Hai Gais! I'd like to thank you all for your support in this story so i decided to bring back a bit of the fun by adding my bff's OC. Also, MY ASSESSMENTS ARE OVER! *throws confetti everywhere* That gives me more time to write more on this and Star Wars Rebelles! Hope you all enjoy this new chapter of Ninjago Interview!

Pim: *looks through papers* I don't know how to do this...

Catty: It's a simple good morning like in the regular show

Kai: Yeah this isn't the regular show. We're all people.

Cole: Except for me! I'm a ghost for cryin out loud!

Pim: Go on cry out loud!

Pythor: Why did Allisssss put you in charge?.

Catty: Because we're awesome!

Scales: You mean awessssome assss in weird?

Pim: Shut up! *shoots Scales with bazooka*

Catty: plus that seemed like you said ass instead of as.

Nya: You two know how to run the show?

Catty: Of course we do! We're pros at this!

Jay: Really?

Pim: It's as easy as operating a robot!

Zane: *opens circuit box*

Catty: Ah! He is a robot!

Zane: I'm still exploring my circuit box

Pim: Ooooookayyy...

Catty: *woof*

Pim: *quack*

Catty: *meow*

Jay: Are we really doing this now?

Pim and Catty: SHHHHH!

Kai: *neigh*

Cole: *roar*

Nya: *turtle sound* *turtle sound*

Jay: What the heck?

Nya: What else sound does a turtle make?

Pim: Blurp?

Catty: *laughs hysterically*

Kai: You're both crazy

Cole: I agree...

Pim: *glares at Cole and Kai*

Catty: *slaps Cole and Kai on the back*

Cole and Kai: T_T

Everyone: *laughing*

Allis: Gu... Hey... Get m... PIM...

Pim: Alright Alright... don't get your bustums in a twist

Allis: Thank you Pim... I GOT A LIGHTSABER!

Catty: *lowers down the volume* Can't hear you Alli!

Allis: *makes punching souonds*

Pim: Don't be rude Catty!

Catty: Well who cares we run the show and she's-

Pim: *cranks up volume*


Catty and Pim: 0_0


Pim and Catty: *run into the rubbish outside*

Allis: Who wants to be in charge of the show?

Kimcr: Allis, if you don't mind can I run the show today?

Allis: I suppose there's not many people willing to so yeah go for it!

Kimcr: In the reviews we saw some dares from iLOVEurstorys (that's her name in Wattpad)

Allis: Hehehe...

Kimcr: First dare goes to Kai

Kai: *tries to creep away*

Cole: *grabs Kai* Where are you going?

Kai: NOO! I hate these kinda dares!

Kimcr: Kai we dare you to go extreme tubing!

Allis: Ohhh~! Yeah!

Kai: *swiftly runs away* NEVER IN THIS WORLD AM I DOING THAT!

Kimcr: Someone go get him please?

Cole: On it! *runs after Kai*

Kimcr: Next dare goes to Ivy...

Ivy: Yay I'm ready!

Kimcr: For the rest of the chapter don't eat candy...

Ivy: ...

Kimcr: *waves hand in front of Ivy*

Ivy: *dashes out of studio stashing away candy*

Kimcr: I guess she'll be busy for a while.

Allis: She never gives up candy.. like ever..

Kimcr: and this last dare goes to Jay

Jay: *jumps in with swag glasses* I'm ready for anything!

Nya: Please tell me those swag glasses are plan B.

Jay: Of course not Nya! What a stupid thing to think...

Nya: *glares at Jay*

Jay: Not saying that you're stupid- i mean the thought was stupid not you- i take back what i said!


Kimcr: Jay. I. We dare you to kiss another pillow.

Jay: Oh.. This shouldn't be that bad..

Desdemona: Hold it right there Jay!

Jay: Oh no...

Desdemona: *grabs pillow and sticks on picture of Nya*

Jay: Really?

Kimcr: Awesome this just got interesting.

Desdemona: Gee no kidding..

Jay: *looks at the pillow*

Zane: I'm 90% positive he's not going to kiss it now..

Jay: Be quiet Zane you're not in this situation!

Kimcr: *whacks Jay's head into pillow*

Allis: Kiss it! Kiss it! Kiss it! Kiss it!

Jay: *Pushes away from pillow* I can't do it!

Allis: Then you have to say something mean to Zane.

Jay: *instantly kisses pillow and rushes out of studio*

Kimcr: Well that's the last dare for this chapter!

Allis: Time for truths!

Kimcr: Actually i was thinking of going on some more with these dares.

Allis: Fine fine. but lets bring in another reviewer!

Scar: *peeks through the curtains*

Kimcr: come on out Scar!

Scar: hey everyone!

Allis: Welp you two have fun I gotta go before i'm found out.. *exits screen*

Scar: I guess i'll be doing the dares this chapter right?

Kimcr: That's up to you.

Scar: ok i'm ready

Kimcr: Since you're the last person here we'll keep this as our last dare.

Scar: Get on with it already.

Kimcr: I dare you to go on a date with Pythor!

Scar: Woah! What!

Kimcr: You heard me! Go on he won't bite!

Scar: *nudges Kimcr hard* You owe me this one!

Kimcr: Hehehe! Have fun!

Zane: Well that's all for this chapter of Ninjago Interview! See you all soon!

Kimcr: I thought that was my line!

Zane: You were too slow..

Also excuse the shortness i only had enough time for a bit of writing..