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Chapter IV


Outside of the city of Theeds there lies a large mansion that is the home of the Wayne family. It was founded 500 years ago, along with the company that was first build on Naboo before it moved to Coruscant where they were able to sell many of their merchandise to the people.

They create food that is send out across the galaxy and medicine for the people that are in need. They also helped make security equipment used by the Republic and even the Jedi Order. Droids for assistance and protection to the people. Even defensive equipment such as shields, armor, and non-lethal weapons.

In all the history of the family they have never made any weapons for war, despite politics getting involved in demanding them to make weapons. The family has always refused fearing the weapons would hurt innocent people if they fell into the wrong hands or if the government they give the weapons to become corrupted.

The family did not care though since they had one duty which is to care for the people and be there for them when they need it. Unlike other families that have used their power to become corrupted, greedy, and harm others to get what they want.

The home came under the care of Thomas and Martha Wayne, together they had two children who they raised for 8 years before they were murdered on Coruscant. The children were spared, but the trauma affected their son, while their daughter was too young to remember much of that night.

The two children are left in the care of Alfred Pennyworth, the butler who has been loyal and been considered a member of their family. He cared for them for twenty years and remains by their side even as grownups.

The company is run by both children, who also have assistance from the family's friend, Lucius Fox. He helps design inventions that help the people and help keep them safe.

Together they help continue running he company making sure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands and it continues doing what it has been doing for the last 500 years.

Wayne Manor

Inside the mansion, Alfred Pennyworth is finishing cooking lunch for Daniel, who has slept in after coming back home late. He knew what the young man was doing and lets out a small sigh at the path he chose.

It is a path that will get him killed and doesn't want to let happen, but despite his protest there isn't much he can do. The boy is as stubborn as his father and not even with Abigail helping him it will change his mind.

He promised his parents he would look after the children no matter what. He gave his word and is going to keep it.

He enters the bedroom where he sees the young man getting dressed in a business suit. He appears to be close to his 30s with short black hair, blue eyes, and light tan skin.

"Good morning, Master Wayne. How are you feeling?"

"Tired," Daniel replied as he finishes putting on his shoes. "I take it my sister left?"

"Early this morning sir and she expects you to arrive to Coruscant soon. She already went to meet with the Chancellor and will need help in case she runs into more politics," Alfred replied setting down the trey with the food on a nearby table.

Daniel lets out a small sigh. "I should be more focused on where Falcone got those girls, not on another pointless meeting. Besides Abigail can take care of herself."

"Sir I think she needs help so she doesn't attack the politics," Allred replied as he approaches Daniel. "Not to mention you took down the Zygerrian Empire before going to stop Falcone last night. With all of you have done I think it is time you take a break before going in another fight."

"I wish I could, but I can't," Daniel takes out a holopad and shows Alfred what he found. "When I hacked into the Falcone family database I found out the girls were sold to them by another party who didn't show up in any of the files that they had."

Alfred looks over the information surprised by whoever covered their tracks. "Doubtful it wasn't anyone we know. Do you have a lead?"

Daniel shook his head. "I interrogated one of the men before I left him to the police. All he could tell me is someone called 'the Penguin' hired him to kidnap the girls."

"Doesn't he work for the Separatist?" Alfred asked.

Daniel nods in response. "I don't have a real name though so finding him will be as challenging. That's why I want to find out before I do anything else."

"Well you'll have to put that on hold," Alfred puts the holopad away. "Abigail needs your help on this problem. Yes we know she can handle herself, but she can't do this forever. She needs help and as her older brother you need to be there to help her."

Daniel knew Alfred was right. As much as he wants to continue working, he couldn't let Abigail deal with the headache herself.

"Fine, get the ship ready and let's get going."

Alfred stops Daniel and points to the tray. "First eat some breakfast first sir and I'll get the ship ready."

"Deal," said Daniel before calling on Alfred just as he was about to leave the room. "Alfred, is the 'equipment' on Coruscant ready?"

Alfred let's out a small sigh. "As per your request Mr. Fox has it set up. You're planning on doing some work on Coruscant I assume?"

Daniel nods in response. "Just in case."

Senate building

Abigail walks into the office of the chancellor with her assistant Tatsu Yamashiro. They see the Chancellor, Palpatine, Admiral Tarkin, and Mas Amedda standing next to chancellor.

"Abigail Wayne, welcome my dear," greeted the Chancellor. "How have you and your brother been?"

"I'm fine, Chancellor Palpatine," Abigail replied acting as polite and calm while sitting down in a nearby seat. "Is there a reason why you summoned for me, again? Other than asking yet again for weapons to be used, again?"

The Chancellor knew she would get right to the chase and decided to go with it. "Abigail, your family has been good to the people of the galaxy and has helped many for the last 500 years. The people love you and they have been very supportive of your family, even when your parents were murdered."

"Get to the point of what you want," Abigail snapped not wanting him to speak of her parents. "I am very busy and if you want me to build weapons for you then the answer once more is no."

"How dare you," spoke Mas Amedda as he approaches Abigail." This is the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and you will show him the proper respect he de…"

Tatsu pulls out a metal sword and moves it near the man's throat. The guards aimed their weapons at her, but the chancellor stops them.

"If you threaten Ms. Wayne again I will make sure you never speak again," said Tatsu in a threatening tone and spoke something in her native language, but no one except Abigail understood what she said.

"Tatsu, enough," Abigail ordered.

Tatsu puts her weapon again and stands by Abigail's side. "I'm sorry my lady."

The Chancellor begins applauding the performance of the woman's skills. He is impressed at how fast she pulled her weapon out and how his guards didn't check her to see if she had anything.

"Your assistant is impressive Abigail," said the Chancellor as he approaches the woman. "You're more than meets the eye."

"Indeed," Tarkin agreed before speaking next to Abigail. "Ms. Wayne, with all due respect to your family's legacy you must understand things must change. As you know this war is costing the lives of our soldiers and the lives of innocent people. If you truly value their lives then you should put aside tradition to create something that will help change the tide of the war."

"Indeed," the Chancellor agreed with Tarkin. "Your family fight for the people and I know you have been using your money to help fund for the people who lost their homes in this war. So, what I am proposing is you can help these people end this war, if you provide the tools to help end it."

Before Abigail speaks Mas Amedda speaks. "We know your family has never been involved in the wars because you don't want to make weapons that could be used by our enemies. However, at the rate this war is going more lives will be lost and it will continue unless you help us."

"Lady Wayne provided your soldiers with defensive equipment," said Tatsu reminding them of all the defensive tools that the Wayne Company provided. "Now you want weapons to destroy?"

"With all due respect those defensive equipment help, but not enough to defeat our enemies," Tarkin replied.

"Yet killing an animal for its armored skin is okay?" Abigail replied recalling how disgusted she was that the Republic killed a creature that was the last of its kind for its armor. "Forgive me if I don't see anything good in putting an animal on the extinct list for its part to be used for war."

"That creature attempted to harm the innocent people of this planet. We did what was necessary, just as you need to do the same thing," the Chancellor grabs her hand causing a cold chill to run up her spine. "Do it for the people and their future."

Tatsu wanted to slice the Chancellor's hands off, but Abigail stopped her and gave her answer as she removes her hands. "Goodbye Chancellor Palpatine and do not bother my brother or I with these requests again because our answer will not change."

Abigail leaves the room with her assistant leaving the three men disappointed and left them with scowled looks. None came close to the one Palpatine had on.

Mas Amedda notices the look and knew what it meant. "Sir?"

"Gentlemen, leave us," the Chancellor ordered.

The guards, Tarkin, and Mas Amedda leave the room as the Chancellor walks behind his desk. He looks out the window and narrows his eyes.

"I gave you one last chance to join me and you spat in my face," said the chancellor. "Now my dear, you and your brother will die."


In the lower levels of the Coruscant Underworld a woman wearing a dark cloak enters a bar filled with different male alien species having some fun and doing illegal activities. She passes by some that are having a lap dance with a Twi'lek when he spots the woman and tries hitting on her in his native language. She grabs his hand and quickly pulls out a knife slicing his throat quickly before putting the knife away. The man stood there gasping as blood slowly began pouring out of his sliced throat.

She moves her hand up causing him to gently fall on the ground as she continues where she was heading as the owner and the Twi'lek woman noticed the dead body causing panic to break out. She finds a seat and sits down across a blue-skinned Duro who is wearing a hat.

"Nice moves lady," said the male Duro tipping his hat up showing his red eyes. "If I didn't know any better I would say I saw you use the Force to push him down."

"And if I was?" she asked almost sounding like a threat.

The male Duro lets out a small laugh liking this woman's attitude. "Nothing, so you said you had a job for me?"

The woman pulls out a small box and pushes near the Duro. He opens it slowly seeing a solid gold bar in the box.

"There's a full box of this as your payment if you get the job done. That's if you can get it done."

The Duro smiled evilly as he puts the box away. "Oh I'll get it done, but I am surprise you're sending me to fight the Jedi alone."

"You won't be," she replied as she hands him a file. "You will be working with him. Consider it a test where if you kill the Jedi then you will join in on the hunt with other assassins where the winner will receive a large shipment filled with the same item from the box."

The Duro was now more tempted by this offer. Kill a Jedi and get a chance to win more gold that will set him for life?

"Oh I'm in and I'll make sure to kill the Jedi myself as long as who you send me to work with doesn't get in my way," said the Duro as he takes a look at the file. "Hmm perhaps I'll let the Jedi deal with him before I get involved."

"Just make sure the job is done," she replied before getting up from her seat. "Oh and Mr. Cad Bane, if you are captured then just know you will be dealt with, understand?"

The Duro now revealed to be Cad Bane nods in response. "Relax lady, no one not even a crazed man dressed as a bat will stop me from getting the job done."

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