Godzilla X Titan 3: All-Out Strike

By Z-King and Lord Primeval

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Chapter 1: Adjustments

The air was filled with the smell of autumn through the town of Tanakibo. Despite the fact that the forest surrounding them was infested with gigantic beasts, the townsfolk went about their days as if no calamities could ever occur here.

But a year and two weeks ago to the day, one of mankind's greatest calamities did occur. This town was the site of the titanic battle between The Great Predator and The Crystal Titan. Historians behind the Walls declared it a pivotal moment in human development.

While the residence went by laboring and shopping, one soul was doing labor of a different sort. In the Meditation grounds, just behind the Temple of Deliverance, a young man sat perfectly still.

This was Eren Yeager.

He sat in meditation stance with his eyelids twitching in frustration. All he could see was that same moment over and over. It was the day his mother died. Again and again, he saw the Smiling Titan tear her body in two with its hideous jaws. He couldn't handle it anymore.

Just as he was about to lash out in anger a hand touched his shoulder. This slowly brought him back. The hand belonged to Miki Seagusa.

"You're focusing on it again," she said. "You are supposed to look past it. See it as a moment, not a reason."

Eren repositioned himself. Last month he was suspended from duty for violent outbursts, especially towards Jean. With the Titans seemingly gone, his usual outlet for his anger wasn't around. He became more and more agitated until he ended up breaking Father Monroe's jaw in the Wall Rose district during a public service. He figured if anyone could help him it would be Miss Seagusa.

He saw the image again. His fist clenched and twitched in anger. Miki watched patiently, determining what he would do. Slowly, Eren's hand opened up. It still seemed tense, but it was an improvement.

"Alright," she said, "That's enough for today Eren."

Miki helped him back on his feet.

"I...I still don't think this is helping." Eren said.

"Its progress," she replied, "A wall is always easier to mend then a mind."

"Can't you just use your powers to 'Think' these memories out of my head?" Eren asked.

She rolled her eyes.

"As I've told countless people; it doesn't work that way," Miki sighed. "You can't just pluck them out like a berry, they have to go somewhere. The only way to solve your problem is to work on your mind yourself. I know it isn't up to the speed you want, but you have to keep trying. Even Tanakibo wasn't built in a day you know."

Eren bowed.

"Thank you Miss Seagusa." Eren said.

Miki bowed back.

Eren reared back up, noticing something in the distance. A series of flares shot up into the sky. Something was attacking again. Duty called.

He ran off to collect his gear. He may have been suspended from Survey Corps, but he was allowed to take Arimin and Mikasa along to volunteer their services to a newly formed Militia. Were a badge brandishing a pair of wings once rested, a new insignia took its place; the silhouette of the Great Predator. They were the Kaju Corps.

Finally buckled and ready, he shot off a grappler to get moving. Hopping from roof to roof, he managed to catch up with the rest of the group. Armin, Mikasa and Sasha were already tangling against a thirty foot Axor. Sasha avoided a tail-whip attack and swung towards its head. A single slash was all she could get in before the Axor opened its jaws.

Eren jetted in, slashing the throat. Everyone backed up as it tumbled over.

"About time you showed up," Sasha exclaimed, "I take it the therapy is working?"

"What's the situation?" Eren asked.

"We have a full-fledged attack here," Armin answered. "A single Kumunga, an Axor, three Terror Birds, and three Varans."

Just as Armin finished, Moll landed herself by the group's feet. She had joined with the corps a week after its formation. Thanks to her psychic abilities, the killing ratio had been cut down a bit. Sometimes the art of mental persuasion is more effective than a pair of swords after all.

"I managed to persuade the Varans to leave, but the Terror Birds scattered too quickly." She responded. "Any sign of 'Old Mimic?'"

"No, surprisingly." Sasha answered. "He's been strangely quiet for weeks. We still have a Kumunga and a trio of Birds to deal with, let's move out!"

With that command, the group rushed off, separating into teams of two: Eren with Mikasa, Armin with Moll, and Sasha on her own.

Eren and Mikasa bolted off to the northeast sector of the town. They saw the Kumunga attacking the stalls and shops. It probably caught the scent of the various meat stands and figured it would scavenge a free snack.

The two humans shot off a grappler into the spider's front legs, causing it to shriek. Luckily, the procedure to take one down as a Kamacuras; attack the unarmored joints in their legs.

Jetting around with their gear, they performed a slash and swipe on the arachnid's legs, forcing it to collapse on the town floor. The limbless torso twitched its stubs as the humans came closer. Unceremoniously, Mikasa drove her blade into the Kumunga's head.

"One down," Mikasa said.

Just as she spoke, the ground beneath them shook.

"Now what?" Eren sighed.


Armin was cornered, caught in an alleyway with a Terror Bird snapping its beak in his direction. Right before it could bite off his face, Armin launched himself up and over, landing on the bird's back. The bird bucked around too much for him to strike, causing him to lose his grip on his blade. Finally, he pulled out his second sword. With one blow, he stabbed the creature in the back.

Once the bird was dead, a second one entered the alleyway and took hold of Armin's jacket with its jaws. He was now hanging from the creature's mouth.

Moll leapt onto the scene. She jumped right in front of the feathered predator. Placing her hand on the animal's chest, she closed her eyes to focus. The Terror Bird shook Armin less violently until it was completely calm. It released him, unsoftly, onto the ground.

Something odd happened when she used her power. She saw something, she had no idea what. It was big, blue, and on fire. The thing smashed into the floor of a forest, causing a flock of Terror Birds to flee.

Before she could see anything else, the bird ran off.

What was all that about? She thought.

"You know Moll," Armin said, "If you just kill it, it won't come back in a week."

"You know how I feel about killing!" Moll snapped at him. "But I didn't ask it to run off yet. Why would it-?"

Right when she spoke, the ground shook.

"Looks like Old Mimic is back." Armin groaned.

The two took off, leaping roof to roof until they met up with the rest of the group. Eren, Mikasa, Moll, and Armin looked down to see the giant cracks in the town square.

"Stand back," Eren said, his hand nearing his mouth. "I'll take care of this."

"No need," Sasha said as she entered the scene. "I already shot the flare."

The earth below gave way, opening to reveal the beat the town had nicknamed Old Mimic. He gained this title from his resemblance to the Great Predator. You'd know him as Zilla.

Zilla climbed out of the hole, announcing his presence with a roar that even sounded like the Great Predator's. Slowly, he crawled out of the ground. For the past four months, Zilla has tried to claim this territory as his own. The only thing standing in his way was a certain reptile that Zilla considered the Alpha.

And here he comes…

Anguirus rolled into a ball of spiked furry, knocking Zilla off balance. Now fully grown, he stood just as tall as his opponent. Once Zilla got on his feet again, he chased after Anguirus. The town's defender was trained specifically to lure Kaiju away from the city in order to decrease damage. Fortunately, Zilla wasn't focused on destruction. He wanted Anguirus.

Impatient, Zilla leaped into the air, kicking and sliding Anguirus into some buildings. Zilla knew he couldn't just stomp on him due to Anguirus's spiny armor. He decided to blast him with green flames. Anguirus stunned Zilla with a sonic blast before tackling him.

The two struggled against one another right at the edge of Tanakibo. Anguirus pushed Zilla off of him, then proceeded to attack with his spiked tail. Zilla bit into Anguirus's unarmored shoulder. Anguirus tossed Zilla off of him and head-butted him in the stomach.

Anguirus's opponent blasted his face with fire breath, giving him time for his next move. Zilla quickly dove down, burrowing into the earth. Just as Anguirus realized what happened, he ground beneath his feet collapsed, taking the armored Kaiju with it.

The Kaiju Corps made their way to Anguirus's position. All they could see from the dust were claws and tails flaying in random directions. Finally, Zilla's head emerged to let loose his flames into the crater. There was no sound, no movement, nothing as the humans watched in silence.

Zilla emerged, roaring in pride. Anguirus was nowhere to be found. Eren braced himself for action.

"Give him a minute," Sasha told him.

The saurian placed his right foot out of the ditch, ready to claim the area as his prize. Zilla tried to get his left leg out of the hole, but some force held it into place. He struggled with all his might, but whatever it was wouldn't let go.

Finally, the dust cleared, revealing Anguirus to clenching his jaws around Zilla's ankle. Zilla tried everything to get him off; flames, tail whips, punching, nothing made him give. Zilla grabbed onto Anguirus's neck, attempting to pry him off. Anguirus was anticipating this.

Anguirus unclamped his jaws only to latch on to Zilla's forearm. Zilla pushed and pushed, but Anguirus wouldn't budge. Anguirus grabbed the rest of Zilla's arm with his hands. With one long shove, Anguirus managed to tear Zilla's arm right out of its socket.

As Zilla cried out in pain, Anguirus punched him in the face. With one last head-butt, Anguirus flung Zilla into the distance. Zilla struggled to get up, seeing his opponent staring him down. He had no choice but to retreat into the forest.

Anguirus roared as Zilla limped back into the forest. The humans cheered along with him.

"That's my boy." Sasha said quietly to herself.

The rest were loudly cheering on, except for Moll. She still had that moment on her mind. With the flares going off, the Corps made their way back into town, ready for the routine clean-up mission.


Just fifty yards away, a trio of teenagers stood behind the trees, out of sight from the town and the retreating Kaiju. In front of them was a familiar face. Reiner turned to face the teens, staring at them as a coach would to his disappointing team.

"You all saw that right?" Reiner asked the boys. "They just took out some of the toughest brutes this forest has to offer like it was nothing. You still think you're ready?"

The brown-haired boy stepped forward.

"N-n-no, n-o sir," he quivered, "I-I-I w-wo-on't question you a-again. SIR!"

"I still think we can take them," the Red-headed boy said smugly.

He leaned his back to the tree behind him as he held a Tree frog by its hind leg. He seemed to enjoy watching it squirm.

The last teen, one with green hair, walked up to Reiner's right.

"They are small and weak," he hissed. "They won't be a problem once we change and squish them! Jus let me go in there right now and I'll show you"

Reiner rolled his eyes and pulled out his knife. Before the Green-haired boy knew what hit him, Reiner took hold of his arm and pinned the boy to the tree with his back facing Reiner. This caught everyone's attention. Slowly, Reiner brought the blade up, softly rubbing the back of the boy's neck.

"Feel that?" Reiner said, "When you change, this is your weak spot. The humans know this, they've been trained to take on Titans long before they learned how to take down monsters. If you go in without a plan…"

The Green-Haired boy shuddered, understanding Reiner's point. Reiner threw him onto the ground as he put the knife away.

"Besides," Reiner said, "We won't be attacking Tanakibo just yet. Our first stop is within the Walls. We need to get Anne back if we are to stand a chance. Am I clear?"

"YES SIR!" the three said in unison.

"Alright everyone," Reiner continued, "break's over. This time we train in sector 3!"

The Teenagers groaned. Sector 3 meant fighting against Baragons, not exactly their favorite training exercise. The Red-head carelessly tossed the Tree frog over his shoulder, only for the brunette boy to catch it. He gently placed the amphibian on the nearest tree and followed his comrades.

Reiner took one last look back.

Soon, he thought, soon we'll be ready…

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