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Despite the mystery of the first jilltburry pie incident that a caretaker droid never bothered to report nor be concerned about, the droid simply 'forgot' about the entire incident, which was perhaps the strangest thing of all. A young acolyte by the name of Fenric Rauli'em was the first to discover the strange new virus that seemed to be moving from droid to droid called Operation (Make Pie) which evidently was related to the creation process of a human-centric food item and thus knowledge of the previous incident. Acolyte Fenric didn't really get it himself, sugar was poisonous to him, so this particular dish had no real meaning. It had started out as a small glitch, a mere headache that had been casually noted when one caretaker droid, JR-TX9, was seen teaching the process to another caretaker droid. The reason for why the droids all needed to know this function nor how it was being passed along to droids that had absolutely not needed to know it was unclear, but that had never stopped the Slicer from completing a task.

Grandmaster Oren had told him to look into the curious situation after the odd baked treat started appearing almost daily in the Jedi commissary. At first it was just an oddity that should have been cleared up once the cooking droids where told that it wasn't necessary for them to make it and yet day after day it was made without fail. As it turned out a new droid was making it each day so as to test out their knowledge and to be assured that the 'recipe' was saved into their data banks. It was odd which had led to the request and brought Fenric to an old out of date kitchen at 2:30 am. He was monitoring a truly bizarre sight; an R2 unit was assisting a small human child with blond hair in the process of creating the dish. The R2 unit was a karking astromech droid! They did nothing with food so why had the kriffing virus even targeted it?

But the more he watched the more he realized that perhaps he had made a mistake. The small youngling was chattering away, unconcerned by the oddity occurring. It was then that Fenric had an idea that made his scaly face crack wide in a toothy grin. The youngling must have created the virus using some force enhanced slicing trick. Which he then used to ensure his favorite treat was available daily! This was adorable and Fenric had no real desire to rain on the youngling's parade but this had to stop.

'Youngling,' Fenric scratched out quietly. 'What have you been up to?' Normally a sudden voice would startle such a young child but there was no response, instead it was the Astromech that responded with a cheerful whistle and bloop. The sudden activity of his companion made the little human swing round but the shock on his face quickly became an impish grin.

'Hiya Mist'r, whatchya doin' 'ere at this time? We'r ya needin' the kitch'n fer sumthin?' The child's dialect was oddly difficult for Fenric to follow as it was clearly a mashup of common and yet after some parsing, and the R2 unit translating, he figured it out. He rasped out a chuckle in response.

'No little one, I am not here for victuals.' He crouches down as if to share a secret, "Instead, I am hunting an illness which has been plaguing the droids of late.' Here he can't help but pause wondering if the child would admit to his rather minor crime of creating a small but non-damaging virus. But instead the child's eyes widen and begin to moisten as he turns sharply to the little purple droid.

'R2-S6 you'm best be on yer way! I canna le' ya get sick onna my account.' The child's tearful face makes Fenric's stomach ache with cold. He truly had not meant to disturb the child so much. 'Git along now! I ken wait fer a bit to see 'er by meself. Honest! I donna need a sitter.' Turning to the only adult in the room the youngling continues, 'Sides this 'ere fella can pull it outta the oven while he helps stop the illness.'

The now named R2-S6 warbles sadly but acknowledges the youngling's concern. A sharp whistle at the acolyte ensures that Fenric knows that looking after the child is a High Priority task, not to be shirked. Knowing that he needs to talk to the boy about his slicing he accepts the task with aplomb. Accepting his capitulation the little droid wheels away into the dark halls.

Now alone Fenric turns to see the child looking as he tugs on his hair and mutters derogatory phrases under his breath, stupid, moron, of course its bad fer the droids to be around me and other such things which steals yet more heat from the Kaleesh's core. Resting on his knees he pulls away his mask to meet the child's blue-grey eyes. 'Youngling, please do not be concerned for the droids. I am tracking a virus which has invaded the system and its origin point appears to have been this kitchen. Do you happen to know anything about it?'

Perhaps the little human was not responsible but rather was trying to help the droids in fulfilling the demands of the virus. But this vague thought is put on hold by what the child says next, 'I dinna knew anythin' bout a virus. I just be'n teachin' 'em howta make pie. Itsa important skill ta have fer im!' The youngling's worry seems to have shifted to a different concern. 'Iffa they donna kno' howta make pie then Tamara will hafta unmake 'em yasee?'

These words were more than a little bit puzzling, even after figuring out how the child was manipulating common into his unique jargon the words still made no sense in the slightest. Proceeding cautiously he asks, 'Why must 'Tamara' unmake them if they do not know how to make pie?'

At this the small child stills and an air of odd knowing and great wisdom rests on the child. A mantle of prestige and honor encircles him as he responds cryptically. 'Tha firs' time Tamara woke up she hadda deal with the Gardeners and the Aleph they sent was rude. When he didna kno howta make a pie she unmade 'im and tha's been 'er go-to method eva since.'

After delivering this strange portent the child consents to being taken to bed. Master Vant looks manic and almost disbelieving when she takes the little boy-child. With the task complete Fenric returns to the kitchen to remove the 'pie' and get down to the bottom of this virus business. But upon arriving he instead finds a cooling oven, an empty baking dish and a small smoking pile of scrap. Upon reviewing the archives he determines that they were the remains of a rather rude protocol droid known as C3-N0 whose last words were apparently, 'Why would I need to make you a pie?'

Later on once he had calmed down he sent a message to Grandmaster Oren stating 'The matter has been resolved.' After all, Fenric had ensured that not only did every droid know how to make pie but had also taken the time to inform them that they did not need to make pie every day, it's wasteful.

Author's Note:

Sooooo I am continuing the story. For those that don't know Captain Universe aka Tamara Devoux really liked apple pie. But upon meeting the Gardeners who disliked the idea of Earth and meeting an Aleph who was rude she killed it. Not sure which series it was but it made an impression on me! Next chapter will resolve this 'arc' and explain how Clint got himself into this situation. Thanks for all the Likes and Bookmarks. You guys are great and I am happy you appreciate this story. Later!