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1)As asked by KunnegAndris (thanks for the review and everyone else who reviewed^^) the story won't be sexual. They are my OTP but Robin is 8 for crying out loud, that is one kink I'm NOT into. There might be a scene with Robin having a crush on either Wally or Roy and Slade's comforts him a long the lines of 'it is okay to be gay it doesn't make you a lesser man' which could start a trashy porn, (especially with an added 'I am bisexual and you don't think any less about me do you while leaning over him intimidatingly'), but won't.

2) Agent A is the codename Alfred, the butler (in case you are confused)


The sharp mixture of call and command cracked through the warmth haze the villain had been in, Gotham's dark knight stood on the rooftop he had been on before and seemed furious.

Slade instantly rose from his submissive kneeling position into a standing one, displaying his full height.

His arms, which he usually crossed behind his back to supplely mock his enemy that he or she wasn't a threat even worth drawing his weapon for, were holding the child clinging to his neck.

The young hero was now sitting on the mercenary's left forearm while the man's right hand supported his upper-body.

'Avoid getting attention from the heroes', commented his inner voice sarcastically as he mentally prepared himself for a possible battle.
Batman's position gave him a better view on their environment, yet the movement during a short flight was limited while he could move freely and had more time to anticipate the others attack. However the main issue was the colourful creature in his arms, it gave him an advantage as well as a disadvantage.
The child was a valuable hostage or even cruder, a great shield.
Even though the Bat allowed a minor to fight, Slade doubted the man would attempt an attack which could insure his student, this left his own legs as target. The goal would be to make him lose his balance and grip on the little hero in his arms.
Placing Robin down could be considered an act of good intent and show that he wasn't about to kidnap or kill him, yet the action itself would leave him open for an attack.
As much as it disgusted the father of three children he would need to keep the young boy as leverage in his arms.

" I defeated the drug dealers", exclaimed the child happily while looking at his mentor, either obvious to his mood or attempting to raise it. "With a little help", was added generously with a nod in his direction and a big grin.

The happiness the boy was radiating was too charming and he wanted to smile despite the situation.
'He won a game of cop and robber, of course he is happy', sneered his inner voice cynically and why shouldn't he be?
As long as the older heroes shielded him from death, rape or anything else too savage he had no reason to think of fighting crime as anything other than an extravagant game.
The bright costumes and weapons which could be mistaken for expansive toys didn't help either.
Slade knew that thinking of fighting as a game could get one easily killed and yet it was such a sweet relief at times. Games could be won or lost without consequences, they just left the thrill of the actions and the at times the wonderful taste of victory. An even better game with a someone else to recognize once success...

"He helped you?", asked Batman slowly in a neutral tone, which made the mercenary focus again. Gotham's defender stance had changed to match his tone, neither of them wanted to make the first move to start battle due the obvious disadvantage, so they would have to talk.

"Only a little bit", chirped the boy, most likely pleased with himself that he managed to improve his mentors mood.

"That was nice", remarked the older hero in the same tone, "why don't we head back so that you can tell Agent A and me all about your adventure?", half asked, half suggested the man.

"Sure", answered the little hero generously and lost his grip on the mercenary's neck. He processed to place them on the arm he was sitting on and lifted his own weight up so that he could move his legs into a standing position on it.
The boy was now balancing on his left arm which left his right arm free to use a weapon and Batman's posture tensed.
Finally the eight year old noticed that something was off, his carefree attitude was replaced by a small frown.
"Were you hurt while I wasn't there to help you?", he asked lightly, trying to figure out what was wrong.

"Robin, come here", commanded the dark knight sharply and the boy jumped at once at the order, confused but recognizing the tone. Slade used the moment to draw a knife with his right hand and moved into a defensive position with the child standing a few feet away in the alley. His leverage was lost, Gotham's defender would attempt to quickly knock him out, a short distance weapon seemed like a good choice in the limited space.

"What are you doing with that thing?", inquired the young hero while looking at Slade, his voice quivered with a hint of disbelieve in it.

"You saved me", by now the child's lips trembled as if he was holding back tears, caused by the pain of the older man's betrayal.

Slade wanted to apologize, knowing he had down nothing which would warrant an apologize to the boy, the war hardened ex-soldier still wanted to apologize.

Batman must have sensed something, because his next words were chosen with cold precision:
"This is Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke, a mercenary for hire, a man who kills anyone for the right price."

Robin's demeanour changed instantly, there was neither warm nor confusion left, instead he mirrored his mentor's coldness.
"And you saved me", the awe was replaced by disgust, as if beating to death would have been a favourable fate than being saved by him.

It hurt, the disgust pierced something in him and he wanted to strike out.
"I saved you because you overestimated your own abilities", he answered equally coldly and the boy flinched, at least acknowledging his own mistake. It reminded him far too much of his own children and he felt his anger melt. Slade was still the adult and needed to act like one, he couldn't lower himself to the mindset of a child, yet thinking about adults with the mindset of children...

"Not an uncommon thing for an unsupervised kid", he added while addressing the stoical dark knight, " a good guardian might be a little more careful."
Now both heroes flinched as if hit by a whip, how curious...

"We are leaving now Robin", Batman commanded, his tone had a rather defensive edge to it as if scared of something. The young hero nodded and with one last glance back left in the shadow of his mentor.

'Mercenary and guardian, those two words caused a strong reaction", Slade mentally noted as he went to his temporary safehouse, too rattled by the days events to fulfil his contract.

Next chapter will be a conversation between Robin and Slade without an interfering Bat