Season 1: Bumblebee | Act 1: The Undergrounds

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-= *Out of the Frying Pan* =-

"Ow, ow, owwww!" Yang seethed, after making the stove burn up into flames yet again. She removed her hand and waved it in the air in front of her, huffing to removing said heat and to cool her hand.

"Your Semblance is heat related and you can't handle fire?"

"How did you know that?"



"You don't know?" Adam thought up well. "Your hair was on fire in the Rattler."

"The Rattler?" asked Yang.

"The curved road with spikes, essentially," Adam explained. "When that second hook came into view, your hair was on fire when you shot back at him."

"Oh, yeah," she remembered. "I was really pissed off."

"You were so pissed, you were steaming?" asked Adam.

Yang got the pun and had a little giggle fit as Adam walked over to the island, taking the pot and setting it down gently onto the stove. He lit the burner to a nice flame and pulled out the bag of ramen.

"You can cook?" Yang asked.

"That's what I asked myself when you headed towards the kitchen," said Adam. "Guess it was a 'no.'"

Yang pursed her lips at the insult but let it pass, otherwise she may never get her noodles.

Pun intended.

"I can, though," said Adam. "But mostly basic soups and grilled cheese. Sometimes eggs. I'm not perfect, though."

"Well," Yang plopped onto the couch and found the remote, "you're in business, cuz those are my favourite things!"

Adam had a semblance of a smile just then, at least he'd be able to accommodate to her one way. This stupid deal he got himself into was a bit of a gamble. He didn't expect it to be so easy in the end, so he let it pass. "After eating, we should head down to Reggie in the shop."

"Reggie?" asked Yang as she aimed the remote at the TV, finger readying on the On button.

"He's your current engineer," Adam replied, "he'll repair your bike and add new things every race."

"Hmm," Yang hummed. "Is he hot?"

"Define 'hot,'" Adam asked.

"Charming, handsome, extremely hard abs that you can grate cheese on."

"Grate cheese on?"

"It's just a saying…"

"I don't know," Adam answered honestly. "I haven't really met him."

"Oh," said Yang as she turned on the television, gaining service. "How do you guys get service, let alone cable, down here?"


Yang looked above the tv to see two sticks of metal sticking up over the top just barely.



The only sound that was playing throughout the room from then on was the tv going and the stove burning. The smell of the chicken flavoured ramen filled the room as did Yang's giggles from the show she watched, and as the food finished, the two set down their meals on the table.

"Thank you for the food!" Yang yelled, grabbing the bowl and eating it quickly.

"You seem hungry," Adam said sarcastically.

"I've been out for three days," answered Yang after stopping and sighing. "Of course, I'm hungry! And this tastes really good!"

"Thanks," replied Adam.

She dug into the food once again, slobbering yet still clean from the massacre.

Adam ate slowly, staring at the missed clock above the large window. 7:30 am, it read.

We need to get going soon, thought Adam.

Yang finished and quickly headed to the sink, turning on the water and letting it run into the bowl, soon washing out the residue of soup. Adam joined her on the side, silently cleaning the bowl he had. Yang watched his hands and noticed a few cut marks on his hands and promptly questioned him on their origin.

"What are those from?" she questioned, motioning to his fingers.

"Fights I got into recently," he replied. "Some assholes from the club when I was carrying you here decided they wanted to be filthy that night. They were drunk."

"Aw, you defended me~" he hummed without a care. "That's Adam's Adorable Trait Number One! Hehe!"

"Adam's Ador-" Adam cut himself off, surprised at her, mouth agape as he turned towards her. She simply sported a smile as he acted surprise, laughing at him.

Soon, he began to smile and laugh to at her seeming laughter.

"That was hilarious," she said, wiping an imaginary tear from her eye. "Do you laugh much?"

Adam sighed from the hilarity, returning to the dishes and grabbing the pot from earlier, washing it, too. "Not really," he said. "I don't laugh much. So consider that the only laugh you'll get out of me!"

"Hmm," Yang hummed with a finger on the right of her chin. "To Do List, things to do Number One," she stated, "Always try to make Adam laugh!"

"Is that necessa-"

"Number Two!" she also stated professionally.

As she continued on, he sighed in mind. This is what happens when I think things will be easy, he thought to himself.

-= *line break* =-

Adam led Yang under the building to Reggie, her supposed engineer's, shop. He quickly looked up from his work on a vehicle that looked nothing like Bumblebee. Yang saw his dirty face, blue eyes and blonde hair. She swore it was a lookalike of Jaune's but that was another story altogether.

"Heyo, Goldilocks!" came the gruff greeting as he raised his hand, showing slick, pale skin. "I'm your engineer."

He stood, balling a towel up and began drying himself. He wore a tank top, short jeans and sandals.

Two larger vehicles littered the room. One with a thin metal chassis, blue marking the most notable areas. Several lines and tubes lined in other particular areas. The most noticeable, however, was the large, single-barreled turret at the top with a suppression muffel at the end.

The second was even thinner than the first. The entire outer chassis was literally a giant wheel, with nothing but a chair, a few computers, several barhandles and a single set of barhandles at the center, resembling a motorcycle.

The first had Hellion indented into one side, Tsmeu-6 indented into the other.

Yang, albeit seeing these two beauties of vehicles, instead focused on Reggie. "Hubba hubba," she hummed appreciatively. He immediately blanched.


"Please," she sauntered up to him and practically rubbed her side into him. "Call me Yang."

"..." Adam had no idea what other to say than, "Stop flirting, Goldilocks," he ordered. "We still have to get you over to the gambling section."

"I think I've gambled well, and I'm never putting him back on the table."

Reggie gulped.

"Please, Goldilocks," Adam stressed her racing name. "Allow your engineer to work."

"No need to pay me!" Reggie squeaked, despite trying his best to look happy rather than completely confused and strangely aroused.

"I'll pay you, alright..."

"...I refuse to see you as a slut and instead as a beautiful woman," Reggie countered.

"Quite the chivalrist," she commented with a smug smirk. She turned to Adam. "Can we keep him?"

"...he was never ours to begin with, Goldilocks," Adam tried, but he accidently fueled her.

"Right," she relented, though Adam had no idea that of which came next. "He's mine."

"Okay! That's enough!" Adam yelled, ripping her away from him.

"Adam~" she hummed pathetically.

"Thank you, Mr. Taurus," Reggie smiled.

"No problem," Adam replied, instead dragging the leg-kicking girl away from Reggie, who was more than happy to return to work.

"," he mumbled, "I need a regulator to fix her motorcylcle further...seems she forgot to have one installed...or forgot the second half of replacing something."

Normally, the other half of replacing something, was replacing it rather than leaving something empty and void of the required object.

-= *line break* =-

"But, Adam," she stressed his name, "his abs!"

"But, Goldilocks," he countered, "he needs to work."

Yang kept bringing up Reggie's abs, even after they checked out the gambling section, which was surprisingly near empty. Not much was to be told, not much was to be done, so they were done in around ten minutes.

But it seemed like everything Adam explained ended with Yang comment on Reggie's seeming handsomeness.

They returned to the garage to find a extremely famished Reggie, who ate hungrily at the sandwich of which he was provided.

"Reggie!" she called. She noticed him stiffen up and end his eating onslaught long enough to pale at the vixen.

"Miss Yang," he replied, acknowledging her.

"Oh, just Yang," she said smugly, sitting next to him on the extremely thin seat, meant for one person.

"So, uh...we racing?" he turned his gaze on the only other sane person in the room. Adam nodded. "Very well," he turned to serious mode, standing and disposing of his empty lunch bag into a trash can. "It's about 8 and the race starts at 9. I think the next one might be Sapphire."

"Right," Adam acknowledged. "Goldilocks," he turned his attention to Yang. "Goldilocks!"

"Huh? What?" she sputtered, removing her eyes away from Reggie's lower back.

"After this race, you'll need to put together a team."

"I know whose going on my team already~" Yang hummed.

Adam and Reggie immediately felt bad for whoever it was.

-= *Somewhere on the Surface* =-

Jaune sneezed.

"Oh, my goodness!" Pyrrha said concerningly. "You must be coming on with a cold."

"Must be," Jaune replied groggily as he wiped his nose with a tissue.

-= *Somewhere Else on the Surface* =-

Sun sneezed.

"Are you okay?" Blake asked.

"Yeah," he replied off-handedly. "I just think some pointy-haired bastard is doubting my ability."


-= *Back in Reggie's Shop, Undercity, Undergrounds* =-

Adam sneezed.

"You okay, Mr. Taurus?" Reggie wondered.

"Yes, Mr. Reggie," Adam replied. "I just think some monkey Faunus just called me a pointy-haired bastard."

"..." Reggie could say nothing, but think, Where is all the imagination coming from?

And all you can wonder is how Reggie knew everyone was sneezing and wondering things, yet, at the same time, not know that it actually happened...weird, isn't it?

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-= *End of Chapter 3* =-

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