A/N: because I just watched Jurassic World two days ago and totally love velociraptors now. and Christ Pratt. Because he's Chris Pratt. This totally my own personal crackfic. At least for now until my imagination shuts up. Just spent the last couple hours writing this fic. Posting maybe a tidbit or more per day until I run out of tidbits.

'Where am I?' Kagome thought after she awoke. Everything glowed amber, like looking towards the sun with her eyes closed. She felt cramped and realized in a panic that she was confined. Kagome didn't think she was claustrophobic before but she was now. Instinct told her to struggle like her life depended on it. She heard the muffled sounds of cracking and saw that white light spider webbed across her surroundings. Her body knew what to do before she even had to think. Her hands picked at the cracks and chipped away at the walls. Her head stretched towards the light. After what seemed like forever, her body threw itself out of her prison and she blinked to take in the room through the filmy slime covering her face.

The face of a man came into view. He was dark haired and green eyed and sported a five o'clock shadow. Despite his tired looks, his eyes shone with curiosity and just the barest hint of caution towards her. He was clearly a westerner and was speaking English to her. All these observations were nothing compared to the fact that he was massive. Like a giant. Like looked like he could eat her giant.

Then, against her will, a sort of whine emitted from her throat. The giant man wiped a finger across her face to clear some of the gunk away. Her ears finally registered that there were similar whines and chirps coming from next to her where giant eggs were in the process of hatching.

"I think I'll name you Blue."

It was then that she realized she wasn't facing a giant demon. She was just tiny. And judging from the tiny claws and scales she was sporting, not human. 'Oh what have I gotten myself into now…," she lamented.

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