Okay, so this is my first story that's not HTTYD, so... yeah. Also, I don't know much about Avengers so be nice, and if I get something wrong, tell me.

Chapter 1

"She's too vicious."

"She needs to be killed."


"That's what we're going for, right?"

Agleca's newly yellow eyes flew open. She felt...different. And not in a good way. The owners of the voices, three men in lab coats, jumped back. She didn't know why they jumped back, but it felt... right, somehow. She strained at the iron bars holding her to the examining table, snarling. "What did you do to me?" she yelled, thrashing on the table. The last thing she remembered was the long, curved needle, getting closer and closer to her exposed forearm, her defenceless and helpless to get away.

The man in front finally spoke. "You are a beautiful turnout, Agleca. A beutiful turnout indeed. All the experiments worked, but you are a prize, my dear. The prize."

"I'm not a guinea pig! Let me go! What did you DO to me?" she screamed. She saw her friends, two other girls, and three boys, all of them handcuffed to the wall. They all looked different. Most of them had claws, one had a tail, one had horns coming out of his face, and one seemed to have a crest on his neck. Oh, and not to mention, her BEST FRIEND had leathery folds going from her wrists down to her hips, Pterodactyl wings.

What had they turned her into? Agleca growled, biting her lip, then yelling in pain when it drew blood. Gingerly, she ran her tounge over her teeth, confused at how curved and sharp they were. Her fingers had claws coming out of the tips of her middle fingers! She realized what she was as soon as she got a glimpse of her feet. They had three long, scaly toes with wicked-looking claws on them, and a huge talon coming out of where her ankle should have started. The scales thinned out and ended about seven inches from her knee. She closed her eyes, hyperventalating, realizing she was part Velociraptor, the feircest pretador.

The scientists started talking again. "What do we do with her?" one asked, and that was all it took. She snarled, and with superhuman strength, bent the extremely strong iron bars. She wiggled out of them, and leaping to her new feet, claws cicking on the tiles. She roared, curling her thumb over her pinkie, and raking at them with the three clawed fingers.

"I SAID, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" she screamed, slicing one's leg, sending him screaming and limping off into a back room. She sprang toward the others, laughing maniacally. They ran, but they were no match for her speed. She leapt right over them, and skidded to a stop in front of them.

"I TOLD you you put too muck of the syrum into her!" one yelled, dodging a slice from her talon. The other children watched in awe as she beat the scientists, until, bloody and screaming, they all limped away. The sixteen-year-old then darted to her friends, biting the handcuffs off their wrists. Then they heard the stomping of boots along the hallway, and seven soldiers in. They had the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on their shoulder patches. Agleca saw the scientists she had fought had handcuffs on.

"Stand down, Agleca." said the man in the lead.

"NEVER!" she snarled. "I'm DONE being a guinea pig!" With that, she and her friends sprang forward. The fighting came natuarlly to her. She knew exactly where to bite, where to kick, where to claw, and she could tell if someone was behind her. But she was afraid of herself, and she vaguely thought, "What if it's better if I'm imprisoned, so I can't hurt people?" But she pushed the thought aside, and kept fighting.

The lead man yelled into a phone. "These kids are too much! I need backup! I repeat, I need back-AUGH!" Agleca had leapt onto him, raking his back with her clawed fingers, leaving deep, bloody gouges. She picked up the walkie-talkie and spoke into it in a low, sinister voice. "Listen. You need the best of the best to fight us. You aren't catching us anytime soon." then she crushed it with her talon, leaving it in broken, sparking peices on the floor. She ran a hand through her short, messy black hair, teasing the neon yellow higlights till they stuck out in all directions. (Agleca has GoGo Tomago's hairstyle from Big Hero 6, just with yellow instead of purple.)

She looked around at the agents, who were all cowering against the wall, except the one she was standing on. That one was just screaming and thrashing. She snorted, and stepped off of him, tossing him a first-aid kit and walking out. The rest of the teens followed. It must have looked funny, seeing the 4'5" girl leading a bunch of teens all much taller then her, but she ignored it and stomped forward. The others had pretty much decided she was her leader, and even though she wasn't the eldest, followed her.

A russian boy with a shock of blonde hair and ice-blue eyes stepped forward. He was part Tryannasouraus Rex, and was the tallest, and most muscular, he was also the oldest. He inclined his head to her, and spoke. "What now?"

"Rex, Rex, Rex, what else? We wait for their next attack."

"What do you think-"

"-they will send at us?" asked the twins. It was slightly annoying, but they often finished each other's sentences.

The redheads, Xavier and Stella, were the Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Xavier was the Triceratops, strong, with a curved horn coming out of his nose, and two long straight horns above his eyebrows. Stella wore her long red hair in a braid, and was the Stegosaurus. She had a spiked tail, with plates coming out of her back, and was very strong.

Agleca shrugged. "Who knows? Probably more agents." She was soooo wrong.