Season 1: Bumblebee | Act 1: The Undergrounds

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-= *R.B.* =-

Yang woke up. Her eyes fluttered open as she was greeted by blinding sunlight, sunlight of which was still orange and early in the morning. She propped her head in her palm and turned over to her teammates.

Ruby slept loudly in the Godforsaken somehow kept up piece of bunk bed, held up by a rope and some sort of veil. She was sprawled across her bed with cookies and crumbs lying about near her face, blanket all but discarded to the floor. Yang made a mental note to chastise her for such behavior.

Weiss slept soundly - juxtapose Ruby - underneath her, cliche laying still and perfectly straight, hair drooping down underneath her back as the covers laid tucked in underneath her. How Weiss did that on her own has always confused the blonde, but she decided not to breach that subject as she could be pinned for stalking.

Yang then tipped her head beneath the bed, leaning forward to have a look at Blake. She lay on her stomach, blanket ruffled about but still over her and hair messed up around her. Bits of hair stuck up and out of the messy black strands, but was overall straight and nice. One of her hands was propped over the pillow, while her right hand was beneath the pillow. Usual for her, so after Yang checked over her team, she got down quietly from her bunk and hurried over to the bathroom.

She closed the door, light still off with darkness around her. Staring at where the mirror would be, she turned on the light.

She still giggled at the state of her hair in the mornings.

She refused to use a brush since last time nearly caused her to burn down her house. She smirked at the memory, still giggling as she doused her blonde hair in water, pushing it all down and straightening it out. She always wondered how Weiss kept her hair in perfect condition despite the fights she got in during missions, and in the ponytail of all things. She wondered idly about how Blake keeps her hair all silky and straight herself, but it fit to be suited with the type of hair you like.

Then there was Ruby, the crimsonette had been keeping her hair fairly short and not without those red highlights she loved so much. Honestly, caramel highlights would've been nicer.

Yang thought about it for a moment, pursing her lips slightly in consideration at herself through the mirror, only to shake her said and mumble, "Nah," as she pulled out her toothbrush.

The day before had been mayhem, she remembered, pulling out the toothpaste. The moment the train had broken through the Breach, the place was instantly filled with amassing and terrifying Grimm, if not more annoying than terrifying. If not for them distracting them Grimm, they would've gotten farther, killed far more people and the Atlesian army may not have gotten to the right places on time. They'd have to find so many more and spread out a lot, much more lose more soldiers. Even if they were metal, they were still very useful.

Yang brushed out all the tiredness in her face, not literally, but, you know. Brushing her teeth got rid of bad breath, gave her shine and especially a great smile, so she's told. It even fit with her hair, multiple men told her.

As much as she was repulsed, the amount of people who had said to her really made her believe the teeth fit with her hair. She had felt compelled multiple times to ask someone who would never say that outright to her, like one of her teammates or team Juniper, but never had the guts to do so. And that's saying something for our little bombshell blonde.

She sighed as she spit out the last remnants of the plushie white toothpaste residing in her mouth, washing it out and getting rid of the fluffy, yet disgusting to the taste and throat if you swallow it, toothpaste. And none of your dirty minds from you. She was brushing her teeth. -_-

She sighed, yet chuckled, at the dumb thought washing through her mind. She shook her head and put herself in bombshell blonde Yang mode. She was going to have fun with this, she smirked.

Walking out the bathroom normally, she slammed it open and yelled at her teammates, "GET UP, TEAM RWBY!"

"Gah!" Ruby yelled, falling out the left side of her bed, simultaneously as Weiss had initially jumped out of hers, giving Ruby a nice landing pad as she smacked her lips like nothing had happened. Weiss let out a grunt of pain as Ruby landed on her. Blake, however, was a little more graceful.

Blake simply sat up quickly, but using practiced grace as aforementioned, she sighed as she realized it was another one of Yang's antics.

Yang sighed harmoniously as she tuned out the angry heiress' yelling, Blake's shrugging it off and moving to the bathroom, and Ruby's apologizing as well as begging for Yang not to tell anyone for the cookie mess on her bed. Yang smirked and laughed out loud, ever invigorated by her crazy team.

This would be a good day.

Yang sighed as she went to her combat locker after coming back from the office with her and Jaune's team. They had been given the next three weeks off from classes, luckily.

"Uwahhhh," Ruby sighed herself in relief. "I'm so glad we have the next few weeks off!"

"We still have a little paperwork to do," Blake interjected, smiling at her leader's happiness. "Just a few things from Oobleck and the other professors."

"Aww…" Ruby said dejected.

"We're you even listening to what the headmaster said?" Weiss asked, deadpanning at the nod.

They continued their conversation as Yang was approached by a very tired Pyrrha. She was so disheveled, her uniform looked really bad on her. And that was saying something for Pyrrha.

"How do you four have so much energy?" she asked tiredly, still having a bit of a stamina issue from yesterday's Breach.

"I don't know," Yang said, looking back at her team as they talked to one another. "They seemed invigorated by one another, I'm just along for the fun," she pointed to herself, smirking and winking at Pyrrha in the process.

Pyrrha got the strength to roll her eyes. "There you go," she said. "Thinking you all that."

"What am I, then?" she asked the tired Pyrrha, who looked down in thought.

"A bombshell blonde."

At lunch, Yang stared at the random note she had found in her locker not too long after talking to Pyrrha much more, watching her go from disheveled and tired, to a much better looking Pyrrha, the one we all know.

The note said three specific things. A time deep into the night, a place and a single signature: R.B.

Is it referring to Ruby and Blake? she thought to herself, looking at her teammates. She didn't want to tell them lest they worry. She should just find out on her own, and if her strength didn't help, then she didn't want to get her friends involved. If she was making a mistake like this, it was one she'd live with.

If she came out alive.

She shook her head at the thought and continued to eat the grapes sprawled across the tray. A few times she had tossed them to Nora wordlessly to allow her to flick them to her mouth via spoon. She got in a few good shots, if not outright accidentally hit her in the face-

Rewarding Nora with an apple to the face.

-when she got a little too cocky about it. Yang just hoped that a face pie didn't come of nowhere again. She means, she doesn't want another food fight to take place and inexplicably destroy all the greatness on how the day started. It was an art. The morning was always the first stroke, and you don't wanna break that streak.

If you understood that pun, insert groan here.

"Yang?" a voice called. "You okay?"

The entire table turned to look at Yang, wondering just what it was that got her into a chuckle fit.

"Nothing, Rubes," Yang answered, getting concerned looks. "It's just that everyday is kind of like art."

"Art?" Weiss asked.

"Yeah," Yang asked, leaning back and looking really into the idea of it. This caused everyone to take their own positions in thinking about how well it was. Before one of the faster thinkers ruined her plan, she spoke up. "Every morning is kind of like the first stroke with a brush, you know?"

When she got several nods, she fought down a smile.

"And remember Weiss getting a face pie- DON'T DO IT NORA!"

Nora gave her a look of confusion while Weiss covered her face. Now, Yang smiled at that, but immediately straightened herself down. When Weiss realized what had happened, she was about to berate the blonde brawler, had she not interrupted everyone again.

"And we wouldn't want to break that streak!" she said with a shit eating grin.

After about ten seconds of contemplation, the blonde from across the table groaned.

"What's wrong, Jaune?" Pyrrha asked.

"It was a pun."

Everyone gave him a wary look, and he looked up with leaden eyes.

"Stroke with a paint brush, don't break the streak," he clarified.

Yang was rewarded with a triage of groans from her team, leaving Pyrrha to deadpan, Nora to laugh with Yang and Ren to try to calm her down.

She honestly could have gone to the office about the note, and although it had bothered her all day, she couldn't really care less.

So, late in the night, moon out and shining down on her in its crackled form, she neared the statue. Walking up to the woman in both red and black. The color scheme was slightly like Pyrrha's if it wasn't for the mask with four eyehole slits.

Yang took a stance between combat ready and normal everyday standing. She gave the masked woman a good look, a slight glare and mixture of slight intimidation at the same time.

None of the three fazed her.

Steeling her eyes into the masked woman, Yang asked one question. "Who are you?"

The woman lifted her hand to her mask and simply lifted it off. A few offset strands were pulled with it, but eventually came back down to her head. Yang gave off a fearful look as she removed the mask, realizing the close resemblance in their faces.

The woman was slightly like Yang, both in stature, hair size except for the eyes. The woman's eyes were slanted at the top while Yang's were rounded. And, if it was any consolation, the woman's eyes were a deep crimson. Then again, if these two were related, that wouldn't be a consolation at all!

"Yang…" she said with revere, happiness, and...was that nostalgia she heard? "We have a lot to talk about…"

"Well, good," Yang said indifferently, causing the woman to deadpan.

-= *End of Chapter 1* =-

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