Chapter 3

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*3 Months Later*

It had been three months since Naruto's arrival and he had been pretty busy in such a short amount of time. The first thing he did was get a nice house-with Batman's help of course-to live in. It was a decent sized place surrounded by nature and was located in the Santa Susana Mountains. After finding a place to live he needed a way to make some money since even though he had a bunch of money from his world on him and was able to exchange it that didn't mean it would last forever. To remedy this problem he decided to publish Jiraiya's books since before his untimely death Jiraiya had left them to him in his will.

With his money problems fixed for the immediate future Naruto then bought some recreational items like a T.V., radio, laptop, and some musical instruments including a grand piano, violin, ocarina, and a few guitars. He had always enjoyed music and taught himself how to play various instruments that he had managed to salvage back in Konoha. Music was a way for him to express all the emotions he kept bottled up inside without running the risk of getting in trouble, and he would even perform at some of the bars while wearing a henge from time to time.

After buying what he wanted Naruto then stated training to see where his skill was since his "Rebirth". He found that just like Kami had told him he still had access to all his abilities including Sage mode, and his Kurama chakra modes. However he also discovered that he had gained various abilities from having the partial chakra of the other Bijuu.

Like Gaara once did he now had control over sand and could use it offensively and defensively…however his control was nowhere near what Gaara's had been. He could now wield Blue-Fire like Yugito Nii who was the Jinchuriki of the Nibi also known as Matabi could. From the Sanbi's chakra he gained the ability to summon coral. The Yonbi aka Son Goku's chakra gave him the ability to use the Lava release much like Mei had been able to which made him happy since in a way it was like a piece of her was always with him. The Gobi aka Kokuo's chakra gave him the ability to use the Steam release which lead to some embarrassing situations on a couple of the times that Wonder Woman/Diana had visited him.

From the Rokubi aka Saiken's chakra he gained the Ability to use the Acid release and while practicing in it one day he accidently melted a large area of the ground which resulted in him making his own small private hot spring out back of his house.

The Nanbi aka Choumei's chakra enabled him to use the Scale release which he really didn't know much about so he didn't really focus too much on it at the moment. From the Hachibi aka Gyuki he gained the ability to spit ink and while it didn't have much use in combat other than potentially blinding an opponent temporarily and being used for Fuinjutsu he still was honored to be able to do it since it tied him to Killer Bee who helped him so much while learning to use Kurama's chakra.

Naruto also discovered that his Kurama Bijuu Mode had changed a little as well due to having the charka from the other Bijuu in him. He still had the normal mode where he would be incased in a golden chakra avatar of Kurama, but he now had an evolved form of it now as well. The evolved form was almost exactly like the regular version except that instead of there being 9 fox tails there were 9 different tails with one being from each of the other Bijuu *Picture the Kurama Bijuu mode with one tail from all the other Bijuu like one tail being made of Blue Fire to represent Matabi or one being made of Lava to represent Son Goku*.

Naruto had also been going through the various files that Batman had given him on some of the villains that inhabited the world. There were a few that made him sick and reminded him too much of Madara, like Darkseid. Then there were those that reminded him of Danzo like Lex Luthor and Ra's Al Ghul. However there was a few that stuck out for him, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were two examples.

Dr. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy was once one heck of a botanist with what could be considered an almost unhealthy obsession with plants and cared greatly for nature which was something that he admired since Konoha was surrounded by forests. She apparently had an accident of some sort one day that somehow gave her a variety of plant based powers. These abilities included being able to command plants, release some kind of pheromone that could control people, create poisons of various types in her body, and turned her skin a lovely shade of green just to name a few. However these new abilities came at a price and that price was supposedly not being able to have children a fate that for a women could be considered worse than death.

Naruto however believed there was something more to Poison Ivy not being able to have children than meets the eye and made a note to possibly look into it in the possible near future since even though Poison Ivy had killed before he didn't feel she was "Evil" like some of the other villains and villainesses out there.

Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn was another "Villainess" that stuck out for him when he was going over the various criminal files. She was once a very accomplished Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum before she began therapeutic sessions with the Joker and ended up not only freeing him but also joining him. There was something about that whole situation that just rubbed Naruto the wrong way since he couldn't wrap his head around why an accomplished Psychiatrist would suddenly throw her career away and join a madman.

Naruto had also met some of the other Justice League members over the course of the three months since his arrival and had various impressions of some of them. He liked and got along well with Zatarra, Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, and Hal Jordan who was one of the Green Lanterns of the league just to name a few. However he didn't like John Stewart who was the other Green Lantern of the League due to him being too strict and kind of stuck up.

Diana would come visit him once or twice a week to see how he was settling in and would talk to him about his experience in the Fourth Shinobi War and help him come to terms and cope with it. This was a great help to him as he would wake up most nights screaming and covered in sweat after having a nightmare about it.

Naruto was currently standing on a rooftop in Gotham city since he had deiced to start his "Introduction" to the hero gig. He had decided to start in Gotham since it was infamous for being one of the most crime ridden cities in the country and home to many big name villains and villainesses like Joker, Two Face, and Poison Ivy. Actually if he was to be honest with himself he really hoped he ran into Poison Ivy since he has wanted to meet her since he read her file.

Naruto was wearing his "Costume" which consisted of his short sleeve black haori* with red flames at the bottom, a skin tight crimson colored muscle shirt that hugged his chiseled chest, black and red cargo pants and black steel-toed combat boot. On his face he wore a mask that covered his whisker marks similar to the one his old sensei Kakashi wore and wrapped around his right bicep was his Konoha headband.

It was current night and as he stood on the rooftop he scanned for any signs of trouble while trying to get used to all the negative emotions within the city which was easier said than done since there was A LOT of negativity to take in. As he continued to look out over the city he spots three shady looking men dragging a barrel before they open one of the sewer covers and climb down with the barrel. Naruto raises an eyebrow seeing this before smirking "Looks like it's time for my debut" he says before jumping off the roof and making his way to the sewer cover climbing down himself.

As Naruto reaches the bottom of the ladder his nose scrunch's up as the stench from the sewer hits him full force "Oh god that's foul" he says swallowing the vomit that made its way up his throat as he begins following the three thugs tracks. After following the thug's tracks for a bit he came across the three thugs lying motionless on the ground and after closer inspection they were clearly dead. Their eyes were bloodshot and their veins were visible through their skin and had turned purple indicating that they were poisoned.

Naruto closes the eyes of the now dead thugs before continuing on his way in the sewers until he reaches a wide room with various plants all around it and standing in the center of it next to the barrel he saw the three thugs dragging was none other than the green skinned nature loving femme fatale herself Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is an incredibly beautiful woman with waist length crimson red hair, blue eyes, and a medium shade of green colored skin. She has long legs with small vines wrapping around her upper thighs, wide hips, a thin waist and breasts that were at least D-Cups possibly even DD-Cups giving her a perfect hourglass figure. She is wearing a red button up shirt that only has two of the mid level buttons buttoned showing off a fair amount of her cleavage and her entire smooth stomach. She also has on what appears to be panties made out of leaves leading Naruto believe that her bra is also likely made of leaves…if she were wearing one he wasn't able to tell in the dimly lit room.

Posion Ivy notices someone enter the room she is and smiles "Well what do we have here? I was expecting the Bat or maybe his little sidekicks to show up but instead someone who I have never had the pleasure of meeting before enters my garden" she says seductively.

Naruto smiles behind his mask "Well this certainly is a surprise. I see three supicous looking men go into the sewers dragging a barrel and decide to follow them only to find them dead and further down the way I find the beautiful goddess of Nature herself this must be my lucky night" he flirts shocking her a little bit and from he could see causing her to blush slight if the reddening of her cheeks is anything to go by. Naruto bows a little "Allow me to introduce myself I am Sage a new hero and a lover of all things nature" he says introducing himself.

Posion Ivy raises a delicate eyebrow at his introduction "A new hero you say? And a lover of nature at that well isn't this a surprise albeit possibly a pleasant one since there are very few heroes let alone people who love nature" she says before sauntering up to him her hips swaying seductively the whole way. As she neared him she commanded some plants to hold him in place which unknown to her he noticed and allowed to happen.

When she reached him she pressed her chest up against his and ran her finger along his jawline "So what is a fellow nature lover like yourself doing on the side of those who turn a blind eye as companies pollute and destroy nature?" she asks seductively while releasing her pheromones attempting to sway him to her side.

As Naruto inhales the pheromones she is releasing he feels a slight twitch in his mind as the pheromones begin to take affect only for it to go away as his natural super healing purges it from his system. The blonde sage then leans in so his mouth is next to her ear "Well I like helping people in need and protecting those who can't protect themselves. However that doesn't mean that I'm going to stand by and watch as nature is destroyed…I will just go about protecting it in a way that has the law on my side" he says huskily in her ear.

A small shiver runs down Poison Ivy's spine as he answers her before she leans back slightly with a small frown on her face "I tried doing things legally and it got me nowhere! Companies like Star Labs still pollute and destroy nature free of punishment therefore I took up the mantle as Mother Nature and became the voice of nature itself!" she snaps in frustration.

Naruto sighs hearing this "That maybe but that doesn't justify you taking the law into your hands and killing people Ivy. An example of this is what you were about to do with that barrel" he says referencing the barrel she had the three thugs drag down. Naruto looks back at Ivy with a slight frown "I assume that barrel is full of chemicals or special seeds and you were going to use it to attack the water supply of the nearby factory that is polluting the waters of a nearby plot of land that would make for a great spot to plant some rare plants?" he says guessing at what her plan was.

Ivy was shocked that this young man was able to figure out her plan so quickly but hid it as she crossed her arms under her bountiful bosom and pushing them up making them look even bigger "Oh so you have figured out my plan so quickly I must say that is quite impressive" she says actually a little impressed by his detective skills.

Naruto shrugs the best he could while being restrained by her plants which actually reminded him a little of the first time he and Anko made love. Anko had been a virgin at the time and after all the years of listening to her friends talk about the times they had sex it had gotten to her quite a bit as she wanted to wait until she found someone who genuinely loved her and wanted to be with her before she had sex. This lead to her wanting to try out various kinks when the two of finally made love one of which included tying him to the bed and the reverse of him tying her to the bed.

Naruto shakes his head slightly dispersing the rather steamy memories and turned his attention back on Poison Ivy "However you fail to realize that it will also impact innocent people. When you dump those seeds into the water system it will also poison innocent people. The factory workers who are oblivious to the intentions of the company they work for and are simply trying to make enough money to pay their bills and feed their familys will also be caught in the line of fire so to speak. Do they deserve to die for simply trying to provide for their families and give them a future?" he reasons.

Naruto then continues as Ivy just stands there taking in what he is saying "You target those who you feel have committed crimes against nature but have you ever considered that you could also be attacking people just trying to get by and are oblivious to their employers actions?" he continues.

Naruto feels the plants holding him loosen their grip a little bit as his words being to sink in for Ivy "I have read about what happened to you Ivy" he says surprising her slightly. Naruto then continues to try and reason with her "The same accident that gave you your powers also supposedly left you unable to have a child which is a fate that most if not all women view as a fate worse than death. It is because of this that your already deep love for plants increased and you began to see each plant as one of your babies and why you are so protective of the environment" he says with a sad smile.

Naruto looks at Ivy with determination in his eyes "Let me help you Ivy. I will help you protect the environment in a legal way and this time there will be positive results. I will do everything in my power to try and help you regain your ability to have a child so just please let me help you. It's not too late for you yet you can still recover from all the crimes you have committed and make the world and even better place" he pleads trying to make her see reason.

Ivy stands there and listens as the blonde young man goes on about her past and wanting to help her. He is right about the reasons by why she is so adamant about protecting Nature. When she found out that her accident had left her unable to have children it devastated her beyond belief. To never be able to give birth to a son or daughter and hold her child in arms, never able to do any of the things a mother would with her child. It left a hole in her heart that she tried to fill with her love for plants and after finding out she could command her beloved plants she began seeing each and every one of them as her own child.

As she continued to stare at the blonde in front of her there was a feeling growing in her chest one that urged her to trust him for she could see that he too had suffered much from the look in his eyes. However at the same time she remembered all the times she had trusted someone to help her after the accident only for them to betray her in some fashion. It was then that she made her choice and leaned towards Naruto and spoke just two words "I'm Sorry" before she pulled his mask down and kissed him transferring the hundreds if not thousands of lethal poisons within her body through her lips and into him through his own lips.

As ivy pulled back she saw the blondes eyes slowly close and his head lower before she had her plants gently lower him to the floor. Ivy looked at the still form of the young man who see had to admit was very handsome behind his mask and the whisker-like marks on his cheeks gave him a wild look. Ivy kneels down and rubs her hand across the blonde's whiskered cheek "I am truly sorry it turned out this way but I have been betrayed so many times before and just couldn't take that chance or let it happen again. If we had met sooner I have a feeling that without a doubt I would have taken your offer. I hope you can rest in peace" she says before feeling a wet sensation on her cheek.

Ivy brings her hand up to her cheek and wipes the wet sensation only to find that she was crying which shocked her. She was crying because she had killed the young man who she had only met minutes before and it didn't make any sense to her. Yet for some reason she couldn't help but shed tears and feel as though she had just made a terrible choice as if she missed out on something wonderful, and as all this was going on she failed to notice the body of the young man begin to twitch before getting up.

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself staring up at the ceiling of the room he and Ivy were just and couldn't help but thank his Uzumaki healing factor. When Ivy had kissed him it was one of the best feelings he had ever experienced…and then the poisons hit him. Hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of poisons entering his body at the same time had shocked his healing factor so much that it had momentarily knocked him out as it went to work combating and making antidotes/vaccines for every last one of them. One thing that was special about his healing factor was that once he was exposed to a posion it would never affect him again which was pretty handy when you lived in a world where there were thousand if not tens of thousands of different types of poison and poison being one of the most common ways to assassinate someone.

As he laid there recovering he heard Ivy talk about how she regretted killing him and that if they had met sooner she would have accepted his offer. He couldn't help but feel that she was truly regretful about killing him so he decided that it was time for him to get up. As he sat up Ivy was unaware that he was still alive so he decided to have a little fun "Have to say if I could choose how I died I would definitely want to die via kiss by a beautiful goddess of nature" he says getting a gasp from Ivy who finally notices him still alive.

Ivy was about to leave when she heard the impossible, the voice of the man she had just killed. She turned and saw the young man getting up and dusting himself off before looking at her and smiling of all things "How can you be alive! I kissed you which should have killed you from all the poisons!" she yelled in shock.

Naruto just chuckles hearing this "I have a super healing factor although I have to be honest all of your poisons really put it to the test. However now that I have been exposed to all of your poisons they will never effect me again basically I am now immune to ALL of your poisons. Although I have to say nearly dying from being kissed by a beautiful woman wouldn't be such a bad way to go." he says with a smile.

Ivy just stand there in shock at what she was just told, the young man standing before her was no immune to ALL of her poisons. Then what he said about her being beautiful caused her to blush slightly since it wasn't often that she was called beautiful besides when she used her pheromones on someone.

Naruto just stared at ivy with a smile as she thought all of this "My offer of helping you is still open you know" he says getting her attention.

Ivy's eyes widen hearing him say this especially since she had just tried to kill him "How can I be sure you won't betray me like all the others have?" she asks hesitant to accept his offer.

Naruto smiles before walking over to a dying plant in a plant pot and gather some of Kurama's purified chakra before channeling it to his hand giving it a deep blue glow. Naruto places his glowing hand over the plan and injects it with the chakra causing it to become green again and perfectly healthy. After seeing that the plant is healthy again he cuts the flow of chakra to his hand and picks the pot up before walking over to a shocked Ivy and handing it to her.

Ivy watches as the young man walks over to one of the plants that she had been nursing back to health and his hand glows green before the plant begins to get better right before her eyes. He then walks over to her and hands her the now perfectly healthy plant. Ivy inspects the plant and can't believe what she is seeing, the plant is healthier than ever and the soil it's in is now three times more rich and full of nutrients. Ivy looks back up to Naruto with shock written clearly on her face "How did you do that?" she asks.

Naruto chuckles hearing this "I am unique and have a energy inside me that has a positive effect on the environment and life itself" he says before once more gather the purified chakra to his hand and placing it on her cheek.

When his hand makes contact with her cheek Ivy is nearly overwhelmed by the sensation of the energy pouring into her. It is warm and at the same time pleasant, so pleasant in fact that she nearly moaned before she caught herself. As the energy continued to spread throughout her body it made her feel more energetic as if all the fatigue that had accumulated was being washed away. She also began feeling something that she hadn't felt in a long as if all her worries and woes were washed away by this energy radiating from the blonde young man standing before her.

Naruto cuts the flow of chakra and removes his hand from her much to her disappointment if the look in her eyes was anything to go by and smiles "So Ivy I'm still waiting on that answer to if yiou want my help or not?" he says.

Ivy comes down from the amazing feeling she was experiencing and refocuses on the blonde "I accept however you have to promise me on your life that you won't betray me. I have been offered help many times before only to be betrayed every time" she says hesitantly.

Naruto smiles "Ivy I promise on my life that I will never betray you and it is my ninja way to never go back on a promise. However you must promise me that you will only kill if there is absolutely no other alternative and it must be in self-defense" he says seriously.

Ivy raises an eyebrow at the part about him being a ninja but files it away for later "Very well I promise that I will only kill as a last resort and even then only in self-defense" she says.

Naruot nods hearing this "Sounds good now allow me to formally introduce myself my name is Naruto Uzumaki aka Sage" he says with a overly dramatic bow.

Ivy giggles a little seeing this before playfully lifting the sides of her button up shirt as if they were the sides of a dress and curtsying "Greetings Naruto Uzumaki I am Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy" she says playfully before the two break out in laughter.

A few minutes later the two recover from their laughter and Naruto hands Ivy a piece of paper with some numbers on it "This is my phone number Ivy, feel free to call if you ever need help or just someone to talk to" he says with a smile handing her the paper.

Ivy takes the paper and holds onto it "I look forward to working with you "And possibly getting to know you better"" she says while thinking the last part with a slight blush on her green cheeks.

Naruto smiles hearing this "Well until then Ivy I will better get going" he says before vanishing in a leaf body fliker surprising her but causing her to chuckle a little after he left and think about how interesting her life was going to be working with Naruto Uzumaki…and possibly getting to know him better she thinks with a blush on her cheeks after all that energy he used felt Heavenly.

Naruto reappears on top of a building overlooking the city and sense someone behind him and smirks recognizing the energy signature "Hello Batman nice night isn't it?" he asks.

The caped crusader walks up beside Narut oand looks out over the city "Yes it is and surprisingly quiet too. How has your first time out been so far?" he asks.

Naruto shrugs "Nothing really worth mentioning just jumped from rooftop to rooftop looking for anything suspicious but didn't find anything" he says leaving out that he met Ivy and offered to help her legally.

Batman nods hearing this "Very good it seems you are getting the hang of things fairly quickly then. How long do you think you will stay in Gotham?" he asks the blonde shinobi turned hero.

Naruto shrugs hearing this "Don't know really maybe a week or two so that I can possibly make myself known a little bit and maybe have a run-in with one of your resident baddies" he answers.

Batman nods hearing this "Very well I will also introduce you to my two apprentices sometime within the week. However if you do encounter one of the local criminals don't take them lightly as they are very deadly" he warns advising the young shinobi to not be overconfident which could easily lead to him getting injured or even killed.

Naruto nods hearing this "Your talking to the guy who fought against and defeated a man who was able to single handley take on tens of thousands of what you would classify as Meta-humans. However I will be careful Batman after all I did just get a second shot at life and I am not going to waste it I owe it to everyone who died during the war" he says seriously.

Batman nods hearing this understanding what Naruto is saying "Very well see you again soon" he says before disappearing back into the shadows leaving Naruto alone on the rooftop once again.

Naruto looks out over the city of Gotham before wiping a tear from his eye. He would make the most of this second chance at life and live for everyone who died back in the Fourth Shinobi War just like he told Batman. Naruto then jumps off the roof and begins patrolling the the city once again after all the Sage was just getting started.

End Chapter 3

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