The unmistakable sound of a Jeep could be heard approaching and Owen cursed as he spied the white automobile in the distance from the catwalk. "What now? Barry," he shouted over his shoulder, "the devil who loves prada is back. We got to get this place looking presentable." The handler descended the steps. "Or not. It doesn't really matter."

The other raptor keeper was stacking pails out of the way. "Already started, Owen. Didn't you listen to your radio? Some more investors are visiting or something like that."

Owen's girls started noisily talking when the truck parked a ways away. They watched curiously as Claire and two strangers stepped out. One was some pretty boy redhead in a suit and then there was a petite Asian woman dressed in khakis, a button up denim shirt, and a cap with a university logo on it.

Owen jumped down the last four steps and opened his arms. "Welcome, esteemed guests, to our comfortable, safe, and effective velociraptor enclosure."

Claire almost sighed in exasperation but she wasn't surprised by the man's antics. "Mr. Fushimi, Miss Higurashi, this is Owen Grady, our expert animal behaviorist and velociraptor trainer." The individuals shook hands and the Japanese nodded their heads in greeting. "Owen, these are more representatives from Meido International."

Before Claire could start a tour, Owen went straight for the selling point, "So, want to get up close and personal to the dinosaurs? Well, as close as 5 feet away from the fence."

"YES!" Shippo exclaimed and almost did a happy hop before coughing and resuming a straight business-like posture.

'Great. Another Esposito...this can be good though if he brings good word to Mr. Taisho.' With new hope, Claire cracked a genuine smile, making Owen do a double take, but he wisely (for once when it came to all things Claire) didn't point it out.

" this way." Owen led them to the double gated entrance. We'll stay in here and my man Barry up there," he gestured to the catwalk, "will try and chuck some chunks of meat our way so you can see them feed up close."

Claire, who was standing next to Kagome, noticed the young woman kneading her temple. "Are you alright, Miss Higurashi?"

"Yes, fine. Just a bit of a headache is all. Maybe I'm allergic to something on the island," the Asian mumbled.

Owen, not noticing the exchange waved to Barry to start the show. Echo lept and snatched a chunk of pig out of the air and Delta latched on as soon as she hit the ground, inciting a short tug of war before tearing the large piece in two.

"Come on Barry! You throw like a girl! Closer to us!"

Barry heaved another piece of meat and it almost hit the fence. Claire stepped back and crinkled her nose. Charlie stalked forward and then looked back at Blue, who was hanging back a little.

Blue approached, uneasy about the ginger haired male. She couldn't decide whether to be cautious or not. He smelled of strength but wasn't giving off any 'I want to kill or eat you' vibes. He kinda looked childish and a bit familiar. They were from Meido, Sesshoumaru's company. Did she know them?

Then, the foreign woman took off her cap to use as a fan and looked up for the first time at the animals. Electric blue caught Kagome's eyes and the human stared curiously at the beta of the pack.

Blue reeled forward in recognition. 'What was going on?! That's me! I'm over there! But I'm here! Imposter!' The dinosaur screeched and charged at the fence. The human Kagome and Claire jumped back and Shippo stepped in front of them with dark eyes. Human Kagome peeked around her companion and locked eyes with the animal.

And that's when both Kagome and Blue hit the ground unconscious.

A/n: officially just winging it. Rented and rewatched Jurassic World two nights ago so maybe I'll have some inspiration. So how do people feel about OwenxClaire just based on the movie? Should I make fanfic Claire lighten up? Should Shippo keep throwing the "charm" at her?