I do not own the Avengers. I do not own Star Wars. I just thought this would be cool.

I am Clinton Francis Barton. I am the Amazing Hawkeye. I am an Agent of SHIELD. I am an Avenger. I am a Hero.

These were the words that floated in my mind from the very first moments I could remember. All the yelling, all the fighting, it faded away in the face of those words. Yes, what was happening was horrible but in the distant recesses of my memory I knew that this was simply more of the same and did not despair.

I am Clint Barton. I am Hawkeye. I am an Archer. I am an Agent. I am an Avenger. I am a Hero. I am an Orphan. I am a murderer.

No matter the loud noises or horrible sights, no matter the long nights without rest or days without food those words floated in my mind. I forgot the words of the people before who had tried to change those words to something else but instead faded away in memory. In this shadowy world of dark alleys, neon lights of deathsticks, bounty hunters, scum and villainy I plowed on. Aware enough of the danger to avoid attention but untouched by the horrors of this world with no sky, this place called the jewel of the core worlds.

I am Clint. I am Hawkeye. I am the Archer. Greatest Marksman in the Universe. I am an Agent. I am a spy. I am an assassin. I am an Avenger.

Beings walked by every day, uncaring of the one small human wandering in their midst. They flew through the air on their speeders, they touched the sky that could not be seen. The constant movement of life flowed and ebbed in a pattern that was just out of reach and yet so tantalizingly close. Too close, if only distance could be found then perhaps sense could be found in the chaos, understanding in the face of confusion?

I am Clint Barton, Hawkeye, the Galaxy's Greatest Marksman. I am a Soldier that spies and kills for the sake of safety. I am an Avenger, the Archer who sees better from a distance.

Up, up towards the distant skies above, seeking a place on high from which to view the world below. Out from the shadows and into the light, into the great buildings that pierced the skies above. Not blue, not like the skies of memory. Not gold, like the remnants of a place half-forgotten like a dream. There is not great history here to be seen, history is everywhere showing the rising and falling fortunes of beings that were held aloft and then fell from grace. There is a place nearby; there is life green life if one can simply follow the whispers. This strange, beautiful, peaceful place, where the air is clean and untouched, the jewel of history, pride and purpose.

I am Clint Barton, Hawkeye. Archer of the Avengers, Galaxy's Greatest Marksman, soldier, assassin, and spy of Shield. My old life is over and now begins anew. I will be a Jedi.