Hello! This fic is a collection of the drabbles I have written and will be writing for semie78's "Code July" challenge. This will be following the themes on the Code July calendar, which you can find on her Tumblr. Some of them will be more abstract than others, so I hope you enjoy them! I'm just glad to be writing CL fic again honestly.

I already have seven writ, and more will be coming every day this month. Happy July!

Day 1: Favorite Season/Episode
"Attack of the Zombies"

"Okay, now, one more time…"

"Odd, I'm not doing it again."

"C'mon, please? I just wanna see it again."

"For the last time, no - and put that camera down!" Ulrich lunged for the camera, but Odd pulled away to the opposite end of his bed, nearly knocking Kiwi off in the process.

"Ack - hey-!" Odd looked behind him to make sure Kiwi was still safe, then turned back to Ulrich. "This isn't anything - just pretend it's not here!"

"Hey, I only showed you the distraction because I thought you'd just laugh and let it go." Ulrich grimaced. "You're not gonna show-"

"I'm not gonna show it to anyone!" Odd looked up from the camera's viewfinder, and pursed his lips. "Well…not really."

"Not really?"

"Well, I was only thinking of looking at it myself, or…" Odd hesitated for several seconds. "Or, putting it in the background of an experimental film or something -"


"It'd be just for fun, though!" Odd said. "Like an Easter egg. It'd only be a footnote on some movie trivia website-"

"I already said, no." Ulrich paused. "Not unless I get a cut of the profits."

"The profits?" Odd laughed. "I don't make my films for money,Ulrich, I do it for the sake of the medium."

"Yeah, sure, the sake of the medium. I'll ask you how that's going in ten years." Ulrich got up off the bed, and resumed his previous pesition. "Fine. I'll do it. But only 'cause I know you'll never leave me alone about it."

"You wouldn't be doing it if you didn't want to." Odd pressed several buttons on the camera, and then held it back up to his face.

He's right, Ulrich thought, but I'd never tell him that. "Alright," he said, and took a deep breath. "So, I was in the middle of the courtyard, and Sissi and I were surrounded by… zombies…"

"Go on, go on…" Odd paused, and then made a face. "Wait, no, start over, I don't want that in there."

Ulrich groaned, loudly, as Odd reset the recording. "Fine. I was in the middle of the -"

"Sound happier!" Odd yelled. "Or less angry!"

"I was in the middle of the courtyard," Ulrich said, perfectly deadpan, "And Sissi and I were surrounded by zombies, and we needed to get her back inside. So I decided to create a distraction, but I didn't have much time to think about it…"

Odd waved Ulrich on, and pulled the camera back. "So I did…this." Ulrich shook out his arms, planted his feet firmly on the ground - and then started stamping up and down, shaking his arms and bobbing his head. "KIIILLLL THHHEEE ZOMBIIIIEESSSS!"

He heard a loud, sputtering sound, then saw the camera fall as Odd dropped back on his bed, laughing hysterically at him. "There, I did it," he said, stopping his act. "Are you happy?"

"Oh man -" Odd sat back up, wiping a tear from his eye. "That's still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He looked into the camera, and pressed several buttons. "And…I got it! Banzai!"

"So can I go to bed now?" Ulrich was already on his way to turn out the light - this time he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Yeah. Go ahead." Odd fell back on his pillow, holding the camera above his head. Ulrich switched the light off, walked back across the room, and dropped onto his bed, hoping he'd be able to get to sleep before Odd said anything else.

He had no such luck. "Sooo," he heard Odd say, "If Yumi ever saw this…"

"Don't you dare, Odd."

"Hey, hey, it's just a thought." Ulrich heard the sheets on Odd's bed rustle as he spoke. "Just a thought."

- Carth