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Story III: Chapter IX


Abigail is in her office or rather Oracle's office, which is in a hidden room in her regular office. Abigail had this set up so she can help her brother while everyone assumes, she's working on running her business. It was also used when she would go get her costume and join her brother. Those days are long gone though after what Joker did to her.

She finished with her meeting with the senators a few minutes ago and they were now resting up. They couldn't go back to their place since there was a concern that Thrawn's men were waiting for them. Ready to kidnap them and throw them in Arkham City. So, Abigail offered them a place in her building, while also reassuring them her security team will keep them safe.

She had Tatsu work with the Clones to keep them safe. All while she focused on helping her brother find the vehicles that had gotten blood from Arkham City. She may not be able to hack into the prison, but she can still hack into the deliveries that were made. Even hack into the city's security cameras so she can see where they had gone to in case Thrawn tried to redirect the vehicles elsewhere.

She managed to track down where they have gone to and found Joker's blood. She managed to find it by hacking into the hospital's records. They scan the blood bags and are able to determine who the blood was donated to. If those same people came in showing any symptoms that are related to what her brother told her Joker had then she could determine how many people got sick.

"Son of a bitch," Abby cursed under her breath when she saw the number of cases going from five to now thirty. "And this is from this one hospital. I still got fifteen more hospital and small doctor offices to check."

Abigail had to send this information to the Jedi, so they are aware what's going on. So, they can begin checking everyone who got Joker's blood, but haven't checked in to the doctors.

"If this keeps up then there's a good chance more people are going to get sick," said Abigail knowing they'll need to get the cure soon before these people will die.

"It's that bad?" Padme walked into the room and was already told what was going on. "Did Daniel find Freeze yet?"

Abigail sighed and shook her head as she begins rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Not yet. My brother is at the Penguin's hideout. But he hasn't found Freeze. But once he does then he'll get the cure, send me the info, and I'll start mass-producing it soon."

Padme knew if anyone can get the cure its Daniel. He has done it before, and he can do it again. "I assume we don't have any proof that Thrawn and the chancellor were involved?"

Abigail sighed and shook her head. "I doubt the chancellor knew about this. I don't think he's stupid enough to get involved with anything with the Joker. I also don't think Thrawn is involved in this either. I checked with the transport logs and it seems that Joker used some of the inmates that work for him to make it seem they donated blood."

"Still, they would need to scan the blood that are donated to make sure they don't get passed security," said Padme figuring that should have alerted the TYGER guards and connect Thrawn was aware of this.

"Not according to this," Abigail showed she found that Thrawn placed someone in charge of this, while he seems to be focusing on other matters. "Former Admiral Kassius Konstantine was placed in charge of this department and it seems he has been purposely looking the other way. I even hacked into his account and found some extra millions of credits being added to his accounts."

Padme remembers this admiral. She had him fired after she found out he disobeyed several orders from higher ranked members. At least those non-human military officers. Thrawn seems to have given him a chance and according to the records he appeared to have been doing as he is told.

"It seems in this case, temptation became too much for him," said Padme knowing this doesn't look good. "Think we have enough to go after him?"

Abigail nods in response. "I'll ask Robin to go after him and bring him to the Jedi once we get what we need. For now, though?" she begins focusing on getting more information about the people getting sick. "I need to finish getting this done so the Jedi can get to these people. Hopefully in time before more people get sick."

Padme wishes she can do more to help, especially with all her friends are doing to help save the people. She has her kids to look out for, but she knows they're both safe in the building and away from harm.

"Abigail, do you mind if I lend a hand? I know you and the others have got things covered, but I don't like sitting on the sideline doing nothing. I want to do my part and help save the lives of the people. What do you say?" Padme asked hoping her friend will say yes.

Abigail would normally tell Padme its okay and they've got it all covered. However, with her brother sick and from last time she saw the readings of how his body is doing she knows they need to work fast. She sighed softly and turns to her friend before she nods.

"You can help me look at these locations," she hands her friend the addresses of the other medical locations she needs to check. "Joker's blood has been donated to these places and we need to look to see who got the blood. So, we can track them down and get them treatment."

Padme is happy to know her friend is letting her help out and nods as she took the information. She grabs a seat and begins typing on the computer panel near her friend.

"Abby…thank you," said Padme as she thanked her friend for letting her help out.

"You can thank me later. Right now? Let's focus on saving the people from the Joker," said Abigail as she refocuses on the task at hand. "Once we're done with this, then we'll go after Thrawn and the chancellor."

Padme nods in agreement knowing her friend is right. They have a job to do and they need to complete it. She begins refocusing her attention on her job and hopes they can find all the people who got infected. She can only hope that when this is over then they'll finally stop this madness.

She just hopes that Daniel and the others will be okay. She didn't want to lose them the same way she lost Anakin. She can't lose more people she loves. And she won't let these people be taken away from their loved ones thanks to that psychotic clown.

Arkham City

Inside Oswald Cobblepot's hideout, Batman and Batgirl had split up. Batman went to go after the last of the hostages, while Batgirl went after Fries. She can only hope she'll be able to find him on time. She knows that her father is stick with the Joker's poison blood and he doesn't have much time.

She can only hope they can find Victor and get him to give them the cure. She's glad her father trusted her enough to get him. She knows her father can be a good negotiator, but when pressed on time he can be…difficult. With her though?

She can get what they need peacefully.

She first had to take care of three stupid goons, who thought they were safe behind a security ray shield. Unaware that the control panel was on her side. So, hacking into it was really easy. She took care of it and soon took out the three men before getting to the next room.

Entering the room, she finds Mister Fries inside an exhibit. Without his suit and appears to be in a bad condition. She saw the small container attached on his chest, which contains liquid nitrogen. It seems to be the only thing keeping his body in sub-zero temperature.

Without it, he'll die.

The cold criminal took notice of Batgirl and seems to be trying to get her help. She knows he wasn't really a bad guy. He was just someone who wanted to save his sick wife's life. She knew she had to get him out of here and back to his suit.

She goes over to the glass and tries to find a way to get him out. She examines the glass to find it to be reinforced. None of her gadgets can cut through it. However, she knew there's a way to open the back of this exhibit he's in to get him out.

She goes over to a nearby wall noticing how weakened it is. Easy enough to use her explosive gel to blow through it. She begins preparing to use the gel when a large arm broke through the wall then grabs her by the throat. She soon sees it's the same one-armed man from before.

He threw her across the ground and took out a long scythe blade while mocking Batgirl. "I shall slice you in pieces, little girl," he spoke in a foreign accent. The same one as the other one-armed man she fought at Joker's lair.

It seems this must be his brother. Conjoined twins, which would explain a lot. Batgirl sees more of Penguin's men arriving as they charged at her. She drops some smoke pellets on the ground to hide her. The men soon back off as they couldn't see where she went.

The one-armed man though didn't care as he begins swinging his weapon. Hoping to get lucky and kill her. However, each swing he keeps missing and can't seem to get her. Batgirl though used this distraction to turn invisible and get behind the enemy.

She leaps over and uses her shock gauntlet to punch one of the men to the back of his head. The other four noticed this and opened fire. Some of the blasters managed to hit her, but luckily her suit is blaster-proof. However, the shots did damage her cloaking so now she was visible.

The men soon charged at her as they try to gang up on her. But she slides between the men before throwing two bolas to wrap around the feet of two of the men before they begin shocking them to knock them out. The other two took out their guns and opened fire, but she throws a Batarang at them as it knocks away their weapons. She rushes over and kicks one in the face, while punching the other out.

Once they were down, she barely dodged the blade from the one-armed man. He had waited until the men distracted Batgirl to try killing her. Luckily, she managed to avoid getting cut by the man. She backs away, but he grabs her by her cape and pulls her back.

He then brings his foot down to keep her from moving. He brings his weapon down, but Batgirl managed to avoid the blade before she uses the side blades on her wrist gauntlet to cut through the one-arm man's weapon. She then detaches from the cape so she can get feed. The one-armed man throws his weapon and managed to hit her in the face knocking her down.

The one-armed man grabs her and soon throws her against the metal bars nearby, bending them. Batgirl groaned loudly as she was now hurting. She sees the man approaching her and prepared to make one last move knowing if this keeps up, she's done for. He grabs her by the throat and lifted her up before he prepares to kill her.

Batgirl drops a flash bomb on the ground, which blinds the one-armed man. She then grabs his arm and managed to slip through the bars thanks to how small and skinny her body is. She then pressed a button on her wrist gauntlet causing the electricity to begin shocking him. Thanks to the metal bars, it will help electrocute him even more as he screams loudly in pain.

She soon got freed from him and then throws a cryo-grenade to trap him in the ice. Try as he might, he couldn't get freed of the ice. Batgirl cracks her knuckles before she punches him as hard as she can knocking him out. She rubs her knuckles afterwards and sighed in relief that he was finally down.

"The other one didn't give me so much trouble," although she did had help when she took his brother on. "Now, time to free Fries."

Batgirls goes to the control panel behind the exhibit and soon begins hacking into it. She managed to get it opened and sees Mister Fries coming out of his prison. He nearly falls, but Batgirl managed to catch him and help him out. She gets him to sit down and waits to let him catch his breath.

"Victor Fries, do you remember me?" Batgirl asked.

Victor looks up at the young heroine, while trying to regain his strength. "Yes. I remember you. You are Batman's ward. If you are here…then so is he."

Batgirl nods in response before kneeling down in front of him. "He's off rescuing the last of the hostages from Cobblepot's men. I volunteered to come here to rescue you."

Victor couldn't help but give a small laugh as he looks up at the young heroine. "And why would you do that? I am your enemy. I would have figured you would have kept me locked up in here."

"Three reasons," Batgirl goes over her reasons for what she's doing. "The first is, you aren't our enemy. You are someone who wants to save someone you love and what happened to you was a tragedy. We even offered to help you, but you kept refusing our help. I don't blame you, especially what happened when you gave your trust to the last person."

Batgirl was referring to the man that Victor had placed his trust in so he could save his wife. Unfortunately, the man he trusted ended up using him for his genius and tried to kill Victor's wife. Victor tried to stop him but ended up in the accident that caused him to become Mister Freeze. Since then, he has given up trusting anyone who pretends to help him.

"I have to assume you did not come here to rescue me out of the kindness of your heart. You came for something else," said Victor figuring there's a reason for Batman and his kin to save him.

Batgirl sighed as she begins revealing through a hologram the poison blood in her father's body. "We know the Joker was using you to make a cure for him in order to save his life. He said you were close to making it until you were captured," she turns off the hologram and brings up something else she noticed. "I also know you wouldn't have worked for the Joker unless he has your wife, Nora. Otherwise, you would have let him die, correct?"

"It seems you have picked up on Batman's detective skills," Victor replied as he let's out a small sigh. "I was transported here to the prison city. I had hope to remain alone, until I found out that the Joker somehow got his hands on my wife. He threatened to kill her unless I found a cure for the poison in his blood. I had hope to stall for time until he died so I can free my wife."

"But knowing Joker, he would most likely kill her before that happens," said Batgirl knowing Joker isn't an idiot and wouldn't take any chance that Victor would turn on him. "Listen, I know you hate Batman and you would not do anything to save him or the people Joker infected. However, if we save your wife from the Joker, would you help us? We can even make sure when this is over that you both are transported out of the prison and work with Abigail Wayne."

Victor began letting a small chuckle out figuring this is just a trick by the girl. "And why should I believe you? Why should I believe that you will rescue my Nora and help us? Why should I not just let them all die? What makes you think Abigail Wayne would even do anything to help me?"

Batgirl knew there's one way she can gain Victor's trust and she knew her father will be mad at her for doing this. But she knew it was the only way to gain his trust, by trusting him with her secret.

She moves her hands to the side of her mask and soon begins pulling it back to reveal her identity to him. Victor sees this and looks on surprised to find out that Batgirl…is Daniel Wayne's adopted daughter, Cassandra.

"Because I'm like you. Someone who was lied to, manipulated, and used to get what the other wanted," Cassandra explains her story to Victor. From who her parents were, her father training her to become a weapon, and how she was used to hurt others.

"That was until Daniel saved me. He saw I had potential to protect people, to use my skills to keep them safe, and that I deserved a second chance," Cassandra looks at her mask before smiling a little as she turns to Victor. "I know you don't trust my father, but can you put your trust in me? Let me help you. Please, doctor…will you help us?"

Cassandra extended her hand to him and hope he will trust him.

Victor looks deep into the girl's eyes and knew she meant every word what she was saying. There was no hint of any attempt to manipulate him, to trick him, or that she's lying to him. The fact she also exposed her secret and that of her father to him shows she is putting her trust in him. She trusts him and Victor knew he had to give her a chance to earn his trust.

Victor moves his hand up and shook her hand. "If you can save my wife then I will help you. But I will need my suit back. I need it in order to complete the cure. Everything depends on it. Everything."

Cassandra understood as she helps Victor up and puts her mask on before moving his right arm over her shoulder so she can carry him. "Batman should retrieve it soon. Once he does then we'll go after the Penguin together."

"If you plan to do that then you must know a way to stop my Freeze Ray," Victor soon explains there's a security override chip that can be activated to stop the weapon from being fired. "I'm sure Batman can figure out a way to use it to help stop my weapon and Cobblepot."

Batgirl understood and knew her aunt will pass the information on to her father. "Thank you, Victor. I promise we will get your wife back and make sure we find a cure for her, together."

"Let us first get my suit and then stop Cobblepot before your father faces any trouble," Victor knew lying beneath the Ice Lounge there's a backup weapon that Cobblepot has waiting to be unleashed.

If they can capture him before that happens then they may just survive this night.


Years ago, the Clone Army was made with one purpose. To serve the Republic and protect its people. To be nothing more than weapons to be used to fight in a war, which they were bred to fight in. To be led by the Jedi, who had no experience in war or leading an army.

Yet, they led the Clone Army and used them to win their battles. Even if many of them end up being killed. It didn't matter though. The Jedi and the Republic saw the Clones as just properties.

If they die, then they can get new ones. They can replace them with other Clones and continue treating them likes slaves. Some Clones felt this way, but none of them had the guts to do anything about it. Except one.

His name is Slick. He was one of the first batch of Clone Troopers created by the Kaminoan cloners. He became a sergeant and was involved in the first battle of the Clone Wars on Geonosis. Since that first day, he saw the Jedi as incompetent and couldn't lead their army. And since then, he witnessed more of his brothers dying thanks to more of the incompetents of the Jedi.

To the point he had enough and betrayed the Jedi by trying to help the Separatist take control over the planet of Christophsis. He was later captured though and was sent to jail for his crimes. However, Chancellor Palpatine or as he was secretly known as Darth Sidious, kept this a secret from the public. Not wanting them to know that the Clones were not fully obedient and could end up betraying them.

Slick was kept locked up though until he was freed by Oswald Cobblepot. It seemed the Penguin took an interest in the Clone and soon Slick became his sergeant for his group. Slick had changed. He had become ruthless, dangerous, and didn't care if he killed even his own brothers.

"No worries, Mr. Cobblepot. We've got this place covered," Slick spoke to his boss through their communicator. "Freeze's suit is in the case. Looking at it right now. If the Batman wants it, he'll have to go through us."

"That's my boy. Batman should be on his way there soon. Last time I saw him, he didn't look very happy," said Penguin as he replied back to Slick.

"Heh. I guess that's what happens when he keeps getting outplayed by you, sir," said Slick as he hears Commander Wolfe, who is behind him on his knees with his hands cuffed begin speaking up.

"How pathetic. You once told Rex that you betrayed the Republic because you hated how the Jedi treated us like slaves," said Commander Wolfe as he had some cuts and bruises on his face. "Now? Your taking orders from some fat piece of crap, who doesn't give a damn about you. And treats, like how he treats those who work for him, like slaves."

"Excuse me a minute, sir," said Slick before taking out his blaster and hits Wolfe across the face knocking him to the ground. "You're lucky I need you alive, otherwise…you would be dead."

Penguin heard everything and began laughing through the communicator. "Easy there, Slick. Don't want to kill him yet. Anyways, make sure when the job is done to contact me. If I don't hear from you in ten minutes…well, you better hope your either dead or you have escaped."

"Don't worry. He's not getting past me or the boys, sir. We'll bring you his body, dead or alive," said Slick as he orders the men to begin spreading out, while keeping two with him on the bridge. "Remember, if you see anything moving, contact me and let me know. Also, remember to use those inferred goggles. Remember, if we bring him alive, the boss will pay is a hundred grand."

"Understood," said one of the goons as they begin looking around for the Batman in case, he's in the room and is waiting for them.

Unfortunately for Slick, Batman was already inside the room. Hiding up on top of the ceiling with his cloaking device keeping his body invisible. He begins checking the room to find there's about

Batman detects six hostiles in the room. Three on the upper levels and three on the second level. Batman decided to first secure Fries' suit. He glides over and lands next to the suit. He then placed a new device he made.

A stun mine. Basically, if anyone steps on it, electricity will go through their body to shock them, and knock them out. Batman placed it nearby and bangs on the glass to get the attention of one of the goons. Slick hears this and orders one of his men to check it out.

Batman moves on before the men can spot him through their goggles. He then sees one of the goons walking up the stairs, while the other two are looking up at where the noise came from. Batman fires his Batclaw on a nearby gargoyle and lands on top of it. Batman waits until the first goon goes near the container and then…the trap activates.

The goon yells in pain before falling on the ground unconscious. Batman used the yell to glide over to the second goon to grab him. While the men are focus on scream, he is able to knock the goon he grabbed to the ground and then knock him out. Batman ties him up and destroys his weapon before he sees the two goons below trying to find out what happened.

"Hey! Is everything okay up there?" one of them called out.

Slick and his two men go over to check what happened and found the unconscious goon. Slick scowled and begins heading back to the bridge.

"The Bat is here! Stick together and make sure he doesn't pick us off," Slick ordered as he tries to track down the Batman.

Before the two goons can regroup from below, Batman glides over and tackles one of them. Throwing him towards one of the glass containers and destroys it. The other goon heard this and before he realizes what happened, Batman shoots him with a stun blast knocking him out. Slick and his men saw the two men are down as they begin regrouping on the bridge.

Slick knew this isn't good. He thought with the tech they had they would be able to spot the Batman with ease and take him down. It seems they underestimated him. He was out there now, waiting to take them down.

Luckily for them, they had a plan. Slick grabs the unconscious Wolfe and placed his blaster to the back of his head.

"Batman! I know your out there! I suggest you come out right now!" Slick shouted all while his men watched his back. "You come out here right now or I'll blow Commander Wolfe's head off! Don't think I won't do…"

Suddenly the ground underneath the men exploded causing them to fall. Batman glides over and grabs Commander Wolfe before getting him to safety. Batman had earlier placed explosive gel under the bridge to blow up from underneath the men. Slick and the men all begin groaning loudly as they slowly began getting up.

Before they realized it, Batman glides over and kicks both of Slick's men in the face before turning to face the last of Penguin's goons. Slick grabs a piece of debris and throws it at Batman before rolling forward. Slick took out a detonator and moves it up with Batman holding a Batarang in hand.

"Don't even try it, Batfreak," Slick threatened as he motions around them.

Batman looks around and noticed explosvies around the room. Slick began laughing softly as Batman begins lowering his weapon.

"The boss did warn us that if you somehow got the better of us to set up a contingency plan. One where we make damn sure you don't get out of here alive," said Slick knowing yes this might get him killed, but he would rather die knowing he took the Batman down than die a failure.

"So, your willing to die then? For Cobblepot?" Batman asked as he was waiting for the right chance to make his move.

"He gave me something the Jedi and the Republic never gave me…freedom," said Slick as he placed his thumb on the trigger ready to press it.

"So, in exchange for it you chose to kill your brothers and become a slave to someone else. Yeah, some freedom," said Batman as he noticed something behind Slick but didn't try anything.

"Shut up. I don't give a damn about those mindless drones. They died for a government that didn't give a damn about them," Slick decided enough wasting time and he will now end this. "And they won't care when you die too."

Before he can pull the trigger, a blaster was shot from high above and took his hand. Slick screamed in pain as he falls on the ground and dropped the detonator. Batman threw his Batarang and destroys the detonator before it could hit the ground. Slick looks over where the shot was fired from and sees its Commander Wolfe, holding a blaster.

Slick goes to grab his blaster, but Batman rushed over and punched him across the face, knocking him out. Slick goes down and Batman crushes the blaster under his boot. Batman ties up Slick before turning to Commander Wolfe, as he begins walking down the stairs. Batman ties up the rest of Slick's men before going over the Clone commander.

"Thank you for the assistance, Commander Wolfe," said Batman as he thanks the other for his help.

"Just Wolfe, sir," said Wolfe who like other Clones no longer go by their rank. "I was just glad you came. Gregor told us you were going to show up, but I thought he was just crazy," looks like Wolfe was wrong, but he's glad he was. "Thank you for saving me and my brothers."

Batman knew though he didn't save everyone. "Not everyone, I'm afraid."

Wolfe knew who he was referring to and sighed. "He was a good soldier. We'll give him a proper burial once we get out of here…after we take care of the Penguin."

"I'll deal with him. In the meantime, you and your brothers should get somewhere safe until this is over," said Batman knowing that the Penguin will be dealt with by him and…

"You mean, we'll take care of him," Batman and Wolfe look up to see Batgirl has arrived. "Mister Freeze has been set freed. And he knows a way to stop Penguin from using his freeze ray."

Batman looks over to see Victor Fries is with Batgirl and appeared to be trying to get his suit. "Wolfe, get to the others. We'll handle the rest."

Wolfe didn't know that Mister Freeze was even in the building with them. He assumed that the Penguin killed him and took his stuff as a trophy. It seems he was wrong. Wolfe didn't bother arguing with Batman and took off with the weapons he gathered to give his brothers a fighting chance.

Batman heads to the upper level and approached Victor. All while Batgirl begins hacking into the container to free the suit. "I assume that Batgirl told you of the situation?"

Victor nods in response but didn't bother telling Batman he knows his identity and that of his ward. "There's a security override chip that can be activated to stop the weapon from being fired. I had it inserted to keep my enemies from using it. If I had my suit on, then I would have activated it. However, since I know you do not have time for me to put on my suit…"

Batgirl managed to open the container and freeing Victor's freeze suit. Victor goes to the right arm and begins pulling something out before handing it to Batman.

"I assume you have something that should work with this," Victor shows the device he took, and Batman soon took it. "You will need to be close in order to activate it."

Batman begins merging the device with his own to activate the override chip. "I assume a few feet?"

Victor nods in response. "So, I suggest you make it count. Otherwise you'll end up freezing and Cobblepot will win."

Batman finished and soon puts his new invention away. "He won't. I assume Batgirl also told you about the cure?"

Victor nods in response. "I will give you all I know, but for now we must deal with the Penguin and soon."

Batman knew Victor had something else to tell them, but he knew it won't be long before Cobblepot finds out something went wrong. So, he turns to Batgirl and the two begin to make their way out.

"Don't go too far, Victor or we will find you," said Batman as he takes off with Batgirl towards the Ice Lounge.

Victor scoffed at what Batman said knowing he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. If he and his ward make it back with Cobblepot, then he'll exact his revenge against the bastard for what he put him through.

That's the end folks and yeah having Cassandra reveal their identities, maybe not a smart move. However, I never saw Victor as a villain and he never saw himself as one. He was just someone who wanted to save his wife and was betrayed by people he trusted. So, I can't blame him for how he turned out.

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