In a dark room with only the light coming from a sun roof up above, sat a dwarf in front of a table. He had a chiseled jaw with stubble, his hair in a small ponytail and three piercings in his ears. He had no beard but, instead, had a glorious piece of chest hair coming out of his shirt. The woman before him with the black armor and eye carved in her breast plate paced in front of him. She had two scars, one long one on her left cheek and another smaller one on her right cheekbone.

"You are telling me that Hawke had to ally herself with smugglers to continue living in the city?"

"That's the truth Seeker." She glared openly at him. The door to their interrogation room opened when one of her soldiers came with a bundle of small books.

"What else Varric?" She asked, grabbing the books. She put a few underneath her arm, took one in her hand and flipped the pages.

"Well Hawke served them for a year, paying off her Uncle's debt. She got a noticeable reputation in the underworld during that time. Once she was free, she went off to try her hand in getting her mother out of the slums. She came to my brother Bartrand, in order to see if she can get hired as a sell sword, down into the Deep Roads. That's when I first met Hawke. I had to stop a cut purse from taking the little money she had. Junior couldn't believe that I wanted Hawke as a partner on the expedition. Sunshine was more than happy to jump into the bandwagon." The Seeker looked at him as she flipped through more of those pages. Varric thought they looked familiar but he couldn't tell with the low light.

"Go on." She said, pacing slowly. Varric couldn't hide his curiosity to the books she held.

"Well after having her agree with me, she asked me to go with her up to the Dalish that were at Sundermount to complete her oath to the witch."

"Flemeth, the witch of the wilds." She said plainly.

"The one and only. Of course our arrival wasn't as kind as you would think. The Dalish clan never liked humans then. Once we were taken to the Keeper, she asked her first, Daisy, to lead us where the amulet was to be placed."


"Daisy. We had a few…heated discussions between her and her clan as we made our way up the mountain. It was hard too, can you imagine me and my legs going up a mountain in winter?" The Seeker looked at him with no humor in her eyes. Varric sighed. Cassandra was tough to crack. "So the usual way was blocked by a landslide. We had to go through a perilous cave with spiders and undead in the way. Naturally, Hawke and her entourage that consisted of Daisy, Junior, Sunshine, and I were all able to kill them quickly."

"Then you learned that Merrill was a blood mage."

"Yes. The path was blocked by a magical barrier and Daisy had to cut open her hand for the power to break it. Sunshine and Hawke were not happy about it one bit. Junior seemed to let it slide. We made our way toward the graves where we had to fight with an Arcane Horror that summoned more undead. You would know about them right?" Cassandra scoffed. "After we used our amazing abilities to re-kill them, Daisy went ahead with her Dalish prayer and summoned Flemeth, or Asha'Bellanar as she called her."

That's when Cassandra dropped what she was carrying and put them in front of Varric. His eyes widened.

"Where did you get these?" Varric growled.

"Does it matter?"

"These belong to a very good friend of mine, a friend that hates it when you even look at these. Now I won't continue until you tell me. Where. Did. You. Get. These?" Varric growled and glared at Cassandra.

"These were given to me by Talen."

"The Grey Warden mage?"

"And Defender of Denerim against the Blight, yes." Varric looked thoughtful at that and rubbed his stubble. He opened the pages and found the neat letters of a good friend of his that he hasn't seen for three years. A friend that he got letters from but never penned by her due to the incident during the battle with Meredith. A friend that he kept in contact just in case the truth came out.

One that has fulfilled her promise to change the world.

"And here I thought that you said you would believe me as I told the story."

"I would but there is information there that will confirm what you say to me." Cassandra said a smirk on her lips. Varric wanted to do more than just glare at her, but he couldn't in his position. They did take Bianca away from him. He sighed, flipping through the pages.

"So, what do you want me to do Seeker?" Cassandra grabbed at the journal that he leafed through and opened it to the first page. The earlier pages ripped out.

"I will believe the start of your tale since what she wrote seemed to enforce it but from now on, everything you say will be examined along with her writings." Varric glared at her. "Tell me Varric, about the princess, the one that Hawke met on that mountain." He chuckled.

"Ah yes, Defender of Denerim, Honorary Grey Warden, Champion of Redcliffe, Race Ambassador to Queen Anora, and Princess of Ferelden…" Varric caught Cassandra's eyes and she tossed the journal in front of him. In neat letters at the top of the journal was written the owner of the journals.

Nia Cousland


"Well this mountain is green in a few stops, not too much snow, and…has a lot of…rocks." Hawke said. Merrill looked small after her clanmate had pushed her away.

"Nice going Eva." Carver said, crossing his arms, a small cloak around his shoulders. The snow on the mountain was making the trip harder for all of them.

"I'm sorry. Our people are nicer than this and we always look out for each other. Just, apparently not today. Please, let's keep going." Merrill said. Varric gave out a sigh, his breath visible in the cold. Bethany was shivering, holding her cloak tight against her as she used her staff to help her up the slippery path.

Eva had a similar staff in her hands but trekked the path without its help. There was a tense silence in their group as they saw the rubble that lay in their path.

"Well that makes things harder." Eva said.

"Yes but this cave leads to the top of the mountain as well. Follow me." Merrill said. Eva looked at Carver and shrugged. They followed her in. The cave had a small river flowing through it. The ceiling gave way in a few spots that let light in. Three giant spiders came crashing down on their webs on the group. Bethany let out a blast of fire which scorched them. Carver came up from behind her and slashed one with his great sword. Varric killed the last one with a barrage of arrows.

"Well that wasn't much of a challenge." Carver said when six more spiders dropped down.

"You had to open your mouth didn't you?" Eva said, rolling her eyes. She focused on the force of the fade above three of them and pushed down. Gravity did the work and they got squished to the floor. Then a few boulders came out of nowhere and smashed into the spider right behind Carver and Eva. Merrill looked at them with glee before hitting a spider next to her with her staff. Bethany let out another fire blast and they all fell.

"Ugh, spider guts." Eva said, avoiding what she could on the floor. Merrill led the band forward, down some stairs and into another cavern where more spiders dropped down to meet them. Eva pushed three away from her while Carver went on to fight them. Merrill dropped a landslide on two and Bethany froze the one that wasn't being attacked by her brother. Varric helped by shooting the spider, attracting its attention and allowing Carver to squish the butt of the spider.

"The path continues through here." Merrill said. They left the cave and were hit by a chill wind. Bethany shivered which was odd. She was the one who was always casting the ice spells ever since she was a young girl. They neared the graveyard but a shimmering blue shield was keeping them from going further. Merrill bit her lip and looked to the group.

"You only have to wait a moment. I can open the way forward." Merrill grabbed a small dagger she kept around her waist and hovered it over her hand.

"That's-" Bethany started. Merrill hissed in pain as she cut her hand, Bethany and Eva both feeling the flow of magic from her blood. She commanded the magic against the shield and it shattered.

"That was-"

"Blood magic." Eva finished her younger sister's thought.

"I know it was blood magic but I have it under control. The spirit helped in the end didn't it?" Merrill said, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Of course how silly of me! Demons always try to help you…until they try to take over your mind and turn you into an abomination." Eva said. Carver rolled his eyes.

"Leave her alone Eva."

"You are always weak against girls with pretty faces." Bethany mumbled.

"That is true…but I know how to defend myself. You best be careful up ahead. Things prowl the heights." Merrill said and they went into the graveyard. Merrill sighed. "In the old days of Arlathan, the elvhen elders came here to sleep. Uthenera, the endless dream. They don't sleep peacefully anymore." Merrill and Eva came closer to the altar when an Arcane Horror came to life. It bled its magic toward the skeletons that littered the mountain. The growls of the undead as they came to life surrounded the group. Carver swung his sword, decapitating the one next to him. Bethany hit one with the staff blade and Varric shot an arrow clear through the skull.

Eva forced the gravity down on the horror but it didn't do much. It pushed against Eva and Merrill, causing them both to fall over on the snow. Varric shot off a barrage of shots which only made the horror flinch. Carver shouted a battle cry and jumped and slashed. He cleaved the horror from its shoulder down to its wisps of feet. It growled at him before being encased by ice thanks to Bethany. Eva wasted no time and smashed her staff against it, causing it to splinter in small chunks of ice.

It didn't matter though. The veil was weak and more corpses rose from the ground to battle them. Bethany shot off a fire blast at three, causing them to fall down the mountain. The ground shook as Merrill brought down another landslide on two more. Carver beheaded one that he was fighting and Varric took out two more with Bianca. Carver shouted in pain as a shadow of a man wielding a sword and shield, rammed into him. Eva clicked her tongue as she forced the gravity on the shadow warrior. It knelt and Carver swung its sword against it. It didn't do anything.

"It can only be harmed by magic!" Merrill said, raising earth to fight against it.

"Why didn't you say so in the beginning?!"

"Get out of the way Carver!" Bethany shouted. He jumped as Bethany summoned another fire blast. Eva grabbed at the energy and pushed the warrior against the wall of the mountain and Merrill brought down more boulders with her magic.

"I think we'll have no more resistance. Place the amulet on the altar and I shall begin the rite." Merrill explained. Eva nodded and reached into her pack to the amulet that Flemeth gave her more than a year ago. Eva placed it as Merrill asked. Merrill came up to the altar.

"Hahren na melana sahlin. Emma ir abelas souver'inan isala hamin vhenan him dor'felas. In uthenera na revas." After Merrill chanted the last word, a storm of energy came from the altar, showering them what almost appeared to be wings. A figure shown in white light before it faded away, leaving Flemeth before the group.

"Hm and here we are." Merrill bowed low to Flemeth.

"Andaran atish'an Asha'bellanar."

"One of the elvhen I see. Clear eyed and bright. Do you know who I am, beyond that title?" Flemeth said, staring at Merrill.

"I do not know much." Flemeth chuckled.

"Then stand girl. The people bend their knee too quickly. How refreshing to see someone who actually keeps their end of a bargain. I expected to see my amulet to end up in a merchant's pocket."

"Well I tried selling it but no one wanted it. I think they suspected that there was a powerful old woman inside it." Flemeth smirked at that.

"All I needed was a small piece in case the inevitable occurred. Knowing how my Morrigan acts, it already has."

"I'm guessing that now that I have done this, you're going to fly away doing dastardly deeds?" Eva said.

"Eva!" Bethany whispered. Flemeth laughed.

"I suppose I shall but there is one more thing I must do before I leave." Flemeth said. She reached into the collar of her armor and pulled out a small orb that looked like it had fire inside of it. Eva and the others looked at her as Flemeth started to feed the small orb mana.

The orb grew.

"That doesn't look too good." Eva said, taking a few steps back. It grew and swelled, becoming brighter and hotter. It melted the snow around Flemeth, making the dry grass appear. She smiled at the group before tossing that sphere onto the ground. The energy rolled, looking like a plume of feathers until it hit the wall when the group heard a cry of pain.

"Wah!" Feet were propped against the wall and a young woman appeared. She groaned, sitting herself right up. She rubbed her face before looking toward the group. It didn't last too long when snow from the cliff above her, fell on top of her. "Holy shit that's cold!" Eva snorted in almost laughter and Flemeth laughed out loud. The young woman sputtered out of the mound of snow, a large pack slung over her shoulder. Her dark brown hair was up in a ponytail, side swept bangs, and dark brown eyes combing the scenery. Her armor gleamed in the light which contrasted her sand colored skin. Her daggers gleamed as well on her hips. She took one look ahead and scowled.

"Flemeth…Of course that place had to be something of yours." She said, wiping away the traces of snow off her armor. Flemeth laughed at her.

"Did you ever doubt what you knew?"

"Depended on where I was of course."

"Ah but you must realize the inevitability of the story."

"Inevitability doesn't mean set in stone."

"Are you sure about that? You must be careful on what you choose from now on." Flemeth said, striding her way up to the stranger that she summoned.

"Is that a threat?" The woman glared at her.

"Only a warning."

"Hm, and who are you to give me warnings?"

"Someone that knows what will happen."

"You aren't the only one." Flemeth laughed at her. "I know Flemeth."

"Do you now? Such a large burden on a woman who does not know what the true future holds."

"Whatever it does hold, I'll be there and I'll make sure to stop it." Flemeth smirked at her and walked right next to her, whispering something that the group couldn't hear before walking away again. If looks could kill Varric thought.

"You do know now that I have helped you I only require it back." The woman sighed.

"Always a catch…Fine, you'll get your help but whether I choose to use that as an opportunity will fall on me." Flemeth laughed at her.

"You have grown cunning in this past year."

"I have to make sure not to reveal all my cards." The young woman said to Flemeth.

"Is anyone following this?" Varric said.

"I have no clue." Eva said.

"Excuse me. I tend to babble when faced against an impossibility." Flemeth said, taking one long glance at the young woman before her. She walked away over to the altar, the young woman following her with hard eyes and a scowl on her face. Varric could tell she was cold from her small shivers.

"The destiny that awaits you, dear girl, might not be so hard now that we have new players on the board. Be grateful for that, for we have much to do." Flemeth said, taking a glance at the other young woman. Her eyes settled on Eva. "A word of advice. This world is teetering against the inevitability of change. As the abyss shows before you do not hesitate to leap. After all, it is only when you fall that you can learn how to fly."

"Tch, inevitability, what a load of bull…" The young woman mumbled.

"That is cheap advice coming from a dragon."

"Are you sure we're not going to regret bringing her here?" Carver asked.

"Well there isn't much we can do to that now." Bethany said.

"I know of regrets for I have lived through many. Do not hold it close to your heart, for it can poison your soul but if you do regret, remember me. As for you girl, step carefully. No path is darker than when your eyes are closed shut."

"Ma serannas Asha'Bellanar."

"It is time for me to bid farewell." Flemeth said, coming toward the group. Her eyes kept on lingering on the woman that she summoned. "You have my thanks…and my sympathies." The woman glared at her as Flemeth glowed and her body grew. The group backed away as a dragon replaced the woman and flew away.


"Soooo…who are you?" Eva asked.

"A daughter of hers perhaps? I've heard many tales of the daughters of Flemeth." Merrill said. The young woman looked at her before laughing.

"Me a daughter of Flemeth? Not a chance." She cleared her throat. "Sorry for the late intro, you would think after that time I spent helping in Amaranthine I would have some manners." She crossed her arms and bowed low to the group. "My name is Nia, Nia Cousland, princess of Ferelden."

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