Author's Note: This prologue will give a bit of some background information for the story. Most of it is a summary/spin off of the first three chapters that obedientlittlevictor wrote in her story "Complicated". Mine is similar to her story, however, still different in many ways from what she wrote. But this was absolutely inspired by her awesome work in "Complicated". If you like this story, please go read hers as well. No copyright infringement is intended and I have asked received her permission to write this story.

Auggie had told Annie he was leaving and he did. He'd left to be with Natasha Petrovna, now he was traveling the world with his ex-girlfriend-turned-current-girlfriend.

Annie was left to pick up the pieces of her life without him. She had tried to be with Ryan McQuaid, she really had. But he simply wasn't Auggie. She was always comparing Ryan to Auggie in her mind. Everything Ryan did was wrong because it wasn't Auggie doing it. But she quickly learned that no man compared to Auggie. It wasn't fair to Ryan. She just wasn't happy with him. She couldn't be. Annie and Auggie had been perfect together, but neither had seen it. They had both been wrapped up in their own ideas of perfect to see that they already had it with each other.

Annie had broken it off with McQuaid three months after Auggie left. She gave back the ring she'd promised to hold on to when she couldn't answer his proposal right away. She returned to work for the DPD under Joan. It took her a while to get back into the routine of things without Auggie there. She found it a struggle to gain Joan's complete trust again, but somehow she was back to work like it had been before the Belenko fiasco. Well, except there was no Auggie. Her best friend was off traveling the world never even bothering to call her. Eric Barber was Annie's handler when she went out on missions, but it wasn't the same.

It had been almost a year since Auggie left and no one at the agency had heard anything from him. He and Natasha had fallen off the grid a couple months after leaving. Annie, of course, thought of him frequently, but she tried to move on. She dated a few random men, but nothing ever lasted past a few dates.

Now that the agency had lost track of Auggie and Annie, Eric, and Joan were concerned about his disappearance. Even though he no longer worked for the agency, it was still important for them to know his general whereabouts. He was still a valuable asset to anyone wanting to do the agency harm and he probably still had enemies out to get him.

Suddenly, almost exactly one year after Annie and Auggie stood in her kitchen, Natasha was located. She was back in the hacking game. After a year off the game board, she was back on the FBI's watch list for hacking into the Justice of Defense's website. The FBI located her easily in Russia, tracked her movements, and pounced as soon as she came into the states. When she was arrested and being questioned, the CIA immediately got word of it. They needed answers as well. There was still no sign of Auggie. The CIA needed to know where he was.

The CIA sent agents to question Natasha. Once there she told the agents that she and Auggie had split up over two months ago and she had no idea where he was. When she left him, he was in a hotel in France. For all she knew he was still there. But she could not be bothered with remembering any of the details of what hotel they were in or even if it was for sure France she had left him in once she was questioned further. Upon finding this out, Annie automatically became suspicious of her. Natasha wasn't a spy, but it seemed odd that she couldn't remember something as easy as a hotel name or city.

Barber, Joan, and Annie immediately began searching the databases for any hits that Auggie might still be in France, but there was no evidence of a Natasha Petrovna or Auggie Anderson anywhere in all of France (or in Europe for that matter).

Deciding searching through computer databases was simply not enough for her, Annie decides to go to France herself and search for him in person. It was obvious that they used aliases throughout their travels. They were both smart and could stay hidden if they wanted to. Natasha merely couldn't stay out of the hacking game, which had been her downfall. However, Barber had looked for Auggie's signature hacks and computer codes everywhere he could think of and there was no sign of him in the cyber world.