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Chapter 12

"Right, the main point," sighed Enyo. "The main point is, they wanted this to happen. They had you bugged, they had us bugged. Their whole plan was to get us with you- now we need to figure out what they're going to do before something...unwanted...happens."

The rest of the avengers nodded in agreement. "But we have literally nothing to go by. Nothing!" complained Tony. "We may as well just wait and see what happens."

Tim made sure the cages were secure on the trucks and pocketed the keys for every one of them. This is going to be a bloodbath. He remembered when he was younger, how eager he was for the original he had changed. The young man looked to the door of the garage as Henry Wu walked in.

"You ready?"

"Yeah. You need help?"

"Why else would I be here?" replied Wu dryly. "You have everything, right?"

"Of course. How long do we have?"

"One hour, starting now."

After a nod from Tim, the two walked out silently, not feeling any remorse for what they were about to do.

"You just want to wait?" snapped Agleca. "Just sit here and wait for HYDRA to attack us? Even if we cant figure out their plan, we can't be sitting ducks!"

Steve stood up. "Correct. Let's at least get some defenses up, warn the police, something."

Wu dragged his first test subject from his cage, Tim grabbing the boy's neck in a death grip. He choked and whimpered, but didn't fight. He was too exhausted. Terror shone in his eyes as he was strapped down to the table, the straps tightened over him to hold him down. And, of course, Tim leveling the tranquilizer gun's barrel at his head would ensure he wouldn't escape regardless.

The test subject shrunk back as Wu started preparing the needles and slolwy slid one of them into his vein. He let out a choked sob. Wu's expression remained neutral, as did Tim's.

Wu pushed the liquid into the boy's arm.

Nothing happened for a minute or two.

Then, a pain-filled scream erupted from the boy's throat.

Tony and Bruce glanced at each other. "Okay," Tony finally agreed. "We'll get up some defenses, but no calling the police. Not yet."

"Why not?"

"Think, Spangles. We don't want to cause mass panic."

"Their lives could be in danger!"

"And what if they're not? What if we're just making assumptions? What if that bug wasn't HYDRA's after all?"

The boy thrashed under the straps as the changes commenced, screams tearing themselves from his throat until he went limp and silent suddenly, tears running down his now reptilian face. Tim raised an eyebrow and examined him. "Wow. You sure know how to do your job efficiently."

"Thank you," smirked Wu. "He's ready. Take him to the cages if you want, I'll be ready for you when you get back."

Tim nodded curtly as an answer and unstrapped the former human, struggling to drag him off. To be honest, the boy looked hideous. Most of his hair was gone, his skin was mostly covered in scales, and what skin was left normal was dry and flaking. He was now much bigger than his former body. His jaws looked too big for his face, and his nose was all but gone. Sharp teeth stuck out of his mouth. He looked more reptile than human. Claws jutted out from his feet and hands, and his long tail dragged on the ground, making it even more difficult for Tim.

But the young man eventually got the dinosaur boy lifted into the cage and locked in. Tim smirked at the boy's limp body and left, going back to Wu to repeat the process with another unfortunate child.

"What if? What if?" yelled Rex, interrupting the argument. "Either way, it could be a threat, so get your superhero butts moving before I get them moving for you!" Ignacio raised an eyebrow and snickered slightly, while the rest were tying to hide their laughter.

"Alright! Alright, fine!" grumbled Tony, finally getting to his feet. "I'll set up some defenses." Bruce got up as well, and the two walked to the lab.

The cages were full of the genetic experiments before long, and by now the first few were awake. The first boy roared at Tim as he walked past, reaching a clawed hand out and pawing at him with a threatening growl. Tim dodged the blow, retaliating with a pistol aimed between his eyes.

The former human shrunk back with a growl, eyes locked on the weapon.

"Yeah, that's right," smirked Tim. "Back. Save that agression for later, eh?"

The dinosaur humanoid hissed and turned his back to Tim. The man in question rolled his eyes and got into one of the trucks, starting the engines and heading out with the other drivers.

Meanwhile, the cloaked figure grinned for once, watching as his men, carting his weapons with them, moved out.

The time is coming, Avengers. Are you prepared?

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