(Kai's POV)

I lie in bed, staring up at the ceiling. It's nighttime. I know I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I can't stop thinking about Zane. Is he ok? What were they doing to him? Why did he throw himself in front of the Sword...

Questions race through my head, but in time, my eyelids start to close and I drift off to sleep.


I'm standing in Ronin's pawnshop, but it's...different. Now, everything is ghostly and dark. There's a throne, with Morro sitting atop of it. His black hair is slick, shining in the dim light. His pale green skin blends in with his surroundings. He's grinning. Bansha and Ghoultar float at his right, while Soul Archer at his left. I look to where Wrayth might be lurking, and gasp.

Zane is chained up, limp and looking worn. Wrayth is drifting next to him, preventing any chance of escape. Zane looks weakened, like he's hurt. His head is down, his arms held up by thick obsidian chains. I rush over to him, to put a hand on his shoulder. But my hand goes straight through him. Like I don't exist.

I stagger back, then turn to Lloyd-no, Morro. Morro is smiling evilly. I growl.

"What did you do to him!?"

I shout, anger coursing through me. Morro doesn't respond. Instead, he motions for his ghosts to leave. The drift off through the walls, leaving me, him, and Zane. Morro gets up and slowly walks over to my Brother.

"Don't you dare touch him, you-"

"Shut up, Smith."

I gasp. How does he know I'm here!?

Zane looks up. His eyes are full of pain and exhaustion. I scowl, glaring at Morro. Suddenly, I think of Lloyd.


I say. Morro growls, and suddenly staggers back. I catch him in my arms, and he looks dreamily (you saw his face on episode 50!) up at me.


It's Lloyd!

"Lloyd, fight him! You can do it."

Lloyd smiles at me.

"Kai...I want...to see your face..."

I take off my ninja hood, revealing my face. He stares at me, smiling. I feel my heartbeat quicken. I look closely at his face, taking in every detail.

His pale green skin looks soft in the dim light, I wonder if it really was as soft as it appeared...his hair was ebony, slick and dark. I move my hand gently through his hair, which is silky and soft. The markings around his eyes make him seem so...unique, original. Special. His weight is starting to cause my arms to ache, but I ignore the growing weariness.

I stare deeply into his eyes, absorbing the color, shape, and size of them. They are a beautiful texture of spring greens, like fresh buds on trees, and dark, gleaming emerald green, like the color of the sea when the sun shines on it, causing it to sparkle. Gold flecks are sprinkled throughout the glistening orbs, making them a rarity, and not mention a beauty to behold. I sigh dreamily. He's so...handsome...


I begin softly, my voice filled with wonder, love, and affection. I'm cut off.

(GREENFLAME, Bitches. Srry I jut HAD to. Btw, first time I've wrote someting bout GreenFlame, sew plz gew easy on meh.)

Lloyd is kissing me, his hands on the side of my face, my lips pressing against his. His lips taste like mint, candy and sweetness. His eyes are closed over those exquisite, lush green eyes of his. He kisses me passionately, and I'm too shocked to do anything except swing Lloyd up, so he's on his feet. I then kiss him back, gently, closing my eyes to darkness, letting my other senses take over. I can feel his body, pressing against my own, his hands on my back, moving around softly. I deepen the kiss, pulling him closer. My hands slide to his waist, feeling the curve of his figure, the form. My hands then slowly move upwards, up his back, and move through his hair, which is silky and thick. In that moment, nothing exists but the two of us.

Finally, in disappointment, I break the kiss in need of air.

"Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon..."

I whisper lovingly. Lloyd gazes up dreamily at me.


He whispers softly. I kiss him gently before pulling back and gazing once more into his beautiful emerald eyes.

"I love you."

I say, deep, loving passion in my words. Lloyd smiles at me. Then, he staggers, breaking free of my arms, a deep scowl etched in his face. He opens his eyes, which, instead of the beautiful mix colors I fell in love with a few moments ago, are now dark, murky jade green. Swirls of black literally move inside his eyes, swirling and shifting like the wind in a circle. Though his eyes are beautiful in a dark manner, I know one thing is for sure, even though I wish it wasn't. Morro's back.


"Shut UP!"

Morro's eyes are blazing with burning hatred, his eyes gazing upon me with deep loathing. He glares at me, his mouth twisted into a sneer.

"You can't hurt me, Morro."

I say to him defiantly. He grins darkly.

"That may be true. But what could hurt you more, than me hurting those you hold so dear to your pathetic little heart, FireSpitter?"

I gasp. He moves towards Zane. I try to move, but I'm frozen to the spot. Just then, I realize that Zane saw me and Lloyd. I blush.

"Don't you lay a finger on him, you two faced, sick twisted bastard!"

I shout at him. He just smirks, then grasps Zane's arm. Green wisps of smoke appear, and Zane cries out in pain. I gasp. White smoke is being consumed into Morro's hand. Zane goes limp, unmoving. Finally, Morro releases his hand. Zane hangs motionless there, looking powerless and drained.

I look at Morro. His eyes are now glowing green, standing out against his pale green skin.


He takes out a diamond dagger, it's blade gleaming, and flicks it at my brothers face, cutting Zane's cheek, cutting me off.


I clamp my lips shut. I don't want him hurting my brother.

"What. The hell—did you do to him!?"

I whispered harshly, glaring at the wind master. Morro laughed cruelly.

"I drained his strength. Don't even try to save him, or I might just-"

"Dispose of him. It'd be best not to mention this to anyone, Smith. Meet at Devils Peak. Sundown. Goodbye, FireSpitter..."


I run towards Zane, but I don't move any closer. Everything starts to go black, and I hear Zane cry out in Pain.



I wake with a shout, drenched in cold sweat. I run a hand through my hair, sticky with sweat. Lloyd...

Devils Peak. Sundown. Goodbye, FireSpitter...


(Zane's POV)

I feel so...weak. Exhausted. I...I cannot move. How long have I been here? I do not know. I stay silent, unmoving. Letting my strength return, slowly. I shift my hand slightly. If I wait long enough, then maybe-


With every last bit of my strength, I tilt my head upwards. It's Morro.

I hate him. He draws strength from my body, leaving me drained, but with only bits of my strength remaining. I needed to talk.

He nears closer, his eyes only glowing faint green. I open my mouth to speak.

"You kidnapped my soul

and murdered my happiness.

You washed my smile away

and drained the strength out of me.

As everyday passes you

watch me die


He smirks, then stops and kneels down in front of me. He leans in close to my face.

"I'll only be needing a little bit of your strength right now, little Droid. But I'll be coming back for more."

He whispered, smiling. I stare at him.

"i am tired

of being tired

of being drained

drained of everything

that i have

and that i am."

Morro laughed darkly.

"Get used to it, Droid."

He touched my forehead. Immediately, I started to feel weaker and weaker. My vision started to glitch, about to shut down. With every last bit of my remaining strength, I forced four words out of my mouth.


He laughed once more, and then everything went dark.