm shocked he didn't-" McGee still couldn't believe he or the guard were still alive. "Maybe he stole something off of Tony?"

"When was DiNozzo here?" Gibbs stood.

"Just like 10 minutes before it all went down? He argued with Dean, or well, Dean yelled at Tony and slammed his head into the bars…He didn't go to you afterwards? He wouldn't tell me anything about the Winchesters, not until you knew. I thought he'd go right to you…"

Dean Winchester slipped out the exit door, and bolted across the naval yard as the emergency exit alarm went off. The guards at the entrance turned his way and he knew agents were on his trail. He was totally fucked. He ran towards the road.

Suddenly, he was lifted forward. The familiar nauseating feeling that was associated with angelic flight overwhelmed him. A few moments later, Dean was dropped roughly onto pavement on the other side of D.C. He hit the ground and rolled, ungracefully, to his feet, ready to fight an angelic asshole despite the nausea.

"I am sorry, Dean. I am not at my best right now."

That deep voice was the one thing Dean needed at this hellish moment. "Cas?"

11 Months Ago – Purgatory

When Dean and Benny finally caught up to Cas, Dean never wanted to let him out of his sight again. He trusted Benny, but Cas was family, and that was what would get him through this middle hell.

Once Benny trusted Cas, Cas took over watch every night. Benny always passed out first once they found a safe place to rest. Dean would always stay awake with Cas for a bit, sometimes in silence, other times not. He always needed to feel Cas next to him, he couldn't rest otherwise. His best friend was his only protection while he slept and he needed the reassurance that Cas was actually there. It made things easy, since all Cas needed to do was move for Dean to be rolling to his feet, awake and ready.

When Dean failed at getting Cas from Purgatory, he was wracked with guilt and didn't sleep for a few days until he literally passed out from exhaustion. Without the constant presence and warmth of Cas by his side, Dean found himself without the one person who always came back. Now? How could he?

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