Chapter 5

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*Karen Starr/Powergirl's Apartment the next morning. Roughly 1 year and 2 months from the start of Young Justice Canon*

Karen woke the next morning well rested considering she had dreamt about her blonde haired beloved. She couldn't believe that she had finally found him and while eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast she decided to caller her best friend Helena Wayne and tell her the news.

Karen picked up her cell phone and dialed Helena's number and after waiting for a moment she heard Helena yawn before answering "Huh Karen is that you? Furthermore why are you calling so early in the morning I just recently fell asleep after patrolling all night" Helena answers tiredly.

Karen raises an eyebrow hearing this before looking over to the clock on the wall and notices that it is only 5:30 am causing her to sweat drop in embarrassment at waking her friend up so early. Karen gulps slightly knowing how grumpy Helena can be when she doesn't get enough sleep "Sorry I didn't notice what time it was, but you won't believe what happened yesterday!" she says excitedly.

On the other end of the phone Helena raises an eyebrow at her best friends excited voice because in the last five years she has never sounded so excited before "I don't know did you come across a really good sale at the mall or something?" she says honestly having no clue what Karen was talking about.

Karen deadpans hearing Helena's guess "No I found HIM Helena, after 5 years I finally found HIM!" she nearly yells into the phone.

Helena's eyes nearly pop out of her head hearing this as there is only one person Karen would be so excited about finding and has spent the last five years looking for "Are you absolutely sure it is HIM Karen? I don't want you to get your hopes up only to for them to crashing down in the event you made a mistake" she asks wanting her friend to take her time instead of rushing in.

Karen shakes her head hearing this "Helena he had the same NAME and he used the Rasengan! Something only HE could do" she exclaims trying to make Helena see reason.

Helena eyes widen hearing this before she realizes something and rubs the bridge of her nose "Okay Karen I'll admit that really nails it down. However you have to remember something, it is THIS dimensions Naruto not the one from Earth 2. For all you know he could have all the same abilities but have a totally different personality. Furthermore even if they both have the same personality you can't just spring something like the two of you being in a relationship in another dimension on him out of the blue…it's one of the reasons I haven't revealed myself to this dimensions version of my parent's and changed my last name from Wayne to Bertinelli" she explains trying to make Karen see reason and stating why she changed her last name.

Karen's eyes begin to tear up as Helena explains all this as she realizes that her friend is right. Karen wipes the tears from her eyes as she begins to remember what happened 5 years ago and how both she and Helena ended up in this dimension.

*Flashback 5-Years Ago in the Earth 2 Dimension*

The end of the world was the perfect description for the state that the planet was in. For over a year the entire world had been united and at war against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips after their invasion of Earth began. Nearly all of the Earth's superheroes had been killed in the fighting and the enemy forces just kept coming.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all that is left of the big name super heroes. Supergirl Kara Zor-El cousin of Superman and Helena Wayne daughter of Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman and Selena Kyle A.K.A. Catwoman were all that was left of the other heroes.

Parademons the soldiers of Darkseid are everywhere and while Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the remaining forces of the United Earth do their best to fight them off but the Earth had just lost too many of its forces and defenders. It had come down to one make or break final chance to stop the invasion.

Batman came up with the plan for Superman, Wonder Woman, and himself to assault the transmitting tower that enables the Parademons to Boom Tube down to Earth. By destroying the transmitter it would cut off Darkseid's nearly endless supply of troops and end the invasion.

Batman scales the transmitting tower to upload a virus into the tower that will destroy it, with his daughter Helena Wayne in her Robin costume providing backup in the Bat Jet.

Wonder Woman lets out a battle cry as she slices the head off of two more parademons. The last of the amazons she wasn't fighting for justice she was fighting to stop the invasion…and for Revenge! The Parademons had killed all of her fellow amazons even her mother, and they had killed the young man she had come to see as her son in all but blood.

Superman rips another Parademon in half before moving on to the next one but his mind was not in the battle, it was distracted by the recent loss of Louis Lane the woman he loved. This was proving to be a costly mistake as he was beginning to get overwhelmed by Parademons without even realizing it.

Hundreds of miles away from the battle Supergirl was watching over a military transport of a nuclear missile that would be used as a last ditch effort if Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman failed. However like her cousin her mind was also elsewhere. She was thinking of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze aka Kage a hero who she had come to love and was in a relationship with before the invasion started and who had died in battle six months ago.

Supergirl reaches into the front of her costume and pulls out a necklace with a golden heart locket on it and smiles sadly as she looks at it. Pressing a button on the side the locket pops open to reveal a picture of herself and Naruto smiling with him standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist and his head on her shoulder.

On the other side of the locket is a small picture of herself and Naruto along with six other girls of various ages ranging from the same age as her and Naruto to looking like they were in their early twenties. All of these girls were smiling at the camera and Kara wiped a tear from her eye as she looked at the smiles on her fellow girlfriends faces…all of whom had died in this invasion along with the boy she and the rest of them loved.

Kara's eyes land on a spiky icy-blue haired woman with blue eyes. This woman was Louise Lincoln formerly known as the villainess Killer Frost before she fell in love with Naruto and turned away from a life of crime. She then became a hero like him and changed her name to Crystal Frost. She was the first to die when she tried to protect a hospital full of wounded civilians from the Parademons.

Using her ice powers Crystal was able to save the hospital from the initial attack but it proved to only be a diversion as a larger force of Parademons attacked from behind and blew up the hospital with Crystal still on the roof. Her sudden death shocked the group and saddened them greatly especially Naruto but they didn't have time to grieve as the invasion was just getting started.

Kara then looks at the faces of two of the women, one with crimson red hair, green eyes, and green. The other with blonde hair pulled into two pig-tails and blue eyes. Pamela Isly also known as Poison Ivy, and Harleen Quinzel also known as Harley Quinn two of Gotham City's most infamous villainesses. However much like with Crystal the two of them eventually fell in love with Naruto and gave up on a life of crime and later became heroes.

The two of them both died when a large force of Parademons attacked a forest that Ivy had been secretly growing special plants that would release a massive cloud of spores that would be toxic to the Parademons in. The Parademons used a large particle canon to blast the entire forest along with Ivy and Harley off the face of the Earth leaving only a massive smoking crater where the forest once stood. Like with Crystal their death greatly saddened the remaining members of the group but they had to keep fighting. However it was at this time that Naruto began to change and was becoming more ruthless and reckless when he fought the Parademons.

Kara wipes another tear from her eye as she looks at the smiling yet somewhat bashful looking face of a green skinned redhead with red eyes, and freckles on the tops over her cheeks that ran over her nose. This was M'gan M'orrz also known as Miss Martian and Megan Morrz the niece of J'ohn J'onnz* the Martian Manhunter one of the founding members of the Justice League. When Megan first came to Earth she was incredibly shy but over time grew out of her shyness with the help of the young man and eventually like the other girls came to love him.

Megan died when she used her telekinetic powers to create a shield to stop a laser blast that a group of Parademons fired at some school buses that were filled with civilians trying to escape the small town of Happy Harbor where one of the Justice Leagues former bases known as Mt. Justice resided. Megan was able to protect the school buses but the strain from holding back the laser was too much for her tiring her out and her shield failed. The laser blast vaporized her in the blink of an eye right in front of Naruto's eyes as he tried to get to her in time to save her.

This sent him into a rage and he then proceeded to brutally slaughter every last Parademon in the area. By the time he was done there was a mountain of dead Parademons and the entire town of Happy Harbor and Mount Justice was completely leveled.

The group had a small break from the fighting at this time and used it to mourn the loss of Crystal, Ivy, Harley, and Megan. However Kara and the remaining female members of the group a red head with golden-orange skin and green eyes Tamaranian named Kori'andar or Starfire, and a blonde haired green eyed woman in her mid twenties named Talia al Ghul noticed a change in the young man who they all loved.

His eyes which had once been a bright and lively sapphire blue color had lost nearly all their light and became dull and nearly lifeless. He also would often hold his head in his hands and mutter the phrase "Not Again, Not Again" over and over after Megan's death. This worried the three girls greatly since they hadn't seen him like this before and knew he had a history of PTSD or (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). However he had nearly recovered fully from his PTSD mere months before the Invasion and hadn't relapsed until now.

It was then that it the three women finally realized that the trigger for his relapse was Megan's death. The three then went on to comfort the young man and questioned him about his relapse.

Naruto told them that this wasn't the first war he had been in which shocked the three greatly. He then went on to tell them about how he wasn't from their dimension and how his home world had been engulfed in a war for survival when a mad man declared war on the entire world. He then explained how he loved a girl from his home village who like Megan suffered from self-confidence issues but overtime came to overcome them and become one of the strongest among their age group. However during the war she died and he had blamed himself for it since if he had been there for her sooner she would have grown even stronger and possibly been able to survive. The young man then went on to tell that in the end he killed the mad man but was sent to their dimension when the man used one last attack on him before dying from his wounds.

The three women were shocked by what Naruto had told them and listened as he continued on. He then went on to explain how when he first met Megan he saw much of the girl he loved in her and made a vow to help her overcome her self-confidence issues and become strong enough to protect herself. The young man then went to explain that like the girl from his home he came to love Megan just like how he loved each of them.

Kara, Starfire and Talia wrapped the young man in a hug and comforted him as he broke down and cried for what seemed like hours. However the group's short break from the fighting came to a quick end and they were once more thrust into war against Darkseid's forces.

It was two weeks after the death of Megan that tragedy struck the group once more. During a battle to try and take back Central City which had recently fallen to the Parademons Talia began to get overwhelmed by the Parademons. She had recently became the leader of the League of Assassin's which she renamed the League of Protectors after her father Ra's Al Ghul sacrificed himself to save her from a Parademon.

The plan was for Talia and the entire remaining forces of the League of Protectors to infiltrate Central City and set up ambushes and sabotage key enemy installations before the main forces began their attack. Talia and her group were successful in their part of the mission and the attack began and for a while it looked like the forces of Earth were finally going to win for once. However at that moment a boom tube opened up right above the city and tens of thousands of Parademons poured out from it and began laying waste to everyone in the city.

The order to retreat was given and the League of Protectors lived up to their new name by protecting the bulk of the retreating allied force but in doing so were wiped out, but not before taking at least 10,000 of the Parademons with them a remarkable feat considering their remaining members only numbered around 500.

Talia who had also been protecting the retreating allied forces was the only one left of the League but was quickly becoming overwhelmed and was heavily injured from the fighting. Starfire seeing this rushed into to try and get her out of there but was impaled from behind by multiple spears and fell to the ground mere feet from where Talia had just fallen after being impaled through the stomach by a sword.

Starfire seeing this and knowing that both of them were fatally wounded looked to Talia who just nodded as Starfire began to gather all of her remaining energy in her. She shakily got to her feet and began fighting the Parademons again all the while gathering more and more energy within her and getting hit by more and more spears. After nearly five minutes and being impaled by nearly 20 spears Starfire closed he eyes and released all her build up energy at once vaporizing herself, Talia, all the surrounding Parademons, and the majority of Central City in a single massive green explosion.

Naruto who was off fighting a few miles outside of Central City suddenly felt Starfire and Talia's life signatures vanish and turned to see the green explosion and recognized as the same type of energy that Starfire used when she fired her "Star Bolts". Realizing that he had lost two more of his loved ones something within him snapped and he blacked out.

Naruto awoke five days later to the worried faces of Superman, Batman, Helena who he saw as a sister and her seeing him as a brother, Wonder Woman who saw him has a son and he saw as a mother, and finally Kara only one of his girlfriends who was still alive. Superman went on to tell him that when he blacked out he suddenly transformed into a massive red furred fox with 9 tails and began laying waste to all the Parademons around him and then moved on to any that were remaining in what was left of Central City.

Superman then went on to tell him that the allied forces were calling the whole event "The Raging Red Fox of Sorrows" since the whole time he was in that form he appeared to be crying. It was then that that Batman asked what that form was.

Naruto sighed before explaining to them the same thing he had told Starfire, Talia, and Kara about how he was from a different dimension and everything about his arrival into their dimension. He then went on to explain the events that took place the night of his birth, about the Kyuubi who he later befriended and learned was Kurama.

The group was shocked by what they were just told and then asked if Kurama was still within him. Naruto shook his head hearing this and explained how when he arrived in this dimension one of the first things he did was check to see if Kurama was still with him by entering his mindscape. However instead of finding Kurama all he found was a small red scroll that Kurama left him.

Naruto then went on to explain that in the scroll Kurama had written that he had to use all of his energy and even his very life-force to protect him from getting ripped apart at the atomic level during the trip through the dimensional gap. Naruto then explained that the reason he kept this secret was because Kurama was the last reminder he had of his home and that he had come to see him as a brother and losing him was hard on him.

The group understood what Naruto meant and fter wishing him a speedy revocery and left leaving him alone with his thoughts. As he laid there Naruto couldn't help but think of what had really happened when he blacked out. He had appeared in his mindscape and saw a small red flame that then spoke in Kurama's voice. The flame told him it was one last gift to Naruto a onetime blocker for an extremely traumatic event. It then went on to explain that when Starfire and Talia died Naruto's mind had effectively broke and he had subconsciously drawn on the last little remainder of Kurama's chakra that had been in his charka coils. However since Kurama wasn't present in him it had consumed him which led to him transforming into Kurama for a short period of time to repair his mental state explaining why he was seen crying.

Naruto couldn't believe what he had heard but smiled melancholically at Kurama saving one last time. For the next week Naruto relaxed and recovered while Kara and Wonder Woman tried to help him cope with the loss of Starfire and Talia. On the outside this appeared to be working but on the inside Naruto was still broken from the loss of not only Starfire and Talia but also Ivy, Harley, Megan, and Crystal.

A month later in another offensive this time to try and retake Metropolis which had fallen a week prior Naruto finally broke completely. For an entire week he fought non-stop around the clock against the Parademons and no matter how much Kara, Wonder Woman, or anyone else tried to stop him he just continued fighting. The battle escalated to the point that the allied forces were forced to retreat or risk being caught in the crossfire leaving Naruto alone to continue his fight.

When the fighting finally stopped and silence fell on city of Metropolis, Kara and Wonder Woman rushed into the city to try and find Naruto, what they saw shocked them beyond belief. Millions of dead Parademons filled the ruins of the city their bodies piled so high in some places that they created mountains higher than the skyscrapers that once resided in the city.

Kara and Wonder Woman finally found Naruto lying in the center of a deep crater…dead. He had nearly two dozen spears sticking out of his chest, was missing his right arm from the elbow down, and he was missing his ring and pinkie fingers from his left hand. He had a gash going from above his left eye down to his second whisker mark on the same cheek; finally his left leg was severed at the knee. However despite all of his injuries he had a look of peace on his face.

Both women collapsed to their knees and broke out in tears upon seeing the dead form of their lover in the case of Kara, and son in all but blood in the case of Wonder Woman. The two just knelt there crying for what seemed like hours before they pulled the spears out of him and gently lifted his body up before returning to the allied forces.

Back at the allied forces base Superman and Batman were looking off into the direction that Kara and Wonder Woman left in when Superman spots them using his super vision. However he immediately becomes worried when he sees them carrying the motionless body of Naruto. Using his super hearing his fears are confirmed when he can only hear two heartbeats.

Superman turns to look at Batman who had noticed Superman spot them and just shakes his head before lowering it. Behind his cowl Batman's eyes widen slightly before he too lowers his head.

The next six months were hard for the group especially Kara and Wonder Woman. The loss of Naruto devastated Kara and she was always really depressed, and when she fought she began rushing in and was getting reckless. It got so bad that Superman feared for her life and delegated her to escort missions.

Wonder Woman on the other hand became even fiercer when she fought. The loss of not only all her fellow Amazonians including her mother, and the boy she had come to see as a song made her snap in a sense. She no longer fought to protect the Earth or to bring justice, she fought for revenge and it was beginning to consume her.

Kara finishes reflecting on all that has happened since the beginning of the war and closes the locket before putting it safely back underneath her costume and continues to rocket towards where the others are.

Wonder Woman slices another Paradamon in half when she notices a streak of light fly past her and stop revealing the god Mercury "Diana the gods have joined the war but most have fallen but we stand with Humanity against this threat" he says shocking her before rocketing off.

Wonder Woman turns to see Superman being overwhelmed by some Parademons and begins to make her way towards him when she is suddenly impaled through the stomach from behind. She turns her head to see the grinning face of Steppin Wolf one of Darkseid's children. Wonder Woman pulls herself off the spear and falls to the ground before succumbing to the embrace of death.

Superman sees this and yells in rage as power builds within him before exploding outward in a blast resembling a solar flare killing all the Parademons near him. When the light from the blast dies down he is nowhere to be seen.

Batman reaches the top of the tower and begins uploading the virus as Robin continues to provide backup in the Bat Jet. As he gets the virus ready he keys his cowl's headset "Robin get out of here" he says seriously.

From within the cockpit of the Bat Jet Helena Wayne aka Robin is shocked by what her father just asked her to do "I am not leaving you dad! I already lost mom, and I already lost Naruto who was like a brother in all but blood I am not losing you too!" she yells into the headset.

Batman smiles "You have to baby girl when I upload the virus the tower will explode. I am so proud of you my little soldier, your mother would be so proud of how much you have grown, Naruto would be too. I will always love you and your mother and I will be watching over you…goodbye" he says with tears in his eyes as he uploads the virus causing the tower to explode killing him.

Helena yells out in despair at the death of her father when she notices Supergirl fly up next to her. Supergirl looks through the window of to see tears running down Helena's cheeks "Helena whats wrong what happened?" she says.

Helena looks over to Kara "Their all dead Kara. Superman, Wonder Woman, and my father are all dead" she says between sobs shocking Kara. Before Kara can say anything the two of them notice a Boom Tube open and what appears to be Steppin Wolf entering it. Kara looks over to Helena who nods with her eyes narrowed and the two rocket towards the Boom Tube with Helena firing the Bat Jets machine guns and Kara using her heat vision they enter the boom tube and disappear.

*End Flashback*

Karen snaps out of her flashback to the Earth 2 and thinks about what happened after they arrived in the current Earth. They were shocked to find themselves in a world nearly identical to their own but not ravaged by war. Then there was the fact that everyone they knew that had died during the war was currently alive, there was even another version of Kara who went by Supergirl. However another difference was that Helena's parents weren't married or even together meaning she didn't even exist in this world.

The two then decided to change their names Kara changed her name to Karen Starr, and Helena changed hers to Helena Bertinelli. Helena then used some of her father's codes to get some money from the Wayne family fortune and the two set off to begin their new lives. Karen went to college and after graduating and using her knowledge she opened Starr Industries. She also made a new costume and became Powergirl after introducing herself to this world's version of her cousin Superman. However she did keep the vast majority of what had happened in Earth 2 secret for now.

Karen had also spent all of her free time looking for this world's version of Naruto but no matter how hard she looked she was unable to find anything on him. It tore her heart to pieces at the possibility of her beloved not existing in this world when everyone else that died did. However she didn't give up hope and continued to spend all of her free time looking for him.

Karen is snapped out of her thoughts when she hears Helena trying to get her attention "Huh? What did you say Helena?" she asks.

Helena's eyebrow twitches hearing this "I have been trying to get your attention for the last fifteen minutes what were you thinking about?" she asks.

Karen sighs "I was thinking about what happened during the war back on Earth 2" she answers honestly.

Helena's eyes widen before they take a sorrowful look "Karen we both know it's not healthy to think about what happened back then" she says somberly.

Karen nods her head "I know Helena but I just couldn't help it finding this worlds version of Naruto just stirred up the memories for a moment" she says.

Helena's eyes narrow for a moment "Karen maybe it isn't a good idea if you meet with this world's version of Naruto again if meeting him brings up those memories?" she suggests.

Karen's eyes widen hearing this before they narrow "Helena it's not like that it was just meeting him again after so long briefly reminded me of what happened it won't happen again" she says trying to make her friend understand why those memories resurfaced.

Helena is silent for a moment before she sighs "Okay I will trust you on this Karen, now if there isn't anything else you need to tell me about I would like to get back to sleep" she says before yawning.

Karen sweat drops hearing this before chuckling "Okay Helena I will talk to later" she says before they both hang up. After getting dressed Karen decided to go on patrol and was currently floating in the air above Metropolis when she senses someone float up behind her. Powergirl turns to see Superman floating behind her and raises an eyebrow seeing the serious look in his eyes.

Superman looks at Powergirl with a serious look in his eyes "We need to talk, yesterday when Sage introduced himself you had a look of recognition in your eyes as if you knew him" he says surprising Powergirl.

Karen sighs "I was hoping no one caught that, well here is the full story…" she says before she tells Superman about everything that happened in the Earth 2 dimension. She told him about how she met Naruto and how they later became lovers, about the other girls that ended up joining the relationship which shocked Superman. She told him about the war against Darkseid and about all the lives that were lost including the other girls that were in their relationship. Then she told him about how with each death Naruto seem to break more and more until he finally snapped and literally fought to his death. Finally she told him about the end of the war and how she and Helena ended up in this dimension.

Superman sighs as Powergirl finishes her story "It seems that no matter what dimension he is in Naruto always suffers" he says confusing Powergirl.

Powergirl raises an eyebrow in confusion hearing this "What do you mean by that?" she asks feeling she is not going to like the answer.

Superman once again sighs "It is not my place to tell but all I can say is that the Naruto of this world has suffered the same amount if not more than the one from your world" he says cryptically. Powergirl's eyes widen hearing this as she gasps and tears come to her eyes.

Superman then runs his hand through his hair "So what do you plan to do?" he asks confusing her causing him to face palm "I mean do you plan on trying to pursue a romantic relationship with the Naruto of this world?" he clarifies.

Powergirl's eyes widen a little "I don't know honestly, I want to try and pursue a relationship with him but I am a little scared at the same time. When the Naruto of my world died it felt like somebody had taken a dagger made of kryptonite and skewered my heart with it. I am scared that if I pursue a relationship with him and he dies again what it will do to me because I know I wouldn't be able to survive that kind of pain again" she says honestly.

Superman rubs his chin in thought hearing this as it is a very good point. He then floats over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder "That is a good point but you have to think to yourself "Is it worth it to miss out on all the happiness that being with him gave you over the risk that something might happen to him again?"" he asks.

Powergirls eyes widen hearing this and she begins to think on what he just said. She thinks about all the times she was with Naruto and how happy she was. Then she thought of all the time she spent with the other girls that were with Naruto and how they all came to see each other as sisters. She could honestly say that those were the happiest times of her life.

As she finished think about if she would be willing to possibly miss out on those times she found her answer "No it isn't worth it since the time I spent with Naruto and the other girls was the happiest times of my life" she says with a smile.

Superman nods his head with a small smile on his face "Then you have your answer on if you should attempt to pursue a relationship with him or not, also I support you pursuing a relationship with him" he says surprising her.

Powergirl thinks for a moment before smiling "Thank you Kal-EL but I am also going to need your help on something" she says causing him to raise an eyebrow. Powergirl then rubs the back of her neck a habit she picked up from her Naruto "I need you to help me think of a reason to justify him having multiple girlfriends and potentially wives" she says nonchalantly.

Superman just stands there frozen for a moment as his brain tries to reboot after hearing what he was just asked "What do you mean by that?" he asks after his brain finally rebooted.

Powergirl chuckles "If this Naruto is anything like the one from my world he will have girls falling for him without him even realizing it. Also if what you say is true and that he has possibly suffered even more than the Naruto from my world then he deserves all the love he can get" she says explaining her reasoning.

Superman thinks on what he just heard and has to admit that from what he saw of Naruto's past he definitely has that quality "All right I will help you think of a way to justify him practicing polygamy and make it all legal for him to do so" he says before thinking of something "Who do you think will end up joining the relationship if you and him get together?" he asks genuinely curious.

Powergirl mentally curses after hearing this question as it one she was hoping to avoid. She just sighs before deciding to bite the bullet so to speak and answer "I can reveal all the possible additions since a few of them haven't arrived on Earth yet. However I can say that Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, and Talia al Ghul are all possibilities" she says mentally counting down before Superman explodes…figuratively of course.

Superman's brain once again shuts down upon hearing what Powergirl just told him and when he finally boots back up his reaction is the most likely one given the situation "WHAT! But those are some of the most infamous female villains" he yells in disbelief.

Powergirl just shakes her head "I know but Naruto by just being himself changed them for the better. Hell they each even became superheroes back in my world and ended up doing more good for the world than you could possibly believe" she says.

Superman just rubs his temples as he feels a headache brewing "Next thing you're going to tell me is that Diana is likely going to join this little relationship too" he says half jokingly only to freeze when he sees the look on Powergirl's face "Oh you have got to be kidding me Diana too? What kind of kid is he to gain the affections of one of the top 10 hottest women on Earth? I mean it's not like he is incredibly well endowed…right?" he says before paling at the dazed look in Powergirl's eyes and the drool leaking from the side of her mouth.

Powergirl snaps out of her dazed state and wipes the drool from the corner of her mouth "No Diana likely won't be joining since the two of them had a more Mother/Son relationship back on my world" she says getting Superman to nod since he had noticed the beginnings of that kind of relationship to form when Naruto and Diana talked with each other.

Powergirl then clears her though "Now on to the matter of if he is incredibly well endowed or not…no comment" she says before laughing at how Superman's face lost all its color. After settling down Powergirl sighs "Well that's all have to say for now so if that is all then I will head off to patrol and maybe meet up with Naruto" she says getting a nod from her cousin before flying off.

After she left Superman just floats there for a second and thinks about how interesting things are going to get. Then he remembers that Batman has a history so to speak with Talia and if she does end up with Naruto then things would probably get pretty awkward to say the least. Superman sighs as he begins flying across the city rubbing his temples "I need a drink…and something for this headache along with all the ones I am bound to get in the future from being around Naruto" he says continuing on his way.

End Chapter 5

Quick AN: Well that's Chapter 5 and I explain the whole Powergirl and Naruto thing although I thought it would be pretty obvious for those who know Powergirls back story/origin.

Also Like I said in the Author Note at the beginning of the chapter you can pretty much guess who will be I Naruto's harem from what happened in the last chapter and in this chapter. Also I will be keeping the harem as is…However down the line I may think about adding 1 more girl to the harem but don't get your hopes up…and please don't flood me with requests to add a certain girl to the harem.