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Matingclan is a clan where breeding is allowed

and very much encouraged, at the age of 10 moons

an apprentice is stripped of his or her virginity by

their mentor, or leader and is then required to have

sex with a toy. They are also taught the usual

ways of the warrior, only with a changed

warrior code. Cats are allowed to lure

other clan cats into the clan, where they

either become warriors, slaves, or toys.

Kits are also allowed to have sex, and

rape is not out of the question either.

The ranks

Leader - The leader of the clan, allowed to

have sex with whoever they please.

Deputy - Successor of the leader, allowed to do

whatever they please.

Medicine cat - A medicine cat is allowed to have sex, but only

with the sex so they dont risk becoming pregnant.

Head warrior - These three cats watch over the warriors and

are higher ranked than them, though not by much. They are allowed

to do as they please, and are usually toms.

Warriors - They hunt and fight for the clan, and have kits. They're

allowed to have sex with anyone with or without consent.

Apprentices - Training to be warriors or toys. Have the same

privileges as warriors.

Kits - They're allowed to choose what path they'd like at

6 moons, to either become a warrior or toy. Though the

unlucky ones become slaves.

Toys - Toys are cats who enjoy sex so much

that they make it their whole life, usually dominant

they go after any cat and are usually seen with the


Slaves - These are the lowest cats, able to be messed

with and abused as much as they want. Even killing them

is allowed, though usually they're used as sex toys for

the toys and warriors.

The cats

Leader - Jet

Jet is a large black tom who prefers

she-cats, usually tight ones, and especially

apprentices who have not yet lost their virginity.

Slave: Alistair

Apprentice: Lark

Deputy -

Snake - A large dark brown tom with yellow eyes. Prefers to

be dominant.

Medicine cat- Soot

Soot is a murky brown she-cat with light spotting on

her muzzle and back, and a light cream chest and paws.

Mate: None

Slave: None:

Apprentice: Dawn

Med. App - Dawn - A dark grey she-cat with a white underbelly and golden-yellow eyes. Prefers she-cats

Head-warriors -

Breeze - A large brown-an-white tabby tom with green eyes. Easily angered.
Jack - A huge brown tom with a large cock and dark green eyes. Aggressive and dominant of his slave. Owner of Lynx

Warriors -

Sage - A pretty brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Amber - A tiny, sweet white she-cat with black dots under her amber eyes. Still a virgin!

Petal - A ginger she-cat with a cream belly and gold eyes. Enjoys to lick her pussy in public.


Lark - A stunning black tuxedo she-cat with golden eyes. Virgin. Apprentice of Jet.

Snowdrop - (soon to be) A small, virgin she-cat with fluffy white fur and a purple collar w/ a bell.

Queens -

Cherry - An impulsive ginger tabby with beautiful blue eyes. Rank: Toy


Nagi - A small russian blue, ex kitty pet. She tends to keep quiet.

Storm - A large gray tabby tom with white feet, dark stripes, and pale green eyes.

Aspen - A white tom with green eyes.

Moon - A small, virgin, black she-cat with amber eyes and a fluffy white tail.

Reed - A light tabby tom with blue eyes.

Sparrow - A tiny brown tom with black markings and blue eyes.

Toys -

Cherry- (details in the Queens section)

Willow - A golden brown she-cat with amber eyes. Enjoys hard core sex.

Fox - An approachable white she cat with amber eyes, black paws, a red tail with a black tip and red tips on her ears. Prefers she-cats.


Alistiar - a small silver she-cat with blue eyes and darker stripes and markings. Owned by Jet.

Shadow - A kind black tom with amber eyes and a fluffy tail. Currently unowned.

Lynx - A small and quiet brown dappled she-cat with bright blue eyes and a white tailtip. Owned by Jack.

How to join

Fill out the following form

Character's name:

Gender and sexuality:

Desired rank:

Quick description ( a picture would also be nice!)


Perferance in cat: (tom, she-cat, ect)

Fetishes/likes: (optional)

Would I be allowed to write about him/her?: (yes or no)

Would you like to tryout for: (Med app, deputy, or head warrior?)

A bit of a backstory:


Character's name: Lark

Gender and sexuality: Pansexual, female.

Desired rank: Apprentice.

Quick description: Lark is a small, stunning black she-cat with gold eyes.

Personality: Shes pretty calm and collected, though a little nervous about

the ways of her clan. Lark tends to keep a bright personality up, though.

Perferance in cat: Tom, though at times she-cats.

Fetishes/likes: Unknown as of yet.

Would I be allowed to write about him/her?: Yep!

Would you like to tryout for: No, but she'll become a warrior soon!

A bit of a backstory: Lark was born into Matingclan by two unknown cats,

and quickly grew into a happy go lucky she-cat who wished to become a warrior.