Fruits of Labor – Chapter 2

It had been six months since their marriage and it was perfect in every way for Jan Di. There were laughs, fights, sorrows, kisses, make ups and break ups. Jun Pyo had made it a routine to wake her up every morning with a kiss on her forehead, help her with breakfast, drop her to hospital and bring flowers or gifts every single day. Jan di cherished Jun pyo and his antics with all her heart. Even though he was a bozo at times she would still be forever with him till her last breath.

It was a busy afternoon in the ER. Jan Di had just got off her shift and was relaxing in the cafeteria before heading back home. "Uff, what a day it has been. I am tired to the bone and want to sleep till the end of the world. I know Jun pyo must be having a gala time with all those girls for the latest Shinhwa Calendar Photoshoot. Pabo! Well, time for me to head home for a long hot shower." Jan Di got up from her chair and proceeded towards the exit.

"Dr. Jan Di, kindly report to the Director's office immediately", the announcement system blared in the cafeteria. "Now what?" Jan Di moaned as she made way towards the Directors office.

"Hello Sir, May I come in?" "Ah! Dr. Jan Di, you are just the person I am looking for. There is to a one-week conference in Busan that I want you to attend. There's no saying NO as I have already registered your name," said the Director.

"One Week?! Why don't you send Dr. Ji Hoo, I bet he would be a better candidate than me?" "Nonsense Dr. Jan DI, you are in every way perfect to attend the conference. Now off you go… Loads to do. You leave for the conference day after tomorrow. Thank you for coming in." The Director graciously held the door open for her to leave with a big smile plastered on his face.

"So much for being the wife of the person who owns this hospital." Jan Di gruffed.

It was late at night and Jan Di had nothing better to do to while away her time washing away all the stress with a long soak in the bathtub. "Yeobo! I am home." Announced Jun Pyo on his arrival with much fan and fare. "I am having a bath, be with you in a second." Jan Di announced. "So how was your day my princess?" Jun Pyo walked into the bathroom. "Was it fun? Was it stressful?" "It was stressful alright.

I was assigned emergency duty and I am tired, so tired that I don't even want to get up from the tub." Jan Di said. "No problem, I will lift you up." Saying so Jun Pyo swiftly carried Jan Di into his arms.

"Yaah! Are you crazy? What are you doing? Are you mad? Put me down this instant Gu Jun Pyo." Jan Di screamed while Jun Pyo picked her up from the tub and took her straight to room and threw her on the bed. "Yah! You will make the bed wet."

"Aish, this woman. Can you keep your mouth shut for some time? It was such a long day. I just want to hug you and…. make love to you all night long." Jun Pyo told her with a mischievous smile. Jan Di glared at him but he was so adamant and grinning foolishly that she couldn't help but chuckle. "Pabo! Grow up. You are not a child anymore. Are you going to be childish like this?" Jan Di spoke giving him a smack on his arm.

Jun Pyo did nothing but smile. These past Six months, he had shown again and again how much he loved her and proved his love to her. Slowly and carefully he placed her on their exquisite large bed and started wiping her body with a towel, trailing kisses down the path of her body where he wiped.

Languorously, they made love to each other. Kissing, Caressing, Sucking, stroking they gave into their desires intent on pleasuring each other with the silent promise of loving each other for all the times to come.

Jan Di woke up next morning to the smell of delicious waffles, toast and banana. Her stomach growled as she led her body to the delicious aroma. Jun Pyo was cooking with his back to her. She carefully tread the floor without making a noise and sneaked up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and placed her cheek between his shoulder blades.

"Good Morning" Jun Pyo chuckled and gave her a quick peck on her head, turning to hold her in his arms. "Wake up sleepy head. You have to be at work and so do I. Finish your shower quickly. The breakfast will be ready by the time you come down. I will be personally dropping you to your workplace today."

"Why? I can go by bus or I can ask Ji Hoo Sunbae to pick me up. Don't you have some important meeting today?" Jan Di simply stated. She knew Jun Pyo will be annoyed and to irritate him was her favourite pastime. Jun Pyo looked absolutely adorable when he was jealous.

"Did you forget whom you are married to?" Jun Pyo spoke calmly but Jan Di knew he was fuming.

"Hahahahaa… Yah Jun Pyo, I am only kidding. You know I love when you drop me to the hospital because I get to spend more time with you." Jan Di tip toed and gave him a peck on his lips before going up. Jun Pyo was thrilled and surprised by her small gesture grinning from ear to ear.

She looked at herself in the vanity mirror and smiled at her reflection. She was happy, no, she was blissful, with her life as of now. She frowned when she thought of the news, she had to convey regarding her trip to Busan, unsure of how Jun Pyo would take it.

She readied herself for the day and walked down to the kitchen. Jun Pyo had already laid the table and was waiting for Jan Di. As soon as she came near, he quickly gave her peck and started digging in with a newspaper in his hand. Unknown to him, Jan Di was looking at him intently wondering if this was the right time to inform him of her conference. She decided to tell him 'Better Late than Never'.

"Jun Pyo, I need to tell you something."

"Hmmm. What is it? I am listening." He said without looking up from the newspaper.

"I have been deputed to attend a conference in Busan for a week. Aaannnndddd… I have to leave for it tomorrow." Jan Di said carefully in a soft voice.

"WHAT?! NO! No way. I am not letting you go. And why are you telling me about this now? Why didn't you refuse? Who is going with you? Is it a guy? Yaaahh! You are the hospital owner's wife why didn't you show them your authority? I am coming over anyway. I will meet the director. He needs to be fired." Jun Pyo looked up from the newspaper and started yelling.

"Jun Pyo! Are you crazy? Are you really stupid? And what's with all this authority nonsense. Director sir recommended my name for the conference. I am not going with any guy. I am going alone. I already asked if he could send Ji Hoo sunbae but he said he wants me to go, as the exposure is good for me. This is exactly why I was worried of informing you. Pabo! Do you have to yell so much." Jan Di glared at him.

"I don't want to stay away from you for a week and there is no way I am sending you there alone." Jun Pyo grumbled. "I know, I am going to be generous. I will take a week off and come with you for the conference. I know you and everybody else will be humbled by my presence." Jun Pyo said with confidence.

"Humbled? Generous? Gu Jun Pyo, you are really crazy. You are not coming with me. I am going alone and if you do follow me and take a week off, I will ban you from entering my room and no sex for a month. I will refuse to recognize you. If you are fine with these terms, then please by all means you can make your humble presence felt at the conference." Jan Di said with an air of non-chalance.

Jun Pyo simply stared at her dumbfounded. "Hey! You cannot do that. You cannot ignore the Mighty Gu Jun Pyo. Yah! Yah! Where are you going? I said I am dropping you. Wait! Yah, Jan Di – ah." Jun Pyo ran behind her as she proceeded towards the door to leave with a smirk on her face.

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