9:34 Drakonis 24th

After we all agreed that we would be there at the Hanged Man for Aveline, we all came out of the office. I knew what we were in for and I was already semi-regretting it. Hawke laughed as she put her arm around me.

"Now that we're out of the office, I have to ask; love woes?" Hawke teased.

"Not your problem Hawke." I pouted, shrugging off her arm.

"Knives you haven't had many problems as of recently besides getting crucified and this is only the juiciest piece of your history that I've come to know of recently." Varric rubbed his hands together.

"Besides traveling with the Hero of Ferelden?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Exactly. Now, love woes?" Varric quoted Hawke. I rubbed my chin in thought.

"Hm let's see, it's none of your guys business." I stated, walking back to the mansion.

"Nia don't keep us in suspense!" Hawke laughed, hugging me from behind. I growled in frustration and furrowed my eyebrows.

"Look even the broody elf wants to know!" Varric shouted. Fenris indeed has his curious face on but I wasn't budging.

"No!" I scoffed as I got out of Hawke's hug. She grabbed me and made me face her.

"Nia, we're friends aren't we?" Hawke asked in a sad voice, looking at me, her hands on my shoulders. My face flushed before I shrugged off her hands. I knew what she was trying to do and puppy dog eyes aren't enough to get me to confess.

"Like I said, no." I power walked over back to the mansion, my face red, hearing Varric and Hawke's voices in the background. Curse Aveline. Curse you! Note to self; never tell Aveline your deepest, darkest secrets. I swung open the door and Fenris, who I really didn't want to talk to, was right at my heels.

"What was that all about?" Fenris asked.

"Can't you see? Aveline is in love with Donnic." I avoided him, hoping to get to my room.

"That is not what I was referring to." Fenris caught up to me and stood in front of me in the main hall. I made sure to look anywhere besides his eyes.

"You mean her weird advances? To each their own." I shrugged.

"You are avoiding the subject." Fenris pressed.

"Maybe I don't want to talk about the subject hm?" I snapped and crossed my arms.

"Love woes?" Fenris raised his eyebrow.

"Jesus Christ, just let it go!" I scoffed, trying to get past him but he wouldn't let me.

"Are you in love with anyone?" He asked bluntly. I felt my face heat up and rolled my eyes.

"Why must you know?" I mumbled.

"I am curious." Fenris

"Looks like you're going to live with that curiosity for the rest of your life then." I did my foot twirl and tried to get up to my room. He grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

"I have never seen you this flustered." He smirked.

"Oh wipe that smirk off your face. I'm not telling you anything." I snapped, slapping his hand off my shoulder. He looked taken aback.

"You-" He started.

"I said no!" I slammed the door in front of him. I banged my head against my desk. Curse you Aveline! This was getting harder and harder. There are nights that I dream about Fenris now. Some were nice and others were more...anyway, I was seriously getting frustrated with the fact my feelings were getting stronger. My only refuge was my room at this point. I really didn't want to stay in cooped in like this. The house was getting messy again.

I sighed and hit my head again. There was no use worrying about it now. I'll just have to keep up the avoiding behavior as much as I could. Still, that look of hurt on Fenris' face was hard to accept. I took out a few letters and decided that if I was going to stay in here, then I might as well start writing. After I was done with that, I stretched and did a few exercises. Then I went to my bookshelf and read. I did anything to pass the time where I didn't have to go out of the room. Pretty soon it was getting dark.

I banged my head against the door for good measure. I took a deep breath and opened my door. The low light of the torches and the moon light streaming in always made the house look more otherworldly. I went down the stairs and to the main door.

"Oh God, why am I even getting myself in this mess?" I mumbled.

"You promised." Fenris said behind me. I got startled before annoyance kicked in. Fenris was going to go because he said he was.

"Shut up." I pouted.

"Nia, about earlier-" He started. I let out a breath.

"No, we are not doing this now. We're going over to the Hanged Man and we're getting this over with." I bit my lip.

"Why are you so agitated?" Fenris asked.

"I am not agitated." I raised my voice.

"Ever since Aveline mentioned that there was someone…" He gave me a sidelong look as we got out of the mansion.

"Shut it Fenris, I'm not telling you." I said through clenched teeth.

"We are friends right?" He asked. I groaned.

"Oh don't even try to use that argument against me." I said, slamming the door to our mansion shut.

"Are you two doing a marital spat again?" Hawke said coming up beside me as we walked past her estate.

"We are not together!" I snapped again. I was getting really irritated. This was about Aveline, not me. Unfortunately my friends weren't haven't it any other way.

"Ooh coming off a bit strong aren't we?" Hawke chuckled. We were going over to the stairs to head off to Lowtown.

"Can't we just go down to the Hanged Man and get this over and done with?" I rubbed my face.

"Of course…are you going to tell me about that lucky man in your life?" Hawke elbowed me and teased me.

"Piss off Hawke." I grumbled, taking the lead, hoping to get to the Hanged Man as quickly as possible to avoid them.

"I have a feeling she's mad." Hawke whispered loudly.

"She has been like this since we have seen Aveline." Fenris humphed.

"Ah it must be that mystery man." Hawke snapped her fingers and snickered.

"I can hear you two very clearly!" I looked back and snapped.

"We are not trying to keep it to ourselves you know." Fenris looked away and mumbled.

"I dislike you two right now." I let out an aggravated sigh and walked faster toward Lowtown.

"Aww didn't you propose to me just a few hours ago." Hawke giggled and linked arms with me.

"That was then, this is now." I bit my lip. My face was getting red again.

"So who is it that you can't confess to?" Hawke leaned in really close. Then I saw the Hanged Man. Never have I been so happy to see a place that smelled like cheap liquor and musk.

"Shut it Hawke!" My face was flushed when we entered the Hanged Man. I tugged at my tunic. It felt odd to walk around without my armor. We spotted Aveline in a small corner and went to where she was. She jumped when Fenris and Hawke sat down. She fidgeted with her drink.

"Donnic should be getting here any time soon. Nia I'll come when it's time. Now go." Aveline shooing me away from the table. Hawke shook with silent laughter and Fenris sighed. I saw Varric walk over with a wink at me before going to sit with Aveline. She chose a good spot to not be seen. As I looked at the main entrance, I saw Donnic come in and enter. I sighed and saw where Donnic sat down. I took a deep breath and walked over to his table.

"Evening Guardsman, is this seat taken?" I smiled, trying to not show my irritation.

"No go ahead." He chuckled. Nora came by with a bottle and some cups. I took one immediately and poured for both of us.

"It's been a while since we got drinks like this." I reminisced, nearly chugging at my drink.

"A few months ago yes." Donnic chuckled.

"That was when I tossed you over my shoulder right?" I wondered.

"No I believe it was when you made me buckle my knees and then slapped my ass with a sword, on the flat side no less." Donnic recounted.

"Oh right, that's how I did it! The other guards kept on making remarks about that." I laughed. That was a funny story.

"At least you didn't shove it up there." Donnic chuckled. I downed another cup. "Now about that story…"

"Curiosity got your tongue huh? Don't say I didn't warn you." I recounted my tale of the Deep Trenches, of Hespith, of what the darkspawn do to woman, about what they need from them. His face got paler as the tale went on. I embellished the details slightly on how the Broodmother actually looked like. The face he had on was priceless. "That's why they need the woman. The men get the mercy of either getting eaten or becoming a ghoul. Woman…they aren't so lucky."

"Sweet Andraste why did I even ask?" Donnic looked green and pale. I did warn him. I laughed, drinking my fifth cup.

"Oh the bottle is finished." I moaned, slightly getting the dizziness from the alcohol.

"I'll get another." Donnic offered, getting up.

"No, no. I'd rather have my head the right way when I head up to Hightown later. Now, down to the real bit. I have something to talk to you about." I stopped him and he sat back down.

"Go on." Donnic nodded, sipping what was left in his cup.

"Aveline." I said bluntly. He nearly spat out his drink.

"Pardon?" His voice grew higher.

"Aveline. What do you think of her? I noticed how you look at her from time to time in the barracks. She's my friend. I want to know what you want from her." I crossed my arms. I wasn't following protocol but I know how-. I had to push. Donnic cleared his throat and tapped on the table nervously.

"That is…well a personal matter and…" Donnic's face grew redder as he gave me a weak excuse. I glared at him while raising my eyebrow. "You really want to know, don't you?"

"Yes, yes I do." I stood my ground. He sighed in defeat.

"She is a beautiful and strong woman. Courageous and not afraid of standing up for what is right. The Guards often complain about her rigidity but I think that is just a part of her charm. To see her on the field, putting down bandits and thugs, upholding the law, it's…breathtaking." Donnic confessed, a loving smile on his face and redness on his cheeks. I could only guess that he feels that rise in his heart while talking to her. For some odd reason it made me more irritated.

"Then what are you waiting for? Sweep her off her feet." I tapped on the table.

"It's…not that easy." Donnic rubbed his face.

"Jesus Christ, yes it is. Donnic we are all adults here. We can do adult confessions." I snapped and pushed again.

"She is the Guard Captain." Donnic argued, furrowing his brows in worry.

"No you are looking at this all wrong. You are putting yourself in this position because you're afraid of what you might lose. You just need to go up there and tell her your feelings, straight up. What have you got to lose?" I reasoned, leaning into the table, glaring at him.

"My job." He stated softly.

"Urgh, you are hopeless." I said, rubbing my face. He chuckled softly.

"I just don't want to lose what we have now. Thank you for this Nia. Will you need an escort home?" Donnic got up. He must have noticed my dizziness.

"No, no. I got a few friends here. I'll see you around Donnic. Think about what I said." I said seriously. He nodded and went out. I scratched the table in annoyance before I saw Aveline walk over to where I was. She fidgeted with her gloves.

"Well? What did he say?" She asked nervously.

"Nothing much other than the fact that you are both idiots." I didn't care at this point. I was going to speak my mind.

"What do you expect me to do Nia? I couldn't do it!" Aveline excused her self.

"Knives just went through this opportunity for you and you can't muster up the courage to do anything?" Varric came up and sat down at my table, bring in another bottle of which I quickly grabbed another drink and chugged.

"I freeze up! Really the only time I'm not a mess is during patrol. Killing highwaymen isn't one for romantic banter." Aveline argued.

"You are running away and are squandering an opportunity to get closer to him." Fenris came and crossed his arms. Aveline groaned.

"Do it then. Assign a patrol for you and him." I said, downing another drink. "I'll clear the way if need be."

"I can't risk you just so I can-" Aveline started.

"Aveline, you made this my problem when you couldn't go up to him and tell him the truth. I'm fixing this whether you like it or not." I stood up rapidly and punched the table. Aveline and I glared for a while before she relented.

"Fine then. You clear the way while I…go and completely make a fool of myself." Aveline sighed, walking out of the Hanged Man. I got another drink in me.

"Whoa Knives, going there a little strong aren't we?" Varric wondered.

"I needed that. I can still see clearly." I groaned.

"Are you sure? How many fingers am I holding up?" Hawke wrapped her arm around me and showed me her fist.

"Don't be a jerk about it Hawke." I shrugged off her arm.

"At least you recognize me. Now about this mystery man…" She tried again. I scowled.

"Up yours. I'm going home." I tripped and landed on my knees. "Ow." The alcohol was definitely getting to me.

"Here." Fenris offered his hand.

"No." I pushed it away, wanting to get up on my own.

"Do not be foolish now. You can't even walk straight." Fenris argued.

"Like hell I can't." I said, standing up again and rubbing my knees. "I'm fine." I mumbled.

"I will make sure she gets home safely." Fenris sighed and rubbed his face.

"Don't have too much fun without us!" Hawke laughed, settling in a table with Varric. Fenris led me by my arm but I took it away from him as soon as we got outside.

"I'm fine." I think I was slurring my words at this point.

"You are drunk." Fenris stated.

"You've never seen me drunk so how can you know I'm drunk." I reasoned.

"I can smell it on your breath." Fenris scoffed.

"So?" I shrugged, taking the lead back to Hightown.

"You are drunk." Fenris stated again.

"Says the drunkard." I rolled my eyes. I made sure my pace wasn't fast as the world seemed to spin.

"What is troubling you?" Fenris asked sincerely. I looked at him for a second before looking away and focusing on trying to walk.

"Absolutely nothing." I mumbled.

"No there is something bothering you about all of this with Aveline and the man you seem to care for." Fenris said, grabbing my arm again.

"Why do you care?" I tried to take my arm back but Fenris had a vice grip on it.

"I care for your mental well-being." Fenris said.

"Hmph." I looked down at the ground, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

"Nia will you look at me?" Fenris pulled me towards him. I kept my eyes to the ground.

"Can't we go home? I don't want to think about anything right now." I whispered. Not only that the drink was making me…think things.

"Very well." Fenris held onto my arm, nearly dragging me toward the steps to go into Hightown. His hand strayed downward as we got closer to the mansion to my forearm and then to my wrist.

So I did the stupid thing and held his hand. I kept my eyes to the ground even when he stopped for a second. I probably shouldn't have drank so much but that was my own frustration coming out. The good thing was that he didn't say anything, even when we went inside and our fingers were intertwined. I let go finally though in the main hall.

"Thank you." I couldn't even look up to meet his eyes. I just grabbed on the railing and went straight up to my room but even with the alcohol I couldn't stop thinking about his hand. I grabbed his hand, his fingers and mind were intertwined. I rolled around in bed trying and hoping to sleep but nope. Since I couldn't sleep so I wrote this. Damn you heart!

9:34 Drakonis 25th

I drank that God awful tea that Anders gave me a while ago to stave off the small hangover I had. I banged my head on the table in the kitchen. The sun rays coming in and stinging my eyes. I saw myself in the bathroom and they were red. I shouldn't have drank so much.

"Yuck." I muttered. I kept on thinking about what I did last night. The hand holding…the hand holding! My face flushed from remembering it. I wondered if Fenris got the signs. Did he know and was playing along or did he really didn't think it was him? I had no idea.

"It sounds like you had a rough night." Said the person who was causing all this frustration and guilt at the doorway.

"I will never drink at the Hanged Man ever again." I groaned.

"That is what you say all the time and yet you manage to go ahead and drink there time and time again." Fenris chuckled. I had to keep my eyes away or else I'd be staring at him all day.

"Well, now that I got that in me, let's go meet Aveline." I sighed, getting up and avoiding his gaze.

"Nia are you sure you are all right?" He asked right behind me. I wanted to tell him everything but I was sober now and chose not to.

"Fenris just…" I started.

"Leave you alone. I know." Fenris scoffed.

"Don't get mad." I said, following him out toward the main hall.

"I am not angry." He snapped.

"Then what was that growl?" I raised my eyebrow.

"You are keeping things away from me again." Fenris mumbled.

"I'm not allowed to have secrets anymore?" I snapped.

"It is not that." Fenris looked back at me.

"Then what is it Fenris?" I glared up at him. He glared at me before it became softer. I turned away before he could see the color rising in my cheeks.

"Aveline handed me some spare armor for you. It is right by the armor stand." Fenris mumbled before going up to his room. I sighed and rubbed my cheeks. Stupid redness. I put on the armor and got my daggers. I passed by him and he followed me out. It was a tense but…knowing silence. It was like we were one step away from…well anyway.

We went up to the Keep. Aveline was there as well as Hawke and Varric. Hawke gave me a playful smile but I passed by her and went to Aveline's side. She had a map laid out in front of her.

"Good now that all of you are here…these are the points where the bandits should be at. Clear the way, light the signal fire to alert me that you are done and maybe I won't end up looking like a fool." Aveline sighed.

"Clearly you are already doing that." Hawke chuckled.

"Go ahead on your patrol Aveline. We'll head up to Sundermount right after you." I agreed. Aveline sighed and nodded. "Deep breaths Captain." She went out and I heard her talk to Donnic right near the doorway.

"Nia you sure you're ok? You look a bit flushed." Hawke teased.

"I'm fine." I gave her a side long glared.

"You're not feverish are you Knives?" Varric asked.

"I said I'm fine!" I snapped. Hawke and Varric gave each other a look. I let out an aggravated sigh. "I'm sorry. I had a rough night." I rubbed at my face.

"She has a hangover." Fenris quickly added.

"You finally drank yourself under the table?" Hawke chuckled.

"Tch, yeah right. Give me some dwarven ale and that might put me under." I shrugged. Varric laughed.

"How did you get such a craving for that shit is beyond me." Varric shook his head.

"My friend Oghren makes good liquor. Anyway, I think that's enough waiting for now. Let's go." I said, leading them out of the office.

"You think Aveline will botch this up more than the Hanged Man?" Hawke asked.

"One way to find out." I said. We went out of the Keep and on toward the main gates out of Lowtown. We kept a healthy distance away from Aveline and Donnic who both looked very focused. I had to keep my mind on them and not on Fenris. My face grew hotter the more I thought about what I did last night.

We lost sight of them entering the Wounded Coast. We went up the trail to where one of the points where. Sure enough there were a few wild mabari. My heart hurt every single time I had to put them down but they were wild. There were four in front of us. Varric let out a barrage of arrows that got to all of them. Fenris put one out of its misery. More came in from around us. Hawke pushed a few down toward the ground. I came in and got their necks before one grabbed onto my forearm.

Varric's arrow took care of that one. Fenris did a low sweep with his sword and cut a few more down. I kicked one in the muzzle and smashed another's windpipe. Hawke pushed the last one out down the cliff.

"Let's see what the Guard Captain has to say to Donnic shall we?" Hawke said, lighting the signal fire. Smoke rose in to the air and we all got down on our knees to see Aveline and Donnic walking toward us. I sat back slightly and felt a hand on my shoulder. Fenris gave me a look but I went back to focusing on Aveline. Focus good, Fenris bad!

"The route is quiet today, isn't it?" Donnic asked.

"True and…a very lovely afternoon as well!" Aveline added awkwardly. Ouch, that was…bad.

"Of course Guard Captain." Donnic chuckled. I face palmed. I saw Aveline mutter to herself. Mostly likely 'Yes, Guard Captain.'

"Even I felt that. Maker she's bad at this." Hawke whispered.

"Let's go to the next one." I said, moving away from the spot. We continued down the path where we saw a few raiders near the next one. I jumped onto one, shoving my dagger in his throat before doing a chest punch on another that ran toward me. I did a leg sweep on two before Hawke pushed down the next four. Varric shot at them while they were still on the ground and Fenris battled with two. I sank in my daggers into one of Fenris' enemies in their back while he finished the other.

Four more came around the rocks. I tackled one into the rock face and pushed my dagger up their chin. I jumped back from an archer's arrow while he was flown across the ground, down the cliff. The last two were picked off by Varric and Fenris.

"Let's see round number two then." I said, lighting the signal fire. They got nearer and I heard Aveline go on a tangent about swords. I held my head in my hands while the others groaned slightly.

"Dear Maker, she wasn't kidding when she said she was bad at this." Varric whispered.

"God this would be so easy if she just told him how she felt like!" I harshly whispered. "Exactly how hard is it to just say, 'I'm in love with you?'"

"And when was the last time you said those words?" Hawke asked.

"…More than seven years ago." I pouted.

"Don't you think it would be hard now?" Hawke elbowed me suggestively.

"This isn't about me!" I harshly whispered, my face getting redder.

"I'm sorry Captain I drifted off a bit." Donnic said.

"Oh right. Let's continue then." Aveline sighed, the disappointment clear on her face.

"That was painful to watch." Hawke said.

"Ugh! If this keeps going I'm putting this in my own hands damn it." I said, standing up.

"And how would you do that Knives?" Varric wondered.

"Tell him the truth obviously." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, let's see if we can salvage this."

"You are so aggressive about this. Maybe because you want the same opportunity with our mystery man?" Hawke nonchalantly checked her nails and her eyes glistened with mischievousness.

"Be quiet Hawke." I mumbled. She chuckled. We went down the path toward the last signal fire. More raiders. I didn't waste time and touched the power inside of me. I let out a breath and sprinted toward the raiders. I saw the perfect moments where I could slash and cut their throats, where to stab at their weak spots in their armor. I killed four before I let go and Hawke pushed on the last three with Varric and Fenris taking the opportunity to kill them as they were down.

Three more came out of the path with a mage along side then. I ran past the raiders and sank my dagger into the mage's throat before it could cast spells. The three focused their attention on me but I ducked behind a rock before hearing Bianca go off on them. I saw that Fenris disposed of them quickly before going and lighting the fire again while wiping off a nosebleed.

"Well this was a fairly routine patrol wasn't it?" Aveline said going down the path. Oh no, I wasn't going to deal with this anymore.

"Oh for God's sake! That is it." I went down toward them.

"This…Nia? Fancy seeing you here." Aveline faked being surprised. I glared at her.

"I know right, Guard Captain Aveline?" I stressed at her name.

"Nia, don't you dare." Aveline pointed at me.

"What is going on here?" Donnic wondered.

"Listen to me closely here Donnic; Aveline is madly in love with you. It's the reason why she's been so odd around you, why I asked you to the Hanged Man, and why I went out and cleared the path just so she can find some way to tell you. But because she chose to squander this opportunity and not do anything, I might as well be blunt about it! There, now go and kiss and finally have a Goddamn adult love moment!" I shouted, my face heating up so much.

"…I have to go back to the barracks." Donnic sighed, taking the other way to go back to the city. My heart dropped in guilt but I knew how this was going to end. Meanwhile, Aveline's face grew as red as her hair but out of anger.

"You had to push didn't you? Now he'll ask for a transfer, never speak to me again! I want you at the Keep now, on the double Nia!" Aveline yelled, shoving me aside.

"You'll thank me later!" I shouted at her.

"Sod off!" Aveline shouted back. My eyes widened at that before feeling that cool regret set it. The others came down with the path, Varric with a playful smile, Hawke smirking, and Fenris shaking his head.

"…I had a stupid moment didn't I?" I admitted and face palmed.

"Only one way to find out Knives." Varric laughed.

"Oh my God! We had this planned out and everything! Why is it so damn hard confessing to someone!?" I growled in frustration.

"Pardon but are we talking about Aveline or you here?" Hawke chuckled.

"This isn't about me ok?! This is about a woman in love that has a chance to actually do something about it! Aveline has the opportunity to be happy standing right in front of her and she won't take it! She's not burdened by anything! She can go ahead and love someone!" I snapped again, my voice breaking in the end. My eyes fogged up for a moment as they all looked at me shocked. I cleared my throat and wiped my eyes. "Well…on to the Keep then." I bit my lip as I tried to swallow the lump developing in my throat.

"Knives, no one is telling you, you can't fall in love with someone." Varric grabbed my hand gently.

"It's been seven years since your banishment. Don't you think that's long enough to wait for someone?" Hawke asked sincerely, that playfulness was gone and instead she was sincerely worried.

"No one asked for your opinions!" I swatted Varric's hand away and walked back toward Kirkwall.

"You are held back by your husband but he is gone. Didn't say that he most likely has found someone?" Hawke reasoned.

"I said that he would be going ahead and having sex. That isn't the same as loving someone. Loving someone is an emotional bond. It's selfish." I reasoned.

"Then be selfish Knives. Find your mystery man, throw yourself at his feet!" Varric did a dramatic flourish.

"No. This ring-" I started.

"Is a burden just as you said." Hawke countered. My heart was racing and their eyes seemed to judge me. I was rooted at the spot and I was afraid at saying something I would regret.

"Stop twisting my words!" I shouted.

"Knives-" Varric started. I had enough.

"Fine you all want to know so bad!? I am in love with someone ok!? I think about them, I think about touching them, doing nice things with them, I even freaking dream about being with them but I fucking can't ok!?" I lashed out. I panted, slightly whimpered at the confession. Varric and Hawke's faces were ones of guilt and shame. A few tears came down my face and I wiped them away. Fenris crossed his arms and glared at them.

"Are you two happy now?" Fenris glowered at them.

"Whatever, I'm going back." I sniffled, power walking back to the Keep, my head low.

"Nia, wait. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't push but-" Hawke grabbed my forearm to make me stop.

"Please leave me alone." I said softly.

"You deserve to be happy too you know?" Hawke sighed. I didn't say anything back. I walked at the end of the group, looking at the ground. I could tell that all of them were looking at me with worry. It was awkward and tense when we got back into the city. I took a breath and rubbed my face. We went up to the Keep.

"Time to see how the Captain crashes and burns right?" Varric said. None of us said anything. He let out a long drawn out breath. I opened the door and I saw Aveline pacing in front of her office.

"There you are. Have any of you seen Donnic? I've been waiting here for Maker knows how long. I need to make a formal apology before this gets out to the Viscount. Something that will show the guards respect." Aveline panted in worry.

"Aveline you're a woman not a golem. You have these things called emotions." I said, rubbing my eyes.

"This is your fault Nia." Aveline snapped. I scowled.

"Oh that is plain offensive." I retorted.

"I should have never let you do this." Aveline punched at her desk.

"Aveline you're a woman and you fell for someone. That isn't a crime." Hawke said.

"And it won't happen again, mark my words I-" Aveline started.

"Nia, Serah Hawke." Donnic said, coming in the office. I nodded at him. "I'm sorry to cut this conversation short but I need a word with the Guard Captain."

"Guardsman Donnic?" The blood rushed out of Aveline's face.

"Please." Donnic insisted. Aveline motioned for us to leave and she closed the door. Hawke and Varric were immediately at the door, ears straining to hear anything. I shook my head at their antics. Hawke did an 'oh' face and cleared her throat gently.

"I think…we're not needed here anymore." Hawke giggled, shoving me slightly.

"About time too." I mumbled.

"Remind me not to do that ever again." Varric rubbed his face. "I'm going to the Hanged Man. Anyone want to get any drinks?"

"Pass." I sighed.

"I'll take you up on that offer." Hawke chuckled.

"I…need to take care of something." Fenris said. They all left while I waited by the door. It eventually opened and Donnic came out. He noticed me and nodded.

"Well…I should have taken your advice earlier." He chuckled while sauntering out. I went in and Aveline was barely putting on her ascot.

"Well…he didn't ask for a transfer." Aveline chuckled, the stress in her face was gone.

"I can see that." I smirked.

"Thank you again for making me do something stupid. I'm sorry for saying it was your fault. This was…the best thing that has happened to me in a long time…Can I ask you something?" Aveline fidgeted with her gloves.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Was there any time when you thought I was beyond help?" Aveline asked.

"Several times actually." I smiled and nodded. Aveline laughed.

"Ok, I'll let you have that one. I apologize too about…well, they know that you-" Aveline started put I raised my hand up to stop her.

"Not about him specifically no but yes, they know that I have feelings for someone." I sighed and bit my lip.

"I was…rash. I shouldn't have said anything." Aveline looked down. I shrugged.

"There's nothing you can do Aveline. It happened. I'm going home. Aveline congratulations." I said from the door.

"Thank you Nia. I will always be there for you just…knock first." Aveline laughed. I laughed as I got out of the Keep.

I was exhausted and starving. Stupid Aveline made me waste my whole day. I went back to the mansion, cracking my back. I wanted this day to be over when I smelled something so good I almost drooled. I went to put away my things and went downstairs. I leaned against the doorway as I saw Fenris cooking. My stomach flipped again. He looked at me and smirked.

"Hungry?" Fenris smirked.

"Starving." I said softly, looking at the ground with my face growing red.

"I apologize for not stopping Hawke and Varric." Fenris said.

"Don't worry about it." I said, getting the eggs he cooked.

"I will…wait until you are ready to tell me." Fenris said softly. There were more than one insinuations in that sentence. My face was damn red. I felt it and I stuffed my face. Fenris laughed at my full cheeks. I swallowed the lump.

This was getting out of control.

Damn it all I was in love with Fenris.

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