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I made the wrong decision.

No, no, no. That's not the right way to say it.

What I actually meant is … being a god is a little more difficult than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I guessed that I would run into some problems when I made my decision. I just didn't think the problems would be so .. annoying.

In retrospect, I should have expected that. Going from a shop owner to a god was bound to be a difficult leap for anyone, even a guy as great as me. I guess, I just figured the world had already shovelled enough on my plate that it would give me a break if I decided to try and fix it.

I was wrong.

So very wrong.



"It's time to wake up, father."

A tinge of red surrounded the blue irises of his eyes. The view of his ceiling and the feeling of his bed beneath him gave him the slightest bit of reprieve to the unavoidable stress that laid before him.

"I thought we had an agreement, Gabriel." He rolled to his right, shifting the covers over his shirtless form. From behind the hill of blankets that covered a sleeping Koneko, he could see spot the angel beaming at him at his bedside.

"I know, I know but this was important and I didn't want to risk you not getting the message."

"Shut up."

Koneko's sleepy drawl was accompanied with a heavy flop of her hand against Naruto's chest. The blond stared at the offending limb for a few moments before a sigh climbed out of his throat. With his forearms, he pushed himself up so that his upper body was now upright in the bed.

"Whats the matter, Gabriel?"

The angel squirmed in place for several seconds. The smile on her face grew with each passing moment until it seemed as if it was about to pop right off of her face. Right when it seemed as if she was about to burst, her mouth opened to release her pent up excitement.

"Its Michael's birthday!"


As if a hole had been poked into the balloon holding together her happiness, Naruto watched as his single barb-laced word drained the energy from the woman. It was amusing in a way that didn't reach him due to his own fatigue. What did reach him was the pout that erected itself on the angel's face.

"What do you mean 'so'? This is a really special day! Michael hasn't had a birthday with his dad for thousands of years!"

"I'm not his dad, though."

The pout that appeared on her face told him immediately that this wasn't going to go away as easily as he would have wanted it to.

"I know you're not but you could at least show up and say Hi. He's been working so hard for the past thousand of years. I'm sure he would love to see you!"


Without a single word further, the girl bounded out of his open door, a smile plastered across her face the whole way through. A series of malignant thoughts crossed his mind at the sight of her face as he swung his feet off of his bed.

Was he that predictable? Had he been so foreseeable that even the bubbly and admittedly ignorant angel could see through him and leave the room happy knowing that she was going to get what she wanted? Had he made such a turn?


Koneko's sleep-dusted voice provided the perfect answer for him. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the girl was staring at him through a single squinted eye. A sea of orange blankets kept everything but her head obscured.

"Am n-"


"I'm not a-


Faced with his girlfriend's repetitive and irritating use of the word, Naruto did the only mature thing he could think of doing in that moment. He reached to his side, grabbed ahold of the many pillows that covered the upper half of the duo's bed and launched the object at the girl's face.

"I'm right."

Underneath the cover of the pillow he threw, Naruto heard Koneko speak as he began to dress himself. As tempting as it was to respond, he decided against it. He had a natural propensity towards not giving up but he had a feeling his girlfriend wouldn't let him get away from the argument no matter how convincing he managed to make himself.

"Do you wanna go with me?" He shot over his shoulder as he slipped his feet into his sandals. He got a pillow, the same pillow he had thrown at the girl, to the face in response.

"Tired. You talk loud in your sleep. Take Ophis and Lilith. They know what to do."

That was all he managed to get out of the girl before she rolled back over. He shook his head at the girl's behavior before moving to the door. He left the room, closing the door as quietly as he could. Turning to walk to the living room, he ran into the two local dragons standing directly outside of his door.

"Good morning, Father." Lilith greeted him. Naruto stared at the younger dragon for a small moment before looking over to Ophis.

"She insisted that she greeted you in the morning."

"You didn't stop her?"

"I stopped her from breaking down your door."

"Thanks … I guess."

The dragon gave him a nod of her head, completely missing the uncertainty laced in the blond's voice. Used to this sort of behavior from Ophis, Naruto shook his head before turning to address Lilith.

"Do you want to go to Heaven with me?" The threatening nature of his words went over the girl's head since she was too busy nodding. Naruto turned to ask Ophis the same question only to see that the dragon had already created a dimensional portal.

"I saw the angel woman."

That was one thing he could appreciate about the dragon. She rarely left him questioning her actions considering she had zero prohibitions when it came to telling him her motivations. It made dealing with the dragon extremely easy at times.

And, at other times, extremely agitating.

"I may have made a mistake."

A mistake. Oh boy. The word mistake wouldn't even begin to describe how much he had messed up if what he was seeing was true. A mistake could be fixed or rectified. If this was what he thought it was, there was no fixing it. No rectifying it. No making it right.

"I need to get over there immediately."

"Happy birthday, brother!" His retreat, like so many times before, was interrupted by the appearance of his sister. Despite his best efforts, the woman had managed to sneak into his office. Instead of her usual teasing, she seemed to come with a specific purpose, one that had completely slipped his mind up until a few moments ago.

"Its been an ama-"

"I can't talk right now, Gabriel." Oh, the hurt looked that overcame her face caused an aching in his heart. He never liked to hurt his sister which was a difficult thing in itself to avoid considering her, at times, sensitive behavior. But, this was important. Her feelings would have to be put on hold.

"B- But … its your birthday." He could already see the tears starting to pool in her eyes.

"I know but there's something very important that I need take care of right now." He attempted to move past her only for the girl to block his way. In the back of his mind, he was rolling his eyes, already knowing exactly where this altercation was heading.

"What's more important than your birthday?" The tears that had built up in Gabriel's eyes were now gone as she stood defiantly in front of her brother. "Every year you do this! You promise you'll take a break and relax on your birthday then something pops up and you spend the whole day stressing out. I'm not going to allow it this year! Whatever it is, Naruto can take care of it." The angel punctuated her point by thrusting her finger into his chest.

"God bless my sister." He meant that with as much honesty as he could muster up. He loved her to death but she always managed to pick the worst possible time to become involved.

"This is a lot bigger than my birh-"


That was a shock. His sister was never one to lay down and take stuff lightly but he would have never imagined she would resort to cursing at him.

"Don't give me that look. You and I both know that you're just making up stuff like you always do. You do this every year, Michael!"

"Gabriel, hon-"

"Unless you're telling me that you're ready to sit down and eat the cake I had made for you, don't say anything else to me!"


"Happy birthday, Michael."

Years ago, if he had been thrust into the same room, he would have acted about as clueless and ignorant as he had been as a genin. Luckily for him, the world had made him aware enough to realize the thick tension within the room. He just wished he had realized this before he had charged in and opened his loud mouth.

"Naruto." Relief. That was the first emotion he spotted on the angel's face which was a bit confusing to the blond. Was the man that happy to see him? Was he that overworked?

"This is going to be a long day." Naruto thought to himself.

If only he had a clue.

"As God of the christian religion" The shinobi felt his stomach drop at the angel's words. "It is important that you come along with me."

"Don't you dare try to drag Naruto into this!" If looks could kill, Gabriel would have been ten feet under by the hands of her brother. It was the most scathing look Naruto had ever seen on the man's normally angelic face. It lasted for only a moment before the angel switched his focus back onto him, his burning look now gone and in its place were the last flickering embers of an expression that screamed wariness and exhaustion.

"The apocalypse is about to occur."


"The apocalypse? The end of the world? The death of god's creation? Destruction of the uni-"

"I know what the apocalypse is!" Naruto blurted out, ruining the angel's chain of synonyms. "I just … What do you mean the apocalypse? Where the hell did this come from? How do you even know?"

"Well," The angel started off before a soft sigh left his lips. He glanced over to Gabriel who had lost most of the fire that she had used to accost Michael. "With all that's been happening, with your awakening and all, I grew lax in a few of my responsibilities."

"Michael…" Gabriel mumbled out with a growing look of apprehension on her face.

"The apocalypse, or Trihexa as my father named it, is a physical beast whose sole purpose is to cause destruction and mayhem. Born alongside my father, it is a creature of great strength, enough to rival that of my father. In order to save the world and his creations, he decided to seal the beast, placing thousands of seals upon the creature to stop its terroristic actions." Michael paused for a brief moment to look Naruto in the eye.

"When I went to check on the dragon at its resting location, I discovered that the beast was no longer there." The palpability of the angel's shame was only matched by the silence within the room. "Most of the seals had been broken while others were completely gone."

"How could this happen, Michael?"

"I'm not sure." The angel shook his head in response to his sister's questioning. Amongst those seal were dozens of alarm signals, linked to me personally. For someone to break those seals with alarming me, it would take a great amount of skill and power."

"We have to alert the other factions! We have to alert every faction! This is a danger to the world, Michael!"

"I know, Gabriel. That's what I was going to do before you interrupted." The woman had the decency to look embarrassed at her brother's words.

"Luckily, you brought Naruto along with you so he sh-"

"Wait a second!" The aforementioned male shouted. "This just doesn't make any sense!"

"Really now? I would expect you of all people to connect with this considering your demonic predicament." The angel's raised eyebrow and questioning tone almost silenced the boy.


"This is different! Kurama getting out doesn't mean the end of the world is going to happen!"

"Yes but this beast is much more than your partner. This beast rivals Ophis and the Great Red. This beast fought my father to a stand still and nearly killed him. And, now it is somewhere out there in the world and the more time we spend arguing the more likely it is that whoever is behind this will unleash its fury upon us all.

The angel was right but still! This was too much. The end of the world? How was he supposed to help deal with that?

"You're God, remember? You have to start learning how to deal with these types of situations. The Uzumaki way, as you put it" Kurama mocked from within his head. Naruto groaned out loud at the beast's words. He hadn't expected for those words to come back and bite him so soon.

"We must get going soon, Naruto. We don't have mu-"

"Master Michael" A man rushed his way past Naruto, Lilith and Ophis into the room. If he had bothered looking behind him, he would have seen Naruto restraining Lilith from clawing at the angel.

"What is it?" Michael asked to the panting man. The group watched for several seconds as he sucked in greedy gulps of air before finally straightening and addressing god's son.

"There's been a message from the Fallen Angels. They have requested an emergency meeting in Kuoh immediately! They claim something dire has taken place!"

"So, Michael…" Azazel rolled a pencil between his fingers. "I heard that you may have lost something pretty important."

Kuoh Academy, the daytime host of classes for nearly a thousand students, was now occupied by some of the most powerful supernatural creatures in existence. Deep within the school's bowels sat a large round table where an abundance of people currently sat.

"Lost isn't quite the word I would use. Stolen is much more appropriate. I'm very curious how you managed to find out about this before I could tell the group." Michael narrowed his eyes at the fallen angel, eliciting a sharp grin from the man.

"Well, ya see, I like to keep track of world-ending creatures and their whereabouts. I was just doing my usual check-up with my partner-" The fallen angel stopped to slap a hand on Vali's shoulder. The Devil was quick to shrug it away. "-when we discovered that something very important was missing."

"How coincidental that you stumbled upon this discovery."

"Are you accusing me of unsealing and hiding Trihexa?"

"I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm just speaking on the oddity of the eve-"

"Shut the hell up, both of you!" Naruto shouted, quieting the two and bringing everyone's attention onto him. The mass of eyes placed on him made him hesitate for a moment before he opened his mouth to speak again.

"I honestly don't think Azazel stole this stupid beast." The smug face the fallen angel shot him made him want to take back his words immediately.

"Thank you for defending me, Master Naruto." His skin bristled at the way the fallen angel said his name. "You're right. Even I wouldn't dare to mess with Trihexa. I knew the danger surrounding it and that is specifically why I decided to check on it as often as I could."

"If you did not steal it," Michael spoke as he leaned forward in his seat. "Then who did?"

"I … may have an idea as to that." The attention of the room shifted to the opposite side of the room where Sirzechs sat with his queen stood by his side. The questioning looks he received made the angel sink into his chair as Grayfia glared down at him.

"I've been somewhat absent in my duties-"

"By that he meant he's being coddling his little sister by fulfilling her every want and desire when it comes to her and her peerage." Grayfia spoke while staring at her husband. The man started to laugh only for his laugh to be cut short by a swift slap to the back of the head.'

"It's not funny. Your behavior could bring about the end of the world!"

"I know, I know!" Sirzechs shouted while rubbing the back of his head. He turned his attention back to the rest of the room. "As I was saying, I may have an idea as to who could be behind it as they are from my race."

"A devil?"

"Not just any devil. He is from the old faction. He is the son of the original Lucifer. Rizevim Livan Lucifer." At the mention of that name, the room became alit with anger, all from a single source. By Azazel's side, Vali looked to be burning with anger. The steady hand on his shoulder did nothing to quell the boy's fury.

"I was under the belief that the Rizevim was dead." Michael spoke.

"That bastard is far from dead." Vali barked out. "He's been doing the same thing he's been doing since my birth. Sitting in the shadows and pulling the strings. Nothing's changed."

"As much as I hate the admit it, he is correct. Rizevim has been hiding within the shadows of Hell, amassing resources and powers, and now he has finally shown his hand."

"How are you sure it was him?


"Rizevim has taken control of Agreas, a large floating island in the middle of devil territory. It has the unique distinction of being one of the few structures within the underworld that is freemoving. Sirzechs lost track of it for several months. We only managed to regain sight of it due to a recent power outburst that we believe originated from Rizevim."

"Yes … what Grayfia said." The Satan managed to force out despite the immense embarrassment he was feeling. The incredulous looks that were being sent his way weren't doing him much good as he tried his best to remain upright in his seat.

"This is a lot to process." Michael sighed out after several moments of silence.

"And, we don't have much time to process it." Azazel drummed his fingers gently against the round table. "I wouldn't want anyone in this room to have exclusive access to that beast's power for any period of time. I definitely do not want the son of Lucifer to have their hands on it. A full scale attack is in order."

"It's not quite as simple as that." Sirzechs spoke up. "Rizevim is no fool. He's seemingly had months to prepare Agreas for a seige and with Trihexa by his side, full power or not, it will take a lot of force. This beast is strong enough to rival Great Red."

"Luckily for us, we happen to have a someone who is strong enough to rival Great Red." The entire attention of the room shifted over toward Naruto and Ophis at Azazel's beckoning. It took the blond a few moments to process the looks being sent his way when he did shot high out of his seat.

"Wait! I'm not going to make Ophis fight for our sake."

"I would be willing to fight for you, Father." Lilith spoke up.

"You eith-"

"I wasn't talking about Ophis or Lilith, Naruto." Azazel's words cut right through Naruto's speech. "We're all well aware of the loyalty the dragons show toward you and your care toward them. We wouldn't think about making them fight."

"Luckily for us, you have fought Ophis to a standstill when she was at full strength. You're a god, blessed by the Christian Deity and the holder of power within the Greek pantheon." The fallen angel's words forced the blond back down into his seat, their pressure slightly too much for him to bare standing up. He couldn't even begin to deny the man's words since they had now reached the point of veracity. Everything the angel had said was the truth. He could still remember God's words moments before he handed down his blessing. He knew the exact place Hades' scythe, Poseidon's trident and Zeus' crown were sealed. There was no way to deny it.

"Azazel is correct." Michael's words forced the blond's attention upward. "Your accolades and power should be enough to rival the beast if it has been fully awakened."

Rival the beast? Rival the thing that was strong enough to bring about the apocalypse? Weeks ago he had considered becoming a god the most difficult thing that he would encounter in his life and now this?

"I'm not sure I am strong enough to defeat the bea-"

"You are." Ophis' voice forced his attention onto her. "I've done battle with the beast before. Your small form, power,and cowardly tendencies during battle would be enough to rival the beast."

"...Thank you?" He wasn't quite sure how to feel about the dragon's words. Insulted? Complemented?

"You're welcome." Ophis offered up as small nod, completely missing the hesitation and uncertainty in his voice.

"Father!" Naruto turned toward Lilith. "Even if you are not strong enough, I'll be by your side to protect you. I'm sure mother would happily do the same."

He wasn't too sure that was one hundred percent true. As much as Ophis had calmed since their initial meeting, he didn't think the dragon had warmed up to him enough to willingly fight for him.

"You are correct." That shot his theory right out the window. "I do not care for the fate of the rest of this world but if it involves Naruto, I would be willing to fight. I will not allow any creature beside myself harm him."

To the blond, the dragon's words were oddly touching as long as he ignored the last sentence. A smile begun to crawl its way onto his face only for it to be smacked down when the realization that he was going to have to face the being strong enough to defeat God struck him.

"It seems that the dragons are on board. What do you say, Naruto?" Michael hated doing this to the boy. It had become clear to him early on that the pressures that came with being a god had effectively come and slapped the shinobi across the face. There wasn't a day that went by where he didn't see the blond washed over with exhaustion, barely managing to keep himself awake as he poured over millennials worth of issues that came with being the leader of the Christian faith.

And, now this. The fate of the world was being placed in his hands and he effectively had no choice but to accept the responsibility. The angel knew that was an incredible burden to place on anyone. That was why he wasn't too surprised when he didn't receive an immediate response from the boy. The poor child must have felt trapped, cornered in a room where the walls just seemed to continuously close in on his pos-

"I'll do it!" To the angel's surprise, Naruto jumped up from his seat, a smile plastered across his face and his hand raised high into the air. The boy had the entirety of the room's attention on him as he beamed his teeth at them.

"Someone's excited to die." Azazel said not-so-subtlety, earning him an elbow to the stomach by Sirzechs. The devil aimed a glare at the fallen angel who didn't look all that bashful by his actions.

"I'm surprised that you're as excited as you are."

"You don't get it, Kurama." Naruto's inner monologue came along with him climbing onto the meeting table. "I've had to sit and try to figure out a way to deal with a million different issues for Christianity. I've barely had time to do anything! All my clones have been doing my meditations for me. This is the perfect chance to cut loose. And, if I beat this guy, its over!"

"What do you mean its over?"

"Well, if this thing is the strongest being in existence and I defeat it then I won't have to worry about anything else being stronger than me."

"...That's not how power works, Naruto."

"Yes, it is!"

"Am I to assume your elevated position means that you're willing to participate?" Michael's words shattered his focus on Kurama, bringing him back to reality.

"You're damn right I'm willing to participate. We're going to beat down the Apocalypse!"

Father, thank you for finally letting me get laid! 26 years of insecurity all down the drain. One amazing, long, passionate night…

The sensation of having thoughts that weren't his running through his mind was a unique one. One that he still hadn't grown accustomed to. Luckily, it was nowhere as bad as it had been when he had originally gained his godhood. He had managed to gain some sort of mental block against the tirade of thoughts. Though, that didn't completely stop all the prayers.

Lord, please wipe that stupid look off of my boyfriend's face

"That one wasn't nearly as nice or sad or creepy as the usual ones are." The thought trickled through his mind for a brief moment before he locked eyes with Koneko who sat at the opposite end of the bed of him.

"I didn't think that would work." The girl said seemingly out of nowhere. Confusion hit him hard at her words. Why would she say something like that? She hadn't done anything but sit and look at him while he was prepar-

The realization hit him even harder. A sour look crossed his face for the briefest moment before a grin forced it away. Before Koneko could even think of reacting, Naruto pounced from his position across the bed. Within a matter of an instant, he crossed the distance between the two and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he sent both of them tumbling to the ground.

His forearms managed to take the brunt of the fall but he could tell that a little bit of the wind had been knocked out of Nekoshou by his stunt. With his revenge accomplished, he prepared to let go of the girl and let her get up, only for Koneko to plant both of her feet into his chest and kick outward. As his back slammed against the ceiling of the room and he began to fall, Naruto had a sneaking suspicion that she had added just a bit of her devil strength into the kick.

"Oops." Koneko said as she watched her boyfriend flop back onto the bed after his brief flight, courtesy of her legs. She looked up to the ceiling and saw there was nowhere a Naruto-shaped indent.

"I didn't mean to kick that hard." The look he sent her way told her that he didn't believe a word she said. She shrugged at this. It didn't matter what he believed or not. All that mattered was that he knew she would always get her way.

"Sure, you did-" The blond had to stop mid sentence when the air was knocked out of him by Koneko jumping onto his back. He was prepared to look back and glare at the girl but had that plan immediately flushed down the drain when she palmed the back of his head and forced his face into the bed.

"What are you-Ohhh." Once more, the completion of his sentence was stolen from him. This time, however, a much more pleasurable act interrupted him. Now, the Nekoshou had her hands vigorously rubbing against his upper back, massaging the group of muscles.


There was something that pleased her about the noises leaving her boyfriend. She wasn't sure if it was a domineering thing, considering she had him pinned beneath her, or it was simply because she liked making him feel good. Either way, rubbing the shoulders of the man who was about to go off and face the beast of Apocalypse was satisfying.

"That feels amazing, Koneko." Even though he couldn't see it, she smiled at him. This was the most expressive he had ever been to her touch, excluding their time spent in the bedroom. If she could expect this type of reaction all the time then maybe she would make this a regular thing.

Only if the favor was returned every once in a while.

Just she began to reach down his back, she heard a small squeak emit from the door. Her first instinct was to jump at the person who was about to interrupt her moment with Naruto but before she could, the door sprung upon, revealing Ophis and Lilith standing at the doorway.

"I apologize." Ophis was the first one to speak, surprisingly. The fact that she had her arm outstretched in a pushing position gave the duo an idea as to why she was apologizing.

"Mother thought you two were having sex and wanted to spy on you guys." The look Ophis sent toward her daughter told Naruto and Koneko how much truth Lilith's words held. The dragon was never one to hold her tongue.

"Next time, just ask, Ophis." Three set of eyes shot toward Koneko a second after the words left her mouth. She had to stop herself from smiling at their looks. She knew exactly what she said and she knew the reaction it would invoke from each of them.

She also knew how to follow up on their reactions.

"You can come watch in here." The buckling of Naruto's back told her she had gotten just the reaction that she wanted. She didn't need to see his face to sense the disbelief that was radiating off of him.

"I … see." This time, she couldn't stop the grin that tugged away at the corner of her lips. For whatever reason, Ophis' reactions were just as satisfying to her. It must have been because the dragon rarely allowed her a view of her true feelings. It took a lot to get a little out of the girl. Koneko knew her kryptonite, though.

It was currently sputtering beneath her ass.

"You can join as well if you want, Lilith." She knew it would push Naruto over the edge but she didn't stop herself from saying it. Instead, she allowed herself to be thrown off of her back and pinned down onto the bed while the blond tried to clarify her words to the elated dragons.

"When me and Koneko are in bed together, that's private time for us."

"But … she said I was allowed to if want to."

"Yeah but she didn't mean it!"

"I did mea-" Naruto's hand slapped over her mouth, stopping her from finishing her statement. However, it didn't matter. The message had been sent and received. The seeds were planted, watered and ready to flourish.

"Naruto." Ophis' voice managed to cut through the brief chaos of the room, drawing his attention over to her. "It's time for us to leave."

His time with Koneko and their little spat with the two dragons nearly made him forget what he was supposed to be doing. He offered up a nod of acknowledgement at the dragon while releasing his girlfriend from his grip. Before he could get too far, he was pinned against the bed once again.

"Don't be too stupid." He took notice of her usage of too but said nothing of it. After all, he had no doubt in himself that he wouldn't end up doing something really stupid during his adventure.

"I'm not going to do anything too stupid. I'm a god, remember?" He spoke despite his thoughts. He offered the girl one last grin and a quick kiss before slipping out from beneath her grip. A few minutes later he stood in the living room of his home, flanked by the two dragons.

"You girls ready?" He received two nods in confirmation. Seeing their approval, the blond sucked in deep breath and held it for a moment, allowing it to fester and burn in his chest. He let it loose a few seconds later then turned to Ophis.

"Let's go." That was all the prompting the dragon needed before she summoned a portal within the room. Within seconds, the trio were through the portal and on their way to the apocalypse.

I'm a god.

That has been a lot easier to say nowadays. It used to burn coming up a few weeks ago. Now, I only feel a slight itch whenever the words come out.

I don't feel much different than I did before, if I'm being honest. Yeah, I hear a lot of voices and I'm stressed out a bunch but I definitely don't feel godly. No feeling of awe, no divine sense, none of that type of stuff.

Which, I guess, I'm happy about. I didn't decide to become a god so I could walk around as if I owned the place. I decided to be a god because I wanted to fix thing. I wanted to help people. I wanted peace.

Well, I'm getting my first chance to fix something. And, of course, it's the biggest issue to ever exist in the history of everything.

I don't know what I got myself into. I've felt that way since the moment I found out Koneko was a devil. The feeling has only gotten worse since then. But, if I'm being honest, I've gotten used to it. It would be a bit boring to know everything before it happens, y'know? Plus, and I would never say this out loud, I think I sorta like it. It's a bit fun going in blind. There's nothing like having the world throw everything it has at you.

Hundreds of the strongest angels Heaven had to offer stood by the side of a similar number of fallen angels from the Grigori. Directly next to the two group stood a mass of devils, clothed for war.

Angel, Devil, Fallen Angel. All together in a single area. Not a single drop of blood had been shed. Tension fluttered through the air but nowhere near as thick as it should have been for age-old enemies. A budding alliance couldn't have accomplished this. No, this calm was the result of something much different.

"I know what she said bu-"

"If Koneko sees no issues with then what is the complication?"

"There is no-"

"Do you not care for us, Father?" A small groan, accompanied with a few chuckles, floated through the air. "Do you not want us near you? To show you how much we love you?"

"Not like that!" Naruto's shout was nearly drowned out by the laughter it brought along. He looked out from the corner of his eye to see the small army of creatures laughing at his misfortune.

"You and your partners make for a great mediator. I couldn't imagine how tense this place would be if we couldn't feed off your drama." He wanted to look over and tell Azazel to shut up but the look Lilith was giving him made him feel guilty. On top of the guilt, he felt ridiculous for even feeling guilty in the first place. There was no way in the world he was in the wrong in this situation.

"I never knew you could be so cruel."

"I'm not even doing anything wrong!" His shout was loud to invoke laughter from the majority of the supernatural creatures below him. Their mirth was put to a quick stop when the blond turned to face them, his best angry face in place and the full effect of his chakra on display.

"Don't get too testy, Nar-" Just like his subordinates beneath him, Sirzechs found himself speechless under the pressure the blond exerted. He had the sense of mind to raise his hands in defeat after a few moments, though that didn't give him any immediate reprieve. It was only after Michael walked over to duo and placed his on Naruto's shoulder did the blond decide to relent.

"I hope you have this much passion when we're fighting." The words were meant to come out low and inaudible to the shinobi but when Sirzechs sensed the mounting pressure appear on his shoulder, he knew he had failed. So, he did the smartest thing he could think of by running to his wife and using her body as a shield, much to her displeasure.

"Please act your age, Sirzechs." The maid was met with whimpers from her husband. A sigh broke through stoic facade before she raised her hands up to her face.

"What would Rias think if she saw you grovelling right now?" And, just like that, the devil was back on his feet. Below, the groans of a multitude of devils could be heard as the angels surrounding them laughed at their leader's behavior. The man was physical perfection and for the most part held the stature of a leader better than almost anyone else in existence. All of that meant nothing when it came to his childish and obsessive behavior. In the underworld, amongst their fellow kin, his behavior was passable. In the presence of their enemies-turned-allies … embarrassed couldn't even begin to describe how they felt.

"If you all are finished."

Michael's raised eyebrow and stiff stance told the group everything they needed to know about how pleased he was about the interaction. The devil straightened up even further while sending the angel an apologetic smile.

"I'm glad we are all ready to proceed."

"Naruto, are you sure you want to proceed with this? Are you ready?"

Was he ready? Was he ready to defend himself, his shop, his friends and the entirety of the world? Was he ready to do battle with one of the most powerful devils in existence then face one of the strongest beings in existence? Was he ready to finally stop doing mundane crap and do something godly?

"Don't underestimate me, Michael. I am ready."

He could feel the grin splitting his face. The excitement running through his body made it hard for him to sit still. This excitement, this happiness … it had been so long since he felt like this. It had been so long since a fight riled him up so much.

"Great." Michael could sense the boy's enthusiasm. It brought a smile to his face. To see his father's successor happy made him optimistic about their chances. He could only hope that the optimism translated well onto the battlefield.

"Feel free to proceed." The shinobi spared the angel a glance before looking back at Ophis and Lilith. No words were communicated between the trio yet an understanding seemed to be reached as they each blasted into the sky, their respective energies surrounding them. Michael gave a small hum at the white tinge that had found its way into Naruto's cloak. The observation lasted only a moment in his mind before he turned to face his allies.

It was time to mount their attack.

Evil. Wicked. Brutal. The scum of the Earth. The lord's folly. The tempters of man and enemies of God.

That was what a devil was supposed to be. The bane of every creature's existence. That's what Lucifer believed. That's what his father believed.

"Under the rule of Lucifer, the devils prospered." He couldn't even begin to count the amount of chains covering his prize. God was thorough, that was undeniable. Even in death, he made sure to cover his bases. It was impressive, really. All these seals had managed to last the passage of times and countless of attempts to break them.

It was a shame it had to come to an end today.

"As a species, we are weak. I despise weakness." The man's hands wrapped tight around one of the golden chains. He could feel the holy energy contained within the metal burning away at his skin but he could care no less. The anger he felt at the utter fall of his fellow devils blinded him from the pain.

"With your power, I will unleash you unto the underworld and wipe away the weakness of my brothers and sisters. Those who survive will and pledge their allegiance to me and we will then rise to the overworld and bring chaos."

A laughter ripped from this throat. This was going to be fun! Probably the most fun he has had in centuries. He couldn't wait to fight against some of h-

What was that? Two … No! Three! Three masses of energies were heading his way. Oh boy, were they big! Bigger than his own by a long shot. And they were moving quick!

"Oh boyo." A giggle left his mouth. This was surprising. He hadn't expected guest. Especially ones so powerful.

"Our fun will be had later."

He gave a wave over his shoulder to the mass of chains before skipping out of the room. A single grey eye was the sole witness to his absurd behavior.

"Are those…?"


Dragons. He hadn't been expecting dragons. He knew they existed since he had two living under the roof of his home. Though, Ophis and Lilith were much different than the ones flying at him.

For one, the duo were much cuter than the oversized beast speeding toward him.

More importantly, the dragons didn't even have a fraction of either of the girls' powers.


No verbal response was needed. He could feel his partner's presence flow through him as he dived head first toward the mass of dragons.


Lilith's cry was silent to him. In a flash of hand signs and a mountain of smoke, hundreds of his copies were flying with him. A sky of red, white and yellow overcame the world for a brief moment before it all began to fall.

"Huh? So they weren't kidding?"

The ability to clone themselves. An ability sought out by many in the history of the world and achieved by very few. And, with the few who managed to gain access to such an ability, their prowess in using it was limited.

This was not the case for his would-be opponent. He had expected the mass of evil dragons would force the other supernatural creatures he had sensed out of hiding. A numbers game would force their hand, he had thought.

An almost holy amount of energy proved to him just how wrong he was.

A hurricane. A man-made mass of biting wind. A vortex of death. There was no proper way to describe the effect of hundreds of rasengan-wielding Narutos. The air around them twisted and blended, distorting the flights of the dragons beneath them.

Torn asunder. That was the only possible way to describe the effects the swirling balls of chakra had on the dragons. Each thread within the spiral tore away a layer of flesh from the beasts. Each thread followed closely by another. Strip after strip, tear after tear, soon there was nothing left of the creatures.

"That's not exactly good."

Maybe if the dragons hadn't originally been pale, dirty-blooded vampires he would have felt even the slightest twinge of pity as the army of flying blonds tore through them. Maybe if his father wasn't the original Lucifer, he would have looked at the creatures above him as a little more than fodder.

Unfortunately, neither of those alternates were going to happen today.

"I suppose its my fault for believing anything but a devil could take care of my problems." His words reeked of dramatics. He gave a pitiful wave at the dragons above him before turning his back to them and walking back into his cave.

"That's why we always have backup plans."

I have a new home.

I have a job. I have a house. I have a girlfriend. I have responsibility. I have people who look up to me. I have people that depend on me now.

I have a life here.

And, it sort of hurts me to say this, but I don't want to go home all that much. I know what you're going to say! "Who are you and what have you done with Naruto Uzumaki?" But, ya gotta see it from my side. I love Konoha, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't have sacrificed myself so much for it if I didn't. It's the reason I didn't cry when I woke up naked in the desert. Because I knew I had won. I saved my world. I may never end up being Hokage but I saved my world. My friends are safe, my village is safe and the world is safe.

If all things went well, the end of the war would have wrapped up with the shinobi world in one giant alliance. Peace, just like what Jiraiya would have wanted, would have been achieved. There would be no need for me. No need for a badass Hokage like myself when everyone was going to be nice with each other.

Koneko is here. Ophis is here. Lilith is here. Kuroka, Michael, Vali, the christians and their prayers. There was so much here that depends on me. Even if someone came up and told me they could take me home that instant, I don't think I would be able to accept. I honestly don't think I could.

And, ya know what …

I don't think that's so bad.

"The air has been cleared! Attack divisions move in!"

Naruto had made quick work of the dragons, leaving the air separating them from the floating island clear. Within a moment of the angel's words, nearly a thousand of angels, fallen angels, and devils took off into the sky. Their collective takeoff sent forth a massive amount of dust into the air as the beating of their words deafened all those who were around to hear it.

A sight never thought possible by many. The three Christian Factions flying amongst each other, not a single case of fighting between them. They flew in unison, side by side, within reaching distance of one another. Their respective weapons clutched in their hands., waiting for only the right moment to be thrust into their enemies.

It never came. Michael watched from overheard and it never came. It filled his heart with a sense of determination he hadn't felt since the days of his father's reign. This is what he would have wanted. Peace amongst God's creatures. Peace on earth. It could be achieved.

Today would be a step towards it.

"Towards the island!"

"I have uninvited guests in my home." Rizevim cooed out from the comfort of his cave. The number of creatures they had managed to cooperate with one another was impressive even he had to admit. They had come a long way from wanting to kill each other only a few thousand years ago.

"Such a shame that will have to end today." He turned his back to approaching army. "Isn't that right, Trihexa?"

The clinking of shackles brought a smile to the devil's face. His eyes met with a pair of steel gray ones that were barely visible beneath the mass of golden chains. He was the first to blink and nearly paid for it with his life as the mass of chains shifted toward him. If his eyes had stayed closed for just a moment longer, his long life would have come to a disappointingly short end.

"You're a bit anxious, aren't ya?" The shaking of chains brought a smile to his face. "Don't worry. I'll test out our guests then let you clean up."

Two by two, the devil's leathery wings tore through the back of his cloak until all twelve were exposed to the air. He allowed the six pairs to stretch out behind him for a brief moment before offering a wave to the mountain of chain.

"See you in a bit."

With those words, the devil soared out of the cave, leaving the glowing mound of chains shaking and alone.

"Stay in your groups and spread out! Remember your allies. Do not stray too far from one another. Angels, fallen angels, do not be afraid to allow your devil brethren lead. Their knowledge of this place is much more than your own."

"You're too good at leading people to not be god." He couldn't stop the smile from moving onto his lips. He knew exactly who would be awaiting him when he turned. After all, he only knew one blond dumb enough to take the position of god from him.

"Being good is only half the battle. Wanting the positions is just as important."

"No one ever said I wanted it." Weeks ago, he would have been horrified at the sight of the pouting blond. He would have even questioned the will of his father. Was this the person that was going to lead the earth to salvation? This childish, pouting, whiney, dense individual was the chosen one?

Oh, indeed he was. Michael had to laugh at that. His father worked in such mysterious ways. Naruto was by no means a conventional leader but the man was undeniably inspiring. He was the reason why at least half the people fighting today were fighting in the first place.

"That didn't stop you from accepting the job." That served to shut the shinobi up. Michael had realized he was becoming rather good at doing just that. A talking Naruto was a dangerous Naruto and in order to make sure the boy was doing his job, you had to make sure he was being quiet.

"I'm glad you found a nice puppy to do your work for you, Michael." A voice spoke from above the duo. They both looked up, their eyes meeting nothing but open air. The person that spoke must have been watching, however, as a smooth laughter followed their actions.

"You think I would try to sneak up on you and Mr. God, Michael? You don't think I'm that stupid, do you?"

"The fact that you're speaking to us instead of surrendering justifies my thoughts concerning your lack of intelligence. You stand no chance. Fight back and you will not leave this island alive." Michael bit back.

"I'm well aware of the fact that I cannot face your super friend group alone." The voice spoke out once more. "That is why I won't be doing that today."

"Oh, really?" Naruto spoke up. "What makes you think we're going to let you do anything?"

"Because, if you don't, I'll unseal Trihexa and teleport it to the center of Japan. I'm very curious how much damage the beast can do before you can crawl your way out of the underworld."

Michael and Naruto shared a look with each other. They had expected something like this to happen. Rizveim would have been suicidal to attempt to face Naruto and Michael alone. Add in Gabriel, Azazel, Sirzechs and the entirety of their attacking force, the devil stood no chance.

"So, send me the new God. Let me test him out. If he passes my test, you have nothing to worry about. Though, if he fails, I'll suck the power out of his body and lay waste to the entirety of the world. No Trihexa needed."

Another demand and another shared look between the blond duo. Everything the devil had demanded had been predicted. And, unfortunately, like they predicted, all of the weight was being put on Naruto.

"You haven't changed a bit, Rizevim. You were a coward during the war and you're still a coward." Michael spat

"Being a coward has gotten me this far. I'm sure it'll get me even further. Any funny business and you're going to have a lot of dead humans on your hands. Trihexa is already shaking at the smell of your little angels, Michael."

"Tell me where to go and I'll come beat your ass." Naruto shouted out to nowhere. Him and Michael were taken by surprise when the shinobi was surrounded by a spike of dark energy. Within the next moment, the boy was gone, leaving Michael alone.

"I can't even pray for the idiot since he is god now." Michael sighed while hanging his head. The only thing he could was hope.

Hope that Lilith and Ophis wouldn't kill him when they eventually caught up.

The moment Naruto's feet reunited with the ground, he was on the defensive. He managed to catch a quick glance of a cave in the distance before things got hectic. A sucker punch made his reunion with the ground a quick one and sent him flying through the air. A quick activation of his chakra cloak allowed him to right himself and gave him the first real view of his opponent.

"I guess it was a little much for me to expect you to dodge that." This man was an asshole. Ignoring his desire to unleash the apocalypse, Naruto could tell just by looking at the guy. Spiky yet droopy white hair, creepy full beard, dressed in gold and silver, and constantly smiling.

He wanted to punch that stupid smile off of his face.

"That's probably how people feel dealing with me." His small moment of self-realization came to an end when he was forced to dive out the way of a massive ball of dark energy. On impact, the earth fissured from the might of the blow. Shards of dirt flew and splattered against the boy's chakra cloak as he forced his way back up to his feet.

"Come on, God. Show me why Michael chose you!" The man had sent a volley of energy balls his way before he began speaking.

The attacks were laughably slow. They hit hard, there was no doubt about that, but it didn't matter if the attacks never hit in the first place. And for someone as quick him, dodging was no problem.

Ducking his head was enough to dodge the first attack. After that, he allowed his feet to do the work. In a blast of movement, he was nearly a hundred yards away from the closest ball. In another flash, his fist was inches away from Rizevim's cheek. The devil attempted to throw up a makeshift defense but he was not quick enough. The God's fist barreled into the devil's face. For the briefest of moments, a power struggle ensued between Naruto and the devil's face.

As expected, Naruto won, taking with him a few of the devil's teeth.

The devil's body skipped across the ground as he flew away from the boy. Each impact against the ground tore up a chunk of the ground, adding more pain to Rizevim's miserable flight.

He may have made a mistake.

Now, he knew that he was never the strongest. Oh for sure, he was one of the greatest talents to come out of the underworld but he was always overshadowed by the likes of God and Michael in terms of power. He made up for their gap in powers with his skill and cunning.

He wasn't too sure if those two things would be able to save him today.

That realization hit him hard, harder than the last impact of his flight that had driven his body ten feet deep ground. The random spikes of pain radiating across his body couldn't begin to compare to the agony he felt emitting from his cheek. He wouldn't have been surprised if he reached up and felt a large chunk of his face was missing.

If the fight continued at this pace, Trihexa would find itself released a lot earlier than he expected. He wouldn't dare let the pretend god defeat him without some type of repercussions.

Speaking of that insufferable being, the boy appeared in front of the devil with an spiralling-orb of what the devil could only describe as pure energy in his hand. Holy energy, chakra, natural energy; a myriad of energies assaulted the devil's senses. He wasn't quite sure what attack he was looking at but he knew he did not want to get hit by it.

But the blond's speed made making that happen a lot more difficult than he would like. The best he could do was raise his wings in front of him in the hopes of directing the attack away from his body.

That was a mistake.

The moment he felt the orb connect, he knew he would be losing a few of his wings. An unholy amount of pain surged through him when he felt the attack begin to drill through the flesh of his wings. Through the pain, however, he preserved. In what would amount as one of the greatest shows of his endurance, Rizevim managed to push against the blond's assault, forcing his momentum to go slightly off course. Instead of the orb digging through the devil's body, it instead exploded into the ground a few meters away.

"This is unreal!" The devil thought to himself as he jumped as far away as his legs would allow him. What type of holy steroid had god given this brat? Looking over at his wings, he winced. Out of his original twelve wings, 7 remained. The other five had served as a noble sacrifice in order for him to retain his life and their state showed it. The barest amounts of flesh hung off of broken and jagged bone. It was a hard sight for him to look at.

"Is it me or is this guy a pushover?"

He didn't want to sound arrogant but he had expected more from the so-called super devil in front of him. Sirzechs had spent so much time briefing him on the dangers surrounding the son of Lucifer. His strength, his speed, his cunning. Everything that had been pushed into his head had pumped the devil to an untouchable level in his head. This fight was quickly proving to him how wrong his assumption had been.

"This is your first battle after whatever that God did to you." His face screwed up at Kurama's words. He looked down at his fists and gave them a quick clench. He truly didn't feel any different than before. Yet, he was tossing around this guy like he was a child.

"I don't know what type of sacred-gear god gave you to make you this strong." The devil's words forced Naruto's attention outward. "But it ends now!"

The devil's words were punctuated by his sudden disappearance. He reappeared a moment later behind Naruto, his right arm covered in the red seals of his clan.

"Sacred Gear Canceller!" The man shouted as loud as he could as he drove his fist down toward Naruto. The offending appendage was met with Naruto's open palm. This didn't stop the smile from spreading across the devil face, however. All he needed was physical contact for his ability to strip away the sacred gear god had given the putrid blond.

Nothing happened. Odd. He had yet to meet someone who was able to resist his sacred gear canceller. He didn't let that perturb him. Another hit would do the trick. At least, that's what his thought process was as he sent a quick jab at Naruto's ribs. Glee erupted from him as he made contact, making it his first hit throughout the entire battle.

His glee, and himself, were quite literally backhanded a moment later by the boy. The pain ringing through his head couldn't compare to the shock he felt at the force of the hit. Somehow, the boy had managed to hit him stronger than before! His sacred gear canceller should have made that impossible.

"Whatever he's trying to do to you isn't doing much." Naruto had expected as much. He had been curious by the man's glowing arm, nearly curious enough to let the devil score a free hit on him. When he managed to block the devil's attack yet still felt his energy invade his system, he had expected something bad to happen.

Though, judging from the ability's name, it seemed like the attack was doing just what it was supposed to do.

"I see now." Rizevim's voiced shook underneath the pressure of the mountain of pain his body was in. Naruto watched as he climbed up to his feet, his entire form a jittering mess. A solid trickle of blood fell from the gaping hole in his cheek as he talked.

"You're the real deal." The devil stopped to spit out a glob of blood. "No tricks, no games, no gimmicks. You're God, aren't you?"

"You better believe it." The smile that greeted Rizevim told him everything he needed to know.

He wasn't going to win this fight.

It was the great war all over again. God steps on the battlefield and everything seems to freezes. And unlike before, Lucifer wasn't here to save his ass. He knew he was strong but he wasn't at his father's level. He never would be able to reach that point which meant he was going to die today.

This just wasn't fair.

"I guess that makes it okay for me to make it fair." That isolated line, that phrase. That was Naruto's only clue as to what was about to happen before the world around him became a lit with energy. The air was punched out of his lungs as an almighty roar shook the ground beneath him.

"Trihexa! My dream! Your nightmare! Let loose!" Naruto's eyes bulged as a shockwave of energy rolled over him. A loud screech made him look behind him where he came face to face with a blast of white energy. The attack slammed into him before he could throw up a proper defense, throwing him through the air. He landed nearly a hundred meters away, his entire body a painful, stinging mess.

"Naruto, you have to move!" The moment Kurama spoke, the world around Naruto ignited. An explosion ripped the sound from his ears and left him staring at the sky as massive chunks of earth shot through the air. A dreadful roar restored his hearing to him for a brief moment before yet another shockwave nearly took him off his feet.

"You look so much better without those pesky chains on you!" It was at that moment that Naruto gained his first look at the Trihexa.

Emperor Beast of Apocalypse. There was no better name to describe the creature that stood before him. Seven heads, each a horrid conglomerate of animals, were attached to seven necks. Naruto could count a total of ten horns, each nearly ten times his size. Seven massive tails whipped angrily behind the creature's body, tearing up the earth behind it. Four stubby arms grabbed angrily at the air in front of it as its massive legs brought it forward. A deep roar distorted the air around Naruto and sent the creature's furry chest rippling.

"I am responsible for your release, Trihexa!" Rizevim's screaming brought both Naruto and the beast's attention on him. "I will grant you passage to the overworld if you destroy this child! He holds the power of the man who sealed you! Exact your revenge!"

He tensed when he felt the creature's attention shift over to him. A surge of chakra began to flow toward his legs as he prepared to jump away. Any notion of trying to block the beast's attack had went away the moment he was hit by the shockwave of its roar. Running was his best option.

To his surprise, no running was needed. Trihexa merely glanced at him for a moment before looking back over to Rizevim. The creature opened its mouth as if to roar but instead a white beam shot from the depths of its throat. The beam cut through the air, distorting the space around it as it tore toward the devil. Rizevim was in no position or state of mind to dodge the attack. Thus, he was forced to take the full brunt of it.

All credit to his devil resilience, the devil's body seemed to be readily resisting the force of the attack for a few moments. Rizevim's limit was soon discovered, however, when the beam began to cut through his body. The beginnings of a shout leapt from his mouth before Trihexa's attack tore clear through his body.

Rizevim hadn't just been killed. He was gone. Erased from existence. There was nothing left of him. There was nothing left of the ground behind him. Only an empty void of space remained.

How was he going to fight something that could something like that with just its mouth?


His eyes shot up. Lilith and Ophis. Within a moment of Lilith's proclamation, they were by his side. Lilith's checked over his body while Ophis' attention remained fully on Trihexa.

"You're back." Despite the distance separating them, Trihexa turned its head toward Ophis at her words. The beast stared at the dragon for a few moments before a mighty huff of air left its mouth.

"Weak." Naruto blinked in shock while Ophis scowled. He didn't think the monster would have the ability or the intelligence to talk. The discovery was shocking, and very worrying. Fighting against a mindless beast was a much easier task than fighting against one who could think.

"Move, father!" Before he could think to follow the order, he found himself pulled high into the air. Mid-flight, he took a look down at where he stood and saw that it was now the home of a blazing inferno. Looking up allowed him to lock eyes with his savior, Lilith.

"Never stop moving."

A shout. That was the first time Naruto had ever heard the girl talk in such a loud voice at him. This was unexpected. Not nearly as unexpected as the wave of heat that came shooting at him from the beast's directions. Once more, he didn't have to bother dodging as Lilith jerked him higher into the air away from danger.

"Let go, Lilith."

He felt himself falling for a moment before his cloak's levitating effect kicked in. Quickly, he became aware of the steady crash of noise erupting from the monster in front of him. With each crash came a pulse of energy that threatened to knock him and his companions out of the air.

A familiar knot of worry formed in his stomach. Death stared back at him in those mindless red eyes. There would be no negotiating today. It was impossible to control chaos and this thing in front of him seemed to be chaos and destruction in its purest form. Defeat it or die were his options.

What an unfortunate set of circumstances.

"I need you two to distract him. Just make sure he isn't focused on me. I only need a few seconds."

His personal pair of dragons took off at his words. Moments later, he heard what he assumed to be an agitated roar fill the air. He forced the minute amount of happiness he felt to the back of his mind as he focused on the task at hand. A single Truth-Seeking ball formed in his palm. The perfect nature of the orb became corrupted as Kurama's bubbling, red energy encompassed its form. Soon after, tendrils of wind began to whip out from the orb's center.

Without a moment's hesitation, eight copies of the boy appeared around the original. Nine total. He clicked his teeth at the number. There was not a more perfect moment than now that he wished he could form more than nine Truth-Seeking balls. Now though, nine would have to do.


In his best impression of the baseball players he had seen on television, he let the technique loose toward Trihexa. His clones followed his lead one by one, staggering the swirling orbs of destruction so that they were nearly in a straight line. By the time Lilith and Ophis had returned to his side, his attacks reached the beast.

The first orb struck Trihexa straight between the eyes. On impact, the attack expanded into a brilliant dome of ripping blue wind that completely obscured the beast's head from view. The dome remained intact for only a moment before the second of his attacks tore through it. Just like before, the attack exploded with a resounding boom of noise before expanding into a dome much larger than the one created before it.

This pattern continued for the seven remaining orbs, ending with the entirety of the beast's upper body consumed by the dome of chakra-generated winds. Even from their separated position, the blond and his dragon duo had to put effort into keeping themselves in the sky as the winds from his attack whipped past them. Even with that, Narto kept his eyes locked on the dome of his chakra, hoping beyond hope that his attacks would be enough to put down Trihexa.


As the word left his mouth, Naruto was moving to grab the two dragons by his side. He managed to grab both of them and begin his dive toward the ground just moments before the air surrounded him exploded. There was no visible warning, only a simple flare of power and the air became alit.

The pounding of blood in his ears was only drowned out by the rush of air as he fell from the sky. In his arms, he felt both dragons squirm in his grasp. He opened his mouth to speak to them but instead received a mouthful of dirt as he crashed into the ground.

It was a beast. Simple. Mindless. A simple objective was its motivation. An objective seared into its mind from its conception within the void of nothingness that was the universe at its generation.


It wanted to destroy. It wanted death. It wanted destruction. It wanted chaos, the void, its birthplace. This substance, this ground, this air, ALL of it was an insult to its existence.

The annoying insect he had blasted out of the sky proved to be an even bigger insult. Even now, it could feel the build-up of energy coming from the bug's crashing spot. The nuisance was far from dead.

Though, that wouldn't remain true for long.

With a simple flex of his will, four copies of its enormous form appeared by its side. Thirty-five heads were now pointed at the spot where Naruto crashed. They stared down at the point for a few moments before a twitch of movement sent hem into a frenzy. The energy build-up was immense and immediate, lasting for only an instant. The result was thirty-five separate beams of energy shot at the ground.


That was the single emotion Trihexa felt as it watched all thirty-five of it's attacks get backhanded back at it by a large yellow limb. It didn't bother attempting to dodge the reflected attack, knowing it would do little damage to itself. It's copies were not so lucky. They faced a total and unfortunate annihilation by the wayward beams. As its copies died, the original focused its full attention on the masses of energy rising up from the ground before it.

A fox. Two dragons. Orange, purple, black. Beings of pure energy half as large as itself. An unexpected sight for the beast of apocalypse.

Still wholly annoying.

With a roar that shook the ground beneath it, the fox took off running toward it. Each movement from the construct left gaping holes in the ground beneath it. Wisps of energy from its own body trailed its path as it attempted to keep up with its creator. For most, it would have been a terrifying sight to witness.

For Trihexa, it was a simple annoyance.

The fox slammed into its body with a malice the beast had only witnessed during his battle with God. For the first time during the battle, it moved to steady itself from the sudden shift in momentum. Its stubby arms moved to grab its assailant but found that the fox creature was no longer in front of him. All seven of its head twisted behind itself in an attempt to find its opponent.

What a mistake that turned out to be.

Two lances of pure destructive energy, black and purple,each found themselves buried into one of Trihexa's heads. The remaining five heads began to scream out in protest, only to find themselve silenced when two massive paws wrapped all of them up in a single, tight grip.

"Nice job, you two!" A distorted voice growled out from beneath the facade of the fox construct. Trihexa would have growled right back at it if it wasn't for the two paws wrapped around all seven of its throats.

Though, that wouldn't be a concern for too much longer.

A deep wave of satisfaction flowed through the beast at the sound of the fox's scream. It needn't bother to look to see what caused the creature to yell in such pain. After all, it could feel it's opponent's pain as he writhed in the grip of his newly formed heads' jaw.

Seven was now eleven. From destruction came birth. That was its existence. That was its body. When the dragons had took out it's heads, it only allowed for the creation of more. Only it was meant to destroy.

Dying was not in his fate.

It was not capable of such an act.

"Fuck!" Naruto shouted loudly before ripping his construct's arms away from Trihexa. He could hear Kurama howling in pain within his head as massive amounts of chakra leaked from the holes within his avatar's arms.

"Do not retreat, Naruto!" His partner's words came to him through the haze of pain he was in. Seeing no reason to disobey the beast, the blond took only a single leap backward before manifesting two chakra arms.

"Wait until he's in the air!" He hoped his distorted words reached the twin dragons overhead. He didn't have the time to check if they did as he launched himself toward Trihexa with two of his newly created clones by his side. Mid-run, the clone leapt into the original's body, promptly being absorbed into the original avatar. A single head became three while two arms became six. All six of the arms became quickly occupied as two rasengans came into existence, one orb as bright as the sun while the other stood as a swirling mass of darkness.

Trihexa did not stay idle during this sequence. Sensing the buildup of energy from the boy, the dragon unleashed of storm of attacks upon its approaching. Unfortunately for the beast, each attack was either dodged, countered by tailed-beast bomb from one of the three fox heads or eradicated by the overlooking dragons. Each of those three factors allowed Naruto to get close enough to slam both attacks right into the belly of the beast.

A roar of pain echoed through the battlefield as the swirling orbs ground their way through the thick meat of Trihexa's stomach. From his position at the attack's origin, Naruto watched as strips and strips of flesh were torn away from the creature. He allowed the technique to continue its steady work for a few more moments before he pushed nearly a tenth of his reserves into each attack. The result was each orb ballooning to nearly fifty times their original size, lifting Trihexa with them as they grew.

Annoyance. Pain. Anger. Hatred.

Insects. At first, they merely chipped away at its being. Now, they had hurt it. True physical pain. A simple step backward had now turned into its body being thrown into the air like a ragdoll. For the briefest of moments, the beast felt true astonishment.

Then the pain returned.

The black and purple ones. They attacked it. They were smart. They struck at it's exposed stomach. They didn't stop either. As it flew higher, their attacks grew more vicious. They wouldn't relent.

Unless it made them.

A single flap of its wings halted all of its momentum. The black and purple attempted to attack again. A swipe of its seven tails sent them back down to earth where the orange fox stood.

One Trihexa became two. Two became four. Four to eight then 16 then 32. Within a few moments, the sky above the colored trio was blotted out by the mass of dragons.

"Oh no."

With those echoed words, the army of dragons unleashed their attacks. A veritable wave of energy flew down toward Naruto, Lilith and Ophis. The fox avatar moved to block the incoming attacks only to find a dome of light doing the job for him.

"Naruto!" The blond looked over his shoulder to see Michael, Gabriel, Azazel and Sirzechs. "The beast cannot be beaten!"

"Yeah, well we don't have a lot of choices." He looked back at the barrier, noticing the small cracks forming along its surface.

"We're going to seal it." Naruto's attention shot back at the supernatural group. "We're going to seal the island with ourselves in it. We can't beat it right now but we can delay. Delay long enough for someone in the futu-"

"No!" Naruto's shout silenced the angel. "We're not going to put this burden on someone else, Michael. We need to deal with this now."

"I don't think you're seeing the point here." Azazel stepped forward. "Look at what's above you. You can't beat that army. We can't beat that army. We're out of options here, kid!"

"You all are out of options." He spat back. "I'm not even close to finished yet."

At that moment, the barrier Michael threw up shattered, allowing the rest of Trihexa's attack to crash through.

"I'm not giving up until I can't move. Only then can you seal the island" Those were the words Naruto threw at the group of supernatural leaders as he leapt back at the army of Trihexas.

"He's an idiot." Sirzechs mumbled out.

"Well, that idiot is our god and isn't leaving us much of a choice. Set up at your assigned locations along the island's perimeter and wait for my cue. We can only pray he knows what he's doing."

"Kurama, this probably won't work."

"You don't really have much a choice, do you? The beast has healed from your strongest attack. This is our only option now."

A sigh heaved its way out of his chest at Kurama's words. He had no choice. No other option. The road he had stepped on had taken him this far. There was no point in stopping now.

It was with that train of thought that Naruto slipped the jeweled crown of Olympus onto his head. A sparkle of golden light emitted from his right hand for a few moments before the True Longinus came into view. In his left hand, Hades' scythe manifested into existence.

"I'm not going to lie to you guys-" Naruto looked back at Ophis and Lilith. His daughter had her hands wrapped tightly around the trident he had gifted to her. "I don't really have much of a plan. Just swiping and stabbing pretty much."

"Swiping and stabbing. I like that plan, Father." He flashed the young dragon a brief smile before shifting his attention over to Ophis. The god met his gaze, unwavering and unyielding in her stance.

"In my weakened state, I may die here." The dragon looked off to the army of dragons. "It would be easy for me to retreat to the dimensional gap, leaving you to die. Yet, I feel no desire to do that. I actually feel compelled to stand by your side and fight with you."

"That's a symptom of love, right?" The duo locked eyes once more. "Putting your life above my own? Risking myself for you? Am I right, Naruto?"

"I think it is, Ophis." He flashed the dragon to largest smile he could muster up in the face of his own death. The smile lasted for a few long seconds before his body was enveloped once more.

It felt different.

It looked different.

It was larger. That much was clear. It had those weapons now, too. But, that wasn't it. Big wouldn't it feel this way. Weapons didn't scare it. Yet, here it stood, amongst an army of clones equally as strong as itself yet it felt the slightest twinge of worry.

Maybe it was the color. The fox was no longer orange. It was white. A burning, bright white. As bright and as hot as the sun. It could feel the energy radiating from the fox.

It was different.

Different would change nothing.

He had no idea how any of it worked. The thought struck him under the evasion of death Trihexa was projecting at him. He never sat down to figure out what exactly the crown did. The moment he had gotten the scythe he had sealed it away. The spear was as much as a mystery as anything else.

He only knew that these were weapon of Gods. These instruments were wielded by and meant to kill the supposedly unkillable. The crown marked him as a ruler, the spear as a killer and the scythe as a reaper.

Who knew what would happen when the three were combined?

He was about to find out.

An act of will. That was the only way he could describe his movement with his scythe. Not willing to waste any more chakra, he attempted to do what he thought Gods did best.

If they willed it, it happened.

To his delight, the scythe responded to his actions. A wave of something leapt from the weapon's edge. Naruto wanted to call it energy but felt that the word was in no way accurate in its ability to describe the thing before him. Energy had weight. Energy had a feeling to it. Energy had a presence. What came out of his scythe had none of that. For a moment, Naruto doubted nothing had even happened. That doubt quickly evaporated when his attack made contact.

There was no explosion. No flash of light or loud sound announced the success of the attack. No, the whole ordeal was lackluster in that sense. Though, that did not mean it did not work. Naruto was very sure that whatever he did definitely worked. The fact that only a single Trihexa stood before him proved that point.

He had wanted the dragons gone. He wanted them to disappear. That was what he had willed when he swung his scythe. He just hadn't expected the results to be so literal. When the wave of whatever had hit the dragons, they did exactly what he had willed. They disappeared. Gone. Vanished. Out of existence.

Just like he willed.

Unfortunately, whatever he had done did not work on Trihexa. The beast was still standing, albeit a little more confused than before. It seemed to him that a more direct approach would be necessary to defeat the dragon.

"I'm moving in." He had no idea if the two dragons heard him. At that moment, he didn't exactly care. The awe of his supposed new powers captured the majority of his attention. He wanted to test them.

For a moment, he thought of himself behind the beast. In the next moment, he willed himself there. He wanted to be there, right in the space behind the dragon's seven head. He needed to exist there.

So there he existed.

There was no burst of speed or disorientation that came from the sudden movement. It felt as if the world had simply shifted around him so that he was now standing behind Trihexa.

He struck down with the spear. Straight at where he assumed Trihexa's heart sat. The weapon was massive in the hands of his avatar. It slid threw the beast's flesh with an ease the blond did not expect. The scream that followed was nearly as unexpected. It rung clear through his ears, carrying with it the agonizing pain the beast felt.

All nine of Trihexa's heads shot at him in response. Their teeth sunk into nothing. Where the boy once stood was now empty air. Each head screeched at their failure, turning wildly in place in an attempt to find their target.

They never would find it.

Rend. To tear into two. To commit such an act to the beast capable of bringing the world to its knees should have been impossible.

Naruto had a feeling that the impossible was no longer set in stone for him.

All it took was a simple swing of his scythe. The force behind the attack hadn't been provided by his muscles but by his desire. It felt weird for a powerhouse like him to rely on anything but the mass of energy tucked inside of him, but if there was one thing more bountiful than his chakra, it had to be his willpower.

The two halves of Trihexa fell from the sky. A single clean cut down the middle bisected the beast. Its physical form fell, leaving Naruto staring at … a boy.

He had not been expecting that.

A blond child. If Naruto had to guess, he would put the boy's age at around seven. The first thing he noticed was the boy's lack of clothing. Immediately after, he noticed the "boy's" lack of genitals

"God." The grim look that had been etched on his face since the start of the battle fell at the angelic sound that reached his ears.

"You've returned." Six wings sprung from the boy's back. Bird, dragon, bat, angel, devil and bare. Each wing flapped in unison, blowing a gentle breeze in to Naruto's face.

"I'm not the person you think I am." The boy gave a gentle nod at his words.

"You are not. You are him but much different. Your reasons for being here are the same, however." In a flash of movement, the boy appeared inches away from Naruto.

"God sealed me away because he couldn't bare to kill someone so innocent." Trihexa's, at least Naruto assumed this boy was the same beast, sweet breath flooded his nostrils, filling the blond's head with its intoxicating scent.

"Will you make the same decision? Or are you capable of doing what he could not? Slaying a creature that had no control over its purpose?"

"I don't plan on killing you if there is no reason to." Naruto spoke. Trihexa closed his eyes at his words.

"You've managed to drag the Infinite Dragon to your side." The boy's gray eyes flashed open. "You probably think you can do the same to me. I will let you know that is not a possibility."

"Why can't it be?"

"Because I exist to destroy." The dragon's voice raised in volume. "I exist to return the universe to where it belongs. I serve the void. The urge to strike you down is compelling beyond anything you can think of. Your words nor your actions will be enough to overcome it."

"We won't know until I try."

"I'm not going to give you a chance to try."

The dragon struck out with a simple jab. The strike found its target but under lackluster results. Naruto didn't even flinch at the contact.

Trihexa was not one to be dissuaded. All six of the boy's wings became alit with energy before they were driven down toward Naruto's skull. They found no give. No leeway was granted to the appendages. As soon as they touched skin, they came to a halt.

"I don't really believe all that much in fate, y'know." Trihexa ignored the blond in favor of attempting to strike at his back with its fist. His actions proved just as fruitless as before.

"I don't think it was fated for me to end up here. I don't think anyone could have predicted the outcome of my life." Naruto's eyes followed the beast as it flashed around him in its attempts to cause damage to him.

"But, here I am. Despite everything, I'm here. I've come so far, further than you probably think. I'm sure you could do the same."

Trihexa appeared before him once more. Gone was the innocent child and in its place stood the horrifying beast from the before. Each of it's nine heads released an ear-piercing screech before unleashing a blast of energy from its mouths.

"I dont wanna fight you." The blond's words echoed out beneath the roar of the beams. Each streak of energy ricocheted off of it's target, disappearing into an useless blip off in the distance.

"I can help quell the darkness in your heart. Whatever hate you feel, it can be erased." A rush of wind. For the first time since the start of the fight, Naruto blinked. All nine of the beast's heads were inches from his face. Their collectively harsh breath was a stark contrast to the sweet smell he had encountered only a few minutes before.

"You don't seem to understand." Nine voices spoke in unison. "There is no darkness. I feel no hate. I do not destroy for a reason. Destruction is my reason. It is my pull. Like how humans are pulled to breathe in order to fill their lungs, my body pulls for me to destroy. Unlike you humans, ignoring my pull does not equate in death. It equates in the loss of my sanity and self."

In a flash of light and flesh, the innocent boy was standing back in front of Naruto.

"I cannot harm you any further. Whatever you have done has left you immune to my attacks. You are left with three choices. Seal me, kill me or allow me to fulfill my purpose in this world."

The boy raised his arms into the air.

"Make your decision, God."

Being a god is hard.

I know, I know. Seems pretty obvious, right? Well, to me, nothing seems obvious. I wish I could go back to those days where I didn't have to think that much about my decisions. Those days where every decision I made didn't make the world go all crazy.

I wish I could go back.

I also sorta don't want to go back.

I know. I'm being complicated. I can't help it. Just like I couldn't help myself from not living a simple life. It was fun … for a bit. I got to relax and meet new people and try new things.

But, it wasn't what I wanted.

I wonder if I was drawn to Koneko because I found her cute or some part of me knew what would happen if I got involved in her life.

I probably would have stumbled my way into all of this stuff eventually. At least through Koneko, I got a cute girlfriend out of it.

She probably would punch me if she saw me writing this. Though, I guess I don't really have to worry about that much. Using sections of the book of life as a diary felt weird. God did the same thing, though, so I guess it isn't too troublesome.

I can feel someone approaching. I guess it's time for me to go back to playing God.


The Book of Life came to a loud close and disappeared from existence as Naruto raised his head. The sound bounced off the ascending marble pillars and the oddly colored orange dome, filling the building with its presence.

"Hey, Ophis."

The dragon had changed since the last he saw of her. The dark, gothic dress she had been so attached to had been ditched. In its place was a more casual attire. A purple dress, one decorated with stars, hearts and a cross, covered her body. Black and blue stockings stretched the entirety of her legs, stopping just a mid-calf. A pink jacket clung to her shoulders while a tiny, black beret sat soundly against her head.

"The Shinto Faction is here."

He knew that. And, he had a feeling she knew that he knew. Yet, here she was. Standing. Waiting for something…

He rose up from his crouch with a groan as his bones popped in protest. Sitting for so long was such a pain. What made it worse was the totally uncomfortable marble floors. He would have to bring some pillows next time he decided to come in here.

He crossed the distance between himself and the dragon within a few strides. Standing in front of her, Ophis was forced to crane her neck to look him in his eyes. The two stood there silently for a moment before the dragon reached her arms out and wrapped Naruto's lower half in a hug.


The dragon hadn't been joking when she expressed herself to him in the heat of their battle against Trihexa. During the battle, he wasn't quite sure what would result from the girl's words.

He had no idea Koneko would actually encourage the dragon's behavior.

When he revealed their discussion to the Nekoshou, the devil had taken Ophis aside and talked with the girl. The blond had no idea what they talked about but from that point onward Ophis had become much more expressive with her emotions. Hugs, just like the one he shared with her right now, had become common amongst the two.

Naruto bent down to return the hug. He did not expect the girl to pull away and kiss his cheek as soon as he bent low enough.

"Best of luck."

He could only stare as she walked away from him. That had been unexpected. He never would have thought the dragon was bold enough to do something like that. A part of him wondered if Koneko put her up to it.

"From what I know of Koneko, it seems likely."

"It wouldn't surprise me. I don't think much would surprise me right now." With those words, Naruto fell out of existence within the room.

Marble was not comfortable to sit on. If the past few days hadn't drilled that into his head, him currently sitting on Heaven's throne was doing the job.

"You have a knack for complaining to yourself."

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed."

He aimed a subtle eye roll at his tenants. Yes, tenants. Plural. Sitting within the recesses of Naruto's mind were now two beings.

"I still do not see the merit of sealing me within yourself, Naruto. You cannot change me."

"Kurama thought the same thing." A smile crept onto his lips. "Now, look at him. He's my greatest friend. And, one day, you'll be the same."

He would make sure of that. Fate wouldn't be enough to dissuade him. Trihexa saw itself as nothing more then the universe's destructive force given a physical form. Naruto had plans on changing that. And, until those plans were fulfilled, Trihexa would stay locked within him. It would be his burden. His responsibility.

His duty as God.

"Father. They're here."

They entered as a group. Each begin radiated power above power and their appearance reflected such. A man whose appearance was as violent as a storm. A woman whose appearance left all witnesses mindless. Another man whose very body seemed to flow as easy as the winds. And finally, a woman who appeared as radiant as the sun itself.

"Lord Naruto." He had to stop himself from grumbling at her words. Acting unprofessional in the presence of these guests wouldn't do well for him

"Lady Amaterasu." He offered up a smile. She responded with a bow. With a wave of his hand, four seats, nearly as lofted as his own, appeared into existence. He gestured toward the chairs with his head as his smile grew larger.

"Let's talk about peace."

"Vali! Five truth-seeking orbs! Extra sweet sauce! Nya!"

"I'm right next to you, woman. There's no need to scream!"

"Children, there's no need to yell at each other. You could end up making Mother angry if you do."

Uzumaki's Sweets. His simple, humble shop.

Well, humble wasn't the right way to describe it anymore. Humble shops didn't have giant statues of their owners out front. Humble shops weren't filled to the brim with humans and supernatural creatures alike. Humble shops didn't have devils and angels and Mother Earth working for them.

"Naruto" Koneko stood on her trusty stool. Unlike him, her front wasn't covered in a powder-dusted apron, revealing her new outfit. A simple yellow blouse helped conceal the majority of her polka-dotted undershirt. Black leggings kept her lower half concealed and her decent. White hair had grown long enough to where it needed to be pulled up into a tight bun that sat at the top of her hair. Brimmed glasses sat against the bridge of her nose as she tapped her fingers against a weathered clipboard.

"The Native American pantheon has put in an order of frybread for their annual festival. A total of ten thousand pieces need to be made within a weeks time." Koneko ripped a page from her clipboard, missing or completely ignoring the exasperated expression on her boyfriend's face.

"The Chinese have requested a few hundred fortune cookies. They don't really care what the actual fortunes are but they do ask that you make them funny. Also, the Nor-"

"That's enough for right now." Koneko blinked as her clipboard was deftly yanked out of her grip. She looked up at her boyfriend for the first time to see his golden smile.

"Why are you smiling?" His grin grew even bigger at her questioning.

She didn't like him when she smiled like that.

"You're going to help me cook the orders."

She blinked.

"I don't know how to cook."

His smile grew.

"I'm going to teach you."

She blinked again.

"I do-" An apron appeared on her form. There was no movement from her boyfriend. The boy simply looked at her and the apron appeared.

Stupid omnipotent powers.

By now, his smile had grown overpowering. Looking at it, she knew she had no choice but to go along with his plans.

She would end up feeling guilty if she didn't.


His smile grew even more.

"Great." He clapped his hands together before turning to the rest of the shop. Gaea seemed to have enough control over Kuroka and Vali to keep the shop running while he worked. The woman was a god-send in every meaning of the word even when he took into account her various quirks.

"For the frybread we're going to need oil, sugar, flour and a bunch of salt. Making desserts may seem complicated but it's a lot simpler than you think."

And, with that, he went to work.

I'm Naruto Uzumaki.

I'm a god.

That feels weird to even write down. But, I guess I should be fine with it by now. After all, I'm sitting in Heaven writing this. Two people, one capable of destroying the world and the other a nearly unlimitless vault of energy, were sealed in my stomach. An army consisting of angels, devils, dragons, and gods were willing to fight for him and his causes.

It doesn't get more god-like than that, I guess.

I am god. There's no denying that anymore. I've actually started to embrace it, y'know.

That doesn't change who I am, though. I am a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. I am the son of the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. I am the apprentice of Jiraiya the Sannin. I am the Child of Prophecy.

But, more importantly, I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I run a shop called Uzumaki's Sweets in the heart of Kuoh. I have a cute girlfriend named Koneko who just so happens to be a devil. And, I sort of have a daughter who is the clone of a dragon god.

So really, I'm just a simple guy.

AN: I know it wasn't perfect. I know it didn't wrap up every plot line. I know there were mistakes. But, it's finished. The story is finished. I hope that you all have enjoyed it.

With this story finishing, my time writing fanfiction is finished. Thank you all for tuning in and reading my stories. It means a lot considering I started off writing stories with rape scenes and over the top bashing of characters.

Thank you all so much. Though I won't be publishing anymore fanfiction, I will be active on this account. Feel free to message with any questions. I'll always be happy to help.

Have a nice day. Peace!