Ok just to point out I apologies for the long delay, the truth is I have been stuck with the story plot since I was so busy with attempts to find a job, working on projects and other stuff. 2 long years... damn. but the thing is looking back at the story I feel I might have went a little too much of the multi crossover thing, the lores and story plots, 10 years ago I would've thought to making one would be cool but it needs to focus on the few, too many OCs to make and might not have worked well with some like gundam seed, Halo mass effect and babylon 5 as the central roles. tried finding collaborators or any advice from facebook but no luck so...

I was trying to work on the chapter of the COmmonwealth and allies helping the Council fight off the Cabal, find their homeworld and discover it to be either Ancient outpost or Prothean in their belief would destroy the enemy but gets blown up in the end of the war. the neighbours would slowly get use to other galaxies come and go to meet and adjust.

Plus some of the ideas I suggested like the forunners being related to Ancients wouldn't work anyway and had the idea of warhammer Imperium of Man being the prehistoric humans instead. I'll give some ideas I had in mind for the plot to make up for it as what I was trying to go for.

Mainly for destiny theme of the Vanguages (guardians) were perhaps a group that left after believing the Federation lost it's ideals in the Iconian War, calling themselves the Nephilem based on the myths and based on the Sith who were behind the events like Terra Prime, Marquis-Cardassion hostilities and wiped out the Dilgar for getting too close to finding out they were working with the Hive as one of the main big bad. Also infiltrated the Earth Alliance which the Coordinators could've been a less advanced cousins of the Tau'ri or trying to be like them by scientists, they would use Blue Cosmos as the key event to divide the Halo Earth further and easier to take over or allow the Reapers to harvest them. But unknowingly the Sol System is inhabited by the Awoken and Jovians, descendants of the survivors who fled earth from a previous war from an event of the Black History by another gundam series which I thought would fit but stayed out of sight.

Also the idea maybe unknown to the Alliance the moon was infested with Hive long ago and buried eons ago.

also thought of an alliance of races not aligned to either the commonwealth or the Council, like the Sovereignty made up of those like Krogans, Fallen, Awoken and Jovians (along with Tenno who could've been considered legends), minor babylon 5 races, reformed Batarians, quarians who would've been aware of what was going on and the truth about the Citadel.

Wanted to avoid the whole war against the council like many do since its been overused.

The Cabal would've been descendants of a race being the enemy to the Protheans and heard about the Reapers being the Destroyers and were in a civil war between the more civilized factions and Gaul's Red Legion

Kira and Cagalli would've been descendants of a Tenno, his father who survived the last Reaper harvest with Javik to prepare the survivng humans but didn't go as planned and also the biological father instead of the A**hole from the series that experimented on him without hesitation.

So that was how far as I had thought up, to be honest I might have went a little too much after being inspired by some and was new to fanfic at the times. So will keep this on so people can read and remind myself not to go too much on the whol multi-crossover sometime. Unfortunately I wont be able to get it done unless some willing to help and maybe change the setting. Will keep the wiki but many changes will be coming about on it so just a heads up.

Well, its been fun doing this chapter but sadly as years go by I wont be able to do more fanfics as I thought with other projects and job to do in need. still be coming about and perhaps make pilot stories for anyone looking for ideas to inspire.