Series 6, Episode 1

"Brave New World"

"Mr. Temple, do you know why you're here?"

"I imagine it's got something to do with the entire universe almost being pulled apart by anomalies two days ago… I'll bet you're all pretty sore about that."

"Mr. Temple, could you please state your full name for us, then today's date."

"Uh, yeah, I suppose. My name is Connor Lee Temple, the date today is September 4, 2011."

"Mr. Temple, could you tell us in detail about the events that transpired on September 2 of this year?"

"Yeah, I'm betting I can. I woke up, had a hard boiled egg and drove to work. I drank a cup of coffee with my girlfriend - sorry, fiance now - Abby Maitland, and I -"

"Mr. Temple, need I remind you that this is a federal investigation and that this video will be going into an official government report? If you and the ARC want to keep your funding and avoid jail time I suggest you cut the jokes and stick to the facts."

"Right mate, sorry. I was only trying to lighten the mood a little."

"Noted. Please continue."

"Right then. On the day of September 2 the field team and I were called in to investigate an incursion in the center of town - A T-Rex had come through an anomaly and was wreaking havoc and causing general mayhem. Several of our team members were sent to the site to contain the creature while I went to New Dawn to try and shut down Philip Burton's anomaly device."

"Which you helped to create?"

"Yes, which I helped to create."

With the flick of a button the video froze on a still of Connor's face. A moment later the tape was jerked out of the player by a gruff hand and tossed across the room, a second tape entering the slot a moment later. The screen buzzed to life with the face of a less-than-amused looking blonde woman.

"Please state your name for the official record."

"Abigail Bernice Maitland."

"Please explain, in detail, what transpired on the day of September 2, 2011."

"Two days ago an event known as Convergence took place - millions of anomalies opening around the world simultaneously."

"Please explain, for the official record, what an anomaly is?"

"An anomaly is a rift in time, a junction where two periods of history of meet. Creatures can travel through the anomalies to our time, and vice versa. On the day of Convergence we were called into the ARC - the Anomaly Research Center - and sent to investigate a creature incursion. Hilary Becker and I were called away to deal with another anomaly, after which I went to help my fiance, Connor Temple, break into New Dawn to stop Philip Burton's anomaly device."

"Were you successful?"

"I… I don't know."

The tape flew out of the slot again and was pitched to the corner containing Connor's video testimony. A third tape was roughly shaken out of its jacket and pushed into the machine.

"Please state your name for the official record?"

"Is that strictly necessary?"

"Captain Becker, you of all people should know how important protocol is - especially at a time like this."

"Fine. Captain Hilary Ernest Becker. It's been two days since the event known as Convergence took place, killing three hundred and fourteen people around the globe. I assume that's what we're here to talk about."

"Mr. Becker, could you tell us what occurred on the day of September 2, 2011?"

"Yes, it's what I just told you. Millions of anomalies opened around the globe. I was sent to deal with a T-Rex in the center of town, though I was quickly called away to handle several other incursions."

"Who called you away on these incursions?"

"Jessica Parker, the ARC's head field coordinator. She tracked the anomalies during Convergence."

"And in your opinion, do you feel she did her job adequately?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Is this for your 'records' or is this a witch hunt?"

"I assure you, Mr. Becker, no one is trying to assign any blame. We simply need to investigate every angle of this case. Now please tell us if you, as one of your team's longest standing and most distinguished members, feel that at any point Jessica Parker - or anyone on your team - took any missteps that might have lead to more casualties than was necessary?"

"I'm out of here. If you want to talk about what happened during Convergence then fine, but I won't sit here and tell you which one of my teammates you should throw into a prison. This wasn't anyone at the ARC's fault. If you're looking for someone to blame I'd start with Philip Burton."

Becker stormed off screen. Another tape out, another tape in.

"Please state your name for the official record."

"Emily Rose Merchant."

"Miss Merchant, can you describe for us in detail what transpired on the day of 'Convergence'?"

"Matt Anderson and I were called into the ARC because of an incursion in the center of town - a rampaging T-Rex. Our team quickly became scattered as it became apparent that more gateways were opening. Eventually we regrouped at the New Dawn facility, where Philip Burton was attempting to create his own, man-made gateway."

"Miss Merchant, while the rest of your team so far has referred to them as anomalies, you have been calling them gateways. Why is that?"

"I... I simply know them by a different name."

"Miss Merchant, can you tell us exactly what happened at New Dawn?"

"Yes. Matt and I arrived first, with Abby Maitland and Connor Temple arriving a few moments later. Abby and I stood guard while Matt and Connor went to stop Philip."

"Did they succeed?"

"No. Not initially. Philip Burton was able to open his anomaly and Connor was taken through it. Abby and Matt went after him while I stayed behind to fend off the guards. I was eventually captured, though I escaped in time to make it out of the facility."

"Miss Merchant, describe what happened later on that same day."

"Connor had a smaller version of the anomaly in his laboratory at the ARC, which Matt drove into the larger anomaly in an attempt to close it."

"Was he successful?"

"I believe so."

"Miss Merchant, everyone we've interviewed so far has said that Matt Anderson is closer to you than he is to anyone else at the ARC. Is this true?"

"I don't think I'd be the best one to say."

"Miss Merchant, in your personal opinion, was Matt Anderson affected by the events of Convergence?"

"I… I honestly don't know."

Another few button pushes and this tape was exchanged for a fifth one. The image of Jessica Parker appeared on the screen.

"Miss Parker, what was your role on the day of September 2, 2011?"

"As Field Team Coordinator I was tasked with tracking the anomalies and assigning teams to deal with the incursions."

"Would it be fair to say you were under a great deal more stress that day than any other?"

"I'd say so. The world was quite literally coming to an end around me. I feel like that entitles me to a little bit of stress. But if you're asking if I was unable to perform my job carefully…"

"Not at all, Miss Parker. Simply trying to establish your state of mind on the day in question. As field coordinator, you have a special view of the active team members, is that correct?"

"Yes, I suppose so. Though on that day I wasn't too concerned with the psychological analysis of the ARC's employees."

"Understandable. Now Miss Parker, as coordinator, do you feel that, at any point, the personal feelings of any team members impeded the ability of the team to do its job to the best of their abilities?"

"God, no. Look, this team works well because the people care about each other. Abby and Connor are engaged and Matt and Emily are… well, to be honest I'm still not clear on what they are, but they're clearly important to each other."

"And you, Miss Parker?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you feel that, at any point, your personal feelings for a fellow teammate might have impaired your judgement on the day in question?"

"Are… I don't… Absolutely not. I can separate feelings from my work. I'm not even that interested in him."

"Yes, Miss Parker, but all the same you do know who we're talking about."

One tape to go.

"Please state your full name for the official record."

"Matthew Taylor Anderson, field leader of the core team."

"Mr. Anderson, your teammates have given us a very clear idea of what happened on the day of September 2. What we'd like to hear is your perspective on the events following your initial return to the ARC."

"Initially? We arrived back at the ARC and found Jessica Parker and James Lester under attack from future predators who had come through Connor Temple's man made anomaly. Lester was in critical condition. Abby Maitland found a way to stop the predators, and after the threat was dealt with we returned to the New Dawn facility with Connor's anomaly."

"Yes. Your teammates, with the exception of one, told us that you leapt into the car and began driving without consulting the rest of the team. Why did you only tell Miss Merchant your plan?"

"I knew Emily was the only one who wouldn't try to stop me."

"Perhaps. The question remains, however, is why you did it? Why not rig the truck to go by itself?"

"Too risky. It had to be me. I had to see it through to the end."

"Yes… could you tell us what happened after you drove the truck into the anomaly?"

"In all honesty, I don't remember. One moment I was driving, the next I was walking out of a dust cloud and the anomaly was closed. The team and I returned to the ARC and were sent out to deal with another incursion."

"And nothing else strange happened? No odd occurrences?"


"Mr. Anderson, I would like to remind you at this time that it is illegal for you to lie on an official government report."

"Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary since that day."

The screen lit up at the corners and the light folded into the center, the image dying away with a small crackling sound. The man seated across the room tossed the remote cavalierly onto the couch beside him and pulled out his mobile phone.

"Yeah, it's Hunt. I just watched 'em. You sure about this?" Chatter on the other end of the line lasted for a few moments before he spoke again. "If you're sure. I've got my meeting with this guy, Lester, in an hour. He's introducing me to the team." More talking, more orders being barked over the line. "Yes, I know the mission. Believe me, I can deal with these people. They won't know what hit them." Hunt pressed the button to end the call and shoved his phone back in his pocket, allowing himself one tiny smile. Honestly, sometimes his job was way too easy.