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In a time when the oldest races thrived and prospered throughout the universe, within a galaxy, the Alterans were the first evolution of Humanity.

They were a powerful civilization, until they had been divided into three factions by their beliefs; those who would become the Ancients followed the path of science, the second that became the Ori chose religion but to a fanatical level for desire of power. The third were a neutral division that chose a different path then siding with the two and went into exile before the conflict between the two sides escalated.

Before the Ancients arrived to the Milky Way galaxy and settled on a world called Ghilalb to begin a new start, the descendants of the exiled that left the Alteran Home Galaxy had evolved into a complete new species through genetic forms and advancing their civilization over thousands of years, exploring the galaxy of new sentient life forms of all forms.

They called themselves, the Forerunners…

At the time when the Forerunner society was young, they were found and brought under the guidance of a race, much older and highly advance beyond their technological capabilities, the Precursors. They took interest of the young and powerful race since their ancestors first arrived in the galaxy. They were much different then they have brought the powerful races into a new age without wars and conflict. They had fought in wars and nightmarish horrors that tried to wipe out all life in the galaxy.

When the Precursors left the galaxy, the Forerunners were made as the Precursor's successors of what was known as the Mantle of Responsibility to protect and cultivate the younger races. And learn much from other advance races to improve themselves then their sibling races form the ancestral home galaxy. They used the technology and science to expand their exploration beyond the rim and found more life flourishing in other galaxies in various shapes and sizes. Seeking out only those who were considered sufficiently advance, yet so few and observe new civilizations rise from their primitive cave-dwelling societies to sending the first ships into the stars.

But in most times, the Forerunners had dark times in their history. Not all of events were peaceful, as the Forerunner Empire had faced against forces considered to be the threat to all life. Many have tried and failed to defeat them and their allies, but have failed to bring the Forerunners to their knees and continue to fight for the Mantel and the right for all sentient races for several thousand years.

Until now…

Fear turned into reality when the Ori invaded the galaxy through the gateway long ago by their ancestors for exploration. Forming alliances with their rivals and allies alike to defeat them. It was a long and devastating war that soon brought some races to near extinction. Eventually they finally succeeded creating one of the most powerful weapons in the universe and eradicated the Ori by cutting off their source of power from the fanatical followers under their control. But at a great price for the Forerunners, as they lost the majority of their civilization to save many a war that should have been fought long ago…

Milky Way Galaxy, Sol System, Erde-Tyrene

The Librarian was operating with the machine while the Sentinels gather DNA samples from the countless species from across the galaxy. Almost completed before they would forever leave this Milky Way. With the war against the Ori had ended, the galaxies have been restored to order, and the races returned to their respective territories while some chose to journey beyond the rim of the galaxies. The Forerunners would be joining them soon once they relocated one of the most devastating weapons ever constructed by the alliance, used as the last resort against the powerful foe like the Ori.


A large built warrior walks towards her with two Warrior-Servants beside him. Clad decorative armour. "Librarian, the last of the ships have returned from the Halo galaxy. The remnants of our species have gone into suspended hibernation within outposts. The rest of the genetic samples from the sentient species before the Halo arrays fired, they will be revived on the planets they once thrived."

"That is good to hear." The Librarian felt some comfort from the news. "What of the races that have fought in the War in Heaven? The Halos are no longer a threat to any sentient life but we cannot leave them for risk of another disaster."

"We have scattered them across known space, Librarian. The Asgard have received one of arrays upon their return to Ida, the Preservers have hidden their own from known space. The Shadows and the Vorlons would eagerly protect the Ring world from potential threats and as a sign of good will for helping us. All that matters is they would be under safe hands." Reassuring her as the Sentinels continue their work. Deep down she felt nothing but grieve and sorrow for the actions her people have made.

"If only there was another way, Kartak, but we had no choice as the Ori were too powerful. The Eldar are leaving through the webway with their craftworlds to prevent facing extinction. The Protheans were an advance species and we could only save so few by returning them to their homeworld." Spoke in sorrow in her voice. "For what has became such a fate for an intelligent species. They will have to restart from the beginning."

"Because of the plague the Ori have unleashed we could only do is to devolve them back to their primitive stage. The Protheans were a noble species; they fought with honor, their duty and sacrifice to bring the Ori to an end by the billions. Perhaps hopefully they will become even greater since we have given them a second chance."

"They shall, and so will our chosen legacy. For Humanity have been scattered to a handful of planets, some that have been seeded by the Ancients could have a greater chance." Spoke in disdain upon speaking the name of the Ancients. "They will be the caretakers of the Mantel as we were given the task by the Precursors before their passing."

"Kartak, I know you are hiding your emotions for what has happened. But we can not fully blame the Ancients for the cause of the war." The Librarian tried to reason with him, knowing him as her late husband Ur-Didact have known for centuries.

"Forgive me Librarian for my outburst, but the Ancients have every right to be at fault for this. Because of the divergence between our ancestors, they chose not to fight the Ori before they fled to another dimension as a 'sanctuary' for their survival. And for their negligence and do nothing, the Ori grew powerful and waged a crusade across the cosmos, forcing us to do what they could not!" Throwing his arm across and stared sternly at her, walking through the holograms while berating her of the events from the war.

"The Ecumene has fallen, our civilization is on the verge of extinction, all because they would not act and afraid of leaving their little sanctuary while we struggle to survive."

"And that what made us different from them, we have given our lives for the future generations to prosper and perhaps others can learn from our mistakes. Our time has come to an end. We must go now, old friend." Ur-Didact assured him, placed a hand on his shoulder when leading them out of the room as the Librarian had accomplished her last duties. Stepping out of the outpost and gaze into the horizon, where she spotted a tribe of now primitive humans; hunters gathering fur and meat of their kill, children laughing and playing with the time of their young lives and females welcoming their loved ones and caring for their children.

A sense of pride within her that they done the right thing to save a species from extinction, and fear for the challenges they will face in the future. The Forerunners were not the only chosen by the Precursors and saw something in Humanity, taken their words before they vanished and saved a dying species from the possible fate they would receive after defeating the Ori.

Unsure what will become of them, so she and a few others decided to leave a few of their gifts for them until they were matured enough, ready to take the responsibilities alongside other chosen races by the First Ones.

"Librarian. It is time we left this world for good. The Asgard will watch over the Tau'ri for us until they stand on their own feet." Ur-Didact spoke to her, letting her take one last look of the natural beauty before their bodies were engulfed by pillars of light and vanished.

Thousands of years since the Forerunners left the world, Humanity had spread across the world, giving rise to new cultures and empires. The memories of the ancient Imperium had since faded into legends in the early times of human history as civilizations rise and fall throughout history. Even with their empire lost, the nature to learn and urge of survival had not been forgotten, from pyramids, temples and ships to great buildings made of steel and planes to soar the skies.

In one part of human societies, lies a carefully hidden and secretive order from the known world. They call themselves the High Foundation, a small order whose members derived from different culture and religion come together to form a society free from the corruption within their home countries.

Their roots in fact, go back to centuries under the awareness of people, their sole purpose was to search for the lost records of the First Humans, wondrous science beyond the minds of mankind of the 21st century, thousands of years since their civilization had been reduced to begin a new from a war they fought for right of existence.

The members of the order sought to recover these relics and anything left by their ancestors to relearn what they can to regain their lost heritage and bring humanity back to the stars for a new path to forge as a united people once again, free from greed and hatred before they can reclaim their place in the stars.

Historic Timeline

2012: At the time of the new millennium, it was meant to be a sign of great changes for humanity. Knowledge from the human mind would expand and open new ideas for all and perhaps shake the borders that have long existed between countries and come together as one. But it didn't. And instead, the nature of war grew to a point of which the planet could no longer sustain for long. Yet in ignorance, man shows lack of concern for it's actions and care only themselves then other things.

Violence has taken a new level of a meaningless war by the very people sworn to lead their people for resources. Species dying out by greed, and friend turn against friend. Religion now used for means of terrorism and hatred then faith as they were meant to be. The irony of it, is many who wish for a brighter future, would do nothing and that all will turn out well on it's own. But unless they take actions for themselves, it will never happen.

That is, until that day everything changed when the High Foundation decided to take measures into their own hands. After finally able to find the ancient Forerunner outpost Ark in the East African region, the stories and legends from the bible were true as it contained countless DNA samples of all known species on the planet for preservation and survive activating the device to awaken the dormant gene the Forerunners preserved before they vanished.

In the later generations, the day on 21st December 2012, it was then to be remembered as the Noah's Ark Event, relating to the biblical legend of Noah's Ark, the survival of the animal species and the rebirth of mankind.

2015: Finally giving in to the public's demand to reveal classified information relating to UFO and conspiracies, the US government were in fact testing new technology in Area 51 for possible future contact with extraterrestrials if they are either peaceful or hostile. One of the biggest news in human history revealed a device that could take travellers through an artificial wormhole to another world within seconds, called the Stargate. The device would be one of the great examples of exploration of habitable planets by dialing the gate addresses based on the star charts the scientists have studied from the ring. Unlike the ancient technologies of their ancestors, this was built from a different race known as the Builders, or Ancients from the ancient Archives from the dig site from Egypt in the early 20th century.

2019: Less than several years after the Ark Event, many governments have been trying to understand the changes that have happened in the human-gene and the revolutionary discovery that could change the history of Human origins, at the first months they assumed this was a biological weapon but scientist have proven that this was something they never seen before, rising results of higher grades from schools, people taking up physical changes and the sudden appearance of a so-called religious cult they first assumed to be the cause of the sudden burst of light but word from media spread of groups of trained soldiers who are allied with them had helped turn the tides against the Islamic State's forces and ending the war in terror then any of the government officials had imagined. Seeing the High Foundation's unique forces under their command brought the country to the people it deserved and slowly beginning to gain moral support for their humanitarian actions.

Historians, scientists and archeologists have been given free access to the ancient technologies from the Forerunners and their Ancient Human ancestors with the help of the awakened Sentinels to assist them, even allowing them access to the ancient vaults protected form governments from trying to misuse them that could still be operational after thousands of years. For them, it was the beginning of a new age for Humanity, or by their ancient given name, the Tau'ri.

2020: With the majority of the U.N. had finally decided to proceed using the technology for the advancement of their civilization, military, civilian and most of all space exploration. Despite many refuse to acknowledge the advancements for cleaner resources or accepting the fact of the Ancient Human Origins and loose factions having their own gain. Using the new discoveries to fix as much as they can to the Earth's environment, assist the non-aligned nations and end the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia but the government has continued to place genetic samples of all species on Earth for future plans of colonizing new worlds.

However, during the year they discovered Earth is not home to one sentient race, but three. The first were a race of Gargoyles, thought to be a myth and legend but have been hiding among human society for centuries and were an endangered race because of humans hunting them out of fear but were protected by the High Foundation. The second were the Silurians, slept for approximately 65 millions of years since the fall of the Dinosaurs. Some woke up to find humans and considered them a threat to their survival and wanting to wage war to reclaim the Earth.

2021: The U.N. sent the High Foundation for their years of humanitarian services to help the diplomats of all parties to negotiate a possible solution for peaceful existence. Showing plans of colonizing other worlds would eventually make space for Earth in the few decades and offer them their own worlds to thrive. The Gargoyles saw this as a chance for their civilization to thrive again by uniting the clans into one once more. The silurians were cautious and saw the highly advance technology the humans posses which were thousands of years and almost ahead of theirs, some saw the chance to reclaim their glory days and possibly exist alongside the two races.

Both chose for peace to avoid an all out war, despite the threats of pro-human groups who wanted humanity to be pure from all influences, including aliens and the High Foundation who they considered a bigger threat for the changes, even against the newly changed humans of the new generation.

2023: NASA makes a breakthrough of making interstellar travel much easier and faster to approach new planets in less then a few days, they have begun a project of studying the possibly FTL-drive technologies for the first generation of interstellar starships. Plans for permanent outposts for the Lunar and Martian Colonization projects have gone underway.

They activated the stargate for the world to see for the first time, sending probes through the gate after dialed to the address for the first exoplanet. Confirmed to be an ideal planet for life, the governments found one to be known as Alpha Site for military installation and first frontier colony to monitor any possible signs of extraterrestrials while the people of Earth continue to colonize the solar system first rather then thin out their numbers for territory. Discoveries of Ancient technologies have been recently found over the months and brought back for studies. Any considered dangerous for anyone to use or try to experiment are to be locked up away from the public until further studies to be made in the future.

2039: New interstellar colonies have been established as the first terraformers built proceed on Mars after running many simulations and experiments on Making Mars' environment habitable in a century or so by harnessing greenhouse gasses from Earth, and possibly from Venus using Sentinels for aide, into the Martian atmosphere and any possible as the Red Planet is their long time goal for a new start on the planet. Researchers see it as a way to study how life began on Earth when they transfer suitable plant and animal species capable of adapting on Mars. Using ancient technologies, it would speed up the process faster then previously believed given the effect of using updated resources. Underground colonies have been taken to thought by connecting them to domes on the surface. Many governments took the opportunity to send colonists on some parts of the planet along with future plans of terraforming other worlds.

Growing numbers of people across the globe were born with unique kinetic abilities and better capabilities of accessing Forerunner technology. The public became aware of the situation and wanted something to be done, running tests and confirmed to be the effects of the FTA genes (Forerunner Technology Activation) after the Noah's Ark Event. Sponsoring institutes for people with these abilities to better control their powers so they would not come to harm anyone around them, including themselves. A project for the co-species military faction, the URS decided to introduce them to this project for any that wish to enroll, unaware of what they may encounter beyond their solar system and believing this to be the perfect choice to make a valuable solution.

2058: After decades of conflicts, skirmishes and political activities between all sides, both on Earth and new colonies from across the system for rights of independence and need of new resources, the governments had come together to found a new unified government after discussions between governments to form the United Republic of Sol, and allowing other colonies who wish to have a voice of their own to form their own and be part of the URS. Not just for one species but an alliance between the newly named Tau'ri, Silurian and Gargoyle to work together to build a treaty community.

2073: Through years of understanding the stargate network, the URS came in contact with many human civilizations and the some of the cultures were no less advance then recently discovering electricity. The Tau'ri believed they might have been descendants of the Ancient Humans who managed to survive the collapse of the ancient empire and fell to the dark ages after being isolated from each other for thousands of years. But things became more interesting and strange for the explorers when many worship religious deities from Earth's cultures, Egyptians, Greece, Japanese and Chinese gods. Many natives from their own worlds thought of them as such for travelling through the gates at first glance. Some First Contacts were peaceful until they came across an imperialistic race of parasites called the Goa'uld. The Tau'ri through many hostile encounters with this species they discovered that the Goa'uld Empire discovered Earth long ago, subjugated and enslaved many humans to be their slaves and hosts for their survival, scattering them across the galaxy on hundreds of worlds. The URS council saw this as an act of slavery over their younger cousins and as the successors of the Forerunners to uphold the Mantle, they voted to rage skirmishes and liberate the enslaved populations from their hold.

The event became known as the Unification Wars.

Throughout the years they gained several new allies Tok'ra, Unas, Jaffa Rebels who saw the truth of their deceit and few pockets of advanced human societies who could provide help as they can. The Asgard, one of the several advance races still around discovered them and saw the URS as suitable allies. Although they have made new allies, but not without making enemies they previously met, alien or human alike it made no difference to them. It even brought nearly all of the nations to pull in their resources to build a fleet against their enemies and liberate their cousins.

The war with the system lords was hard as they were more advanced and experienced with interstellar combat then the URS did for just colonizing half of their home system. The High Foundation then founded a peacekeeping faction by allowing gifted individuals trained to use their abilities in combat and lower casualties for their people and allies, creating the Vanguards as protectors, warriors and assassins, trained to fight against the deadliest enemy threats the Republic could imagine. Their actions from the Chulak Campaign gave support from the Jaffa Rebellion as more joined their course.

2083: After the long ten years of war, the Unification Wars finally came to an end after the defeat and death of the Supreme System Lord Anubis at the Battle of Cimmeria. It was a day of celebration to the URS, and to many human and alien civilizations that have lived under the fear and tyranny under the Goa'uld for untold millennia a historic event, which would spread across many galaxy of the once mighty Goa'uld Empire's collapse. The URS had progressed further throughout the years through years of trade relations with other races and further use of the remaining Forerunner technologies and Ancient human remnants.

Mastering the use of FTL technology and the Stargate network from the Asgards to travel across the galaxy, although they have discovered the blueprints of another used by the Forerunners and Ancient Humans that is familiar to the Asgards called the Slipstream, or Slipspace for short. According to their research, slipspace is another dimension for ships to travel through and takes them as far as the Hyperdrive's limit. However, the Tau'ri had limited knowledge to Slipstream and dangers of misuse without precaution, considered delaying the project until they fully grasped the concept before installing it to suitable ships for it until they were ready as the Asgard council fully agreed to the thought of it.

2085: A mining vessel in the Kuiper Belt picked up a vessel passing Jupiter's orbit, the aliens onboard the vessel were called Vulcans who were a survey group passing through the system when they detected their ship and established First Contact with them, allowing the crew of the T'Plana-Hath to make an official greeting to the inhabitants of the solar system. The Vulcan High Command were surprised to discover three sentient species originated and live alongside with one another on the same planet, and even the technology that greatly surpasses their own. Learnt of the collapse of the infamous Goa'uld Empire by their deeds and the sudden change of the human race. The Tau'ri had learnt that the Vulcans had been monitoring the planet for decades from the 20th century until they picked up a 'unique anomaly' that made the Vulcans curious of what happened which of course was the day the Noah's Ark Event happened.

2088: A coalition of Warlords, criminals, smugglers and pirates once oppressed by the Goa'uld came together on the planet Lucia after the rebellion, founding the Lucian Alliance to take advantage of the power vacuum. Cold wars and skirmishes between the Alliance and the Republic had occurred over the years and other human factions. Many theorised that even if the two sides do settle for peace it is unlikely they would not settle any differences in the decades to come. The Tau'ri see this as how the United States of America and the Soviet Union behave from the 20th century.

2100: The welcoming of the 22nd century for Earth and it's new found colonies. The beginning of a golden age for Earth to begin exploring more of the galaxy, there have been petty arguments between the Republic of Sol and the High Vulcan Command over the situation and believed in trying to slow down their progress until they felt were ready for the galaxy. Where as half of the Sol System was colonized they were still eager to see more worlds to understand, especially for the Tau'ri to know more about their distant cousins. The Silurians have started to set up a Martian colony on Hellas in its near completion, the Gargoyles also shared the Tau'ri interest. The Asgard took their side and showed the Vulcans that the Tau'ri and their allies of the URS were fully capably of taking on anything and were amending the damage they had done in the past. They have signed an agreement to avoid interfering with pre-spacefaring civilizations, only to observe and if absolute necessary to preserve their cultures and people without knowing they exist. There were some tribes on Earth that have not made contact and have been left alone to preserve natural environments on their world.

2146: The expansion of interstellar travel has increased, expanding further beyond their native system by the increase number of starships to colonise neighbouring star systems. Restricted to only the planets of interest for resources and population growth. Plans to help other human cultures on other worlds for need of protection are underway but prohibited of selling technology beyond their understanding to avoid the same mistake as their Tollan cousins have done in the past.

2155: Many first contacts with many races, forming alliances and diplomat relations. For the Tau Empire, a collective empire of several races under the guidance of the humanoid Tau in the religion referred by them as The Greater Good. The High Foundation priests were intrigued by their beliefs and approached them in the distant region of the galaxy. Respectively declining the offer of joining their empire, some of the allied members proposed of an alternative solution of building trade relations and set up worlds for various cultures to live and learn from each other. They would allow their citizens to follow the Greater Good by their chose and hopefully bring them close together in friendship. The Ethereals were intrigued and see this as an opportunity to express their wisdom and guidance to other races beyond their expanse territory, accepted the offer and made a bond with the alliance.

2161: All the allied races came together on Earth for the birth of the United Federation of Planets, there were a few terrorists and enemies, mainly Terra Prime that tried to prevent the Federation from being founded to drive all non-humans and the human traitors (the Tau'ri) out of their system but ultimately failed. Tau'ri, Human, Gargoyle, Silurian, Vulcan, Andorian, Asgard and Tellarites who were the founding species of the new federal government. Many of the allied races have immediately earned a membership into the Federation, allowing each member their own place, share technology, culture, resources, science and military to better themselves.

It is also come tot he attention that the Tau'ri decided to rename Earth into Erde-Tyrene from the records of their ancient ancestors. Some would still refer it by it's common name, even name it Terra from a handful of frontier worlds by some humans. With new plans of strengthening the military, various states supported the idea of new technologies from the Tau'ri idea of building mechs for various roles, an inspiration mostly from the Tau battlesuits by many colonists in Tau space.

2163: The High Foundation had grown across many systems with various religious factions of many member worlds came together to share their beliefs, discuss the theories and all the beliefs of heaven and the afterlife for all may intact be the high plane of existence and ascension may be part of it. Even the Vanguards' numbers have grown as more signs of kinetic sensitives born with these abilities. The Governments decided to allow the Foundation to teach future generations of Vanguards of many learn their new gifts and be used as peacekeepers to many systems. Studies indicate some of these races whose genes with anomalies similar to the FTA-genes humans possess may have been visited by other ancient races in the past.

2191: A Federation shuttle picked up a distress beacon from the colony ship Rising Sun went missing for five months, what they never expected in a million years was the discovery of an enormous Ring World, but not just any ring. But a Halo, one of the greatest devices and terrifying weapons built by the Forerunners themselves. A discovery of the century for the Federation and surprised it was under the noses of their rivals, mainly Tholian, the Gorn and Romulans from their history. Archaeological teams and scientists went down to discovered it to be habitable with the conditions for life, the colonists manage to settle in without harm by the sentinels who have been protecting it for eons and been waiting for the Tau'ri or by their referred name 'Reclaimers'. The Monitors were delighted to meet them and surprised by how far the Tau'ri have come and build strong relations with other alien species, much to their surprise but delighted to cooperate with the Federation to help advance their science. To their further shock and surprise, the Halo had an Ancient device and revealed a galaxy that was hidden from their radar for so long in a perfect orbit alongside their galaxy and the Andromeda. Revealed to have been visited by several advanced races long ago including the Ancients in their time, a beacon coming from the galaxy indicates to be another Halo and use to be under the care of a race called the Protheans, but some reason it is declared destroyed and no further data on this unknown species. Scientists chose to name this unknown galaxy after the Forerunner ring world.

2378: A development of a gateway that could send objects to another galaxy after years of researching on wormholes and the Stargates, the Asgard demonstrated the project after their recent discoveries of ancient gate technologies by a race thought to be a myth known as Iconians. Plans have been went underway to build a fleet of seeding ships beyond their galaxy for survival if their civilization fell. Other governments took part, some in reluctance but grown to trust them. A fleet send to the Andromeda and Pegasus as the ideal places for seeding life.

2525: Centuries passed after the Noah's Ark Event happened. Humanity had reached the stars it had long dreamt off and rejoined their long lost cousins. Wars had been fought and alliances formed through truce, friendship and respect. The Federation had expanded beyond the Alpha Quadrant, flourishing and continue to explore the vast uncharted galaxy. But one day, at the time of peace the Federation received news of recent pirate activities from An Andorian-Tau Expedition on a new colony world in the Orion Arm, made First Contact with a coalition of alien species known as the Covenant from the far part of the arm.

The Covenant immediately attacked the Federation of using the Forerunner technology, in which they see it as heresy to their so-called 'gods', launched a genocidal and religious crusade to wipe out all human and humanoids with similar physical appearances to exterminate them. Almost nothing like the Dominion War, the Federation, Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire banded together to face off this new enemy. From the months on during the war, researchers discovered the tech the fleet brought back from battles to be reversed engineered Forerunner relics. This disturbed many that an enemy could posses more advantage over them. Surprisingly the Lucian Alliance despite its history with the UFP joined the pact for mutual survival interests. In the five years on, a group of Covenant seperatist approach them, led by a San 'Shyuum known as the Prophet of Harmony. Spoken to many of the races of the ancient history they had with the humans before the fall and the truth behind the Prophets' propaganda. There had been a growing splinter group that is willing to help them bring down the corrupt Covenant to end the war and save lives.

A civil war broke out by broadcasting the truth and brought the Prophets to justice, the Orion War came to an end. Fracturing the empire into many states, some chose independence, others joined the Federation and the Tau Empire for their similar religious beliefs. The Sangheili founded their nation and formed strong bond with many human races and especially the Tau'ri, Jaffa and Klingons in respect of their similar cultures and code of honor to amend the sins they committed.

2552: Contact from the seeding fleets after centuries of silence is reestablished with the Andromeda and Pegasus colonists established, naming themselves as the Pegasus Coalition and the United Systems of Andromeda. Many galactic powers across the Milky Way have signed an official alliance referred as the Interstellar Commonwealth for mutual community and strong relations

2646: A new gate is established to explore the mysterious Halo Galaxy has finally been made to open the first extra-galactic colonies in the new galaxy. The UFP understands that some need to be independent governments should the link between galaxies is cut off but knowing they would do something to fix it, given them a sizeable military support to protect colonists from attacks until they find a suitable planet. The First system they found is christened the Utopia System, colonization established on Eden Prime to build a voice for their home galaxy.

2648: Drones sent out to map out and study neighbouring star systems, so far there is in fact several spacefaring species, showing precaution to make peaceful contact with them to make a good impression and hopefully friendly neighbours with them for a better future without warring among one another. The Tau'ri throughout the centuries have made an influence in the Milky Way, they had taken their role upon the Mantle of Responsibility and lived peacefully among their allies. But what their past experiences has taught them even with the moment of peace, they would always be prepared for the great unknown.

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