Just Two Wild and Nerfy Guys

Again. He did it again. "If you don't stop doing that," Sam ground out, " I won't be able to finish this, then we'll be stuck here another day."


"I mean it, Dean." Sam swiveled around from the table where he'd been huddled over the laptop and stared daggers at his brother.

Ping, ping. Both glanced off his forehead.

Oh, it's on! Reaching behind him, Sam slammed the laptop's cover down, grabbed his weapon and let loose a volley of four in a row.

Only two hit Dean square in the chest.

"Pussy," Dean taunted, then returned three.

Sam dove behind the table, avoiding them all. "Why, because *I* read the directions and didn't shoot you in the head?"

Dean rolled off the bed where he'd been lounging against the headboard, crouched between the two doubles and taunted again. "Pussy."

Ah, that ability to count shots that was so ingrained from their dad's training never failed to come in handy. Knowing his brother's tactics. and that the dumbass was out of ammo, Sam skirted to the right, launched himself across the room, and got off three while smugly thinking he had saving himself from whatever offensive Dean was about to take.


Leave it to Dean to have a backup. Before Sam reached safe cover behind the other bed, he'd been hit with four belly shots.

"Ha ah!" Dean cried in triumph. "Gotcha!"


"It's never cheating if I'm the one left standin', dude."

Dean watched the top of Sam's hair slowly raise above bedspread level. Yeah, the earlier head shots had been dirty pool and if he didn't trust his aim, he wouldn't have taken them. But now little brother was setting himself up for a slaughter. Dean reloaded the multi-shooter, gave the gun three quick air pumps, then sprang to his feet, jumped on top of the bed behind which Sam was hunched with his hands over his head, and let the kid have all eight across the back. "Gotcha again, Geek-boy." Dean bounced to the floor and did a little victory dance in the aisle.

"Think again, Bitch!" Sam brought out a small super soaker he'd obviously hidden under the bed earlier and sent a stream of water straight into Dean's face. "Brought a Nerf gun to a water fight, eh, Dean? Now who's the pussy?"