McGee, Gretchen and Squirt were covered in slimy drool and watermelon seeds after a humiliating sport of seed spitting. They overheard the Sunny Smilers say that after the performance by Grojband they would be victimized again. It was going up to 6 am and the sky was darkening, McGee could see Corey and the gang setting up on stage without hesitation.
I wonder what Corey has in mind?
"McGee if we get out of this I'm going to pound Buttsquat into a pulp." Gretchen clenched her fists.
"That would be physically impossible, Gretchen." Squirt quoted.
Gretchen groaned.

Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon did a couple of last minute touches on the instruments before Corey took the microphone. "Good evening Camp Sunny Smiles, we are Grojband and we're going to keep you entertained throughout the night." He said as he began playing. A small crowd soon gathered and in no time at all the whole of Camp Sunny Smiles was rocking out in front of the stage. Everyone got bit by the music including Buttsquat. The bottom dwellers were left behind watching everyone getting their freak on.
How are we going to get out of this cage? McGee wondered.
Just then he spotted Rosebud, Arman and Sawyer tiptoeing towards them. The Sunny Smilers were busy grooving that they did not notice the counselors creeping in. Rosebud's rage gave her enough strength to lift up the huge metal cage and release the campers. They quickly ran out the Sunny Smiles boundary and waited for Grojband to finish off their songs. As soon as they finished their last song, Rosebud silently placed the whistle to her mouth and blew it hard. A shrill sound filled the air making the campers cover their ears with their hands. Corey heard the sharp sound in the distance and alerted the others. They left quickly as possible.

. . .

Corey and the gang met the bottom dwellers and the counselors about ten minutes later at Camp Lakebottom. They sat around the fire and told scary stories for several hours and listening to Buttsquat's screams over at the other side.
"Take that Butt Brain!" McGee yelled.

The next morning, everyone was swimming in the lake with Slimy. Buttsquat came with his exquisite speed boat and stopped in front of the campers. He emerged looking much worn out and tired. His eyes were crimson and drool was dripping from his lower lip.
"You'll pay for that McGee." He groaned.
"Yeah, sure Buttsplat."
"I will have revenge." He fell flat on his face snoring.