We Are The Powerpuff Girls

By Daronta

Chapter 5: I AM

In the city of Townsville is a man of major importance, a man who takes care of everything behind the scenes, a man who runs handles any problem with the greatest sense of urgency. He sits in his luxurious black suede chair, ready to bite into his sandwich. He bites into his whole grain lunch gripped tightly in his hands. Munching the food pyramid in his mouth with an inquisitive look on his face, he looks to the grand size window his right where smoke clouds were protruding from within Townsville.

"Oh boy," our prominent man in his purple button up shirt groans under his breath. He rises out of his seat and marches away from his desk. This man was a man on a mission, he throws open the double doors of his office and treads down the hallway.

"Oh boy," he repeats to himself, walking past his consultants, hired help, and colleagues greeting him at an alarming rate.

"Hello Mr. Mayor."

"Why hello there, Miles."

"Where are you off to Mayor?"

"Is there something wrong sir?"

"Oh boy," he pushes the down button to the elevator. The doors open, he waltz into the transport then about faces, looking down the hallway. His hefty brown mustache speckled with white hairs sat on top of his disgruntled lips. He pushes the first floor button within the elevator, the doors close.

"Oh boy, Oh boy," he repeats more frequently during his ride down will tapping his foot feverishly. For a moment he bobs his head to the tapping of his foot once he had slowed the pacing down, the doors open and he stops, as if he remembered why he journeyed down to begin with.

"Oh boy," he storms his way onto and through the lobby. Once again his employees question his resolve but this time in hushed whispers. He once again dramatically opens the double doors but this time the exit leads outside. He was in full view of his cherished city. He exhales deeply looking down onto the excessive amount of stairs standing between him and his mission.

"Oh boy, oh boy," he trots onward, exclaiming the same two words every third step.

"Don't worry Miles, I've already taken care of it." The mayor didn't notice Mrs. Bellum walking up the stairway.

"I have more important matters than that, Mrs. Bellum," he replied slightly panicked.

"Is there another one of those girls out there?" Mrs. Bellum probes calmly concerned following the hurried Mayor at her on pace.


"What could be worst then the spontaneous birth of two teenaged super powered girls?"

"No time to explain!"

"Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor! You've got to tell me where you've taken those two girls!" A man wearing a perfectly white labcoat protests getting out of a small conventional white car.

"And why would we do that, Mr. Utonium?" Mrs. Bellum interrogates the obviously tired scientist bearing the untidy five o-clock shadow.

"That's Professor Utonium to you Sara Bellum," the professor retorts taking his eyes off the Mayor but glaring at Miss Bellum. "And I believe those girls are a result of a Chemical X experiment."

"Is that what you've been doing in your year on seclusion Professor,experimenting on children?" The secretary provokes. "Your paranoia exudes you, Utonium."

"This discussion is getting us nowhere Sara," the Professor pleads. "I would never do anything as inhumane as experimenting on juveniles."

"Oh really, so people aren't out of the question then?"

"I don't understand why your scrutiny towards me, Sara?"

"Of course you would pretend you don't, just like a man of science would."

"Will you two please quit fighting," the mayor interfered, returning with a brown bag held under his arm.

"What's in the bag, Miles?"

"Pickles," the mayor shrugs. "I forgot to add some to my sandwich."

"You can't be serious, while I was out there getting the S.W.A.T team involved and wrestling with the press, you were making a sandwich?"

"Hey, hey, hey, I left the crisis in your hands Mrs. Bellum," Miles became defensive hugging his bag paper bag. "Because as the Mayor, I felt you were crucial to fixing the crisis. Plus I'm scared of the press, you now I get nervous when people ask me questions, my hands get clammy and my forehead shines like a beacon of hope drenched in a sea of despair."

"That may be very poetic Miles but I need you to get your priorities straightened."

"Your right," Miles nods forcefully then turns to the Professor. "Hey Craig, what do you need?"

"Thank you for your time, Mayor." Utonium shakes Mile's free hand. "I simply need you to release the girls, also I would like the permission of their guardians to let them into my custody while I find a way to get them accustomed to their powers I believe they will be less of a potential threat."

"I don't see why not. Make the call Mrs. Bellum." Miles pats his jovial gut.

"Miles you can't be serious!"

"Utonium is a war hero, Mrs. Bellum!" He exclaims pointing his hand at the professor.

"More like the city's old favorite, until he locked himself in with the entire Chemical X research." Sara denounced folding her arms in.

"Never the less, the man got me reelected then and I'm betting on him getting me reelected again next week on Election Day."

"You ran unopposed Miles, and still are," her shoulders shift.

"Up, Up, Up," Miles waved his index finger. "Help my friend here, get whatever he needs. I trust you Mrs. Bellum."

The Mayor makes his way up the stairs, this time he struggled a third of the way and onward, wiping the sweat off of his forehead and putting the pickle jar down for a breather. Mrs. Bellum and the Professor stop watching his pathetic display and faced each other once again.

"Unfortunately for those two girls, they've been living in a foster home. So all you have to do to bail them out is adopt them." Sara's fingers drummed along her crossed arms. "But is what you want to do Utonium? Take these girls in as your own; I don't see you becoming a father anytime soon."

"That is cumbersome, I'd rather they have a home to return to," he holds on to his chin, which desperately needed a trim. "I suppose foster care could always take them back once I've disciplined them with their abilities."

"Listen Professor, if you do anything to harm these girls I swear I will use everything within my power to destroy you and your reputation within the city." She jabs her finger into Untium's chest.

"I don't understand your frustration Mrs. Bellum," he moves her hand down. "You're the one who's holding them in a maximum security prison made specifically for monsters of the unknown. I've only seen one thing in my lifetime that deserves a prison like that and those girls aren't it."

"I'll be heading to the facility now, be sure I receive the paperwork for their release and custody." He re-enters his car and drives off. Sara grips her phone in her hand tightly.

"Damn it."

Underneath Townsville lies a series of tunnels, tunnels that lay parallel to the sewer lines and in fact crosses them here and there. The tunnels held several caverns all over Townsville and some stretching down to the neighboring town named Citysville. One of the caverns was occupied with a few inhabitants. Most were unconscious but one was busy working on a mechanical project, sparks were flying lighting the cave every so faintly. The lights barely reveal a massive figure working with a blow torch and wearing a make-shift helmet, his bulky appearance was covered in black fur.

"What's going on?" Ace groans trying to get up with little to no avail.

"You cannot move. You have been sedated. I have tranquilized you for various reasons. Try not to be reckless." The busy figure mumbles in broken words.

"What the hell are you?!" Ace who managed to sit his head up against the wall, sat startled by the figure's visage.

"I am a being who transcend man. I am the evolution of my brethren. I am a better half of both." The figure continued to work.

"That doesn't explain anything you freak!"

"Listen carefully, human before I give you a reason to listen. Your survival is proof of my experiment's success. Radiant X is far safer than the lateral Chemical X failures."

"Speak english, capisci? Or I ain't listening; where's my boys?"

"You are an arrogant one," the figure laughs. "However, I'll answer your question if you do a favor for me. Take my offer and I will grant you answers young one."

"I don't owe you shit old man!" Ace starts to regain control of his body. He jumps up but as soon as he rises to his feet the unknown man shoves his work violently to the side and rushed to Ace. Before he could move another muscle the figure grabs him by the neck and chucks him against the walls of the cave.

"I advise you to reconsider. I would hate to treat you as a side project. As you have seen firsthand I will dispose of my prototypes!" The figure snarled, his breath was hot, heavy but carried the scent of bananas. The monstrous man felt his grip weakened so he tosses Ace to the ground.

"Your newfound ability is a tedious one. I'll have to find my way around such a heinous power."

"Fine, have it your way just let me and my boys go," Ace held on to his neck while on all fours.

"I enjoy speaking to a man of reason. I am all for freedom. It is essential to all living creatures, therefore your freedom will be granted." The man shakes the hand that held Ace off before slowly making his way back to his original position.

"If you want any help from me, I'm gonna need a name pops," Ace grunts.

"I am more than a simple name." The monster approaches Ace again, drawing closer with each sentence.

"I am freedom."

"I am justice to all living beings!"

"I am the vanquisher to oppression!"

"I am the light of a new era!"

"I AM!"


To Be Continued

Next Chapter: Home Sweet Home

Author's Notes: What if Movie Castings.

Professor Utonium is the reason I am writing this story. There was an actor I saw on a television show I had recently started binge watching called, Modern Family, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Professor Utonium. Ty Burrell hands down has the look, and mannerisms of the perfect Utonium. When I saw this I desperately wanted a PPG movie made, I was so excited by the idea that I had to write a realistic PPG fanfic.

Now the mayor, I had 3 directions for the mayor.

#1. Donald Sutherland, could be a charming charismatic old mayor who has no idea how to run the office but is so lovable no one would vote against him.

#2. Kevin James, he is a goofy and younger look that I wouldn't mind the Mayor having, plus his mannerism in most of his previous works work here as Mr. Mayor of Townsville. I could see Kevin James doing the: "Oh man you girls should've seen it! First he was like boom boom boom! Then I was like Ahhh, ooo, nooo! And the place goes crash, psshhuu, bang!" And etc. like he does a couple times in the PPG show and movie.

#3: Jason Alexander, for the same reasons as Kevin James but older.

That's all for my 'what if' castings this chapter, stay tuned in for more chapters and probable author's notes on We Are The Powerpuff Girls.