Chapter 7

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The tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife as Diana, Ivy, and Karen glared at Naruto who was trying to think of an explanation that wouldn't result in him being beaten to death. Behind Naruto Kori looked on in confusion not understanding why the three women looked so angry "Friend Naruto why do your guests look so angry?" she asked innocently.

Hearing Kori's question seemed to momentarily snap the three angry women out of their anger as they switched their attention to her. Naruto seeing this decided that this was probably the best chance he had to save himself from receiving a beat down by three angry women. Naruto quickly turns to look at Kori while trying not to get a nosebleed upon staring at her naked figure "Kori why are you naked? I left a change of clothes for you…at least I think I did" he asks actually unsure of that last part.

Kori tilts her head to the side cutely with a confused look on her face "I did not see any clothes when I got out of the shower so I decided to walk around as I am, Should I have not done this? Does this displease you?" she asks pouting slightly thinking she might have done something to offend her new friend who had helped her so much already.

Naruto sputters a bit hearing this before clearing his throat "No I am not mad Kori it is just that here on Earth it is considered indecent to walk around naked in front of people. The only time you should be naked around someone here on Earth is if it is with your lover, and even then it is usually limited to the bedroom" he says trying to explain Earth's customs to the alien girl.

Kori's eyes widen a bit hearing this "Oh I am sorry it is just that on Tamaran we have communal bathing and see each other nude all the time" she says explaining why she came out nude.

The eyes of Naruto and thee three angry women behind him widen hearing this. Naruto quickly wipes a trail of blood that begins leaking from his nose "A whole planet full of sexy women with golden-orange skin and bodies that would give a Kunoichi a run for her money! That sounds like something right out of Pervy Sage's god awful smut!" he thinks. Naruto really couldn't stand the trash that was Icha Icha it just felt like the over active delusions of an eternal virgin. Then there was that fact that Jiraiya got his inspiration for his books by Exploiting women by peeking on them while they bathed something that was unforgiveable in his mind.

Naruto had even voiced his displeasure on this topic after he came across one of the pervert's books whose heroine bore a VERY striking resemblance to Tsunade in both appearance and name since the character was named "Nade". This had lead to Naruto confronting Jiraiya about it and becoming enraged thereby tapping into Kurama's chakra subconsciously and not being able to contain it went "Four-Tails" on Jiraiya. When all was said and done Jiraiya had a VERY good reminder to never peek on anyone that was important to Naruto in the form of a large scar on his chest.

When the two had returned to Konoha after Naruto's training tip had ended Tsunade had noticed the scar and questioned Jiraiya about it. Jiraiya tried to play it off as an accident that happened while Naruto tried using the Kyuubi's chakra. However unknown to Jiraiya at the time Naruto had other plans…


Naruto was listening to Jiraiya tell his own version of how he got the scar on his chest. Since the pervert was busy telling the story he didn't see Naruto make some discreet hand signals to Tsunade basically informing her that he was lying and to lockdown the room.

Tsunade's eyes widen slightly seeing the signs Naruto is giving her before she discreetly signals for the Anbu hidden in the room to lock it down which they discreetly did.

Naruot then reaches into his sleeve and pulls out a chakra sealing tag before placing it in the middle of Jiraiya's back where he couldn't reach it and in the process sealing his chakra temporarily.

Jiraiya noticing this turns to Naruto with wide eyes "Hey what the heck was that for?" he asks wondering why he had sealed his chakra.

Naruto smirks sadistically as a sinister gleam comes to his eyes "Oh I am just following standard procedure in regards to when someone LIES to the Hokage" he says evilly causing Jiraiya to visibly pale. Naruto then looks to Tsunade "Now Jiraiya told the truth in regards to that it was I who left that scar on him while enraged and using the Kyuubi's chakra. However he failed to mention the reason WHY I was so enraged" he says before reaching into one of Jiraiya's pockets and pulling out a certain orange book.

Naruto tosses the book to Tsunade who catches it and stares at it in disgust "Look at the name of the main female and her description and you will see why I became so enraged" he says with narrowed eyes.

Tsunade does as he says and looks and mere seconds after she does so begins to emit K.I. to such a degree that unknown to everyone that even the Kyuubi sealed within Naruto feels it and is actually impressed by the amount she was expelling. Tsunade turns her attention to a now pale white and visibly shaking Jiraiya "So not only did you peek on me for your Research but also went ahead and used my likeness in one of your trashy smut books!" she yells in outrage.

Jiraiya gulps and tries to explain himself "C'mon Tsunade-hime your beauty was so radiant at the time how could I not capture it in my art" he says nervously hoping to calm her down with flattery.

However this only seems to make her angrier "ART! THIS IS ISN'T ART THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING AND DEGRADING SMUT THAT YOU COME UP WITH AFTER EXPLOITING WOMEN BY PEEKING ON THEM YOU FILTY PERVERTED DEGENERATE!" she yells before she begins to beat on him as his screams of pain echo for miles around.

Several minutes later Jiraiya is lying on the floor the only sign that he was still alive would be the sporadic twitches of his bloody and broken body. Naruto seeing Tsunade having calmed down slightly walks over to her and gives her a hug "There there Kaa-chan it is alright I am here for you" he says soothingly causing her to relax.

Tsunade then wraps her arms around Naruto embracing him "Thank you Sochi-kun for bringing this information to my attention" she says with a small smile before kissing his forehead.

Naruto just smiles in response "Your welcome Kaa-chan but I have an idea of how to prevent the pervert from ever doing such a thing again" he says mysteriously before whispering his idea into her ear causing her eyes to widen before they take on a sinister glint and she smiles evilly before the two begin to implement his plan all the while chuckling evilly and forever mentally scarring the ANBU that were hidden in the room.

Several days later Jiraiya awoke to find himself in the hospital in a full body cast with a nurse at his bedside with a hot bowl of soup. The nurse seeing him awake smiles "Ah your finally awake Jiraiya-sama that is wonderful! No doubt you are hungry so allow me to feed you after all I am a really big fan of yours" she says before she begins spoon feeding the soup to an oblivious Jiraiya who is just enjoying a hot nurse feeding him.

A few minutes later Jiraiya finishes the last of the soup and the nurse smiles "How was the soup Jiraiya-sama it was a very special type of beef stew that promotes fast recovery?" she asks still with the smile on her face.

Jiraiya giggles perversely "It was wonderful my dear even more so with such a beautiful such as yourself feeding me it. Maybe later I can give you a Private interview in regards to my next book" he flirts shamelessly.

The nurse giggles playfully "Oh Jiraiya-sama that would make me sooo grateful I might just decide to give you a reward" she says seductively with a lick of her lips. The nurse then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper before handing it to the perverted fool "Before I forget Hokage-sama wanted me to give you this note and said it was really important" the nurse says before walking out with a sway to her hips.

Jiraiya shamelessly ogles the nurses rear as she leaves before looking at the and begins to read only to pale as does before reaching down to his crotch and finds a lack of something important to him. This discovery leads to him screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the top of his lungs while outside of the room the nurse smirks evilly.

The note that was in his hands falls to the ground revealing that it said "Dear Perverted Idiot, Recent discoveries have led me to the decision you have no doubt just confirmed for yourself. My precious Sochi-kun came up with the one way to stop your perverted ways once and for all one that I am positive many women across the Elemental Nations would thank him for. The solution was rather simple really just the removal of that which makes you a man namely your cock and balls. Before I forget to ask how was the "Beef" Stew the meat that was used in it was a very rare and hard to come by but luckily we had just come by some despite it being an extremely SMALL amount. In case it has sunk in it you idiot you just ate your own cock and balls."

That day marked the end of Jiraiya the Super Pervert and the beginning of Jiraiya the Eunuch…and Vegetarian.

*End Flashback*

Naruto snaps out of remembering when Jiraiya became "Less of a man" and begins to chuckle "kukuku that certainly taught Pervy Sage a thing or two" he unknowingly says out loud.

Diana raises an eyebrow hearing this "What are you talking about Naruto?" she asks curious as to why he would say that at such a time.

Naruto's eyes widening response to hearing her question "Oh did I say that out loud?" he asks getting nods from the girls present "Oh well what Kori said about her home world made me think that my old sensei Jiraiya would love it there since he was a self-proclaimed "Super Pervert" or at least he was until after we got back from my training trip" he says.

The three women that were aware of Naruto's past widen their eyes in surprise hearing this "Wait why did he stop being a "Super Pervert" not that him stopping was a bad thing?" Ivy asks since from what Naruto had told her about Jiraiya he would be more likely to betray the Leaf Village before he stopped being a Pervert.

Naruto grins evilly which unsettles the women slightly "Well the story behind Jiraiya no longer being a Super Pervert began a few months after we left on my training trip…" he begins before telling the story. By the time he finishes telling the story Karen is on her knees laughing her ass off while, Ivy is chuckling quietly, Diana is smirking at the poetic justice, and Kori is giggling finding the story to be amusing despite not knowing who this Jiraiya person was.

After everyone calms down Naruto looks to Kori "Kori why don't you go cover yourself up. You can use some of my clothes for the time being until we can get you some new clothes" he suggests getting a nod from her as she leaves to do just that. Naruto then turns to look at the others "Now how about I explain why Kori is here…" he says before explaining the events that lead to what they say. He explained how he was training and her escape pod crashed near his house. How Kori explained her life to him and how she came to arrive on Earth.

By the end of his explanation Diana was furious that Kori's sister betrayed her and sold her out to the Gordanians to be their slave in exchange for peace. To an Amazon such as Diana this act of betrayal was unforgivable. Karen was silently fuming since she already had a hunch regarding how Kori ended up on Earth due to her past experiences with the Kori of Earth 2.

Ivy was silent as she listened to Naruto tell about Kori's past and the betrayal in it. Ivy felt sympathetic for Kori since after her accident she too suffered many betrayals by those she trusted most.

After Naruto finished telling the story and Diana calmed down she smiled slightly at Naruto "You have done a great deed in helping Kori in her time of need and for that I am proud of you. I do have to ask what Poison Ivy is doing here though since I was unaware that you knew her and from the looks of things you two are close since she knows your secret identity" she says causing Naruto to flinch slightly as he was sort of dreading explaining that little bit of info to Diana as he had to see her as a Mother-Figure.

Naruto chuckles sheepishly "Well it all started when I went to Gotham to start my career as a Hero…" he says before explaining to Diana his first meeting with Ivy. As he explained the meeting Diana listened intently to the tale. She did get angry when he mentioned how Ivy tried to kill him but Naruto calmed her down without much trouble after he explained that he is immune to all poisons due to his healing factor.

Diana was actually somewhat surprised when he told her how he had convinced Ivy to try and protect the environment through legal ways and that he would help her. She was even more surprised when he explained how he had even convinced her to stop killing people and that it was only to be done when used as a LAST RESORT and even then ONLY in self-defense.

Naruto then explained how he had even taken to representing Ivy as her Lawyer-while in disguise of course-and had even helped her gather evidence exposing some of the shady activities of certain companies. He then explained how the two of them had grown close and he viewed her as one of his precious people and even shared his past with Ivy which surprised Diana.

After he finished he explanation regarding Ivy to Diana she was silent for a moment as she thought about everything he had told her. After a few minutes in thought Diana came to a decision "Very well Naruto I will trust your judgment in this matter. I will say that I am once again proud of you for all that you have done in regards to helping Ivy and helping her to become a better person…no offense Ivy" she says with pride.

Ivy just waves off Diana's comment "None taken, I will admit that my past actions were…extreme. However Naruto has helped me see the error of my ways and as you said help me become a better person while at the same time protecting the environment" she says with a smile at the end as she looks at Naruto.

The truth was she had come to care deeply about Naruto in their time working together. Her feelings for him had developed slowly as she was still cautious around him at first fearing that he would betray her like so many others had before. However as time went on and they spent more time around each other she began to slowly open up to him and he to her. She was of course shocked when he shared his past with her and she would often wonder how he was still sane. Overtime her feelings for him had deepened from an acquaintance to a friend followed shortly by a close friend. It was only recently that her feelings for him had taken o a more Romantic nature. It wasn't yet to the point where she could say she loved him but it was VERY close to that point.

Ivy could tell that without a doubt her feelings for the blonde former shinobi would definitely develop into love and very soon too. She could also tell that Power Girl had similar feelings for him from the way she would stare at the blonde. This unnerved Ivy since she didn't like the idea of possibly losing Naruto the buxom blonde. Naruto was the first person in years Ivy could say she whole heartedly trusted. Not to mention he was likely the ONLY person in the world that she could possibly pursue an intimate relationship with due to his immunity to her poisons. Then there was the added fact that he was close to finding a way for her to be a REAL mother instead of trying to fill that void in her heart with her plants or "Babies". All in all Ivy wasn't…no COULDN'T lose Naruto to some other woman as it would likely destroy her, he had become that important to her.

Karen noticed how Ivy seemed to be deep in thought and how she would look at Naruto and then herself and thought "Hmm it seems like Ivy is determining her feelings for Naruto and feels somewhat threatened by how close he and I are. I will need to talk to her about my own feelings for him and my plan for us all to be together" she thinks making a mental note to talk to Ivy when she had a chance.

For the next few minutes the group talk amongst themselves until they heard footsteps and turned to see Kori walk in wearing one of Naruto's white short sleeved shirts-that was strained against her sizeable chest-and a blue pair of shorts. Kori walks up to Naruto and smiles "Do I look nice?" she asks cutely with a shy smile.

Naruto nearly has a small nosebleed at the sight of Kori wearing his shirt followed by the almost too cute look she had when asking him if she looked nice. He gulps as he senses a very brief flash of anger…or maybe it was envy emanate from behind him before answering "You look great Kori" he says causing the girl to smile brightly. However be she can respond a loud rumble is heard that originates from the direction of Kori causing her to blush while Naruto chuckles "It seems that your pretty hungry, how about I make all of us something to eat?" he suggests getting a nod from the girls before he goes into the kitchen to begin cooking.

Diana soon joins him in the kitchen to help with the meal and Kori decides to watch television to learn more about Earth culture. This left Karen and Ivy to themselves and Karen decides it is time to talk to the nature lover "Ivy can I talk to you in private for a few moments?" she asks getting a nod from Ivy before the two walk out to the backyard for some privacy.

Karen then turns to Ivy and flat out asks "Ivy do you have romantic feelings for Naruto?" honestly surprising her for a moment.

Ivy recovers from her shock and takes a moment to compose herself before looking Karen dead in the eyes "Yes I will admit that I harbor romantic feelings for Naruto and wish to pursue a romantic relationship with him. I assume that you as well have romantic feelings for him?" she says admitting her own feelings for the whiskered blonde before asking Karen about her own.

Karen smiles slightly hearing the question "Yes I also love him and wish to pursue a relationship with him" she admits honestly.

Ivy's eyes narrow slightly at hearing this "Well then I guess this makes us rivals in the race to claim Naruto's heart" she responds back in a somewhat challenging tone.

Karen giggles a little hearing this before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a picture and looks at it for a moment with a sad smile "Ivy take a look at this" she says before handing the picture to Ivy.

Ivy raises an eyebrow in wonder hearing this before she takes the picture and looks at it which causes her eyes to widen in disbelief. The picture in her hands is that of not only herself and Naruto but also several other women most of whom she recognizes like Harley Quinn and Killer Frost. Another thing that shocks her is that they are all smiling at the camera together as a group and she can even spot what appear to be rings on each of their fingers.

Ivy shakily holds onto the picture before turning her attention to Karen "What in the world am I looking at?" she asks not understanding the picture in her hands.

Karen smiles sadly "That is a picture from my past. I am sure you know how I am rumored to be from another dimension?" she asks getting a nod from Ivy before continuing "Well it the rumor is true and I do indeed come from another dimension. In this dimension things are much the same as they are in this one in regards to various heroes and villains and there is a counterpart to just about all of them. In that dimension I went as Kara Zor-El or as you know her Supergirl" she says shocking Ivy with this bit of news.

Karen then sighs sadly before continuing her explanation "Now in regards to that picture it is how it looks and there not only was a version of Naruto in that world much like there is in this one….but also all the girls in that picture were engaged to him including myself" she admits further shocking Ivy.

Ivy's eyes widen hearing that not only was a version of her in a relationship with Naruto but that version shared him with several other girls. Ivy then realizes something "Wait you said "were" in a relationship with that version of Naruto. What happened to cause it to break apart?" she asks fearing the answer.

Karen clenches her fists at hearing this and she narrows her eyes "Darksied happened, he declared war on the Earth and plunged it into utter chaos. His forces attacked and in the war one by one each of Earth's defenders were killed…including everyone in that picture minus myself obviously" she snarls in anger at remembering the horrors she witnessed.

Ivy gasps silently hearing this and was shocked by the news that not only her counterpart but also Naruto and everyone else in the picture *minus Karen* were killed. She looks back to Karen "How did you end up in this world then?" she asks.

Karen once again sighs "It was after the deaths of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman that myself and my friend who now goes by the alias "Huntress" found out we were the last two heroes alive. We saw what appeared to be Steppin Wolf enter a Boom Tube and went after him. However we somehow ended up in this dimension" she explains.

Ivy thinks it over for a minute and it does seem possible given the unknown properties of the Boom Tube technology. She then remembers that Karen said she had feelings for this world's version of Naruto and narrows her eyes a little "You said that you have feelings for Naruto…Are you just trying to use him as a replacement to the version you lost?" she asks not liking the idea of Karen possibly using this version of Naruto as some sort of sick replacement for the one she lost.

Karen's eyes widen hearing the question before they narrow slightly "I can assure you that my feelings for this version of Naruto are true and not simply carried over from my world's version of him. I know they are two different people despite sharing many of the same characteristics and abilities" she snaps not liking Ivy's insinuation.

Ivy raises an eyebrow hearing this "Oh and how are they different?" she asks genuinely curious about how the two versions of Naruto are different.

Karen sighs tiredly hearing this question "I assume Naruto has told you about his past?" she asks getting a nod from Ivy before she continues "Well the Naruto of my world didn't suffer as much as the one we both know. They both fought in the Fourth Shinobi War against Madara and Obito however in my Naruto's world as far as he knew everyone had survived the war…with the exception of Hinata who had been his sole lover instead of sharing him with Tsunade, Anko, Mei, and Samui." She says shocking Ivy with this bit of information.

Karen then chuckles a little "Another difference is that while my world's version of Naruto was "Big" this worlds is even "Bigger"" she says mysteriously with a slight glint in her eyes.

Ivy's raises an eyebrow in confusing until it dawns on her what "part" of Naruto Karen is referring to causing her to blush slightly as her green cheeks darken and she mutters "How big?" quietly before Karen leans in and whispers the answer into her ear causing Ivy's cheeks to darken even more and her eyes to glaze over slightly and drool a little.

After a moment Ivy recovers from her dazed state and turns her attention back to Karen "While I am sympathetic to you in regards to everything you have been through that doesn't mean I am just going to back off and hand Naruto over to her" she says standing her ground in regards to being with Naruto.

Karen sighs a little "Ivy I didn't tell you about my past to try and make you give up on pursuing Naruto. In fact I thought it would show you that I would be willing to SHARE him with you and possibly any other girls that fall in love with him" she responds shocking Ivy.

Ivy's eyes widen hearing this as she never thought that would be the reason why Karen shared her past with her. Ivy then thinks for a moment "While I can see the merits of such a thing as it would prevent one of us from being heartbroken for not being picked, such a thing is illegal and as a Hero Naruto cannot afford to break the law" she says as the thought of sharing Naruto did sound appealing even though it would take some getting used to.

Karen chuckles a little "Yes you are right in regards to it being illegal however I have talked with Superman about the idea of Naruto begin with more than one girl and told him about my past. He said that he will try and pull some strings to make it legal for Naruto to practice polygamy. I also recently received an update on his progress regarding it and he said that likely within the next few months it will be approved on the ground of Naruto being the last of his people and that it was a custom his people had in case of such circumstances" she says.

Ivy was surprised to hear that Karen had put so much thought into Naruto begin able to "legally" being with multiple women and that it was almost a reality. She looks at Karen for a moment before sighing "Very well it will take some getting used to but I am willing to give sharing Naruto with you and possibly any other girls that he may end up with a shot" she says in resignation as having to share Naruto is better than not being with him at all.

Karen smiles hearing this "That's great to hear, now we just have to tell Naruto about it soon" she says causing Ivy to sweat drop as she had forgotten that little bit. The two women spend the next few minutes talking until they hear Naruto's voice telling them that the food is ready and thy head inside to join the others and eat. They would tell him about their feelings and their decision to share him soon but for now they just wanted to enjoy a meal with the man they both loved.

End Chapter 7

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