Author's Note: I meant to complete it before I posted, but I couldn't help it. I promise to update as soon as possible.

The dull clouds of Camp Lakebottom blocks out most of the sunlight as it rise in the east. Inside the cabins, three preteen campers named McGee, Gretchen and Squirt were still snoozing under their thick patched up blankets. All of a sudden a clammy, grey hand holding a bugle shoots through a window above Gretchen's head. A loud blaring noise fills the room within seconds instantly waking up the exhausted campers.
"Rise and scream campers." The camp counselor Sawyer announces. Sawyer was an old zombie but a very lively one.
"Ohhh, seriously." Gretchen groaned while stretching her arms. Her eyes were still bloodshot. "How about the usual 'Rise and Shine'."
"Aw come on Gretchen, you know Camp Lakebottom isn't a regular camp." McGee jumped out of his bunk.
"McGee's right, Gretchen." Squirt says sliding down to the creaky, wooden floor boards with ease. "It's not every day we get to stay at a camp like Lakebottom."
Gretchen sighed.
On the bright side though at least she didn't have to come face to face with that stuck up, two faced little brat, Suzi a.k.a McGee's sister and her snobbish best friend Jordan Buttsquat. They were at Camp Sunny Smiles just across the lake. More like camp Plasticville, she thought bitterly as she brushed back her long black hair. There was a sharp knock on the door and a squat grey haired figure popped her head in. It was Rosebud, the camp's cook.
"Hello there campers, I have a surprise planned for you today."
"What is it Rosebud?" McGee asked excitedly.
"Come and see." She said with a devilish grin.

The trio made their way to the cafeteria expecting to find something new and awesome to greet them but the sight made them stop dead in her tracks. A couple of tables away there were four people sitting on them, a girl and three boys.
"We've got four new campers. Isn't it wonderful?" Arman the Sasquatch said dramatically with a twirl.
McGee was shocked.
"Well don't just stand there go!" Rosebud scolded.
McGee, Gretchen and Squirt stumbled to the table where the newcomers were sitting. Squirt did a quick scan of the quartet.
The first boy had dark blue hair and looked like the type who got into trouble often; another boy wore glasses and had stick out teeth. A girl sitting among them had a slight tomboyish appearance. She had bright red shoulder length hair held together with a yellow hair clip and was wearing red leggings, a green striped t-shirt and black combat boots. The final boy was large and bulky and had on a red headband.
"Hey there, you guys are new here?" McGee greeted them uncertainly.
The dark blue haired boy looks up surprised then breaks into a huge grin.
"Hey, my name's Corey Riffin. These are my friends Laney, Kin and Kon. We're an Indie rock band."
"A band?" Squirt bounces.
"Cool!" Gretchen exclaims.
"So tell me Corey, how exactly you ended up out here, in our humble camp." Arman asked.
"Well it all started back in the garage . . .

The gang was in a serious discussion. "You must be out of your mind, Corey. The last time we used the 'Travel Machine' we were stranded on a volcanic island and then nearly got mummified!" Laney Penn scolded.
"I fixed it remember." Kin reminded her. "It's good now plus I added some extra features."
Laney scowled. They just don't listen at all.
"Kin's right and besides it wasn't us who woke up the pharaoh, it was Allie." Kon added.
"She did not know what she was doing!"
"We all could use a vacation after all the performances." Corey was right, for the past three weeks they had been constantly practicing gig after gig. The Newmans were out of town. Carrie's parents had organized a trip to the Caribbean and had allowed her to bring her band along. Corey knew that they could visit the Caribbean anytime with the machine but he secretly wasn't exactly all smiles when it came to testing out Kin's inventions because something always goes wrong.
"Are you sure you've got all the bugs worked out right, Kin?" he asked.
"Pretty sure."
"Ok everybody. Let's go."
"Just like that." Laney yawned.
"Uh huh. Come on."
"Where are we going?"
"I have no idea."
They clambered into the machine and a computerized voice begins the countdown. A bright light envelops the machine and then just disappears.

Corey was the first one to exit when the machine landed. The sight that greeted him was surprising. Tall dark green trees surrounded him accompanied with strange forest creatures that Corey never knew existed. He looked up and instead of a bright blue sky, it was a greenish grey color with thunder and a handful of lightning flashes.
"Guys, you better come see this." He called.
The trio stepped out of the machine open mouthed and wide eyed.
"Where are we?" Kon sniffed the air. He was sure he smelled something cooking in the distance it smelled like French fries but also not French fries. "Follow me!" He shouted as he crashed through the trees. The gang obediently ran behind him.

"So Kon's sense of smell brought you guys here?" Gretchen asked not believing a word she just heard.
"You're just like Squirt! He uses his nose to find his way around too!" McGee cried.
"Seriously, McGee?"
"This is great, now we'll have loads more fun around this scary camp with you guys." Squirt says gleefully.
"Uh . . . scary camp?" Kin and Kon questioned.
"Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, Sawyer over here is a zombie, Arman is a Sasquatch and Rosebud is just well . . . her cooking's terrible!"
"What was that?" Rosebud grunted in the kitchen.
"Nothing!" McGee quickly spoke.
"Well enough chit chat for now." She said walking towards them with trays of food. "Breakfast is served." She slid bowls of porridge onto the table, it looked delicious. Everyone dug into their food, they were hungry. After licking the last bit of wheat off the bottom of the bowl, Gretchen looked up. "Say Rosebud, what did you use to make porridge? It tastes great!"
"Why thank you dear, the secret is I add sour milk and rotten maggots to them." She grins walking back into the kitchen.
Everyone froze.
Laney dropped her spoon.
"Sorry about the food here." McGee apologized. "I learn to just roll with it."
"You 've learned to roll with it, we haven't." Gretchen choked.
"I don't think I'm going to like it here Core." Laney gagged.
"Agreed." Kin and Kon said.
"Don't worry guys, you won't regret coming to Camp Lakebottom; it's the best camp ever!"

. . .

Jordan Buttsquat commonly known as just Buttsquat was in his room lifting plastic weights at Camp Sunny Smiles. He was thirteen years old with orange hair and fair skin. He'd barely made it through to the second lift when he started sweating profusely as if he'd just run a marathon in the Sahara Desert. Just then he heard the door creak, sitting up straight he looked around. There's no one here. He continued on trying to lift his weights but changing the count to one hundred, just in case. He looked out through his telescope and noticed a number of activities going on at Camp Lakebottom than usual.

"Those bottom dwellers are having fun out there, when they shouldn't!" He muttered smugly to himself.
"I'm going to make sure McLoser McGee drools over my awesome new paintball gun." He opens a drawer and pulls out a shiny army colored paintball gun still stuffed inside its box.
"Look out McGee, the Buttsquat's coming to take you down."

The gang including the bottom dwellers was having a good time swimming in the lake with Slimy the camp's friendly black octopus like creature.
"Sawyer, what kind of creature is Slimy?" Corey asked.
"He's a cross bred of octopus and squid and his great grandfather was the last of the krakens."
"Oh." He was still confused.
"Come on Corey!" Kin called. He hesitated for a split second before diving into the water.
"Woo hoo!" Laney cried when Slimy tossed her into the air, she did a quick backflip before splashing water all over the others.
"That's nothing." Gretchen says jumping into the air and giving a karate kick.
"Wicked!" Kin and Kon exclaimed.
Everyone had let their guard down except for McGee. At good time like this usually Buttsquat ruins everything. As if on cue Buttsquat emerges from the other side of the lake with his expensive speed boat.
"Hey, McLoser McGee, check out my new paintball gun. It's specifically designed to kill you bottom dweebers."
He haughtily fires the paintball gun at every one including Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon. Paintballs get splattered all over the camper's faces making them look like human artwork, four paintballs hit Sawyer on his arms and legs making him loose his limbs. He collapsed onto the ground helpless. "Don't mess with the Sunny Smilers McGee." Buttsquat taunts while wiggling his buttocks in the air. Laney gagged.
"Butt brain you will pay for this!" McGee yelled after the speeding boat got away.
"Who was that kid?" Laney said wiping orange paint out of her eyes.
"That was Buttsquat, the son of Camp Sunny Smiles owner." Gretchen answered.
"Buttsquat huh?" Kin sniggered.
"Buttsquat?" Kon snorted.
"Why is he so stuck up?" Corey asked while putting Sawyer's arms and legs back together.
"That my dear friend is his completely normal behavior." Squirt responded.
"Well I'm not going to settle in unless we do something about it."
"You're right Corey." McGee agrees. "We've let Buttsquat get away so many times before, that's why he keeps coming back. We have to show him that he can't mess with the bottom dwellers. Who's with me?"
No one answered.