Allis: I'll try not to make it that bad *fake smiles*

Cole: hey where's Zane and Lloyd?

Zane and Lloyd: up here! *hang on the curtains*

Samukai and Overlord: *smirking*


Allis: Come on guys! can't we just get along?


Allis: *groans* let's start! Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd and Nya choose a number up to six

Kai: 4

Cole: 1

Jay: 3

Zane: 5

Lloyd: 6

Nya: 2

Allis: Ok, i'm gonna roll a die and whatever number it lamds on, the person who chose that number will be asked a question based on the TV series

Kai: Ok! Not so bad

Jay: i feel excited for this :D

Nya: as long as it has nothing to do with me, Cole nor Jay

Cole and Jay: HEY!

Nya: what remember what happened in the truth or dare thing? i had to date Pythor!

Pythor: i didn't want to do it! i wassssss forced to, thank you very much!

Allis: let's just get started *rolls die* Lloyd you're up!

Lloyd i feel very nerous about this!

Allis: ok Lloyd who's the most annoying in the group?

Lloyd: Jay!


Lloyd: you yell, alot!

Jay: NO I DON'T!

loyd: you're doing it right now!

The other three: *laughing and snickering*

Allis: Ok let's roll again, *rolls die* aaaaaaaaaaand Kai you're next!

Kai: *groans*

Allis: It;s not that bad. If only i had my bazooka!

Kai: just get it over with

Allis: Who do you trust Nya more with? Coel or jay?

Kai i choose... Zane!

Cole and Jay: WHAT!

Kai: What? he's smart and trustworthy!

Nya: not to mention Honest *glares at Jay*

Cole and Jay: SO AM I!

Lloyd: Hehehe no you're not.

Cole and Jay:*glare at Lloyd*

Zane: i recommend you run brother. Fast.

Lloyd: *looks at Zane, then at Cole and Jay, then turns and runs swiftly*

Cole and Jay: UGH! Why can't we have a normal interview for once?

Zane: because we're not normal...

Kai: hey i'm normal!

Garmadon: What normal person tries to kill me!?

Kai: Every normal person!

Garmadon: *glares at Kai*

Zane i suggest you run too brother.

Kai: *sighs and runs screaming*

Garmadon: *runs after Kai*


Zane: i'm still here

Nya: So am i

Allis: *sigh* fine Zane if you were trapped in an isolated island who would you bring?

Zane:... None of my brothers would be helpful.

Other Four: HEY! *all glare at Zane*

Allis: *laughs histerically* I suggest you run Zane!

Zane: Why? *gets tackled by other four*

Allis: Poor Zane *blows whistle*

Everyone: *break up and sit down*

Allis: Thank you, now let's move on *rolls die*, looks like we have Cole next

Cole: Bring it!

Allis:... ah! i know. Would you rather eat cake or kiss Nya?

Cole:... sorry Nya... i'd rather eat the cake.

Jay: see NYa i would've chosen you.

Nya: Ugh! enough with these relationship questions already!

Allis: ok ok *rolls die* Jay, looks like you have the spotlight!

Jay: YES! does this question involve tackling Cole?

Cole: *shifts around his seat and fiddles*

Allis: sorry jay... No... My question is, which dragon do you like better? Wisp or your power dragon?

Jay: My power dragon because Wisp is no loner mine!

Wisp: *snorts smoke behind Jay:

Jay: *runs screaming from Wisp*

Allis: Hehehe looks like Jay's a little occupied! Nya you're last!

Nya: aren't you gonna roll the die?

Allis: why? there's no reason to!

Nya: *sigh* what's the question?

Allis: which bad guy is better?

Nya: I'd say Garmadon

Samukai: I captured you!

Pythor: Aren't i ruthless?


Nya: Garmadon turned good and he's Lloyd's father

All the bad guys: *Tackle Garmadon*

Allis: Well that;s all for this chapter folks! Cya next ti- *ducks as mashed potatoes flies next to Allis' head* ENOUGH! *eyes turn white and orbs form on her hands!

Bad guys: Flee in terror

Allis: As i was saying see ya next time baiiiii!