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"Sesshoumaru better have a good reason for dragging me out here…," mumbled Kagome as she got off the ship. The sun was beating down a welcome and she pulled her cap down further to shield her eyes and examine the island. "Ugh." A glare was thrown towards a group of teenagers who shoved past her while disembarking the cruise ship.

"Seriously Kagome? You're at a DINOSAUR park and you're complaining?" A redheaded young man decked out in a Hawaiian print shirt, cargo shorts, sandals, and bucket hat said excitedly as he came up behind her. He took a deep breath. "Smell that? Ah! Fresh air, human sweat, sunblock, and reptile feces. Isn't this exciting?!" His eyes twinkled with adventure.

"It's giving me the biggest headache right now. So noisy…" The pair moved towards the park welcome center. "I had JUST unearthed a possible ancient village alongside a perfectly intact NEW species of mammoth. And you had me leave that to look at living, genetically engineered animals that just happen to intrigue Sesshoumaru?" They both gave a relieved sigh as they entered an air conditioned area. "Do you know how selective the selection process for this project was? I am THIS close to getting my Phd Shippo."

"You two must be here from Meido International. My name is Claire." A prim and proper looking woman came up to the pair. "It was truly a great surprise to hear from your company again. I did not think Mr. Taisho was too interested in us."

"Why hello...," Shippo half purred as he slid between Kagome and the park representative. He took the woman's hand and brushed his lips against the back as he bowed. "I'm Shippo Fushimi, head of marketing for Meido International" Kagome mentally rolled her eyes. He held no such title within the company. He was more of Sesshoumaru's behind the scenes gopher than anything. Ugh. That headache was moving into migraine territory with her friend's ridiculous antics.

"Oh?" The ginger politely retracted her hand. "I seem to be informed that a Mr. Michael Kennichi held that position."

"Kennichi?" Shippo waved away the name. "He's my lackey. They just put his name on the website because they said he looks better in pictures. But I disagree. What do you think?"

Claire chose to ignore the question but offered a professional smile. "I'll be showing you around today. Unless you guys want to go straight to the meeting room? I know Mr. Taisho has already gotten the full tour."

"Are you kidding me?! Of course we'd love to get a tour! How many people can say that they got a behind the scenes tour of Jurassic World?! And from such a lovely young lady!" Shippo said excitedly.

The park rep gave a tight smile and little laugh. "Right this way."

Kagome whispered to her companion as they trailed behind Claire, "What are you doing?"

"What? She totally has that stick up her butt, hard to get vibe going on. You know how I like to get the hard to gets. And she's hot."

"Well, you ain't getting nothing with that outfit." Kagome passed the kitsune as he froze with a half offended look on his face.

He looked down at himself and sighed, "Damn...she's right..."