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The Gentle Waves Clan existed much like the oceans of distant worlds. Some days they are as calm as their name suggests, but on others they instead become tumultuous and draw the unwary into the unseen depths. This was a well-known phenomenon but the inclusion of the small human Clint Barton just seemed to make this unfortunate tendency all the more prevalent. JR-TX9 simply did not know what to make of the small youngling moving about its commissary kitchen. All around the young one dishes, bowls and ingredients are strewn across the floor while an archaic oven clicks quietly off to one side.

"Young one, this seems most unsafe, just what are you doing?" At the voice of the droid the small child looks up smiling with a secretive and teasing lilt to his expression. It has taken years for JR-TX9 to get a grasp on the finer points of 'emotion' and 'facial expressions' but despite being able to somewhat understand what its sensors are receiving it still could not conclude on the reasoning. Sentient adults are a challenge on the best of days and younglings a trial quite beyond its processing power, to add to the conundrum the little one just holds up a shallow cooking pan with a layer of elastic grain paste and some concoction made up of fruit, sugar and syrup?

Practically chirping in excitement the child exclaims, "I am making a pie! A very importan' guest is comin' and this is her favorite." JR-TX9 simply cannot understand these words; it is almost the middle of the sleep cycle so the youngling should be in his crèche not accepting visitors and according to the internal logs of the Temple this particular being had no-one outside the Temple to meet. At the silence the small human begins to frown in concern, "Do you na' know how to make a pie?" At JR-TX9's confirmation of this fact the youngling looks downright panicked.

"Really? You canna' make pie? Thas not good at all! Here let me show ya' the steps, this is importan'." JR-TX9 just cannot stop the programmed curiosity from overtaking its systems. Over the years it has seen many younglings concerned for many reasons but this was new. The child, Clint, genuinely was frightened for JR-TX9's inability to 'bake a pie'. To appease the human's concerns JR-TX9 pays close attention to the making of a second Jilltburry pie, "Cause I couldna' find any apples so these wer' the best I coud find ya' know? Hope she dunna mind, but I think they'll be great!"

The process of making a 'pie' was quite straight forward: make and roll out the 'dough', fill the pan with a thin layer of 'crust', make the filling from fruit, sugar and some liquid ("But not too much!"), cover with another layer of 'crust', cut in vents for steam to escape and then into the ancient oven. Together they clean and wait until JR-TX9's sensors conclude the process is complete. Before the youngling can do it, JR-TX9 carefully removes the two heated pans containing 'pie' before turning back to the child. "The process to 'Make a Pie' has been learned and completed. When shall your guest arrive?"

Despite grinning broadly the little human can't stop the huge yawn taking over his features and softening them into a visage one step from sleep. "She'll be here at some point. I wus gonna wait up for her but I think I need ta get ta bed." Looking up plaintively, the youngling raises his arm in the universally understood request for a caretaker. JR-TX9 easily picks up the little human and takes him back to his crèche. Master Vant looks bewildered and exhausted once awoken but takes the youngling without complaint. Task completed JR-TX9 returns to its kitchen to finish cleaning before recharging only to stop at the threshold. Where two Jilltburry pies once rested only two empty dishes remain beside a small note.

'Thanks for the pies, glad you remembered birdy.'

Author's Note:

Two chapters in one day, I know silly right? But the juices are flowing and this is the build up to a scene I conceived when I first came up with this story concept. And in case you did not understand just why Clint was so concerned don't worry it'll be explained.