Katherine looked at him, and saw stars in his eyes. His precious sky, the thing he looked at to keep him alive, now reflected. The clear, perfect night. Reflected in his clear, perfect eyes. Every star visible. The moon too. And Jack's eyes showed them to her in a different way. A way filled with sadness. After this, she would never again be able to enjoy a bright, clear night. They used to be able to make her happy, with thoughts of him. Now they would only bring sadness. Never again would she enjoy a night like this again. Never again would he tell her about his old dream of Santa Fe, of a moon that was big and yellow, not tired and gray. No longer would stars make her smile. Not now that she had seen them in the eyes that would never again sparkle with laughter and love. Katherine could feel the tears flowing silently down her face. Ever moment was a snap shot, frozen into her memory forever. Crutchie at her door, panic all over his face. All the newsies at the lodging house, tears and fear like she had never seen before. Seeing her Jack lying on the rooftop, barely breathing from the terrible beating. Seeing his breathing slow, then stop. Hearing him breath out, "Ace." Then he was gone. No more. Crutchie sobbing. Feeling his hand on her shoulder. And then time was normal again and she collapsed.

"Jack. Jack! Ya can't be gone! Ya jist can't!" Crutchie was crying uncontrollably. Katherine was silent. Her tears never stopped as she knelt next to her precious Jack, looked at his face, covered in dried blood, in cuts and scrapes. His hair was matted in blood from a gash on the top. And he was gone. Never again would she hear his voice. Never again would he sketch her. Never again. And there were stars in his eyes. She was numb as she pulled Crutchie into her arms and they cried together. She felt nothing as she climbed back down to the other newsies. Nothing broke through until she had to tell them what they already knew, but didn't want to believe.

"Jack...didn't make it." And her years weren't silent anymore, they were loud sobs that hurt her chest and her throat and her head. She could barely see through he blurry eyes, but she couldn't escape the emotions of the room as Romeo collapsed, Specs stopped trying to hold back his tears. All the boys were messes, no longer caring how they looked, united in their overwhelming grief for the boy who had been they're father, their brother, their friend. The boy who was now lying on a rooftop with the stars reflected in his eyes.