Attican Traverse 2663 A.D.

The Batarian Hegemony have been secretly pushing their efforts of building plans for expansion upon their territory into the Skyllian Verge after long years of preparations, hiring pirates and slavers to find new worlds to plunder and for bonus, a new race to enslave or new technologies to sell in the market under the Citadel Councils' collective noses. They had not much luck so far with Turian navy ships patrolling the borders in the known galaxy. Even if the Hegemony faces problems they will never turn back on slavery, to them it is what makes them strong to become the strongest force in the galaxy. And to add up to their pride and arrogance, they picked up a faint trail of ion and anomalies near their systems, it was difficult to trace but took them days to find the source.

To their fortunate event, the 7th fleet in the remote region picked up ships of unknown origin within the uncharted system nearby a system, possibly the homeworld or colony, rip for the taken. This could be in luck for them, for this new race would be the new property to the Hegemony without the Council knowing. Hoping something good to sell a hefty price from this new upstart species.

Aboard the Dreadnaught-class vessel Shadow Sun, under the command of Commander Garithos who stood in the bridge, observing the fleet moving in position for the big event. Unlike certain prideful Batarians, he had an odd feeling this is not going to be like any other raid, there were no report from one of the scouting groups in a while from their survey mission on these unknown newcomers. Even if the others say they must've hit an asteroid, made a detour, or got left behind. But it didn't made any sense to him at all; they would've been considered an upstart race that recently entered a galactic stage and be easy pickins for them if they yet to discover element zero.

"How soon will we reach the planet?" The commander wanting an answer, knowing the crew will get restless and eager for slaves and the glory of a raid. They had been trained for a while now and learnt how to use military tactics, eager to make history of the Hegemony to 'educate' these newcomers as their first client race.

"We should be at the other side of the relay point any moment now, sir." The Navigation officer responded.

Garithos seemed approved of the statement. "Excellent. A lot of us are eager for a fight. I hope the admiral doesn't do anything foolish. We know nothing of this species except that they are possibly just started exploring the stars so that will give us a chance." What he did not want anyone to know in fear of being ridiculed or seen as weak was that he did not have a passion for slavery, nor did his family but have taken in many and treated them fairly. Not just him, but a few believe that their culture needed a change and some believe it will lead only to disaster if they continue this path. All he cares about is his soldiers who are to be sent into a battlefield and bring back as many in his

The admiral, Pazis Dad'caroh, had a reputation for having a ruthless reputation for his cruel pleasures of warfare and eager to make a name for himself as a loyal soldier of the Hegemony.

If he learnt about Garithos' secret and any who show signs of weakness, well, no one needs to take to guess what he would do to him and his entire family then just make them slave away into the mines. Taking his mind off the worry and focus on the mission as they recently entered the system, claiming to be where the natives were first discovered.

"Alright, we're here. Begin scanning the system of any signs of ships and eezo activity."

"Yes si-Wait, multiple signals detected! Confirmed to be ships, a lot of them all, in a fleet formation!" The officer said, dancing his fingers on the pad to locate the unknown targets' positions.

"Someone get me visual of what they are!" Barking out orders to get a close up on these newcomers. What they didn't expect to see were huge ships the size of a dreadnaught. Judging from the appearances they appear to be built for war and easily dwarf the Batarian fleet, making many who were able to see them felt a uneasy feeling about this mission. But how could such an unknown race built ships with such resources and able to move.

"Those ships are huge! This can't be right they must be dreadnaughts, but how could a species create such size with a limited resource of eezo?!" The commander was in awe and a little nervous of them, obvious that they were coming to their direction and must've been aware of their presence. He was not sure they would not go down so easily. He needed to contact the admiral immediately. "Get me in touch with the Fist of Karshan we should rethink our strategies and know about this species."

"I'm trying to connect with them now, but something isn't right about them. Scans detect no Element Zero from any of those ships." The ensign officer said, making sure he was reading the scans correctly before telling his commander.

Garithos thoguth he heard him right and looked at the officer. "That's impossible, it's the main source that builds civilization and from legacy of the Protheans. How can these aliens have not even a source of it within their ships?" This was getting strange, not even sure if they seem to be a recently upstart species in the galactic stage. These behemoths appear to have been around for a while considering the amount of resources it must've taken to built them. His thoughts were interrupted by an incoming message, coming from the alien fleet. The hologram projection showed a very large, hulking humanoid in thick armor. Backing away from the projection because of its intimidating size.

"This is Bracus Tha'aum, Centurion of the Sand Eater." The alien spoke in a deep strong tone through its helmet. "This system is under the control of the Cabal. We know what you are. Batarian. Those you have sent were captured and 'provided' the knowledge we needed before their services were no longer required. It would be unwise to stand in the way of our purpose, but you have a choice; return to your homeworld and do not stand in our way again. Offer servitude to the Cabal and your race will be spared of its dignity and less death, or stand in the face of oblivion if you so wish. Choose your answers wisely, for you will not survive might of our empire."

The broadcast ends, leaving the crew aboard to digest the words from the aliens calling themselves the Cabal and clearly a race tempting to make their mark in this part of the galaxy, they were very clear on their threats and warnings for whatever this so-called purpose they were on about. The Cabal seem to be aware of other sentient life and possibly from a culture based on war and conflicts to have a harden appearance.

'I don't think we're dealing no upstarts here! I dunno why, but we really need to get out of here now!' Going through what he learnt from these Cabal species.

"Commander, we're receiving a broadcast from the admiral to all fleets and the Cabal!"

"Open channel." Garithus was nervous of what Pazis was about the say, knowing the admiral he would not act in aggression. A new hologram lid up to show a strong Batarian, showing a strong

"This is Admiral Pazis Dad'caroh of the Fist of Karshan, the only ones who will bow to the victors is YOU, not the Batarians. Your species clearly are from a backwater world and shall have the honour of becoming a client race of the mighty Batarian Hegemony! All forces commence the attack, we will not return to the Homeworld empty handed and prove ourselves to the galaxy!" Given the clear idea that this was foolish, did he not see how huge those vessels are as they come closer to them.

"Damn him! He'll get us all killed. Order our forces to arm themselves and fire on the targets and get me in touch with him immediately!" Reluctantly going along with the command or be seen as mutiny and weakness.

The Batarian ships took their positions, launched a shower of missiles and kinetic weapons fired from their ships. Watching the Cabal ships be smothered by kinetic blasts as they impact on the hull surfaces. But when the blasts made impact there was hardly anything when they hit the faint shields protecting the warships. The slaver ships were easily taken by surprise of what they just witnessed and no damage to them, but it wont stop them so easily as the Cabal began to move their ships forward.

Bracus Tha'aum stood firmly aboard the bridge of the Cabal warship, overseeing the battle between the Mighty Cabal and this species known as the Cabal. They had arrived into this new galaxy to begin their holy mission to prepare themselves for when the greatest threat will make its emergence in the universe, even greater then the War of Darkness when they faught many battles and the dreaded Iconians. He and his fellow Sand Eaters were one of the many to ensure the survival of their empire by gathering potential allies and securing worlds to fortify their military forces.

According to the Intelligence unit, the Batarians they captured were part of a collective interstellar community of different species called the Citedal. Researching into their technology, culture and military, these were nothing more then barely organised, weakened themselves of limited fleets and using the technology of a long dead race, hardly experienced years of warfare as a sign of their weakness. But something from his superiors have learnt about the Relays from the Psions and other psionic individuals who have sensed something was not right in this part of the galaxy. They will only not waste their military effort on such fools for the mission is outmost important. It would be his mission to show their strength and force to the species of the Citadel or be rid of them for being in their way.

He gave them his demands and received a reply, typical of some less-adavnce civilization that believes they could match the Cabal with their inferior technology. Watching their weak effort to attack the fleet that barely even shuddered the warships. Only the smaller warships received a few minor damage but continue onwards.

Speaking in his native language with growling noise. "The Batarians have made their choice. Begin the attack, load the cannons for assault on their flagships." On his orders, the Legionaires roared, the Psions and the Jackals threw their fists up high for a good battle.

A T'vaoan Jackal approached the Legionaire for a report. "The fighters and our soldiers are ready for battle when given the order."

The Cabal turned to the avian Kig-Yar. "Proceed. They seem eager for combat. For we cannot be weak should the Great Enemy fall upon us."

Shadow Sun

Garithus could only watch in awe and fear as they were closing in range. "Continue firing! If they launch fighters taken them out immediately!" He had hoped this didn't turn out as he had thought but what's done is done. They need to get out of here and warn the Hegemony thanks to the foolish Admiral.

"Picking up massive readings, Commander!" He turned to the projection and can see a great number of fighters and the large warships begin to power their weapons. There was no time to alert the crew as the darkness was lid up by the burning lights of plasma and missiles pound the Batarian ships and fighters that had been hit by the blast; slavers, pirates and military alike had suffered major damage despite raising their kinetic barriers. The Shadow Sun took some damage on some of the sections. Clinging to whatever he can get a grip on to stay on his feet. Sparks flaring all over the place and all the lights were flickering until the power was back on.

"Report!" Demanding answers while they try to keep the ship together.

"Engines still operational but receiving hull breach in deck 3!"

"Three frigates have been obliterated!"

"Several decks have been hit, engines are still operational but our kinetic barriers are down by 40%!"

"The Fist of Karhson is dead in the water, they've taken heavy damage. More ships a long the way, we can't take that much damage on the next hit!"

Receiving more news of the damage of the ship. It was hard to believe that almost three quarter of the fleet have been decimated, less then half of them could barely stand a chance after being hit. The rest that were untouched could be thinking this was out of their league. The commander thought it couldn't get any worse until they see the fleet continuing to move forward, a swarm of fighters now closing in on the closest ship to board. There was no helping them in the state their fleet is in, they've taken heavy hits and their kinetic weapons are useless against theirs. Hearing more of the ships destroyed, watching them blow up in smoke. The Commander could watch in horror and then the realisation; they were on a mission of enslaving a new race or colonists, instead, their entire fleet had payed the price for their greed and arrogance. They just started a war because of their way of life, and now because what they've done by unleashing a wrath upon them and possibly the entire Citadel Council.

Balled his fist for the decision he will make. Screw whatever Dad'caroh says if he is still alive, they needed to warn Karshan and the galaxy thanks to the Batarians' greed and arrogance for their so-called 'cultural way of life'. If they are to survive this coming war, changes must be made, even outlaw slavery for what its got them into. "Broadcast to all surviving vessels, this is my order. All remaining ships are to regroup and escape through the relay, the Cabal ships are too powerful. Those who wish to stay behind will fight to the last Batarian standing, we must warn the Hegemony of the new threat before any of those ships arrive on our doorstep! Alert the nearest colony, outpost or Navy ship in the sector about the Cabal!"

Not wanting to ask or retaliate, every officer went about to move the ship out of range and carry out his orders. The rest began to follow, others stayed to give them covering fire to give them chance to escape while the Cabal tore through the debris. Despite their efforts, they have manage to leave some damage to the smaller ships with no shields but their numbers would outgunned and overpower them.

Fist of Karshan

Cowards! That was all he was thinking, seeing the decimated fleet that survived run like cowards then to face the enemy! They could beat them if they can pour all their strength to face the Cabal despite not having any trace of Mass Effect technology. A gut feeling that it was Garithus behind it all, he was always one of the odd ones of not being a true Batarian. Returned to reality when he recieved word of boarding party pummelled through the flagship's interior, receiving news of the Cabal pouring in.

Utopia System, Eden Prime

The planet's sun bathes over the lush green and blue world with an orange glow in the skies of Eden Prime, the planet was recently discovered a few years ago and established it as the first of a newly formed State Government of the Interstellar Commonwealth. Thousands of colonists have settled on this new world, giving it a name to symbolise a new beginning for varied civilisations and represent the collective voices of the Commonwealth. As the cities of Eden Prime begin to expand,many of them are divided into Sectors provided for species is given artificial environments for alien colonists to survive, providing they are within their own sectors. It is also made for future generations to know their cultural heritage. A stargate was set up near the built a temple not far from the community, in the remote land with mountains, forests and a lake, perfectly unsoiled as a type of environment for the Vanguards to train the future generations with themselves to defend the weak and innocent across the new worlds and the High Foundation to practice their philosophy and research on the ancient cultures that existed in this galaxy.

Alone in the balcony, a Protoss name Kumaar dressed in common ropes and traditional armor, stood by the edge and observed a Vangaurd teaching the young studentsthe arts of defence and controlling their gifts when in combat training. He can feel many have great potential in their futures for whatever path if forged by them. Kumaar merely came to inspect the progress of the newly established outpost take a role as master while acting as the voice of the Protoss Empire in this new galaxy to know about the native races. Something was on his mind, after his meditation something alerted him. Since arriving upon this galaxy, it was as if a brief moment of strong psionic surge, ancient and powerful. And that disturbed him and any who felt it, he would need to investigated this source should it be a threat to the Commonwealth but something else had gained his interest from a certain vision the Khala has given him.

"Master Kumaar, I trust you are well since your arrival." A male synthetic voice spoke from behind him, an Exo Vanguard stood with his arms folded in front of his chest, came to see if the Protoss was well during his time on Eden Prime. "Probably the first Protoss to ever set foot beyond the Milky Way, kinda makes you famous." He said with a hint of humour, looking at him with the illuminant optics.

"Yes, I have come to inspect on the progress of the new temple on Eden Prime. Already we have a slow but steady growth of new Vanguards." Kumaar spoke through telepathy as many of his species lack the jaws to communicate like all species. "And you should know Cayde-6, that fame is of little to the Protoss. Now, what have you to report for the Council?" Turns around to meet him.

"Since the end of the Dilgar War, we manage to round up the survivors of a now dead race who had escaped the destruction of their entire home system. They're on a isolated planet and kept a close eye on by the Commonwealth, most of the races who despise them for the things the Dilagr had done to their people would think its fitting to send them back to the stone ages." Cayde said and passed for a moment before continuing with his second report. "The next report is trying to get the two species; the Centauri and the Narn to least be on a civilized manner if they're going to earn membership of the alliance. Yeah, kinda like trying to ask a Appoplexian NOT to cause trouble. But, a few days ago something caught one of our probes' surveillances on a peculiar star system. Some sort of signal, no idea what it is, but faint so Eden Prime suggest sending a ship to investigate. Possibly a new species or something to check out. That's all I know, the other Vanguards would fill you in."

As Kumaar absorbed the knowledge the Exo Hunter had given, he took some time to think. "Thank you Cayde-6, I will pass the information the council, if you or any other Vanguards know of anything else the Commonwealth will need to be aware of. I will see to it to send a few Hunter-class Vanguards find anything in the frontier."

"Much appreciate the offer my good friend. We may have a few planets and some new friends in the Halo galaxy, but be easier to know everything to spare the resources we have at the time being from growing thin while this far out. I'll notify the others on the next trip to Babylon, I'll be getting ready to head out to know about this star system."

"Who will be lead the expedition?"

"Let's see, there's the Dragon of Fire, so the one in command is Byron Alexander. Don't know the full details but I know one girl he's married to; known by her codename 'Red Valkyrie', uh... you'll know from her past missions and assignments to get why she's called that. Plus, I kinda owe her a new sniper rifle from that 'little' incident on Alaca years ago." If Cayde was organic he would've looked nervous apart from the way he lifts his hand up to the back of his head. "Not to poke my nose into your business. But why ask such a question?"

"I believe something is about to occur. I have seen visions from my meditation, I need to understand what they mean." Leaving the Exo to return inside the temple. Since his arrival to the Halo galaxy, he felt a strong presence surrounding this galaxy. Unable to tell what it was, and been granted visions of what may perhaps be the future. And something trying to tap into his mind, very powerful and ancient.

It did not feel right to him, and certain some felt it as well.

USN Fenrir

In the vastness of space, the darkness lid up by countless twinkling lights of stars, stellar clouds and nebulas. It was a peaceful moment until bright vortexes opened themselves up, faint tendrils flaring all around the maw, numerous ships flung out of the openings, forming into a small fleet of Commonwealth ships after their entry to normal space. In the convergence of technologies from numerous allied races, the ships were long sword-shaped in smooth curves markings on the surface, shining grey and faint blue on the bow sections.

Smaller vessels in similar shape compared to the larger counterparts they fly alongside with. They may be vessels of a united galactic community but are well armed for battle from the centuries of experiences in war. Taking moment to learn of the remote region of space they arrived at, venturing beyond known territories of the celestial arm and map the new systems they may find, planets that have potential resources or new civilizations that inhabit them.

A single male Catian captain K'rrel observed the glorious view of space. Taking the Captain's chair to rest on and stare at the view screen. Tall, strong built and having his mane styled in a few dread locks. Standing beside him was a female Andorian commander Talia, light many she was blue skinned, two antennae on top of her head. "Captain, we found several planets in the sector, only M-class planets found in two star systems. Should get a closer inspection from the drones."

"Granted. Begin mapping the sector, perhaps we may find something interesting for us and the other neighbours. According to the Drazi this region of space is as far as anyone has ever reached, not even the Centauri." The Captain turns his head to one of the officers. "Ensign, certain there are no Jump Gates in this region of space?"

"Pretty much, sir. No signs of any Gates in range. Our probes should pick something soon." Tapping into the holo-projections of keypads to interface.

The doors slide open, revealing a powerful built Gorn in robes and armour, a hood over his head but the eyes remain visible. Making his way towards the captain, standing beside his chair and didn't go unnoticed by K'rrel. "Vanguard S'veek, I trust the trip is so far pleasant for you and the others?"

"They are indeed, captain. When we sensed the vessel returning to normal space, I and the rest of my fello Vanguards assumed we arrived to our destination." S'veek commented with a soft hiss in his sentence before turning his reptilian gaze upon the stars. "During our time in hyperspace, I sensed something in the region."

Gaining the captain's interest and knowing full well not to doubt a highly trained Vanguard if they felt something was up. "Anything your senses say what's out there?"

The Gorn merely shook his. "I was unable to find the source of it's presence, I am sorry captain I was unable to tell what it was before I had the chance. We should be careful out here. But something else caught my interest."

The captain as about to ask what else he found until one of the officers called out. "Captain, we're picking up several unknowns, we recently picked up their signatures from the drones."

"Can you intercept it?"

"Already on it, according to the translator, appears to be some sort of distress signal. The other ships seem to be attacking them." Working on the translator to know the aliens better.

"Looks like a First Contact situation. Sung, bring it on speaker I wanna know who they are and what's going on before we do something, and I want it done now." The captain gave an order to the ship's A.I., a small humanoid hologram of a Chinese maiden appeared beside him.

"The language is being translated, but I know for sure from the drones' view one side being overwhelmed by a more heavily armed fleet. Several activities on the planet surface could be an outpost or something."

"Get a close up on the battle, I wanna know what's happening before we end up pulled into a situation." Taking the captain's order, a new screen blinked up from one of the drone's camera view.

What the crew on the bridge could was indeed a battle between both sides but the latter was having a hard time in their defensive position in their orbital position. The attacking ships were large ships, obvious to many to be built for war and armed with such firepower.

"Captain, one of the ships is broadcasting a distress call to any ships. Shall I intercept?"

Nods his head. "Let's hear it."

A new image appeared, one appeared to be a bipedal alien, avian by the physical appearance of its head with curved crests over the head and possibly mandibles around the jaws.

"This is General Doren Kartenrill of the Turian vessel Palaven's Light to anyone in the range of communications. Our forces cannot hold the enemy much longer in our situation; our colony is under heavy fire and won't last much longer if the Cabal get their hands on the research and this planet. We need immediate help, there are hundreds of civilian colonists on Aevonna and we don't have enough men to help them in an evacuation."

The message ended, leaving many of the officers who were in surprise and shock, not from the obvious situation being a war between two species. But the name of the attackers the Turian spoke of.

Talia spoke to her captain with a confused and surprised look on her face. "Captain, did I hear that right? He said the Cabal, as in the same War Rhinos from the Cabal Wars?"

"I'm as shocked as you are, commander. Enign, are the scans' readouts confirmed on those ships?"

A human officer responded to his question. "We have now, and yes. They are indeed the Cabal."

"How is it possible? These can't be the same Cabal our ancestors fought almost 200 years ago, they could not have the technology to travel between galaxies; that takes centuries without a stargate." Talia was still in disbelief of what her mind was absorbing; unable to believe the same enemy the Federation and her allies once fought long ago is in the Halo galaxy.

"We'll worry about it later, right now we need to help those people fend off the Cabal. Sung, make certain our ship is ready for a fight. Commander, signal the fleet to go to red alert! Those Rhinos are in for a surprise to see us after all these years. And establish contact to the Turians that we received their message and would gladly assist them."

"I and the rest of the Vanguards shall prepare for combat. The Vanguards will provide as much help as we can." S'veek said, leaving the bridge to join the battle.

K'rrel stood firmly in the bridge and gazed at the battlefield they were about to enter. "Alert the fleet, launch all fighters. Do not fire unless fired upon."

It was mostly common for many of how first contact with a new race be, mostly hostile, peaceful and rarely on neutral terms. But something like the Cabal all the way in the Halo Galaxy? That was one of the rare unexpected events and demand answers from.

Shukahl System, Aevanna

Palaven's Light

The military fleet was holding the line as much as they can handle against the Cabal, but so far their resources are depleting and in serious need of aide from anyone. Ever since the Citadel had discovered a new race, the Batarians tried to make a statement that they were the victims of a brutal attack but a General and other high rank officers of the fleet who survived spoke out of what really happened. The Council, likely the Asari tried to contact the Cabal in peace, but all communications have been ignored and they've been attacking whatever world, outpost and colony that comes in their path. The Batarians suffered the most for their actions that started the war. But what they never thought possible was that this new species has no Mass Effect technology or element zero at all.

The Salarians have been trying to study any of the technology they could find from the past battles, the Turians have been deploying as many of their available ships to hold the Cabal and find their weak points, yet so far have been a struggle but wont stop the galaxy's top military fleet. Krogans have eagerly volunteered for the fight, only to see the Cabal as a new challenge for them, not for the Citadel over the history between them. The war has been going on for over five months and the Cabal were no where loosing their stance. Now, the a fleet of their behemoths swarm over Aevanna possibly for the Prothean ruins the researchers discovered and cannot afford to lose it to the enemy.

Doren stood by the table to observe the holographic projection of the battlefield and so far the Cabal were closing in. "The Cabal are gaining the advantage with those Psions of theirs, any word from the Commando squads or the Spectres?"

"Their holding out as far as we know until the evacuation is complete. The broadcast should reach the nearest fleet, hopefully."

The room shook from a strong impact, causing the lights to flicker and some to loose their footing, likely a missile and thankfully no one was badly injured, but the damage and casualties of those caught in the impact is another thing. He can tell some were beginning to break and feeling doubt because of how the Cabal were too strong and mostly have the advantage over them. "Our kinetic barriers won't hold for long, their too strong for us. There are still soldiers on the planet's surface!"

"What are we doing here, dying for some relics that have not even worked for thousands of years. We're already dead." One of the Turian soldiers said.

It was then the General heard enough and faced the group around him. "We must not let the Cabal finish us off so easily, as soldiers of the galaxy it is our duty to preserve the peace." Facing the fact that they weren't going to come out of this alive, might as well take as many with them as a sign of spirit and defiance to their aggressors. Seeing the look of his fellow soldiers slowly begin to straighten their minds and needed something to keep their morale strong. They needed to either win or survive for the future of their galaxy, no matter the cost.

An Asari Commando ran into the hall given a look on her face it was something that must be urgent. "Sir, we just picked up a fleet closing in towards the planet, fast." This caught the whole room's attention, hoping to be reinforcements.

"Is it ours?"

The Asari officer shook her head in response. "No, this one is completely unknown, and not Cabal either as they don't register to any of our database." It could mean one thing; a new species. Either they could be allies of the Cabal or recently newcomers in the galaxy. So many thoughts about this recent situation was halted for what more the Commando had to say. "It was confirmed to be a new civilzation, and they're trying to establish contact with us and assaulted on the enemy ships." Switching the projection to the planet's orbit and saw the unknown ships coming into range and launched dozens of ships upon the Cabal, sparing the Citadel fleet the further assaults and the chance to fight back and evacuate the colonists. Many of those present in the room were surprised how large these ships were. This was certainly a surprise, it could mean they have found a potential ally who may have a grudge on the Cabal Empire. Receiving contact from the alien fleet, he eagerly responded their hail, revealing a bipedal being, clad in uniform and his entire head was covered in fur.

"This is Captain K'rrel of the USN Fenri of the Interstellar Commonwealth contacting to the navy fleet, we have received your distress call and wish to offer you aide to stop the Cabal. We are familiar with them as we have fought them long ago."

To say the crew were surprised to make contact with another civilisation and this time they are offering their help to the Navy fleet against the Cabal. Some would think why they seem eager to assist when they just met, a lot of questions about this Interstellar Commonwealth but so far there is little time for that. Responding to the Captain's response. "Captain K'rrel, this… this is General Kortenrill of Palaven's Light, we have no idea who you are but your arrival and help most appreciate it. There are still soldiers on the surface to evacuate the remaining colonists out of the battlefield."

The Catian nodded and replied. "There will be time for questioning once we drive these War Rhinos out of the system. To be honest, I never thought to find them out here after so many years. We will send a few squad teams down the colony's coordinates. K'rrel out." The hologram shut down, and can see the Commonwealth ships in view, he was shocked and awed by their appearances and size, impressed by the firepower of those strange and unique fighters to fight alongside with. He was not the only one and feels they now have a chance to beat the Cabal.

Doren took notice that his crew were watching them in action, if they are to be potential allies then they need to show some effort to work together then let the other do it all. Although he was curious of their technology and ships, but he has a mission to fulfil and a colony to save. "Well, what you all standing around for? We can't let these newcomers have all the kills. Give command to the fleet to assist the Commonwealth ships and continue fire on the Cabal ships until they're blown out of the stars."

Codex Entry:

Dilgar War:

Since the colonization fleet's arrival upon the halo Galaxy they immediately set plans to establish a few colonies on the target worlds to set up new homes and contact the Interstellar Commonwealth of the success of their arrival through the space bridge, unlike the times when the pioneers set off to the Andromeda and Pegasus galaxies centuries ago, they will set up a stargate network for the Milky Way inhabitants to maintain contact. The new home they named Eden Prime, as a representative planet of the Milky Way galaxy, allowing many races and cultures to mingle without prejudice and settling all differences aside. It would be a community for several races from various governments of the Commonwealth for diplomatic relations and knowing more of the extragalactic neighbours.

They have indeed built a great reputation among many races in the celestial rim since the Dilgar War in 2655, a dark moment when the imperialistic Dilgar attacked dozens of systems and enslaved entire populations for the cruel desire of expansion of their empire and enforce their superiority among members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, they felt it was the end.

But when the emergence of a new power known as the Interstellar Commonwealth showed up, the tides of war changed drastically. They assisted the League when two of their new allies, the Krish and the Mitoc were recently invaded by the Dilgar and fought back with far superior technology, firepower, and tactics. Pushing the invaders from system to system.

An alliance formed between both allied forces, the Commonwealth was outraged y the atrocities and horrific cruelties the Dilgar conducted on the conquered worlds and exterminating entire races.

The Dilgar suffered major defeats by the intervention of the extra-galactic, forcing them to retreat to their solar system, when at a sudden moment their sun went supernova, destroying their planet and all of the Dilgar species. The Commonwealth never intended for the war to end in genocide, even though the Dilgar are guilty for their heinous crimes against sentients. Though there was a few survivors less then 7 million barely survived. The representatives of the alliance assured the League members the remaining Dilgar who were mainly civilian and only familie. They were relocated to a planet and stripped technology to leave until they changed their ways. Although, the majority wanted to see them all dead for what they've done to them but respected their new allies' decisions as long as the Commonwealth keeps a close eye on them.

War of Darkness:

It is a recorded event that brought the entire galaxy into a state of war from all sides, almost brought to the collapse of civilzation; Allies and enemies alike. But Vanguards and agents of the High Foundation, the Federation, Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire learnt of the truth by an ancient and advance race long thought to be either a myth or extinct; Iconians, or known as 'Demons', for centuries their servitor races conducted experiments and studying the races that have evolved since the collapse of the Iconian Domain and without the First Ones to protect them.

The Iconians launched a vengeful wrath upon the galaxy by secretly manipulating the species of the Milky Way before they begin their invasion. Over the years the species formed a greater bond and fought back. After the years of fighting, the Iconians vanished and coaliton of species would eventually give rise to the Interstellar Commonwealth.

So far, the Cabal were involved as well as the and unsure if they were pawns of the iconians like any other species before they left the Milky Way before the end of the war, but the Iconians left a message to the 'children of the ancients': "a darkness is coming and with it, the end of your Cycle". It made many confused of what they meant, possibly something only the Iconians know about.

Ok, so as you can see the Batarians have started a war with the Cabal, I wanted to start a small event thats been going on and wanting to include the Cabal as in the Destiny series they are said to be running from the great enemy, until we know now it was the Taken King but in the Children of the Ancients its something much powerful that made them come to the galaxy for the mission.

There's not going to be Citadel bashing as we now have lots of that on this website, sorry for some but felt there had to be some who are reasonable and how they will try to adjust to the event of life outside the galaxy. Abologies if the battle between the Cabal and Batarians seem small, as we have no idea what their ships are like so I had figureed they must like them big and powerful if they had recent encounters with the Milky Way species from the pre-Commonwealth era.

Yes I included Cayde-6, from the Taken King he was funny and had to include him in the fanfic, plus he was voiced by Nathan Fillion from Firefly!

For wanting to see the Vanguards in battle you will in the next chapter. For the battlestar galactic to make an entrance I'm working on some ideas but open for any and also don't worry on Gundam Seed will be some bashing against the Earth Alliance and the arrogant Coordinators. plus an idea I have install for making it very different and adding another faction from a different verse but not giving away any spoilers! You have to guess and find out ^^

So I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please give some good creative critics about this chapter for any mistakes or improvements needed