Dipper woke up by someone knocking on the door. The knocks grew louder, it made his head hurt so he sat up from the mess of an bed and shoved Bill to the side so he could get out. Realization hit him like a cannon ball, what if it was Grunkle stan? What would he think if he saw clothes and a naked person in his bed? Oh god what to do? Oh, yes of course! Clean up!. In inhuman speed dipper shoved the clothes under his bed and pulled a blanket over Bill that snored lightly even though the noise was super loud.

Dipper unlocked the door and was greeted with a stressed out Mabel.

-Um, Hi Mabes.



Dipper looked at his clock and noticed they only had 25 minutes to get to their school. Immediately dipper ran to his bed and shook Bill, but he wouldnt wake up. Geez why did he have to be such a heavy sleeper!?.

-Bill! if you don't get up this instance I won't let you get closer than 2 meter to m-

-Uhu, got it. Im up.


Bill sat up and looked groggily around the room now that he could actually see something. It was an attic. the room was split, one was mabel's side, speaking of the devil she was rushing to take clothes out of a drawer and ran outside, probably the bathroom. Her side was decorated with boy band posters and glitter and pink. Dippers side looked mostly like a tiny library, books and papers everywhere and different jars with who knows what, and a deer necklace. Bill blushed a little bit at the memory when Dipper and he parted. Dipper was on the floor in his boxers but he was pulling out his and Bill's clothes from under the bed and left them on the bed.

-You want to borrow underwear?

-Sure, not shooting stars though.

-Aww I thought you would look nice in those.

-Watch it kid.

Bill growled.

Dipper rolled his eyes and got a new pair of boxers for Bill to borrow and a new outfit that he could wear. Bill gladly took them and putted them on. dipper himself also removed his clothes and putted them on but was stopped halfway when bill leaned against his back. His lips trailed dippers neck before chuckling at how dippers hairs was standing up on his back and his ears becoming red.
Dipper continued to put on his clothes despite the teasing Bill was attacking him with.

-Bill, we don't have time for this!.

-Buhu, fine.

bill took Dippers and and followed him downstairs to his car. Mabel came running just a few minutes after that with Dippers and bills stuff. She went inside the red car and sat down, she huffed and made some kind of demon noise.

-We need to get a alarm clock dip dop.


Dipper started the car and began going down the bumpy roads of gravity falls hoping to have the luck to make it in time.