Dipper was in coma when bill met him for the first time.

Bill was on his way to meet his aunt that was hospitalized due to being in a car crash and broke a bone. Though, he wasn't close with her at all. It was actually a pretty bad relationship they shared. He enter the room to his aunt, her grey hair and wrinkly face wasn't a pleasant sight. and certainly that annoying face she was pulling of due to the sight of him. Bill the great!Being looked down upon from a old lady! HAH! As if that is enough to defeat him, she is wrong if she thinks that.

-Oh its just youuu.

She spat at him.

-OH DEAR GOD! My DEAR Aunt broke a bone! Spare her life pleaseee~~!

Bill said sarcastically. And crossed his arms in the process.

-Cheeky as always. Go get me a coffee .

-Sure thing Great queen of I CANT DRIVE EMPIRE.


Bill slammed the door and made his way to the cafe down the hall. He looked at a girl that was on her way into a hospital room, She had brown long hair and wore a over sized sweater with a rainbow on it together with a smaller purple skirt and black shoes with a bit to long white socks and a pink hair band. She screamed DIPPER! IM BACK. Almost the whole hospital probably could hear her. Hilarious.
I couldn't help but look inside quickly who she shouted out to. In the room laid a boy, a boy that I felt drawn to the moment I laid my eyes on him.
His peaceful sleeping face was hypnotizing. And his brown hair laid perfectly around his face. They girl took a chair from the corner of the room and started speaking endlessly to the boy. Bill on the other hand was glued to the ground beneath him. like he was chained to that very spot.
Bill couldn't help but notice that the boy didn't reply to the girl. was he deaf?. Then he heard sobbing from the girl, but she still kept talking.
Even when the boy didn't reply. Bill moved a little to the side to see his face. it hadn't moved an inch. It hit him, he was in coma. A state of mind where one is asleep forcefully. At least that is what he was taught, Bill was very smart and had highest grades in his school but when it comes to none mathematical things and such he wasn't as bright. He stepped into the room and stood beside the sobbing girl that looked up at him questionably. He looked back at her and he smirked. in her lap laid a hat with a pine tree on it.

-Names Bill, Bill Cipher!

-Ah, Hello, Mabel. Mabel Pines.

She pulled out her hand for a handshake which he gladly accepted.

He wanted to know more about the boy.

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