Italy smiled from his place in the tree, his feet hanging slightly off the thin branch.

"Holy Roma will never find me here~." He sung. He giggled as he watched the ground below him.

"That is kind of a far drop though..." He said to himself. "Oh..." His eyes filled with tears and he clung to the base of the tree. "Ohhhh why did I climb up here!?" He cried out. He clung tighter to the tree and started cry.

"Italy!" Holy Rome called out. Italy blinked his tear filled eyes and smiled. He tried to pull himself away from the tree but lost his footing. He cried out and closed his eyes, waiting for the impact, but bounced instead. He blinked as he noticed his dress had caught on the lower branch. He hung there, his arms flapping like a birds wings.

"Holy Roma! Help me! Holy Roma!" Italy called out. Holy Rome was there in a moment and looked up at the small Italian.

"Italy! Are you alright?! Don't move! I'll come get you!" He called up. Italy dropped his arms and a ripping noise startled both them. He started to fall to the ground, his eyes wide open as he screamed in fear. Holy Rome ran to his aid and caught him before he hit the ground, his small body being crushed under the poor Italians weight. Italy pulled back slightly and looked down to the pained look on Holy Rome's face.

"Holy Roma! Are you okay!?" Italy cried out, snuggling him. The small German looked up to his love and smiled softly.

"It's alright Italy. I'm alright." He chuckled. Italy sat back up and Holy Rome pushed himself up a bit.

"Are you sure?" Italy asked.

"Ja~ I'm 100% okay." Holy Rome smiled. Italy giggled and snuggled closer to his friend.

"Good! I wouldn't know what to do if I killed you!" Italy called out and the two laughed.

Little did they know that Hungary was behind the bushes, snapping pictures of them.