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It was after a full stomach of surprisingly not disgusting raw meat that she felt she could think a little clearer. Her "sisters" (because instinct told her so) were all asleep in their makeshift nest of white sheets in what she knew was a laboratory. 'Oh God! Did I become some lab experiment?!' A lab technician was carefully documenting the hatching of the last egg not too far away. Kagome really wished she could read the charts and screens nearby. Too bad she missed so much English in school, but she doubted school would've taught her any of the sciency words anyway.

Since her sisters were obviously lizards...'No. Dinosaurs.' Her human mind conjured up a memory of a field trip to a natural science museum in elementary school. Then she figured she must be one too. Specifically velociraptor if she was hearing correctly. How? She had no clue. Surely this was a nightmare.

The man called Dr. Wu was talking to the white man she had first seen. After their conversation, the giant scooped her up (eliciting a high pitched screech of some sort from her) and took her away from her sisters. Oddly, she wasn't TOO alarmed though because he smelled safe. Kagome didn't know why. He just did. 'Parent,' the word came to mind and she just as quickly threw it out the window because this man was definitely NOT her papa.

He put her in a cardboard box on the floor next to his bed and she protested loudly. What was she? A dog? She was a human being! Well, she was supposed to be! After much noisy complaint, the man moved her to the top drawer of his bedside table. Then he threw a couple of his shirts into the drawer and made a sloppy nest. Really? This was just as degrading! Just when she thought about giving him a piece of her mind, his scent blanketed her and she felt her muscles settle down while making sounds of contentment. It wasn't a purr because reptiles didn't purr but that was the only word she could think to describe it with.

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