AN: Hello once again everyone I am happy to announce that this is the start of another new story from me. It is a little thing that has been swimming around my head for about a month or two ever since I started to read some Naruto x Justice League, Naruto x DC, Naruto x Batman Series, and Naruto x Young Justice stories.

This will be a Nartuo x Justice League x Young Justice x Teen Titans story…Now that I think about it for a minute its probably categorized as a Naruto x DC story aw screw it I will figure it out along the way. Anyway this story takes place right after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War and goes from there as you will see in this chapter and maybe a year or two before the start of Young Justice. Naruto will be an "Un-Official" member of the league due to his age and will likely be a mentor/advisor to the young Justice team along with being part of the team.

Some characters may look like their New 52 versions or have the costumes from New 52 while others look like one of their various looks. I will specify as to who as the story progresses which you will see, Also I suck at describing clothes so please bare with me when it comes to describing costumes or outfits and any help with the specific names of articles of clothing will be greatly appreciated.

This will be a Naruto harem although I will try to keep it on the medium-semi large size maybe between 6-8 girls max if that. For the most part I will keep the harem secret and reveal it as time passes but I will say that Poison Ivy and Miss Martian are ALREADY in it and will STAY in the Harem. I am also thinking about adding Star Fire as she will likely be Naruto's sidekick/partner when she arrives and that will allow me to build a relationship between them.

Hell that is the best way to describe the scene, tens of thousands of dead bodies littered the ground, raging fires burned all round, and the ground was littered with giant craters and ripped up all around. There was not a single since of life as far as the eye could see…except for one; a young man no older than16 stood in the middle of the carnage. He had spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled like the sea, on his cheeks were 6 whisker-like birthmarks with 3 on each cheek. He was wearing a black trench coat with red flames on the bottom that went down to his mid-calve and a mesh shirt underneath it that showed off his muscular chest, his pants were a mix of orange and black; on his feet he wore a pair of black steel-toed combat boots, and finally on his forehead was blue headband with a metal plate that had a swirl-like leaf engraved on it.

This was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, son of the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze A.K.A. "The Yellow Flash" and his wife Kushina Uzumaki "The Red Death", third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune also known as Kurama, the "Orange Flash", the "One Man Army", the "Unofficial Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha", the "Child of Prophecy", and finally the LAST person alive in the ENTIRE Elemental Nations. Naruto stood there among the dead bodies with tears streaming down his cheeks as he looked at the lifeless forms of 5 women.

The first women had waist length midnight-blue hair, her pupil-less white eyes with just a hint of lavender in them were now dull and life-lifeless. She wore green-flak jacket over a cream-colored jacket; a pair of dark blue pants and shinobi sandals. This was Hinata Hyuuga or as she was going to be known in the near future Hinata Uzumaki due to her being one of Naruto's fiancés.

The next woman had violet hair pulled into a pineapple style ponytail, her once pupil-less chocolate brown eyes dull and lifeless. She wore a tan colored trench coat that went down to her calves, and a mesh shirt underneath it, a pair of short biker shorts held up by a belt that had a snake coiled around a fox head for a buckle, and a pair of tan combat boots. This was Anko Mitarashi or as she was going to known in the near future Anko Uzumaki due to being another of Naruto's fiancés.

The next woman had long blonde haired pulled into two long pony tails that went down to just above her rear end, and chocolate brown eyes. She wore a green coat over a grey v-cut shirt that showed a considerable amount of her impressive cleavage, and a pair of black pants that went down to just below her kneecaps. This was the Godaime Hokage Tsunade Senju or as she was going to known in the near future Tsunade Senju-Uzumaki and was another of Naruto's fiancés.

Next to Tsunade was a woman with long spiky auburn-hair and jade green eyes. She wore a blue battle-kimono with a fishnet shirt underneath it. Her once flawless creamy white skin was littered with cuts and burns as she lay there lifeless. This was the Godaime Mizukage of Kirigakure Mei Terumi or as she was going to be known in the near future Mei Terumi-Uzumaki another of Naruto's fiancés.

The last women had short blonde hair that was styled in a hime-cut, her icy blue eyes were dull and life-less, she wore a grey deep v-cut shirt with a mesh shirt underneath that showed off a considerable amount of her impressive bust, and a pair of gray shorts, in her hands was the shattered remains of her tanto. This was Samui of Kumo or as she was going to be known in the near future Samui Uzumaki and she was the last of Naruto's fiancés.

As Naruto stared at the lifeless forms of his fiancés he couldn't help but cry. He looked to Hinata and remembered all the times he spent with her, how he had saved her from some bullies when they were kids and became her friend and introduce her to his other friend Anko Mitarashi who he had met a year before her, when he met her mother who was the kindest woman he had ever met, how Hinata and him had become friends and entered the academy together. He remembered their time in the academy and how he comforted her when her mother died giving birth to her younger sister Hanabi. Meeting her father Hiashi Hyuuga who he thought was cold and mean but realized it was actually a mask that he wore to hide how he really cared for his daughter and protect her from the elders of the clan.

Naruto remembered when they graduated the academy and were assigned teams and their disappointment at not being assigned on the same time together. The times they would hang out with her and Anko when not on missions or training. When they entered the Chunin Exams and how she offered to let him cheat off her test during the first exam. He remembered the preliminary fights where he was matched up against Kiba Inuzuka and she was matched up against her cousin Neji Hyuuga. How she nearly died when Neji went to attack her even after he was declared the winner of the match. How he had sworn on her blood to beat Neji during the finals.

Naruto remembered visiting Hinata in the hospital after the preliminaries were finished before he met Jiraiya of the Sannin who he would later nickname Ero-Sennin or "Pervy Sage" and how he taught him during the month long break before the finals. He remembered meeting with Hinata and Anko right before the finals started and confessing his feelings for the both of them surprising Hinata and Anko before they smiled and confessed their feelings for him and how they were willing to share him which surprised him.

Naruto remembered fighting against Neji in the finals and shattering Neji's belief that their lives were controlled and how he beat Neji. He remembered the aftermath of the Sound Sand Invasion and how Hinata and Anko comforted him after the death of the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi who was like a grandfather to Naruto. He remembered leaving with Jiraiya to find Tsunade and bring her back to the village where she would become the Godaime Hokage.

Naruto remembered returning to Konoha with Jiraiya and Tsunade who he had convinced to become the Godaime Hokage and her apprentice Shizune. How he had met with Hiashi after Hiashi found out he was dating Hinata and being surprised that Hiashi actually approved of him and went on to explain that he and Naruto's father had actually set up a marriage contract between himself and Hinata and were actually the best of friends while his wife Hitomi was best friends with his mother. He remembered asking Hiashi who is parents were but Hiashi telling him that his father and mother had a lot of enemies and it wasn't safe yet for him to know but that they both loved him dearly.

Naruto remembered thanking Hiashi for giving him one of things he wanted most which was to know if his parents loved him or not. He remembered Sasuke defecting from the village to go join Orochimaru and the pursuit that followed which lead to Sasuke getting away while he nearly died from getting two Chidori's shoved into his chest. He remembered Jiraiya telling him he was taking him on a 2 year training trip and to be ready in a few days. Naruto remembered telling Hinata and Anko about the training trip which made them sad but understood that this was something that he needed to do and told him they would be waiting for him when he got back.

Naruto remembered meeting with Tsunade right before leaving and telling her that in the short time that he had known her he had come to see her as the mother he never had which shocked her and left her speechless before she hugged him and said she had come to see him as her own son. After finishing his talk with Tsunade who had asked him to call her "Tsunade-kaachan" from now on he left with Jiraiya.

For the next two years he trained with Jiraiya and kept in contact with Hinata, Anko, and Tsunade using the toads he was able to summon since Jiraiya had him sign the Toad Summoning Contract during his month of training before the Chunin Exam Finals. It was about six months into the training trip that he met Samui.

Naruto smiles remembering that day he and Jiraiya were wandering around lightning country when he heard the sounds of a fight and rushed off in the direction he heard them. When he got to the scene of the fight he saw Samui for the first time surrounded by nearly 100 bandits fighting for her life so he jumped into the fray. When the fight was done Samui thanked him for his assistance and the two talked for awhile and got to know each other as he escorted her back to Kumo. After they reached Kumo Naruto asked if they could stay in touch by sending each other messages because he really liked talking with her which surprised her since most guys just tried to get in her pants due to her breast size and beauty. Samui agreed and for the first time he small her beautiful smile before he left and continued his training.

Two years passed since he left Konoha and Naruto returned to Konoha looking forward to seeing Hinata, Anko and Tsunade again. He had kept kept in contact with them and Samui and after sending messages back and forth for over a year and ocassionaly meeting up when they were in the same area Samui and Naruto confessed their felleings for each other. Of course she was a little shocked to learn that he was already seeing two other girls who knew about each other and were fine with sharing him but after giving it some time to think about it she agreed to share him. Anko and Hinata were fine with him also seeing Samui after they got to know her through Naruto.

When Naruto got back he immediately went off in search for Anko and Hinata and after finding them and catching up he went to meet with Tsunade. When he reached her office he was immediately pulled into a bone crushing hug before he began telling her about his trip. Naruot then told Tsunade that he got a gift for her before his hand was covered in a golden light and he pressed it to her forehead. When he was done he told her to undo her genjutsu which she was hesitant to do but did and was shocked by what she saw. She looked like she was in her early twenties again which Naruto told her she was.

Naruto smiles remembering the look on her face; he went on to explain that he had invented a jutsu that used his Uzumaki genes combined with his potent chakra to revitalize the cells in her body along with her own Uzumaki genes effectively de-aging her to roughly around 21-23 years old. Tsunade cried tears of joy hearing this and asked why he did such a thing to which he simply said that in the past two years he had to care for and love her more than a son should care for and love his mother. How he wanted to be with her and wanted her to have the chance to be a mother something she missed out due to all the tragedies in her life even if it wasn't with him.

He then went on to say how he would have de-aged her even if she didn't accept his feelings. By the time he was done Tsunade had tears trailing down her cheeks at everything Naruto had done for her and how he loved her and wanted her to be happy even if it wasn't with him. She then surprised Naruto by wrapping her arms around him and slamming her lips into his in a passionate kiss before saying she wanted to be with him and that she was fine sharing him which surprised him that she knew he was already seeing Anko, Hinata, and Samui.

Naruto asked how she knew about them to which she merely laughed and said she wasn't Hokage for nothing. After talking for a bit Naruto left and went home before collapsing to the floor clutching his chest. He had lied to Tsunade about how he had de-aged her; it was actually a jutsu he learned form a scroll that he found buried in the ground while training. The jutsu would de-age the person the jutsu was used on but at the cost of however many years they were de-aged from the user's lifespan. Naruto had de-aged Tsunade by about 30 years or so and by doing so took 30 years off his lifespan. He had decided that he would keep this secret to himself otherwise Tsunade would blame herself for Naruto shortening his lifespan by 30 years.

Time flew by from there Naruto had saved his friend Gaara from Akatsuki but at the cost of Lady Chiyo who used a sacrificial jutsu that killed her and revived Gaara. Then there was when Naruto along with Sakura and their new teammate Sai along with their new temporary sensei Yamato went after Sasuke but ended up failing to bring him back.

Then there was the time he and Hinata made love for the first time which was a night he would never forget, then about a week later he and Anko made love for the first time and he found out Anko was actually a virgin since nobody ever wanted to be in a relationship with her. About a month after he and Anko made love, Tsuande dragged him into her bedroom and they made love for the first time and got a surprise when they discovered that when he de-aged her it also made her a virgin again causing them both to chuckle a little before they thought it really romantic and made love.

About a month or 2 after he and Tsunade made love Samui and her team came to Konoha to discuss a possible alliance between Kumo and Konoha. The Yondaime Raikage Ay had known about Naruto and Samui's relationship for a while and permitted it since Ay had a suspicion on who Naruto's father was and someone who he respected greatly. Ay planned to use Naruto and Samui's relationship by proposing a marriage agreement between the two and form an alliance between Konoha and Kumo that way. Of course Naruto and Samui agreed since they loved each other and Naruto was planning on proposing to Hinata, Anko, Samui, and Tsunade within a few weeks anyway.

It was about a week after Samui and her team arrived that Naruto and Samui made love and aruto was surprised she was a virgin but considering that mosty guys would just try to get into her pants instead of getting to know her and actually caring about her like he does it made sense. A few days after Naruto and Samui made love Samui and her team had to return to Kumo to inform the Raikage that the alliance had been finalized.

Naruto smiled sadly as he remembered what happened a few days after Samui left. Jiraya had received word from one of his spies that the leader of Akaktsuki was based out of Amegakure and much to the protest of Tsunade and Naruto he left alone to try and gather information on the leader, and after his cover was blown he fought the leader who possessed the legendary Rinnegan Dojutsu that was said to be the very same Dojutsu that the Sage of Six Paths had. Jiraya was killed but left a message on how to defeat the Rinnegan for Naruto and the others to decipher.

Naruto and Tsunade were devastated when they heard that Jiraiya had died. He had become like a father or at the least a uncle to Naruto and was like a brother to Tsunade. It was a few days later that Naruto went to Mt. Myoboku to learn how to use Senjutsu or "Nature Chakra" and obtain Sage Mode from the toads. While Natuto was away the leader of Akatsuki Pein attacked Konoha looking for information on where he was hiding; using the six paths that the Rinnegan enabled him to use Pein laid waste to Konoha killing many of the Shinobi and civilians.

The attack culminated in Pein using one of his strongest attacks the Shinra Tensei to destroy Konoha. It created a massive crater in the middle of the village that spread outward and pushed buildings, people, and everything in between towards the village walls and the Hokage monument. It was only thanks to Tsunade using her Slug Summon Katsuya to shield everyone from the attack that they survived. However using so much chakra at once left her exhausted and vulnerable to attack which Pein took advantage of and would have killed her if Naruto didn't return and intercept the attack.

Pein and Naruto then fought and were evenly matched as Naruto used Sage mode, his Rasengan, and his recently completed Rasenshuriken to combat Pein's Six Paths. However as the battle progressed Pein began to overwhelm Naruto until he finally caught him off guard and pinned him to the ground with chakra rods. It was then that Hinata jumped into the fight and tried to save and free Narto. She was successful in breaking several of the rods keeping him pinned while fighting Pein before Pein started using his gravity manipulation to fling her into the air and slam her into the ground several times before impaling her with one of his chakra rods right in front of Naruto.

Naruto upon seeing this felt his world crashing down around him and rage beyond belief which prompted him to call on the chakra of the Kyuubi and transformed him into his 4-tailed state and began to fight Pein in his beast like state. As the battle progressed Naruto drew on more and more of the Kyuubi's power until he was in an 8 tailed state and the Kyuubi nearly free as it manipulated naruto into nearly removing the seal that kept it at bay.

However right as Naruto was about to rip the seal off he was stoped by the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze who had sealed some of his chakra into Naruto's seal as a failsafe if Naruto was ever about to release the seal. Naruto and the Yondaime talked for a bit and Minato revealed he was Naruto's father which got him a punch to the gut and a kick in the balls. Minato after recovering from his beating then went on to explain that the reason he sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto was because he trusted Naruto to use the Kyuubi to protect people. After this Minato's chakra ran out and he returned to the Shinigami's stomach.

Naruto then left his mindscape and fought Pein again this time defeating him and tracking Pein's chakra signature to a large tree made of paper where the true identity of "Pein" Nagato Uzumaki resided along with Konan who was another Akatsuki member. After arguing back and forth about peace and methods to obtain Nagato decided to put his faith in Naruto. He then used one of the Rinnegan's powers to revive everyone he had killed in Konoha at the cost of his own life.

When Naruto returned to the Village he was greeted to a hero's welcome before he went to see if Hinata was alright. Naruto found her alive and resting. When Hinata woke up she was immediately wrapped in a hug as Naruto hugged her and cried into her shoulder as she said she was alright. After a while the two broke the embrace and Naruto went to check on Tsunade who he had heard was in a minor coma from chakra exhaustion.

A few days passed since Pein's attack and the village was rebuilding, Tsunade was still in a coma and Danzo Shimura had weaseled his way into the Hokage postion as a "Temporary Rokudaime Hokage". Naruto had been busy helping around the village and checking on Tsunade. It was then that Samui and her teammates came to the village seeking information on Sasuke who apparently had killed his brother Itachi, then joined Akatsuki and tried to capture the Jinchurki of the Hachibi Killer Bee who was the Yondaime Raikage's younger brother. Samui ran into the Naruto and he told her what had happened to the village and everything and after reassuring her he was okay he managed to give them some info on Sasuke but made her promise not ot go after him.

Samui argued about this but agreed not to go after Sasuke when Naruto made her realize that if Sasuke was able to not only fight Bee to a standstill and then injure him while he was in his Biju form then he was too strong for them and he didn't want to lose her like he almost lost Hinata. A week after Samui and her team left the Raikage called a meeting of the Five Kages in Iron Country. However Danzo was killed by Sasuke when he found out the truth of the Uchiha massacre and Tsunade awoke to take back the Hokage role.

Tsunade decided to take Naruto and Kakashi as her escorts and headed to Iron country. A few days later the Five Kages met and introduced themselves and their escorts as Onoki the Sandaime Tsuchikage his escorts Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi, Ay and his escorts Darui and Atsui, Gaara and his escorts Temari and Kankuro, Mei Terumi the Godaime Mizukage and her escorts Ao and Chojuro,, and finally Tsunade and her escorts Kakahsi but when it was Naruto's turn to introduce he shocked everyone when he introduced himself as Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze son of Minato Namikaze.

This caused Onoki, Kurotsuchi, and Akatsuchi to yell in outrage that the "Yellow Flash" had a son before Naruto glared at them and told them there are bigger things to worry about then some stupid hatred for what happened during a WAR and how if they had access to his father's technique wouldn't they use it against their enemies and prevent needless loss of life for their own forces which promptly shit them up since Naruto was right.

Mei then went on to ask Naruto to meet with her during a break since she had something important to inform him of which caught the curiosity of Tsunade. As the meeting went on they were interrupted by Zetsu and Sasuke who attacked. The five Kage forced Sasuke to retreat and Naruto took the stage and told them that if they don't put aside their differences and join forces then Akatsuki will win. Naruto's speech knocked some sense into the more stubborn Kages like Onoki and the Five Kages decided to form the first ever Shinobi Alliance.

After the meeting was done Mei took Naruto aside and told him that his mother was a friend of hers and set up a marriage contract between them which shocked Naruto. Naruto then went on to tell her that he was currently seeing four other women who all loved him and decided to share him which surprised her. He went on to say that if she is willing to share him and if they develop actual feelings for each other then he will gladly marry her.

Mei was shocked but could tell that Naruto was a great person so she accepted the conditions and said she looked forward to getting to know him and the others. Tsunade then told Naruto that he was going to go train how to control the Kyuubi on a special island with Killer Bee. After saying his goodbyes Nartuo along with Killer Bee, Gai, and Yamato left to the special island to train while the Shinobi Alliance rallied their forces and began the attack against Akatuski who were using the reanimated corpses of many strong shinobi including some of the dead Kages, and a massive army of White Zetsu clones.

Naruto reached the island and began his training by firsting accepting the darkness within his heart and then fighting the Kyuubi for control of it's power. It was during the fight that Naruto's mother Kushina Uzumaki appeared and they talked about various things before she helped him take Kyuubi's chakra before she returned to the afterlife. With the power of the Kyuubi under his control Naruto left his mindscape but not before telling the Kyuubi that he will accept him and wants to be his friend surprising the Kyuubi a little.

Naruto and Bee then left the island to join the fighting and upon reaching the battle fought against the reanimated shinobi which included their fellow jinchuriki who had died when their Biju was extracted, and the White Zetsu clones. The battle raged on and it looked like the Shinobi Alliance was going to win until Tobi one of the Akatsuki summoned the reanimated corpse of Madara Uchiha. From there things went downhill fast as Madara tore through the Shinobi Alliance's forces with ease. Sasuke then arrived with the reanimated corpses of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokages which turned the tide for awhile.

However when Tobi was revealed to be Obito Uchiha the thought dead teammate of Kakashi things started to go downhill again as he told them that he was doing all of this because Kakashi killed their teammate Rin Nohara. As the battle continued Naruto was able to convince Obito to stop and join them but it was then that Sasuke revealed his true colors and killed Obito before siding with Madara. The battle continued and the Shinobi Alliance took more and more casualties till it was just Naruto and the reanimated First Hokage Hashirama Senju left. Naruto and Hashirama were able to beat Madara but as Hashirama returned to the afterlife it left Naruto as the only living person in the entire Elemental Nations due to Madara dropping dozens of Meteors all over the elemental nations.

As Naruto finished remembering all that has happened in his life he looked up to see the nine Biju standing before him. He had managed to release the Ichibi through Hachibi from the Gedo Maizu Statue and after he and Kyuubi became friends and he learned that the Kyuubi's name was Kuruma he was able to release him from the seal without killing himself.

Kurama looks down at Naruto and can't help but feel devastated that the first person to be his friend and the one who purified him of his hatred was in such a state. "Naruto for what it's worth I'm sorry it came to this" Kurama says getting nods from the other Biju as they had come to like the boy and gave him with some of their power.

Naruto looks up at Kurama and smiles but the Biju are able to see it is fake from the dead look in his eyes "It's not yours or any of the other Bijus fault Kurama it was Madara and the Uchiha who are to blame" he says thinking that it was the fault of one man and his cursed clan that were to blame. Of course not all the Uchiha were bad as Naruto had met Sasuke's mother Mikoto a few times and could tell she was a very caring person similar to Hinata's mother Hitomi. Then there was Itachi who didn't succumb to the curse of hatred and actually hated fighting and killing and was more of a pacifist.

Naruto sighs tiredly "It's kinda ironic isn't it, I'm supposed to be the 'Child of Prophecy' and either bring peace to the Elemental Nations or destroy it" he says before chuckling "Well I brought peace all right ALL IT COST WAS EVERYONE BESIDES ME DIEING!" he yells before breaking down and crying.

The Biju look on in sadness as Naruto breaks down and can't help but blame themselves for all this believing if they didn't exist then Madara wouldn't have tried to gather them and seal them inside the Gedo Maizu, and the whole Fourht Shinobi War wouldn't have happened. Kurama feels especially sad because he thinks that if he didn't exist Naruto would have grown up with his parents and had a loving family.

Naruto finishes crying and rubs his eyes "The worst part is I can't even join my friends and loved ones in the afterlife" he says. An unknown at the time side effect of Naruto purifying Kurama of his hatred and taking in all of his pure chakra, along with the some of the power of all the other Biju had supercharged his Uzumaki genes which already granted him longevity and a super charged healing rate even further and made him immortal; a fact he found out when Madara's final attack before his death destroyed his heart only for it to re-grow almost instantly.

Naruto gets up and digs five holes and buries Hinata, Anko, Tsunade, Samui, and Mei's bodies in them before making some headstones and engraving them. Naruto smiles sadly before turning to the Biju "Can I have a few minutes alone with them?" he asks getting nods from the Biju as they walk a little ways away but Kurama can't help but feel something bad is going to happen.

Naruto looks back to the graves and smiles sadly "It's not worth living without all of you by my side even more so if I am immortal. I only hope you can forgive me for my weakness because what I am about to do will likely prevent us from ever being together again" he says before going through a sequence of hand seals only used twice in history and saying "Shiki Fuin!" as the ghostly form of the Shinigami appears behind him.

Kurama and the others feel the surge of chakra and turn around to see Naruto finish going through a series of hand seals that only Kurama recognizes. "NARUTO NO!" he yells before he and the other Bijuu rush towards Naruto.

Naruto sees Kuruama and the others rushing towards him and smiles sadly "I'm sorry Kurama but I can't live being the only person alive especially without them" he says referencing Hinata, Anko, Tsunade, Samui, and Mei. Naruto turns toward the Shinigami "Shinigami-sama I ask that you kill me, I have nothing left to live for as everyone I have ever cared about or known is dead. I would do it myself but due to a series of events I have become immortal and came to the conclusion that the only way for my suffering to end would be to have you kill me. So please Shinigami-sama make the pain end." He says with tears trailing down his cheeks.

The Shinigami looks at the boy no man that has summoned her and can't help but feel saddened; yes the Shinigimai was a woman just like her sisters Kami and Yami. The human before her is their Child of Prophecy to be reduced to such a state was something that should have never happened to him much like the events that took place on the night of his birth.

The Shinigami looks down at Naruto "Very well I shall end your life for you" she says before she begins pulling Naruto's soul out of his body.

Naruto looks towards Kurama and the other Bijuu and smiles "So long Kurama you and the other Bijuu will always be my friends" he says as Kurama and the other Bijuu begin to cry. Naruto looks up to the clear sky and smiles one last time "So long everyone and I am sorry I couldn't join all of you in the afterlife" he says as a ray of sunshine shines down on him just as the Shinigami finishes pulling his soul out and he begins to fall over dead. Before his body hits the ground Kurama and the other Bijuu catch him with the tips of their tails and gently lower him to the ground.

Kurama cries as he uses one of his claws to dig a small grave next to the graves of Naruto's fiancés before gently lowering his body into it and covering it with dirt. Kurama then takes a nearby piece of rock and heats it up with some of his chakra making it harder and shiny before carefully engraving "Here Lies Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Savior of the World, Friend of the Bijuu, May he find the peace in the afterlife that was denied to him while he was alive, he will be missed greatly".

As Kurama finishes making Naruto's head stone and places it in the ground next to those of his fiancés, Shukkaku uses his manipulation of Sand to create a huge statue of Naruto, Matabi and Son Goku then use their control of blue fire and Lava to flash melt the glass leaving a giant glass statue of Naruto where the sand one was. All nine Bijuu step back and look at the glass statue of Naruto before bowing their heads and offering a silent prayer for the one person other than their father who had befriended them and saved them. One by one the Bijuu leave until only Kurama is left as he looks at the glass statue of his friend he smiles sadly "Goodbye my friend I hope that you may find peace in the afterlife. I will never forget you Naruto" he says before wiping away one last tear and walking away.

As Kurama takes on last look at the grave of his friend he smiles a little as he sees sunlight pass through the statue and come out as five beams of rainbow light that rest above the graves of Hinata, Anko, Tsunade, Samui, and Mei; with that the last shinobi and friend of the Bijuu Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze dies leaving just the Bijuu and wildlife as the only living things in the Elemental Nations. Though he may have died Naruto was never forgotten as each year the Bijuu would return to his grave on the anniversary of his death and clean around his grave and the graves of his fiancés and over time a beautiful field of flowers grew where the graves were.

*With the Shinigami after taking Naruto's soul*

After the Shinigami takes Naruto's soul and returns to her sister Kami's court. As she walks into the room she sees her sisters Kami and Yami talking before they notice her ad the pure white soul she has in her hand. Kami looks at the soul and her eyes widen "Shini-chan is that what I think it is?" she asks hoping she is wrong.

Shini lowers her head "Yes sister it is the soul of our 'Child of Prohecy' Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" she says sadly "He was successful at bringing peace to the Elemental Nations…but the cost was to high everyone single person in the Elemental Nations besides him had died including his fiancés. It was due to this and the unforeseen side-effect of him becoming immortal due to his Uzumaki genes being super charged by the Kyuubi's purified chakra that lead him to summoning me. He couldn't take the thought of not only being the only living person in the Elemental Nations alone let alone spending of an immortal life alone that he summoned me and asked me to kill him" Shini finishes.

Kami and Yami are crying by this point that the boy they all watched from time to time and brought joy into their boring immortal existence was forced to take such tragic measures. Shini wipes a few tears from her eyes and looks up to her sisters "We have to do something about this; Naruto doesn't deserve a life full of sadness and tragedy like he had" she says getting nods from her sisters

Kami then has an idea "I have an idea of how we can make up for all that has happened to Naruto" she says before explaining her plan to her sisters. By the time she is done explaining her plan both Shini and Yami are shocked but agree to it. Shini then takes Naruto's soul and sets it down on the floor before a bright light appears over it and Naruto is standing there looking just like he did before summoning the Shinigami.

Naruto looks around for a minute before seeing the Shinigami and two other women he doesn't recognize "What's going on here I thought I was supposed to be inside the Shinigami's stomach since I used the Shiki Fuin" he says not understanding what is going on.

The woman sitting next to the Shinigami smiles "Hello Naruto I am Kami and these are my sisters Yami-chan and you already know Shini-chan" she says surprising Naruto "Now before we get to business I would like to apologize for all the sadness and tragedy that you have gone through in your life" she says once again surprising Naruto.

Naruto rubs the back of his neck "It's alright Kami-sama you are probably really busy, and I am just one person" he says not sure what to say when the Goddess of Creation is apologizing to him.

Kami, Yami, and Shini are shocked by Naruto just said "Still Naruto we are sorry; it partly due to our failure that we have decided to give you a second chance at life" Kami says shocking Naruto. "You will be sent to a world where there are people who fight for the sake of justice and people who just want to see the world burn. You will keep all of you abilities from when you were alive but you won't be immortal. However you will have a super accelerated healing rate similar to what yours was right before you used the Shiki Fuin" Kami says finishing her explanation to Naruto.

Naruto is shocked at hearing he is getting a second shot at life and that he will keep all of his abilities from when he was alive "Kami-sama not that I am complaining about your generous offer but can't you just send me to the afterlife to be with my friends, family and loved ones?" he asks.

Shini shakes her head "That's not possible Naruto due to you using the Shiki Fuin, normally I would be forced to eat your soul if your soul was evil or you would be forced to help me with paperwork for all eternity like you father and the Sandaime Hokage are since their souls were pure" she says causing Naruto to shiver at the thought of doing paperwork for all eternity, he hated having to do the paperwork required when he turned in a mission report. Shini clears her throat snapping him out of his train of thought "However if you accept this offer when you die in the world you will be sent to then you will be reunited with your friends, family, and loved ones; that is if your soul remains pure like it is now but considering it is you were talking about that shouldn't be much of a problem" Shini says getting a giggle out of Kami and Yami.

Naruto then thinks of something "Wait what about Kurama and the other Bijuu, I can still feel Kurama and the others chakra in me" he asks.

Kami smiles Kurama and the other Bijuu will remain in the Elemental Nations but you will still have access to the chakra they gave to you. Also you will be able to talk with them from time to time and maybe summon them we haven't really figured out how that will work yet but when we do we will send you a message" Kami says.

Naruto nods happy to hear that he can talk with Kurama and the others from time to time and maybe summon them in the near future "Wait what about my friends, family and loved ones?" he asks wondering about everyone else.

Kami smiles again "They are aware of the offer you have been given and want you to take it. They want you to have a chance to live a happy life, and your fiancés said you better find a few girls to love and that will love you or else they will kick your ass when you finally join them, and your mother said to give her lots of grandbabies to spoil when they join you and the others or your grounded with no ramen for the next 500 years" she says with a giggle at the last part and causing Naruto to go pale at the thought of being forbidden from eating from for 500 years.

Naruto finally recovers from his shock and clears his throat "Well okay then I accept the offer Kami-sama" he says getting a nod from Kami before he disappears in a flash of light.

After Naruto disappeared Kami's eyes widen "Uh-Oh I think I made a mistake in where Naruto will appear" she says alarming her two sisters. "Where will he appear Kami-chan" Yami asks her sister worried that Naruto might appear somewhere dangerous like in an active volcanoe or deep underneath the ocean. Kami chuckles sheepishly "I may have made him appear about 200ft above the ground in the middle of a park" she says a little embarrassed.

Both Yami and Shini sigh at their sisters' klutzy nature striking again. The last time it struck her she ended up accidently sinking the city of Atlantis in one of the other dimensions. Both sisters prayed that Naruto finds a way to land safely or all their hard work giving him a second chance at life would go to waste.

*In the Justice League Watchtower*

Alarms were going off as the Watchtowers sensors picked up a MASSIVE surge of energy appearing in the air above a park in Gotham City causing 7 figures to rush towards the location fearing it might be some kind of threat.

*200ft above the park*

In a flash of light Naruto appears in the air and looks around "Wait where the hell am I?" he ask before looking down and realizing he is high in the air as he looks back up he sighs "OH SHIIIIIITTTTTT" he yells as he falls to the ground creating a large crater and dust cloud. As Naruto wobbly stands back up and dusts himself off he spots 7 people standing a little ways from him and staring at him "Um Hi?" he says with a wave causing the people to sweat-drop.