His eyes sought out the stars, looking for the things that had given him hope for so long. He could barely make out the pale lights swimming in the black. He could have sworn he saw the lights going out around him and he blinked, trying to focus on them. The darkness grew, and suddenly he couldn't see any stars, only a vague shape in front of him, on top of him, with wild curls. He could just barely hear crying, and he felt a few wet drops on his cheeks falling from the girl hovering over him. The sobbing was coming from beside him, the tears lading on him from above. Two people, two friends, one love, one brother. He knew who they were, and he tried to acknowledge them.

"Aceā€¦" he said, hearing and feeling his voice come out hoarse and rough. What was this? Why couldn't he move or speak? He tried again, tried to say his brother's name, but couldn't. His eyes were heavy, it was becoming harder and harder to force air in and out of his lungs. The air felt cold on his head, on his chest, and he wasn't sure why. He was so confused, he didn't understand. He put all of his effort into keeping his eyes open. I have to stay awake, I can't leave her, she must be hurt, she's crying. His thoughts came too fast, too jumbled for him to keep track of, and he couldn't do it any longer. He let his eyes drift closed, too tired and heavy to keep them open any longer, and focused so hard on breathing he could barely think of anything else. His breath was shallow and slow, and now he felt pain.

Pain radiated from his head down to his toes, and he wished he could move his body so he could curl into a ball and cry until the pain went away. Then came the numbness, the lack of all feeling, no cold nor warmth, no feeling from the teardrops falling on his face, and then he couldn't hear and he couldn't force his eyes open and now he wished the pain was back so he knew he was still there, he wasn't gone. His thoughts slowed down and he could only think of the numbness and of his Ace. He faded more and more, and then he saw the stars once more. See ya in Santa Fe, Ace. Then even his thoughts went numb and he was gone.

Do you see how bad I am? This was supposed to be a one-shot and now here's a second chapter. I couldn't help myself once I thought if it, and then I needed to post it. Oops.