Part One

Croy follows me, as I storm up the dormitory stairs. He is trying to get me to go with him, to that place! I'm sixteen tomorrow, he can't sway my mind. Nothing will.

"Annie! Stop! Why are you doing this?! It was a simple question! You don't have to hate me!" His finger tips brush the back of my sweater, as I kick the door open to my room. I doge the pile of trash I have stacked up in the corner and collapse on my bed, splashes of angry tears falling aimlessly on my pillow. I hear Croy come in, heavy footsteps making the polished, white floor boards SQUEAK. I yell at him to go away, he doesn't reply, he just sits at the end of my bed and sighs. He sits like that for several long minutes, before he finally speaks "Annie, this isn't right! They can't change me, I'm going with Shay and the others, The Smoke is my home!" His words fuel the anger in my heart and I can't see straight through the smoke, the wave of desperation is noticeable, and I hear his voice crack.

"SO YOUR JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME?! Your were supposed to love me Croy" I spit the words like sparks straight in his face, now damp with tears too "You're my boyfriend, well were my boyfriend! Take this in mind, I'm NEVER going to visit, I'm NEVER going to drop everything and go with you and I'M NEVER GOING TO STAY UGLY!" I scream the words, and raise my hand. I want to slap him, I need to slap him. My hand shakes and I raise it higher, before Croys warm hand wraps around my wrist.

"Annie don't be stupid" He envelopes me in a hug, his chest warm and heart beat strong, his uneven breaths rolling on my neck. But, I realise that this is the last hug me and Croy will ever have, and the fire flicker back. I breath the words "Get out…" and he releases me, squinty eyes filled with tears and sadness, and thin lips turned downwards. I see him leave, but I don't miss him.