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Maya's POV

'' This is boring! '' I scream to myself, I'm stuck in the monastery all because of this stupid leg I broke during training, Master Boaddai said it should take around a month to heal... but until then I'm stuck.

''Hey Maya would you like me to sing you a song we used to sing to the sick or injured on back on Nervod '' asked Mookie as he walked into my room he was always trying to cheer me up.

But as board as I am, I'm really not in the mood to listen to Mookey's traditional songs that were a lot like his cooking - leathel

'' No Mookie I'm sure the boys will home in no time...''

And as if right on que the sound of the X-Caper's engine was like music to my ears. That meant Ky was home! Well ever since my sixteenth birthday I realized I have a slight crush on him... only problem was that I was friend-zoned

The sound of more people walking into my room snapped me out of my thoughts, it was Ky and Boomer

" Hey My, you feeling better ?" asked Ky.

'' yeah a bit'' I answered

'' that's great My, but I gotta go shower then help master Boaddai with team tyro'' said Boomer

'' that's a good idea I could use a shower too'' said Ky '' Be back soon ''

5 mins later

Ky walked into the room he wore a pair of blue denim jeans and a black t-shirt, his raven hair in a mess he didn't even other to dry it

'' so what would you like to do today ? '' he asked giving me a smile that could make the whole world fall for him

A whole day with Ky I think my heart just skipped a beat

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