Koneko was furious. Angry or slighted didn't exactly do the trick when it came to expressing her current mood. She had never felt more agitated in her whole life. And all this anger was currently directed at her King, Rias Gremory.

"You did what!?" Koneko growled out while staring at her King. The volume at which she spoke was rather uncharacteristic of her especially since she was talking to the red-headed girl who was sitting calmly behind her desk, a fact that only served to piss Koneko off even more. Akeno was standing behind her queen, seemingly stuck on whether to find the scene to be amusing or actually be concerned about how angry her younger peer seemed to be at her friend.

"I visited your boyfriend." At the word boyfriend, Rias raised her hands and formed air quotes, an act that made Koneko bristle with anger. "You weren't acting like yourself so I decided to get to the bottom of it. I had my familiar follow you and discovered that you were hiding this from us. What I want to know is why didn't you tell us?" Koneko began to scowl at the girl's question before quickly taking in a deep, calming breath. Even though she was angry at her king for invading her privacy, Rias was still her King and friend.

"I didn't tell either of you because I didn't find it necessary. My relationship with Naruto is between him and myself. I didn't find the need to inform any of you because it wouldn't affect my duties as a devil or as a student." Koneko attempted to say in her usual stoic voice though it was obvious that a bit of anger had slipped into her speech.

"But it has been affecting your relationship with us. You could've told us Koneko-chan." Akeno finally spoke up. The young Nekoshou's eyes cut towards the fallen angel turned devil. The sharpness of the look caused Akeno to immediately shut her mouth. Koneko huffed at the action before crossing her arms across her chest and looking directly at the two.

"I apologize if I have been acting differently as of recently but that does not mean that I think it was right for you two to invade my privacy. You should have asked before taking such drastic measures like following me." Koneko stated with a sense of finality in her voice. Rias's eyes met the young cat girl's eyes and the two began to have a heated stare off. Akeno watched from the sidelines as the two headstrong girls' wills crashed against each other. Few people were stubborn enough to actually keep up with Rias's stubborn streak and Akeno knew that Koneko was one of those people. When the white-haired girl wanted something, she would dig it and not relent until she got that something.

In Rias's mind, she was having a mini-monologue. She was surprised that the girl was showing this much resistance to the situation. When she had originally learned about Naruto, she had just figured that Koneko had fallen to a trend that many girls her age went through. Getting a boyfriend and being a couple was something that was expected of girls her age. The two had apparently been going out for almost two months so there still was a possibility that it could be just a phase. But the look in the girl's eyes told Rias that Koneko did not believe so. This was the most passion she had ever seen the girl show since the two had met each other. It had almost made her flinch since she had never seen this type of fire in the girl's eyes. But even with that much passion, Rias was still very uncertain about the situation. To her, Koneko was still the little girl that had been looking for any sense of comfort after her sister had left her all alone. As her King and her first friend, it was her job to make sure the girl would not get hurt. Whether that was physically or emotionally did not matter to the Gremory.

"Well, I still do not approve. He is over 2 years older than you and is a human. He looks to be a ruffian and his attitude was way too pleasant when we spoke. Plus, he doesn't even attend a school. He's bound to turn out to be a delinquent if he already isn't one." Rias stated while closing her eyes, the issue being over in her mind. The temperature in the room almost seemed to drop as Koneko's anger once again spiked to its highest levels. The girl was shaking in place, her hands clenched into tight fists as he attempted to hold in her anger. Her hands were so tightly squeezed that blood was beginning to leak from underneath her fingernails.

"I do not care if you approve of my relationship. I know that Naruto is a good person and I will continue my relationship with him for however long I want." The girl said rather sharply before storming out of the club room, slamming the door on her way out.

"...I think you may have gone a bit far Rias. That was the angriest I have ever seen Koneko-chan." Akeno said while watching the girl stomp her way off the campus through the window located in the club room. Rias released a large sigh before slumping down in her chair and closing her eyes. Even with her queen saying otherwise, she had to believe she made the right decision. For her conscience's sake.

Naruto was not really all that surprised when his girlfriend came charging into his store near noon the day after her friends had come into his store. The girl was obviously agitated as she didn't even offer him a verbal greeting. She just immediately jumped into his lap, grabbed his hand and placed it on her head. Reading her mood and knowing how his girlfriend acted, Naruto immediately began to massage her scalp. Very slowly, the tension in her shoulders began to fade away and she began to melt more into his embrace. It was a very comical sight to the people present in the shop as the older boy bent to the whim of the younger girl. The young couple's behavior was seen as adorable by the older customers in the shop.

"I'm guessing you found out about Rias and Akeno visiting me?" Naruto said after several minutes of silent petting. Koneko froze for several seconds before offering him a small nod. Naruto let out a gentle hum while increasing the intensity of his petting. The girl began to fall deeper and deeper into the embrace, feeling a sense of warmth and comfort coming from the boy that she hadn't felt for years.

"Don't be too mad at them. They were only trying to be good friends and look out for you. Plus, you know it doesn't bother me. It's nice to finally see the people you hang out with when you're not around me." At this point Koneko had her eyes closed and seemed to be just barely listening to the conversation. A cute pout appeared on her face before she pressed herself even harder against Naruto's chest.

"I don't want them around you." The girl said rather sleepily. It seemed the warmth coming from Naruto's body was putting her to sleep. He found it rather amusing and very cute that the girl was actually falling asleep after diving into his lap.

"Why not?" At this, the girl flipped over so she was straddling the boy's waist. She dug her head deep into her chest while wrapping her arms around his body.

"Giant… Oppai. Makes me… jealous." She mumbled before quickly succumbing to her urge to sleep. Naruto looked down at the girl for several seconds before shaking his head and picking her up. The girl's worrying was cute but it was very unnecessary. What she didn't know was that in his home, he was surrounded by some of the biggest breasted women he had ever seen in his life. Tsunade Senju, Hinata Hyuuga, Mei Terumi, Ino Yamanaka, the list could go on. Even though he was a teenage boy, he had grown used to being around busty women. He would not neglect the girl because of her chest size. After all, how could anyone ignore the cutest devil in all of existence?

Sirzechs Lucifer could be considered the most powerful devil in existence at the moment. The man was the leader of the Four Great Satan. His talents included: immense demonic power, mastery in hand to hand combat, the power of destruction at his beck and call and the strongest queen in the underworld. Though, the pride he felt in all of these things were nothing compared to the pride he felt at being the big brother of Rias Gremory.

Sirzechs had a very large sister complex. While it was nothing perverted, it was very noticeable to everyone around the man. Whenever he would see his younger sibling, he would immediately try to embrace her in a hug. Whatever she asked of him, he would get it done immediately. There was almost nothing he wouldn't do for the girl just because she was his precious little sister. This was a fact that was known throughout the underworld. It was also a fact that was known by Rias Gremory.

"Imouto?! Is that really you? I'm so glad you have finally called your nii-san." The strongest devil could be heard gushing over the hand-held phone in his office. Standing by his side was one of the most beautiful and deadliest women alive. She had long silver hair and matching silver wore a blue and white maid outfit with a matching headpiece. And currently, she was staring at her husband with a neutral look on her face.

On the other end of the phone call, Rias had to hold in a sigh at the excitement her brother was showing. Don't get her wrong, she loved her brother and was happy that the man loved her but sometimes his behavior could get annoying. Though it was still endearing, just in a very annoying way.

"Yes, it's really me onii-sama. I called because I need a favor and I have no one else to turn to." Rias knew she shouldn't be playing on her brother's emotions like that but she felt that it was necessary. The desperate statement was completely unnecessary but she knew it would immediately catch her brother's attention.

Sirzechs could almost feel his heart tearing at the fact that his Imouto seemed to be in a hard situation. He still carried a large amount of guilt for setting up the marriage between the girl in Riser Phenex and causing her so much grief in the first place. It was part of the reason why he attempted to do absolutely everything the girl requested of him.

"Whatever you need, your big brother will do it for you!" At this Rias smiled and Grayfia let out a loud sigh. Sometimes it was just too easy to manipulate the strongest man in the underworld.

"Thank you and please come again." Naruto said with a polite smile on his face as he handed the bag of treats over to the young man in front of him. The boy who looked to be his age or a year younger had come charging into the school screaming about how he needed sweets for his new girlfriend. He had practically begged Naruto for recommendations because he did not know what to get for the girl. Naruto was happy to oblige the young man by picking out certain things that would be seen romantic. It was hard for him not to feel sympathy towards the boy since he, himself, was currently in a 'new' relationship.

"No, no thank you! You have no idea how much this will help me. Hopefully, Yuuma-chan will like this enough that she'll invite me to her house and I can see her boobs." The boy said with a rather perverted tone to his voice. Naruto let out an uncomfortable chuckle as the boy began to make groping motions with his hands in the air. He watched as the boy unconsciously grabbed the bag and walked out of the store while muttering perverse things to himself.

"Such a strange boy. Reminds me of Jiraiya but apparently, he actually managed to get a girlfriend. But if he managed to find a girl that can deal with his perverted nature, good for him." Naruto said to himself while dusting his hands off. The blond boy was about to make his way to the back room but something made him stop in his motions. The most powerful energy he had felt since he had arrived in this world had just entered the shop.

Naruto looked up and saw a man standing at the entrance of his shop. The red-headed man was dressed in a rather tight suit that was decorated with spiraling, red designs. He wore a white dress shirt underneath with suit along with a red time. He had on a pair of black sunglasses that hid the fact he was scanning the interior of the shop.

"This is the most energy I've felt coming from someone since I've arrived here. It could rival some of the Kage's. And he looks like a male version of that Rias girl. Now, I know that something interesting is definitely going on." Naruto asked while casually eyeing the man. The man stood at the entrance of store for several seconds before quickly striding his way towards the counter. Naruto pretended not to notice the man as he began to prepare several dango sticks. The man got to the counter and rang the belt. Naruto quickly turned to the man and flashed him a polite smile.

"Hello, sir. What can I do for you today?" Naruto asked in his generic customer-service voice. The shinobi was aware that snacks were probably the last thing that this man was looking for.

"Yes, I would like to talk to the owner of this establishment. I have some very important issues I would like to discuss with him or her." The man stated while pushing the glasses back up the bridge of his nose. Naruto's smile grew even larger before he quickly stripped out of his apron and grabbed a clip on tie to put on.

"I am the owner of this shop. Naruto Uzumaki at your service." Naruto said while offering his hand out to the man. The business-like man stared at the hand before raising his own and engaging in a handshake with the boy. He was caught off guard when he was almost forced to his knees by the strength behind the teenage boy's grip. This was one of the tightest handshakes he had ever had in his life.

"Ah, Well I am Sirzechs Lucifer and I'm here because I am interested in buying this shop of yours." When Rias had first laid out her plans to him, Sirzechs had been really confused. The girl had wanted him to pose as a businessman and buy the shop from the blonde haired boy in front of him, who he learned was Koneko's boyfriend. His little sister's logic was that Koneko was just using the boy because he was offering her an unlimited amount of sweets. Once that supply of treats was taken away from her, Koneko would realize that their relationship wasn't real and break up with the boy.

If any other person had asked him to do something as ridiculous as this, he would've laughed in their face and told them how idiotic they were being. Unfortunately for him, Rias was his precious Imouto and he could never deny her request.

"I'm sorry but you seemed to have wasted your visit. I have no intentions on selling this shop anytime soon. I am very well off with it." And Naruto was not lying when he said this. The amount of money that he was pulling in from the sales of the shop had left him with a very sizable amount of spending money. He no longer slept in the back room of the store, even though he kept a mattress back there for whenever Koneko fell asleep. He now had a small apartment located only a block away from the shop. His bank account had slowly been growing ever since his first month of business.

"Well, I've traveled a very long distance so I'm not going to leave before I even put an offer down on the table." Sirzechs said before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a check. He carefully slid the slip of paper over the desk and stepped back to watch the boy's reaction.

Naruto reached down and picked up the paper. He let out an appreciative hum at the large amount of zeroes present on the tiny slip of paper. It almost looked as if he was about to say yes to the deal… right before he casually ripped up the little piece of paper.

"I'm sorry but I still have to refuse. This shop isn't just the next paycheck to me. It holds a lot of sentimental value to me even though it hasn't been in existence for too long. I can't just give it up now." Naruto said while crossing his arms across his chest. Sirzechs stared down at the ripped up pieces of paper with an unreadable expression on his face. But internally, the red-headed man was freaking out. The check was supposed to be the killing blow to the boy. What teenage boy wouldn't want to be instantly rich?! Apparently, this blonde-haired idiot didn't want to be and if that was true, then he couldn't fulfill his promise to her. If he didn't fulfill his promise it would mean that he disappointed his sister. Sirzechs Lucifer did not like upsetting Rias.

"WAIT!" Sirzechs spoke before letting a little bit of his power settle over Naruto as an attempt to influence him. The boy stiffened, making Sirzechs believe that his power had worked. While he didn't like using his powers on humans, the one thing he couldn't afford to do was disappoint Rias. But he still, he knew he would feel terrible if he just took everything away from the boy without giving him at least a fighting chance.

"How about we play for it? A simple game of poker. You win, you get the money and I walk out of the shop forever. You lose, I get the shop and … I give you half the amount." Sirzechs said. Naruto remained frozen for several seconds before slowly nodding his head. Sirzechs grinned before reaching into his pocket and summoning a deck of card. He walked back up to the counter before dealing the cards at a rapid pace. Naruto's eyes were locked on the steadily growing set of cards located on his half the counter. Sirzechs glanced up from his shuffling to examine Naruto's eyes. The boy's eyes were slightly glazed over, causing the red-haired man to sigh. He had cast a sense-dulling spell on the poor. His senses were lowered along with his sense of judgement. He was basically seeing everything as if he was drunk.

"Let's get this game started." Sirzechs said before flipping over the first card. The man was so confident in his own ability that he didn't even notice the small grin placed upon Naruto's lips.

"IM SO SORRY RIAS-CHAN! I TRIED MY BEST BUT HE TRICKED ME. HE TRICKED ME!" Rias attempted to hold in a sigh as her older brother sobbed into her leg. Her brother had teleported in the club room only minutes ago and had immediately started to cry. At first, he was too hysterical to even talk but eventually, Rias managed to coax some information out of him.

Apparently, Sirzechs had attempted to win the ownership of the shop via poker match. He had even cast a spell on Naruto in order to make sure the odds were in his favor. By the middle of the game, he realized just how wrong he had been. The boy had left him utterly defeated and a lot less rich. The man had immediately demanded a rematch but Naruto had refused. In the end, Sirzechs was forced to leave the shop completely empty handed.

"It's fine, Onii-sama. Just go home. I'm not mad at you." Rias said in a restrained voice while petting the head of her older brother. Even though he had failed in his mission, Rias couldn't be too mad. It was partly her fault for not including the fact that Naruto seemed to be immune to devil powers. Though, she expected for that immunity to crumble at her brother's hands.

The man looked up at her, his face covered in tears and snot while his bottom lip quivered. Rias forced a smile, causing her brother to smile as well. He gave her a small smile before disappearing from the clubhouse.

"What will you do now Rias?" Akeno spoke as she watched the unmoving form of her king. The red-headed girl let out a sigh before turning towards the door.

"For now, we leave them alone. We have more important things to attend to tonight." The girl stated while looking at the setting sun in the distance. Tonight, was the night where she would gain another member of her peerage.

Naruto was whistling idly to himself as he made his way from the bank to his house. After tricking Sirzechs and taking a large amount of his money from him, Naruto had kicked the man out and went about the rest of his day. At the end of it, he closed up his shop and made his way to the bank with his rather sizable check. He had been waiting all day to deposit the cash and had decided that he would do it personally. Luckily, he had managed to make it to the bank just before it closed and deposited the large sum of money.

The teller had almost had a heart attack at the amount being put in. She personally called the owner of the check, Mr. Lucifer as he liked to be called, to see if the check was actually stolen. The man had reluctantly admitted that the check was real and gave the woman the authority to process it. Naruto could hear the frustration in the man's voice through the short phone conversation and it only served to make the occasion even better to him.

Naruto's whistling slowly decreased in volume as he thought of items to add to the menu of his shop. He had recently been experimenting with making Daifuku which was a rice cake with a sweet filling. The rice cake portion was rather easy but Naruto was attempting to add a twist to the traditional filling. He had clones working around the clock in order to discover the greatest combination of rice cake and sweets.

Naruto's attention was taken away from his sweets when he noticed a very brief flicker of light appear in front of him before immediately disappearing. His eyes widened slightly when he saw a literal barrier sprout out from the ground and erect itself over a rather large piece of land. The energy coming from the barrier seemed rather familiar to the blond. To the normal human eye, the barrier was most likely invisible but to Naruto's trained eye, it was just sitting here in plain sight.

"Well, might as well step in." The boy placed his hands on the barrier and began to focus his chakra into it. The portion in front of him began to waver as Naruto's chakra invaded it. After several seconds, a small portion of the barrier shattered like glass, allowing Naruto free entry into the barricaded area. He stepped into confines of the red barrier, noticing that it seemed to only stretch around the park. He began to walk deeper and deeper into the park, attempting to find the origin of the barrier.

After only a half a minute of walking, Naruto stumbled upon a very interesting sight. Laying in the center of a rather large field was a dead boy. This was the very same boy that had visited his shop only a couple of hours ago asking for treats in a rather perverted fashion. The boy had to be dead as there was a gaping hole in his stomach and the grass surrounding his corpse took on a crimson color. But that wasn't the most surprising part. What was most shocking was the fact that Rias, the same girl that had walked into his shop and interrogated him, was standing over the dead boy with several chess pieces in her hand and a bright red light surrounding her form. He saw the girl place the chess pieces on the boy's chest before stepping back and shouting a few words. The chess pieces on the boy's chest began to glow the same shade red before slowly sinking into his chest. Naruto's curiosity continued to grow as the boy's stomach magically began to knit itself back together as if it wasn't just torn apart a couple of seconds ago. His cheeks became flushed and his chest began to rise and fall, signify that the boy was once again breathing.

"A technique capable of bringing back the dead. I haven't seen anything like that since the Edo Tensei. I wonder what part the chess pieces play in it. Are they just a catalyst that holds what's necessary for the revival and her energy sets off the chain reaction or are they just for show? Do the pieces contain some sort of sealing array? Also what is this energy I keep feeling that is coming from this girl? I need to find out more about this resurrection technique. If she is able to control him just like Kabuto was able to, then I have a very bad situation on my hands. I don't want to fight another army of undead super powered assholes. But I don't think this will be the best time. My arrival here would be very suspicious and could cause the girl to act irrationally. Best if I just send a shadow clone to tag her for the next couple of days. I have a feeling this will turn out to be troublesome in the end." Naruto's mind was racing as he watched the girl effortlessly pick up the boy and place him over her shoulder in a fireman's style carry. A red seal began to glow under her feet before she disappeared in a bright flash of red.

"Life is about to get a lot more interesting. I can feel it." Naruto thought to himself before fading away in a swirl of wind and leaves. The only evidence of the events that happened the night before was the circular patch of blood stained grass in the center of the park.

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