Rayna: Hey Alli what are you building?

Allis: A story jumper

Rayna: What's that?

Allis: It'll lets me jump into other stories, books or Tv shows!

Rayna: cool!... So you're gonna leave this show?

Allis: I promise i'll come back sometime... plus you can take over!

Rayna: Ok Alli... Just be careful kk


Allis: Sorry but this is my ticket to a new world!

Charolette: But i didn't go on any shows or stuff...

Allis: You'll be with my sis...

Charolette: But i want to do the show with you...

Allis: I promise i'll come back :) *Adds the last piece and jumps in*

Sorry about the leave of Allis guys but i've run outta ideas for this story! I pinkie promise that i'll come back ok. Feel free to gimme any ideas on new characters and stuff.

Sorry - Allis

As Allis jumps inside the story jumper, Rayna and Charlotte hear Allis' voice crack in a speaker next to the computer. Rayna fixes up the radiation and until they hear Allis' voice clearly,

"G-g-guys? is anyone there? h-hello?"
cracks Allis' voice

"yeah sis we hear you, but, how can u hear us?"
asked Rayna

"you really think i'd leave without a plan to come back! WOW"
laughs Allis on the speakerphone

"Allis! YAY!"
cheered Charlotte

"reaching my first destination... Star Wars Rebels!"
announced Allis through the radio