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Chapter 1: The Chase

"Why do you keep chasing me!?" screamed Danny. "Just let me do the damn konso so you can go to the stupid Soul Society!" yelled an angry Ichigo. Danny flew through a wall and hid behind it. "Great, now where did that bastard go" said Ichigo looking all around for him. Then he peeked behind the wall hiding Danny and was hit in the face with an ecto-ray.

"What's a konso and why do you want to preform one on me?" asked Danny. "'Cause it sends dead spirits to the Soul Society" said Ichigo. "Wait you think I'm a dead spirit, wow you're more dense than I thought" said Danny.

"Says the white-haired freak!"

"Oh I know you aren't talking about me who has natural orange hair!"


"You can call me a bunch of names but NEVER. EVER. CALL ME. INVISO-BILL!" yelled Danny shooting Ichigo with a barrage of ecto-rays, and when he stopped, Ichigo was nowhere to be found.

"Look, I don't like you and you don't like me, how about we just get this over with" said Ichigo from behind Danny. "I guess since you won't leave I'll just have to go inside of you" said Danny with a smirk.

Ichigo blinked once, then twice and asked "I'm sorry can you repeat that?" Danny went intangible and tried to posses Ichigo but was shocked when it didn't work.

"I'm a soul so if your trying to posses me it won't work" said Ichigo. "Great things just got a lot harder" said Danny with a groan.

On the other side of the street, Sam and Tucker watched Danny fight air. "Hey Tucker is their any reason why Danny is fighting air?" asked Sam. "There's only one possible reason, and that is that Danny's crazy parents must have got to him" said Tucker. "Oh no what can we do to help" said Sam. "We can't do anything there's only one person who can help him now" said Tucker.

"Only one person who can help who?" asked Danny.

"We'll explain on the way to your house" said Sam.

"I'm not going crazy there was actually someone there!" shouted Danny. "Okay we believe you, and we're sorry for calling you crazy, take this apology gift" said Tucker. "For me, thanks!" yelled Danny ripping open the present. Inside was a small platinum card that read:

Dr. Hawthorne

Treats the insane

Call 1-800-687-965 for more information.


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