Authors Note: (The Romance between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri is based off of the book, "Secrets of the Jedi" by: Jude Watson. Though I made up the part that involves Analie entering the story, she's my made up character.)

I DO NOT own Star Wars or Harry Potter! Star Wars is George Lucas's creation, while Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling's creation.

Chapter 1: Unexpected Trip

The Jedi Council stared impassively at the man and young girl standing in front of them, not quite sure how to handle the current situation. They had originally called the man, to send him off on a mission to explore a new planet that had recently been discovered just past the Outer Rim. But then Master Siri, the Master to the young female Padawan standing in front of them, died while helping Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker protect a wealthy business man and his top invention against the Separatists. Revealing a surprising truth.

The man in front of them was none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was just entering his early thirties, had light brown hair and a beard with a hint of blond in it. His eyes were an electric blue that seemed to sparkle when he smiled or laughed. Of course there was no purpose to do so now, so he stood in stony silence. The girl's name was Analie, or now that the whole council discovered her parentage, Analie Kenobi. She also had her father's electric blue eyes, but they would sometimes change to her mother's stormy gray-blue when she was annoyed or thinking deeply. She had her mother's, Master Siri's, sandy blond hair streaked with highlights of auburn brown, that can only be seen in bright sunlight. She looked every bit as confident as her mother and father combined and was very pretty.

The two stood staring defiantly at the Council, Obi-Wan a little less so. He had only discovered that Analie was his daughter three weeks ago, having heard it from Siri herself as she died in his arms. Analie had known for a while now. Her mother, who was also her Master, had revealed it to her when she almost got killed by a dangerous bounty hunter. When her Master revealed the truth, Analie had been a little bit mad at her, but soon the anger faded to acceptance on realizing that if Siri had not done what she did, then Analie probably would never had set foot into the Jedi Temple. For that she was grateful, because Analie loved being a Jedi. Siri and Analie had formed a bond that was even closer than a Master and Padawan relationship usually was like. When the two were alone, Analie would call Siri mother and it felt so right. But then everything went wrong. That Mission, the Mission that her Master never came back from. Analie was told by the Council to stay at the Temple and reflect, while sending Siri on a Mission with the famed duo Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Analie still felt the raw bite of grief, but it was slowly fading after she had had a vision from her mother, Siri told her to be strong and listen to her father and her heart.

Finally Master Yoda broke the tense silence, "Knew I, of what Master Siri did, knew she and you, Master Kenobi, the consequences. Tried to separate you did, but, to late it was." Obi-Wan lowered his eyes for a fraction of a second. Whether from shame or grief or something else entirely, Analie could not tell. All she knew was that Master Yoda had confirmed all along what she had suspected. She was a mistake. Not meant to be born. It hurt, but she pushed those feelings away because she knew that she was still here, so Yoda must have had a reason for not revealing Siri's condition to the Council, who by the way, looked really annoyed with Master Yoda, even Master Windu, who normally kept a stoic face.

Yoda continued, "A vision, I had, upon your birth, young Analie," At this he pointed a gnarled green finger at her, "Destined for great things, you are. But not alone, you will be." At this statement, Master Windu motioned to the doors of the Council chamber and they opened to reveal a waiting Anakin Skywalker with his apprentice, Asokha Tanho. Analie and Asokha smiled at each other, though it was somewhat subdued due to the tension in the room. The two had been best friends since they were mere younglings. Always getting into mischief together. They tried to do everything together, they even both received their Masters at the same time, though Asokha had to travel to meet hers. After they became Padawans, their time together diminished greatly but they still kept in touch. They each knew everything about the other because they believed that keeping secrets was not a good Jedi habit unless absolutely necessary. So of course, Asokha knew of the predicament Analie was now facing and she gave her friend a sympathetic smile.

"You wanted to see us Master Yoda, Master Windu?" Anakin asked as he came to stand next to Obi-Wan, Asokha going to stand immediately next to Analie. Mace Windu eyed the two Padawans for a moment before turning to address Anakin. "Yes, it has come to our attention that a new planet has been discovered just past the Outer Rim…" Master Ki-Adi Mundi continued, "This information was given to us in the strictest confidence. Apparently, and thankfully, the Separatists have not discovered it yet, seems as if they have no wish to breach this area of space." Obi-Wan and Anakin nodded, they had noticed also that the Separatists were focusing their attacks more and more on the Inner Rim planets, leaving the Outer Rim alone for the time being. "So you wish for the four of us to go and observe this new planet?" Obi-Wan asked, but even before he had finished speaking, Master Yoda was shaking his small green head, "No Obi-Wan, four, not needed. Two go, your Padawans will."

Analie and Asokha's eyes widened in shock, Obi-Wan and Anakin spluttered in disbelief. Never had two young Padawan's been sent on a Mission without their Masters. Only Anakin had ever done an assignment alone as a Padawan, but he had been near Knighthood. Analie and Asokha were only fourteen years old! Obi-Wan and Anakin argued forcefully with the Council, while the girls continued to watch in quiet amazement. Finally Mace Windu put a hand up to stop the flow of Kenobi and Skywalker's tirade, "Enough! Here is the reason the Council has decided on this. First, Kenobi and Skywalker, you two are our best Generals and are needed here in case the Separatists breach Coruscant. Second, Analie and Asokha are two of the top Padawan's here at the temple, they have been taught well so now it is time to see how they cope without their Master's. Third, they are young, too young to be on a battlefront, yet too old to stay at the Temple. Therefore, they will travel to this new planet." Master Windu finished with a note of finality in his voice to the two Masters, then turned to the Padawan's and said in a slightly softer, but still firm tone, "Analie, Asokha, your Mission is to travel to this planet, stay for a year, and observe. You must keep in contact with either one of your Master's or one of the Council members to report on what the climate is like, is there civilization, what their government is like, and if there is civilization, what is their culture like? You will record everything about that planet you can. You are not to reveal who you are unless it is absolutely necessary. You are to make contact every two weeks with the Temple, so that we can add your data to the Jedi Archives. Understand?" Analie and Asokha glanced at each other, then at their Masters, who were both wearing identical expressions of disagreement with this Mission, then looked back at Mace Windu and Yoda and said in unison, "Understood Master Windu." But Anakin still had a thing to say before the Council was dismissed, "Excuse me Masters, but I can't help but worry for Asokha. What if the people on this planet have never seen other species besides themselves?" At this, Master Gallia spoke up, "For the months you were gone on your latest mission, we have been instructing the Padawan's in the art of camouflaging themselves with the Force. Asokha, care to demonstrate?" Master Gallia asked her with a smile.

Asokha grinned back and turned to her Master, "Watch closely Sky-guy." She smirked before closing her eyes in concentration. At once everyone in the room felt the force gather and surround Asokha. She seemed to blur for a moment, nothing but a shimmering image of her usual self, then as quickly as the blurring came, it was gone. To be replaced by a human girl, same height as Analie, with tan skin that almost matched the orange color of her normal skin. Her white and dark blue horns were replaced by light bleach blond hair with dark blue highlights, pulled apart to form two ponytails that hung over her shoulder, coming to a stop just past her elbows. Her eyes were the same big, startling turquoise, her lips were still a dark red and her tattoos on her face were mostly gone except for where her eyebrow tattoos had been, there was now light eyebrows. Anakin just stared in complete and utter shock, his mouth gaping like a fish out of water. Obi-Wan just raised an eyebrow in surprise while Analie laughed at Anakin's expression. The other Councilors watched in amusement as Asokha changed herself back. She had been the best, out of all the other older Padawans, to master controlling the Force to camouflage oneself.

"I think that answers your question Anakin," Mace Windu concluded coolly. Cutting through Analie's laughing and effectively making Anakin shut his mouth. "Now go and prepare. You will be leaving an hour after sunrise tomorrow. The Council is dismissed, and may the Force be with you."